Top 10 Scientific Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Math has accompanied us all our lives. Starting with primary school, it becomes more complicated, more cumbersome, numbers disappear and letters appear. The thing is that mathematics is not limited only to addition and multiplication, it has graphics, equations, fractions, and other equally complex things.

It’s easy to get confused by the abundance of all these operations and calculations, especially if you’re not a mathematician or a doctor of science (although they do make mistakes). And we just need to calculate something! Calculate the number of purchases, the money in the accounts, the balance of cans in the garage, and so on.

However, the calculations are not always limited to those: if you study, do business accounting and so on, you probably need more than a standard calculator.

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And sometimes it is very inconvenient to enter complex operations into the calculator. Square roots, fractions, degrees – all this is terribly realized in a standard calculator. What can you say about the graphs and equations that are inaccessible to him!

For our convenience, smart and talented programmers have developed a lot of convenient calculators for different purposes – from solving equations to building graphs. If you are studying or you have a complicated mathematical background in your life, we offer you to get acquainted with our top!

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos is known for its mathematical developments, especially in programming. A team of enthusiasts has developed 3 mathematical and scientific calculators that are designed to help students and anyone interested in mathematics in their studies. Of course, the goal was to make life easier for ordinary people as well as to speed up calculations.

The first application from Desmos is the Desmos Graphing Calculator. The application is absolutely free on Android and iOS. This is one of the good reasons why it is worth paying attention to the application for students with limited or small budgets, or if you just do not consider it necessary to spend money on applications for your smartphone.

For graphics calculators, Desmos uses an incredibly powerful and fast mathematical engine. This allows you to build the most complex graphs and conduct gigantic calculations in minutes. Now you don’t have to wait to get even the smallest result.

The application allows you to build charts in the polar, Cartesian or even parametric coordinate systems. The graph field is not limited, so you can find out the value of the function at any point!

You can also build tables with function values. You can simply select the values of the function you are interested in and the smart application will select the values of the other parameters for you.

You can also easily find the points of minimum, maximum, intersection, or inflection – all this will be clearly displayed for you by this smart app. And with the zoom function, you will be able to study in detail the behavior of the chart in a certain part of the field.

Do you still have difficulties solving equations and inequalities? The application form Desmos will become your assistant in the world of charts and will solve even the most difficult task for you. The main advantage – all this right in your smartphone!




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Sometimes mathematical tasks look as if they are runes from Ancient Egypt or hieroglyphs. Here the question arises: even if there is a service or a calculator capable of solving it, how can it be used at all?

After all, such quantity and such combinations of symbols, signs, and drawings in any way cannot be transferred even though the keyboard of your device. Then users come to the aid of Photomath – a unique application that allows you to simply scan the task and transfer it to your smartphone.

Using the camera of your phone (Author’s note – Hopefully your camera has a resolution higher than 2 megapixels), you just instantly scan the text or tasks written by hand and make small corrections in them already in the mathematical calculator, in case it is necessary.

The Photomath application supports a huge list of the most frequently used sections in mathematics and tasks – such as arithmetic, fractions, trigonometry, matrices, factorials, and combinatorial tasks. If all these sections are familiar to you and their names are not perceived as spells from Harry Potter, then you understand how useful this utility is.

A huge plus of applications is the step-by-step solution to each task. You don’t just get a ready-made answer, as in conventional calculators, but also a detailed explanation of each step of the solution. After all, if you, for example, need to build a series of Fourier, then the answer N will not satisfy either you or your teacher.

Photomath is constantly being developed by a team of developers together with linguists, so the application extends its functionality and is supported on iOS and Android in more than 30 languages.




Wolfram Alpha

Whenever you have tried to solve a mathematical problem online, you clearly know about Wolfram Alpha. This service is one of the most popular and well-known services in the scientific environment.

And that is because the application works in many scientific fields – in physics – from mechanics to astrophysics, in chemistry – it is able to solve problems of thermodynamics and ion equations, engineering, astronomy, and other sciences – all available in Wolfram Alpha. And, of course, mathematics.

It will be strange to use the tool only for mathematical purposes, of course, because the possibilities are much wider, even just to calculate the weather conditions! But it’s up to you because you might find Wolfram the most convenient calculator in science.

Mathematical calculations, statistics, percentages, discrete math, and the number theory – all in one unit. It comes down to the fact that you can even build any graph and analyze it in detail.

