Caveman’s Tale game review

Caveman's Tale logoCaveman’s Tale takes you on a journey back 40,000 years, playing as a cave creature. Help it survive by traveling to different worlds. This game has many features, and we will tell you about them in this review.

Once the game is launched, you will immediately get to the main screen. Here you will see the button to start the game. With this moment begins your adventures. Also on this screen is a button with information about the game and its developers.

Clicking on it you can also send the game donation to disable advertising. Nearby is the settings button. Here you can adjust the volume of music and sounds, also you can disable ads or restore your buy if you have played Caveman’s Tale before.


After clicking on “Play” you will be taken to the levels menu. There are 12 levels, in each of which you can gain 3 stars. Each new level becomes more complex than the previous one. After the last level, you will save the cavewoman – the main goal in this game. Each world in this game has its own unique design.

Game management

The game management is simple enough. You will need to lift up using jumps. Your path will be depicted as a dotted line. You can put the game on pause. You can also collect mushrooms to use them in the future for some privileges.

Design and graphics

This is a very colorful game with amazing graphics, which is worked out at the highest level. Every detail has its tiniest features. Every world is thought out in detail and will surely surprise you with its variety.

Caveman's Tale screen 1 Caveman's Tale screen 2

Beautiful colors, the atmosphere of prehistoric man’s life, fascinating passing, and having the goal. All these are the components of a successful game, that Caveman’s Tale has.

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