9 Best Car Rental Apps in the USA (Android & iOS)

There are lots of reasons for renting a car — from a weekend trip to a moving day. Carsharing industry expands day by day and you can easily get lost in the diversity of choices. Fortunately, we’ve done the selection job for you.

Here are the 9 best car rental apps in the USA (Android & iOS) that will pick the perfect car for any occasion. These apps let you filter the search and find the perfect car in literal minutes.

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Getaround is one of the most used carsharing apps out there.

The main concept of this app is to make carsharing services as simple and comfortable as possible. In this regard, it will only take you a couple of taps to rent a car nearby. The only thing you need to do is to get an app and start a search — nothing else is needed. Like any other rental app, this one uses your location to find the best car options that are close to you.

Therewith, the app covers different vehicle classes — from Honda to Tesla. Plus, all the insurance and assistance are already included in the car’s rental cost so no extra fees apart from the gas. The car’s cost starts from $5 for an hour which is a good deal.

Once you’ve found the car you’d like to rent the only thing left to do is to tap a rent button and go look for it. In case you’re planning to use this service in Europe, there’s a one-standing app for that. You can also use this app to rent your vehicle and make some money out of it. According to the app’s stats, some car owners make thousands on car renting per month.

Getaround 1 Getaround 2

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Enterprise Rent

This is an app that will assist you with the car booking process.

Apart from the previous app, this one runs worldwide so you won’t need to switch apps for international trips. This app also uses your location to offer the best car bookings nearby. Herewith, you get to adjust the filers to only see the cars that match your preferences. For example, you can pick a car’s body type, class, gas mileage, and more.

In case you’re into specific car brands, you can mark it in the filter engine as well. The app covers a wide range of brands so no worries about that. The rent time starts from an hour and the prices are quite low. You can also pay for the rent online if needed.

In case something goes wrong during driving you can always contact the support group and get all the help you need. The support group works 27/7 so you won’t get left alone no matter what. You can also mark some places as faves to get instant rental deals in the area. Plus you can view the history of all the cars you’ve ever rented including your current one.

Enterprise Rent 1 Enterprise Rent 2



Next, we have an app that will pick you a rental car any time you need it.

This app is a classic representation of the genre. It uses your GPS to search for all the car options around you at any time. Herewith, the app covers all car types and classes — from sedans to vans. The same goes for the compilation of car brands — this service has everything from Toyota to BMW. In case you have some specific preferences, you can point them out in the filters.

For instance, you can pick the car body type, the price, the brand, and so on. You can even search for specific models if needed. As for the rental timing, it starts from an hour but you can easily reserve a vehicle for a couple of days. You will need to pay for the gas and paid parking but it’s a standard rule for this kind of apps.

Herewith, the insurance is included in the car price so no extra fees here. The app also has a support team ready to help you all night and day. Once you’ve picked a car you’ll need to find its location which can get quite annoying especially on large parking lots. This service took care of it as well — you can honk a horn right from the app.

Zipcar 1 Zipcar 2


TuroThis is one of the largest carsharing services you can find on the market.

This app provides you with car rental assistance in several countries — the US, UK, and Canada. Herewith, you can use this app in two different ways. First of all, you can use it to rent a car (obviously). But you can also earn some money by sharing your car as a car owner. The rental prices start with $18 for a day which is quite generous.

Speaking of the car types, for now, the app covers over 850 different classes for different occasions. Looking for a practical crossover for a weekend countryside trip? The app will find a car for you. Wanna experience a luxury lifestyle by renting a Tesla? You can easily do it. Plus, you can use this app to rent trucks for moving or whatever else.

As you might’ve guessed, the app lets you set various car filters to narrow your search. Thus, you can regulate the searching radius, pick a car brand, its body type, its price, and more. The insurance is already included in the price so no worries about that.