A powerful server that will instantly solve your tasks and even give you a detailed and step-by-step solution. To some extent, the tool can become your tutor and pull up your knowledge in this or that are – not necessarily limited to mathematics.

For example, to learn the origin of a word from a little-known language or see the bonds of banks. The functionality is great, but it is unlikely that you will be able to use all of it. On our part, it’s a bit incorrect to equate Wolfram Alpha with calculator applications, but it does have math functionality, right?

The application is designed for iOS and Android, and also has a browser version. How can it be clear that you need Internet access to work, so you should consider this when installing the widget on your smartphone.




MyScript Calculator

Often it is more convenient to write down the mathematical problems on the pages by hand – you can immediately make the necessary corrections, without unnecessary action create fractions and much more. You do not need to look for any functions in the lists of standard calculators for a long time. Yes, it is much faster!

The introduction of a usual square root of the highest degree will take you at least a minute in the base calculator of the smartphone.

Of course, you can write a task on a sheet of paper and transfer it to your smartphone using the calculator-scanner, but what if you are limited in time? Or, for example, is it easier for you to enter a task into your device right away?

Then take a look at the MyScript Calculator. This application allows you to skip the step with photos of handwritten text and offers you to enter the task directly into the calculator. You can enter equations in the input field, which is presented as a sheet of paper (ironically, isn’t it?). A smart tool will solve it for you.

MyScript Calculator supports basic mathematical operations such as addition and percent, but also fractions, trigonometric functions, and constants. If you are a schoolboy or math student, the application is ideal for fast and simple calculations.

You simply enter the function you are interested in quickly into your tablet or phone and the answer is shown to you. MyScript Calculator dynamically recognizes text and characters that you enter and display in printed form. All calculations are also sent to the history, so you can always go back a few steps.

If for Android users the application is free, there are some inconveniences for owners of iOS devices: the application is paid for. The amount is small, but it will have to be paid. While Android users may already be migrating to Google Play.




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If you are a common person and haven’t studied for a long time, then you should be put into a stupor by the positions of this top. You just wanted to find a better calculator than the built-in one, and we are telling you about the graphics here. But don’t worry – we found an application for you.

ClevCalc is a slightly improved version of the built-in calculator. It supports all the basic calculations and calculations we may need in everyday life. ClevCalc supports several types of calculators, for example:

Basic (from addition to square). It’s easy, accessible, and essentially nothing more than the functionality of the built-in calculator in a different design. Credit – it will calculate your loan interest, monthly payments, etc. in full. Convenient in everyday life and to calculate large transactions.

The sum of tips. Often, sitting in a cafe, there is a question of tips for the waiter. With the help of this calculator, you can calculate the amount and even divide it into all those present.

The cost of fuel. Saving money? Then try to calculate the efficiency of your routes. The calculator will calculate how much fuel you spend and how much you benefit from it. We’ve given you only a small fraction of the calculators you use.

ClevCalc will be your assistant in managing your family budget or other financial matters, as well as in simple daily calculations. The main thing is that there is no unnecessary functionality for ordinary people – no additional chemical or astronomical calculators!




Stellar Scientific Calculator

Let’s be honest, not all people often need a scientific calculator. But if you don’t belong to this group (it means you need it) then you’re probably doing interesting work. In most cases, scientific calculators are being used by financiers or mathematicians, physicians or architects (this list isn’t complete).

It doesn’t matter if you need to calculate the monthly compound interest or the pressure of the concrete basement to the watery soil, you will most likely need a scientific calculator to make it all happen. Moreover, in most cases, these calculators are quite expensive and not used so often.

Thus, if you’re not a student, you don’t really need the physical scientific calculator. Just get an app like this and you will get all the necessary functions. Here you have the algebraic input, standard, scientific and fixed notations,  calculation of fractions, and many more functions. Here is the full list:

  • Possibility to save your values ​​in 9 user-defined memory locations
  • Copy and paste clipboard support
  • Possibility to solve multiple calculations at the same time
  • Journal functions
  • Arithmetic functions and trigonometric functions
  • Permutation and combinations
  • History of previous calculations
  • Regular calculator
  • Engineering calculator
  • Geometry calculator



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Kalkulilo is a modern calculator based on the iOS platform. The application operates in several modes – scientific, bit, statistical, trigonometric, temporal, and so on. Let’s consider each of them a little bit more.

The scientific model presupposes the usual mathematics with its simplest calculations and logarithms. Square roots, degrees, multiplication – all standard and without features, that is, it is the most familiar to us mode calculator

Bit mode already works in discrete space. You can dress a task with logical operations because values can be displayed in 2, 8, 16, 32, and even 64-bit format!

