9 Best charity donation apps (Android & iOS)

Most people in the world are really kind and would like to share their own kindness. You can’t always go directly to charity foundations. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money and are shy about donating too little, or maybe you just don’t know how to do it.

In a world that is obsessed with everything material and money, charity is not always about spending your own money. You can help this world in other ways as well.

It is not always convenient for people who are too busy and immersed in work to really engage personally with charity organizations. But since modern technology is everywhere around us, you can show your kindness with your own smartphone.

Even current donors will find it convenient to support their activities through apps. These services give you complete information about where your donation is going, and you also receive all the data of the recipient.

There are many charitable apps out there that you may not even have heard of. We present to you the 9 best charity donation apps for Android & iOS.

ShareTheMeal: Donate to Charity and Solve Hunger

sharethemealHunger is one of the world’s biggest problems that is really hard to solve. However, another problem in the world is also common and the exact opposite is the widespread recycling of food.

People buy too much food, throw it away – while there is someone around you hungry, and you don’t even know it.

The ShareTheMeal app can help you feed children in need by simply pressing the buttons on your smartphone. A single child’s diet costs less than a dollar – so even a measly donation will save someone’s life.

With the app, you can share your food, as well as see how your donation was used. Your friends can also join the program, and you can form a team together.

The most important thing is that the ShareTheMeal team keeps track of where your donation is going – you will literally know exactly who got the food you paid for. Helping other people, and especially children can make you happier.

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Coin Up App

coin upWe constantly make some transactions through our smartphones. Paying for coffee, a taxi ride, buying groceries home, or a T-shirt – all these purchases are constant for people and you don’t even pay attention to such expenses.

The Coin Up app rounds out your daily transactions and donates the balance to a charity of your choice. Even the simplest daily purchase can help someone, and you will be doing charity work during your daily activities.

How does it work? For example, your coffee costs 99 cents. Coin Up will round it up to $1, and you will make a small donation! You can also limit it to a month, so the monthly donation will not exceed a certain amount.

If you can’t find the right charity, you can always contact support and find something suitable for your donation. Any loose change that you don’t even notice will be directed towards good causes, and you will feel a little better.

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MAA Charity

maa charityMAA Charity is a well-known organization that has been involved in many global charity projects. It has helped orphans, the Ramadan projects, the Water Aid, and many others.

Now you can put your hand to help other people or certain projects – just using MAA Charity. Literally, on the move, your help will go straight to its destination, and people in more than 50 countries will be able to live a better life.

First, you’ll have to choose whether you want to help Australia or other countries. Next, you will be able to look at different categories of projects and donate to specific projects only.

MAA Charity was created by a non-profit organization to help Muslims who suffer from oppression or other problems. You will also receive a report on the delivery of funds for specific projects to your email – just a couple of minutes, as soon as the funds are transferred. Your donation will reach the people who need it.

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GiveTide: Donate Spare Change

givetideSpare change is something people can collect, but not use. At a time when everyone was using cash, some people at home might have found a jar of change. There were small coins that just took up space in your wallet.

In the era of electronic money, everything became simpler – such small things just do not appear in the hands. GiveTide offers you to donate such insignificant things to charity organizations – the system simply rounds up the number of your purchases and transfers the rest to the account of the organization.

On GiveTide, you set a monthly collection goal, at which point the change is suspended. You can also transfer some amounts to the account of certain organizations at a time. Each transaction that you make is used to the maximum extent possible.

Free funds are allocated for good causes, and you can also attract your friends to charity. You don’t have to tie your credit card to the application or manually enter all the data – GiveTide automatically connects to your smartphone payment system and uses these transactions.

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VFund A Charity Organization

vfundYou don’t always have the money to donate it to charity. It happens that you yourself are limited in your budget, but you have a desire to help. In that case, the VFund platform can help you.

The developers have changed the charity donation system, so you don’t have to spend a penny on charity. VFund will help you generate additional income, which will be immediately sent to foundations or other organizations at your discretion.

With VFund, you don’t have to worry about spending the money your family needs. You will just need to install the application and spend just a few minutes of your time per day to really make a difference in the world.

You’ll be watching a few short videos, taking small polls, or reading articles – for this, points will be credited to your account and transferred as money to the funds.

If you spend 5-15 minutes a day at VFund and perform certain activities, you will be able to make regular donations of up to $5. Within the VFund, you have your own currency in terms of points, which will vary depending on your level of participation.

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Cheerful – Give Spare Change

cheerfulCheerful works on the same system as many other charitable applications. The system automatically rounds up the amount of any purchase you make, and the change is transferred to a charity or organization that you determine.

You can choose from a wide variety of causes for donations – global hunger, health care, forest fire relief, and more – the system will channel your money in the right direction.

In Cheerful, you’ll need to register and tie your payment system to an app. All donation amount updates you get as soon as they’re done. For example, when you purchase a Coke can, Cheerful will automatically update your total donation amount.

Your personal bank details are not stored in the system, as payment is made separately from the application. Also, you don’t have to worry about your donations: Cheerful can only be used by organizations that have all the necessary documentation and a good reputation.

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CharityMonk : Donate to Charity for free

charitymonkWe shop online all the time. Did you ever think that you could spend money on charity while shopping online? At the same time, do not spend the extra money and buy everything that you have planned.

CharityMonk application is a universal service for shopping, which also collects free money for charity. In addition to funds, the money can also be used for social purposes, religious institutions, and various colleges.

Through CharityMonk you can shop at Amazon, BigBasket, and other online stores, paying the same amount as usual. Donations will be credited as the service uses a discount and coupon system.

Donations can be tracked in your personal account, and you can also claim tax benefits for them. In fact, you just use CharityMonk as a platform for shopping in different stores but doing good things. All funds really go to charity and you can check it out any time.

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RoundUp App: Donate Change

roundupThe RoundUp App includes over 900,000 non-profit organizations to which you can donate funds. All you need to do is connect your account to a credit or debit card, which you will use to make a donation.

The RoundUp App works on the same system as other similar applications – the amount of your entire purchase is rounded off and the donation is transferred to the account of the organization of your choice.

It is worth noting that any donation is sent to a RoundUp App account at the end of each month. This means that at the end of the month you will be able to see the full amount of the donation that you can transfer to their account.

You can turn off the withdrawal system at any time in a few seconds. You will also be able to watch your own influence in charity grow. The protection of transfers is on the same level as banking systems. 256-bit encryption reliably protects your funds from fraudsters and unnecessary unplanned transfers.

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donate a photoIf you are over 13 years old and want to contribute to charity, the Donate a Photo app can help you. You don’t have to spend your own money to become an investor.

In the application, you just need to take a photo and for this, you will receive 1 dollar to the charity. All your donations are easily tracked and you will always know that you are doing it for a reason!

Donate a Photo is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, which adds funds to the organization’s account. Even if the cause does not reach its goal, the company will give you another minimum donation.

The company fully oversees and monitors the funds. You can use the snapshots to engage your friends in good causes as well, and they can also do charity work. Raise the awareness of your community and draw their attention to current issues – together you have a better chance of helping.

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Use your own smartphone to make a daily dollar donation or do something good. You can use the internet to find other like-minded people who are just like you, trying to make the world a little bit better.

Looking at apps that work directly with money, it’s worth noting that some of the money can be taken by Google Pay, PayPal, or Apple Pay, but the percentage is really low.

This way, however, charities can get your donation immediately – even with the help of intermediaries. The convenience of all your initiatives is ensured by state-of-the-art technology. We hope that you will be able to donate even more with the help of modern smartphone applications.

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