Strobe Tuner Pro App Review

Do you need to tune your musical instrument accurately and quickly? You definitely have to download the Strobe Tuner Pro app! All settings will be on your phone or tablet! The main feature of this app that is shows the real stroboscopic effect on your device.

The app was tested with many different musical instruments, it is suitable for guitar, violin, bass, ukulele, viola, cello, or banjo, you can choose the needed one in the settings menu. Also, it allows quick access to instrument switch settings.


We are sure that even an amateur can tune a musical instrument with ease, and if you are a professional, you will appreciate the convenience of the app, high quality, and high accuracy. The app has a built-in function of the chromatic tuner to detect the frequency of the tone played on your instrument and shows it on the chromatic scale.

Rest assured, the adjustment is very accurate, you will tune the string to ideal. To make the adjustment more precise, you can use the strobe tuner. It guarantees extreme accuracy due to the set of a position of the strobe pattern. The slower the strobe moves, the more precisely the instrument is tuned.

We recommend using the first-start tutorial and built-in help to tune your instrument better. You can also tune by ear. You need to play reference tones using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


The app settings are really advanced, and the interface is user-friendly. It has a concert pitch frequency setting, can change note naming to English, European, Solmization, has a temporary adjustment of the concert pitch according to the accompanying instrument, has noise cancellation, which works even with a metronome switching on.

The color themes are provided for better perception. Download the Strobe Tuner Pro app, and you will want to play your musical instrument as quickly as possible!


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