Statistics suppose that you may need to calculate the median of the expression or the deviation. In general, the calculator will be useful even for accountants and not just for students.

There is a separate trigonometric calculator, a radiation calculator, and a time calculator. But the need for it, in our opinion, is less than in others. Of course, thousands of people use them every day, but not everyone needs their functionality.

The interface of the application is easy to understand. Since the application’s interface is colorful and the user can easily customize the colors and shades of the keys on their own, with constant use of the calculator’s functions you need you will open automatically, without even thinking about it.

If your life involves computing and you are an iOS user, a link to download the application from the AppStore is included.



Fraction Calculator

Whether you are a student or a schoolboy, you know that numbers do not end with 10 standard numbers and their combinations. There are fractions as well, such as decimal, incorrect or other similar strange words.

Conventional calculators do not support fractional numbers. What if the fraction in your problem is not decimal? And an example needs to be solved urgently and quite necessary?

At schools and universities, teachers in mathematics often give problems to solve independently without the answer sheet.

That is, you have to solve something on your own, even without knowing the answer, and find out if you can do it right only afterward. The Fraction Calculator is more suitable than ever – if your example contains fractions, you can easily test yourself.

Without noticing it, we use fractions in our everyday lives as well. Recalculate the ingredients in the recipe, leaving the right proportions, divide the money, and so on.

Doing this with the Fraction Calculator will be easier – it will completely take on the task of calculating anything, and its convenient and intuitive design will make using it even more enjoyable!

You can quickly and easily perform operations on fractions, quickly enter the fractions themselves, and do not bother with calculations! The same result will be presented in decimal form, too – all for your convenience!

The application is free, designed for iOS and Android, but if you want to get rid of advertising – you will have to pay a small amount of money. Although for starters it is worth trying the functionality of the free version.





Usually, Android devices already come with a pretty good pre-installed calculator, however, if for some reason your smartphone doesn’t have it or you want to have something more powerful, you can go for this scientific calculator for Android devices.

From first sight, Calc looks like a cheesy calculator app and it seems like there is nothing unusual about it. However, its calculating possibilities are truly wide and you can accomplish complex solutions using its tools. For example, you can write the task in one line with all the signs and elaborate features and write another task into the next line.

Calc will make all the calculations logically, task after task. Moreover, for better convenience, you can highlight different numbers with colors. Moreover, Calc has an intuitive user-friendly interface and it never erases the results as the usual calculators do, allowing you to use them in your further tasks.

What is more, you can save the history of all your calculations in order to use them in the future. If you’re solving a task with a group, with a classmate or with your friend, there is a function using which you can easily share your result with other people via social networks or messengers.



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Graphing Calculator

The Graphing Calculator is another graphical calculator that is suitable for engineering and complex mathematical calculations. The application is designed for iOS and Android users, so you can safely find it on your device on any of these platforms.

The application will be useful for students of institutes, colleges, and high schools. You can replace one application in your compact and multi-functional smartphone with your cumbersome and uncomfortable calculators, which not only take up a lot of space but are also uncomfortable to use.

Well, will you be able to write a huge expression on a regular calculator at once, without using thousands of brackets to indicate the priorities of operations? With Graphing Calculator you can!

MathLab has designed the application so that you can even manually enter the necessary expression into your device and the tool will interactively show you the result!

It turns out that the application immediately and step by step solves your complex and cumbersome expression – that is, when you enter it, you also see how the calculator gradually solves the problem. This way you can learn how to proceed, not just thoughtlessly pay attention to the result.

The calculator is also an engineering calculator. What this means: The application can build graphs, while independently generating the necessary values of axes to display the key elements and points of the function.

You can specify the necessary parameters in the settings, and Graphing Calc will search for them on your graph – for example, the intersection points with axes.

The functionality is huge and convenient, but there is also its own nuance. In its free version, the application contains pop-up ads, and you also need to be constantly connected to the Internet. If you want to get rid of it, you will have to switch to the Pro version. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the convenience.




Study in our time is not an easy job and sometimes you have to devote all your time to it. Not all people have the ability to do math, which is why there is no shame in using calculators. And not only students need calculators – accountants, engineers, scientists, even nutritionists, and ordinary people – we all use them one way or another.

The main thing is not to make yourself uncomfortable and choose the calculator that suits you best. Because using the built-in calculator when you have a lot of convenient computation applications is just a crime!

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