11 Best Sparkle Effect Apps 2024 for Android & iOS

Do you want to add variety to your social media accounts? To do so, it’s worth taking the time to process and edit the photos you upload.

On the one hand, this process may seem quite complicated and time-consuming. Photo editing programs can be quite difficult to understand, because there are a huge number of programs on the market.

Usually they have a fairly complex and extensive functionality. This confuses the user who is not planning to do it on a professional basis. In this case, a great option would be to download one or more of these best sparkle effect apps 2024 for Android & iOS.

To make all of your content professional we recommend using these best apps to blur photo background.


How often have you marveled while browsing the accounts of popular bloggers? Many have noted that their videos often have interesting effects. So, it makes you want to repeat them and create a similar video yourself.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this – the app KiraKira+. The thing about the program is pretty simple.

The main feature the developers have added is the creation of various shimmering particles. They will stress metal and glass objects so that your video will look quite stylish.

Besides, you can emphasize different light sources, glare, and objects to which the effect will fit. The most important thing is that this flicker is extremely easy to do. You need to open the app, after which it will ask you to record a video.

Right during the recording, you can switch between different variations of the effect and choose the one that suits you best. The selected effect can be fully customized.

As a result, you will get a stylish and trendy video, which will not be inferior to the publications of popular accounts on social networks. Popular bloggers have already tried the app and appreciated its functionality.

In addition to those listed, the program has extra features. For example, you can apply different filters to your video. Add variety to your social media accounts and download the app!


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Photo Glitter Light effect

How often have you encountered the need to process a particular photo for your social media? Everyone understands that any image will go to a completely different level after a little work on editing it.

Yet, many people find this process quite complicated, requiring large programs and consuming a lot of time. Fortunately, there is the Photo Glitter Light effect app.

The developers have made sure that their product combines the two most important parameters for any photo editor. These are both simple and broad functionality that would be enough for the average user.

The first and most basic function of this app is the creation of glitter effects, shimmer, various luminous particles, and light. You can quickly and easily add interesting and beautiful effects to your photo.

A nice and user-friendly interface will help you understand the app and customize the number, size, shape, and color of these particles.

Besides, the developers have added some features for photo editing. You can download the app right now absolutely free and add variety to your photos, taking them to a whole new level. It has long been getting a lot of positive feedback from users with different levels of photo editing skills.


Sparkle Soft Light Effects

Most likely, many people have ever dreamed of creating stylish and beautiful photos. To do this, they need to be processed and edited in various programs.

This is usually a problem because not all people have the skills to work with serious software. Fortunately, here comes the help of Sparkle Soft Light Effects.

This program is designed to simplify as much as possible the tedious process of working with photos. You do not need to have any special knowledge and skills to work with it.

The essence of the app is that with it you can make beautiful and aesthetic processing of photos. Add various effects associated with light, flicker, and bright particles. There are processing options available in different styles.

They are mostly related to holidays, anniversaries, or special types of aesthetics. For example, New Year’s Eve, Kawai, halo, and some other style treatments are available here. All effects are easily customizable manually. Adding them is easy and is done with simple gestures.

The interface of the app is intuitive. All the buttons with the necessary functions are located on the panel below, so you won’t have to search for the right setting for a long time.

The developers have made the program absolutely free. It has already been tried out by hundreds of thousands of users, most of whom have given the app five stars. You can join in too!



When creating photo and video content, you probably have a desire to make it as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as possible. A good option, in this case, would be to emphasize the light sources.

Basically, this is expressed in the creation of various glare, flicker, or just increasing the brightness of your photo or video. Yet, to do this in the classic programs for editing or photo editors usually seems difficult.

They have such extensive functionality that it’s hard to figure it out. There is a great option at your fingertips that will make the process of creating highlights and lighting for your content a pleasant job.

That’s the KiraDroid app. Working in it is extremely simple and will be understandable to every user. Open the app and it will give you the opportunity to take a photo or video directly in it, and in various screen resolutions.

After that, you can apply a flicker effect in just two clicks. All the applied effects are easy to edit and change to suit your needs.

Besides, the app provides access to various filters. After you edit your photo or video, you can easily share it on your social networks directly through the app.


Magic Brush – Photo Glitter Effect Sparkle Overlay

With the Magic Brush app, you can quickly and easily add various glow, shimmer, and bright luminous particles to your photo.

The whole process is done with simple, intuitive tools. The app has a special brush with which you will add and adjust all the necessary effects with ordinary finger movements and gestures.

The effects are presented in a variety of styles – Kawai, Halo, Aura, and Soft Light. This is not the end of the program’s features.

The developers provided the ability to add and edit text and apply various filters and stickers. The program really instantly understands the user with any level of phone skills.

Tens of thousands of users have already made their choice in favor of this app. Thus, you should definitely try it too!


Glitter Camera

Have you ever dreamed of posting photos on your social networks that look like the work of professional photographers? If so, you’ve probably thought about the fact that, in addition to taking pictures, photo processing is also important.