Turo 1 Turo 2

Virtuo: 24/7 Car Rental

VirtuoThe next app will change your view on the carsharing services. This app does everything to lessen the time you spend searching for a car to rent. All you need to do here is to sign up, allow the GPS tracking, and start the search. The app immediately shows you the list of cars nearby and the only thing left to do for you is to press a rent button and go find your car.

However, you can also book a car and ask for it to be delivered to your driveway. The delivery service is not available in all countries but it will be soon. As for the car compilation, the app covers a wide selection of premium cars including electric ones.

You can book a car for an hour or a couple of days according to the occasion. Plus, you can cancel your reservation 3 hours before the starting time for free. The app also covers a team of specialists ready to answer all your questions and help with troubles 24/7. So even if your car will get stuck in the middle of nowhere you can always contact the support that the help will be on the way.

Virtuo 1 Virtuo 2

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Hertz Car RentalThis app provides you with fast carsharing services.

The mechanics of this app is simple — it tracks your location and shows you carsharing options nearby. Herewith, you get to adjust the searching radius in the settings to narrow your search. The interface of the app is very intuitive so even if it is your first time renting a car — you’ll quickly cope with that.

Plus, you get to filter the search by marking the type of the car, the brand, the price, or any other metric that seems important to you. The app also saves all your previous searching parameters which fastens up future searches. You can view the details on your current booking on your acc and add some changes if needed.

Furthermore, you can view your whole car renting history with all the checks. You can even import the checks in your expense tracking apps if you use some. Once the car is rented, you can use the app to find the closest parking spots and gas stations along with car services.

Hertz 1 Hertz 2



CARNGO is a carsharing app that will cover your back wherever you are.

This service runs worldwide so you won’t need an extra app for going on an international trip or something. For now, the app covers such countries as the US, Spain, UK, New Zealand, France, and more. The concept of the app is classic for the genre — it uses your location to pick up the nearest car rental offers.

Plus, there’s a price comparison tool that will show you the cheapest option available. You can also narrow the search by adding different filters such as the car class, car body type, price, and more. The rental takes one tap and you can go look for the car right away. In case you’ll change your mind you can easily cancel your reservation.

The app also has a support team available over the clock. In case you have an emergency and no one is answering via chat you can call the support center (all the numbers are listed in the app). The technical support also runs all day and night so you’ll get help at any time anywhere if needed.

Carngo 1 Carngo 2



This app will help you reserve a car without much effort.

This app gets all the rental jobs done for you. It uses your GPS to show you the closest car options and all you have left to do is to tap on the rent button. In case you have any specific preferences, you can set the filters. You get to sort the cars by brand, body type, price, and more. As for the time, you can rent a car for an hour or a day.

The app covers a wide range of cars for all occasions — from sedans to vans and trucks. Once you’ve found and rented a car you’ll need to go find it. To lessen the time for that, the app automatically makes a route from your current location to the car so you could navigate. You can also view the rental details and cancel the booking if needed.

Although you will need to pay for gas and paid parking, the insurance is already included in the price so no worries about that. In case something will happen with the car you can contact support and get help immediately. In case you won’t be able to cope with an issue by yourself the app will send you a team of specialists.

Alamo 1 Alamo 2

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SIXT rent

And lastly, SIXT is the ultimate app that covers both carsharing and taxi services.

For now, the app functions in over a hundred countries and this is not the endpoint. We’re not here for taxi services, so let’s talk about the car rental. The app uses your GPS data and shows you the nearest booking options in your area. You can narrow down the search by using filters and regulating the searching radius.

To be more precise, you can filter the cars by their type, popularity, price, age, and even the number of seats. In case you prefer a particular brand you can point it out as well. The app covers various car classes so no matter if you need a sleek sedan to drive around the city or a truck for a moving day — this app has you covered.

Once you’ve picked a perfect car you just need to tap the rent button and you’re ready to go. And when you’ll find the car you’ll get to open it right from the app as well. All your rents will be saved at your acc’s history along with the common searches.

SIXT rent 1 SIXT rent 2

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