Chrono Project Game Review

Chrono Project is a 2.5D side scroller game that combines platforming, puzzles, and simple combat. Now let’s find out why this game is so special! The game is compatible with several platforms – macOS, Windows, SteamOS + Linux.

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But what is the major goal of this game?

Chrono Project

Chrono Project takes place in a fantasy world, with the magical Chrono and the technological Robo. You will play as a Chosen One who has to end a century-long conflict between the two great factions. The game has an amazing storyline with a wide range of backstories to discover. So, we can surely say you will not get bored!

As you play, you can also undo events and rewind time whenever you want. Use it to explore different timelines! What is more, Chrono Project boasts a quite simple interface that guarantees pleasurable use. The game comes with 2D gameplay which turns into the magnificent 3D world.

Chrono Projec

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Plus, the background music and sounds will certainly immerse you in the gaming process! Summarizing all the points mentioned above, Chrono Project is truly worth trying. The game combines arcade, adventure, and action genres. Highly recommended!


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