There is a stereotype in society that only professionals are capable of high-quality image processing. Yet, the Glitter Camera app easily destroys this stereotype.

Its main function is that you can quickly add glitter and flickering effects. This one comes in especially handy if there are various light sources in the picture. For example, metal surfaces, water, jewelry, and anything that can be emphasized with light effects.

Most importantly, working with the program will not be a problem for any user. Besides, you can add some extra, auxiliary elements. For example, rainbows, butterflies, and text are also fully customizable.

The developers have done everything to make the app both simple and functional. Join hundreds of thousands of users and improve the processing of your photos absolutely free!


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Sparkle Photo Frames: Glitter Effects Editor

Do you need really bright and colorful effects to process your photos, but you don’t know how to make them or where to get ready-made ones? Then your ideal solution is the Sparkle Photo Frames app.

Thanks to this program you will be able to create beautiful and unusual effects for your pictures in two clicks. The main function of the program is to create various bright particles. They will be superimposed on top of your image.

The developers have made sure that these effects are fully customizable. So, you will be able to do any photo processing according to your goals. This is not the end of the app’s functionality.

In addition to the particle effect, you will also be able to customize the frame for your photo. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time customizing all the particle and flash effects yourself, you can use the special tools.

There are various ready-made templates available in the app. With them, you get the opportunity to transform your photo beyond recognition in a couple of clicks.

After processing, you can also easily upload the resulting image, and then share it on social networks. The big advantage of the app is that all its features are absolutely free.



How often have you admired the way people on social media post beautifully processed images with interesting effects? Right now you can join them and start taking the same quality photos!

The Glixel app will help you do just that. As the name implies, the developers created this program to embody two main functions.

First, it is to create the effect of special shimmering particles. Usually, they give your photo a special atmosphere of magic or unusual lighting.

The app has a huge number of different types and templates of such particles, which you can easily add to your picture. To do this, you will use a special tool – the brush. With it, it will be enough to adjust the size, density, and location of your particles.

Secondly, the app provides one really interesting and unusual feature, which is the dispersion effect. This feature does not refer to the elements that you put on your photo, it consists of direct interaction with the elements in the picture.

With a special tool, you can split the particles in your picture and achieve a special dispersion effect. In addition to those listed above, the developers have also added some other, basic effects. For example, adjusting the brightness and contrast of your image.

Download the program and add variety to your social networks!



How often have you needed to edit a photo? Surely everyone has faced such a situation.

All of us, in one way or another, keep our accounts on social networks and want to post there as high-quality photos as possible. Here we can not do without editing.

Some people bypass it because they consider photo processing something complicated, which requires a lot of special knowledge and skills. Yet, the Artful app disproves this opinion.

With this program, you can easily add interesting and beautiful effects to your photos. These include, for example, a variety of highlights, glowing particles, and reflections. Besides, the developers have added the possibility to impose a text or a sticker on your picture.

A huge advantage of the app is that you can download it right now and for free. In a few years of its existence, the program has attracted millions of users who process images in it every day. This app has high ratings on the platforms and great reviews.


Sparkle, shimmer & Glow Photos

Have you ever dreamed of creating fascinating photos and videos with high-quality processing right on your phone? In that case, the Sparkle, Shimmer & Glow Photos app is your perfect option.

The developers have created an app with such a huge functionality that it will undoubtedly help absolutely everyone. Its first and most basic function is to create various bright shimmering spectacular particles.

Upload your photo or video. The user-friendly interface will help you figure out how to superimpose interlude highlights, glowing particles, and other bright elements on top of that. They’re sure to brighten up your content.

What’s more, you can easily customize all these effects manually. Most importantly, these particles will fit any video or photo, because there are a huge number of different options available in the app. In total, there are more than a hundred of them in the program.

Besides, if you want to edit other parameters of your image, you can also do it without leaving the app. It also supports simple photo editing, including setting filters and changing brightness.

You’ll also be able to record videos and take photos right in this program, so all the work can be done in this program.


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Sparkle Effects – Glitter FX

Have you been looking for any photo and video processing apps? Most likely one of the main factors will be simplicity and accessibility for any user.

Many people don’t have the time to figure out complex programs and master special skills to process their photos. In that case, you need an app that is as fast and accessible as possible for a user with any level of photo and video editing skills.

There is an wonderful option where you can work directly on your iPhone. This app is Sparkle Effects – Glitter FX. The developers have tried to ensure that the app combines high functionality and simplicity.

Its main feature is the creation of various effects of glare and flicker of light. This feature is great if you are shooting any objects with light sources. For example, metal surfaces, water, and in general anything that has reflections.

So, you can quickly launch the app, and then it will open the camera. Point the frame where you want it and you will immediately see the result of the program. After that, you can adjust everything with ease.

Effects are switched with a left or right swipe. If you run your social media accounts or just want to take awesome photos, this app is your perfect indispensable option.

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