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Thanks to the messengers we have now, we can stay connected to our friends and family 24/7. It also means a constant chatting where we usually send a lot of copied stuff. You probably find it annoying as well, when to send a certain text or a picture you need to save it to your phone first and only after you are able to send it.

What is more, the clipboards, where we have a chance to put all these items are often not effective and disorganized. And if you saved something and then forgot about it – it will probably be incredibly hard for you to find that note in a mess of other notes.

Clip Stack

No more losses of your clipboard history with this app since it remembers it all. It can recover and reboot the text. Clip Stack is made to be user-friendly and it is your GTD manager as well. The app works at multiple devices. Considering notifications here you got a chance to switch to 5 notifications simultaneously.

Notifications work only in case you are adding a new text and you can quickly remove it from the screen. If you want to start a background service for it to listen to your clipboard It only cost 6M – 10M RAM. When you don’t need it anymore, you can close it in the settings.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For export clipboard history. This app won’t write any other files to your SD card.



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With this app, you can save tons of stuff into your clipboard – images, texts, links without being afraid of losing it. You can clip them back to the clipboard and paste them everywhere. Texts on your clipboard can be transformed into the different formats using special formatters along with the possibility to view and see data on your own.

The app has a built-in browser to automatically save all the data copied from web-pages. The number of clipping is not limited anymore since you can utilize lists in the app to save lots of them. Moreover, synchronize your clippings across all your iOS devices.

There is a chance to create special settings and some kinds of clipboards will be automatically saved to your lists. Drag multiple clippings into the action bar to perform batch actions. Besides, you can drag clippings in this app into another. In each list of clippings there is a possibility to make a rearrangement of them.

You have always a possibility to delete the list. Input saved text and links to any available text spaces in the app. And you will get quick access to your clippings without even switching between the apps. So copy and save your clippings right from the widget. The Copied Browser will open links in the built-in browser so that you can quickly save multiple snippets from a web page.



QuickClip | Clipboard Manager

This is easy, though the useful app for keeping your clippings organized. You simply copy objects and then open the scrolling from the upper screen and thus add copy into a new bar. Then all the clippings will be displayed as a widget even on your lock screen.

The app has a simple UI. The widget is extremely convenient for accessing the clips. All the data synchronize with iCloud. The app has no ads.




This is an easy but at the same time powerful buffer manager, automatically saving everything that you copy. You have access to your saved notes at any time, so you can copy, paste, view, edit, group them into various lists or share them with your friends – it has never been easier.

Save the text information that you use frequently as notes, copy and paste it everywhere you want instead of manual typing. Take your buffer under control! Everything you copy is being saved automatically, that’s why you can not to worry about missing any information.

You can also copy all the notes back to the exchange buffer in a single click. Create lists for productive managing all your database. From the information that you use frequently, you can create various notes to have quick access to it.

You can alter the settings of the interface and functions of the app, you can also switch of/off the notifications and many other things. After launching the app you will receive a short guide about how to use it. If you have a task killer on your phone, don’t forget to exclude Clipper from there, otherwise, it doesn’t work.



Clipboard Manager and History

One of the most effective and most popular clipboard managers for iOS. It’s been downloaded by more than 300 thousand people. Just because it perfectly serves its main function – storing texts, photos, images, and webpage addresses – it gained its prominent reputation.

Here you can copy, save, and store any text, photos, or web page addresses for quick and easy access anytime you need. All you have to do is to copy an item into the clipboard manager. It will be automatically saved in Clipboard Manager and History. It is very similar to how the same programs operate on your computer.

After copying an item to the clipboard, Clipboard Manager and History allows you to easily search for the item, and then copy to an email, share on Facebook, Twitter (and more), or paste to other applications on your device. Moreover, with this program, you can synchronize your clipboard with several devices, which is quite convenient because thus you can copy objects and texts on your iPhone, for example, and still use them on your iPad.

All the stored items can be protected with a passcode. What is more, you can customize the interface of the app with different backgrounds and fonts. The app can also reformat things and make them readable on other devices and programs. With this app, you can also write anything on your home screen for more personalization.

If you don’t really understand how the app works, then you can find instructions right in the app, which explain the main aspect of its functionality. Clipboards Manager and History is synchronized with the most famous social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram. You can even send messages via SMS and iMessage.



Native Clipboard Manager

This app was also acknowledged as one of the best apps on the Android market. It makes any copying process as easy as never – you just have to do a double click on the text you want to copy. Then choosing a clip will automatically paste it. If you want to delete a certain text form your clippings, then you can just swipe away.

If you tap on the text and hold it for a few seconds you will see the contents of the whole texts. Pin objects to prevent them from deleting. All the files stored in the clipboard are also possible for the editing, you just need to double click. By holding a tap long on a certain object you also select it for the pasting.

The clipboard can be moved to show the keyboard, for example adding a space or a new line. You can also change the interface of your clipboard according to your preferences. There is a set of themes that can be chosen to do that. Also, you can regulate the size of the clipboard for better convenience.

There is a limit on how many items can be stored, though, it can be changed. The size of the text in the app can also be changed, as well as the number of columns. There are two ways how clippings can be sorted – by the time and by the state. The app follows guidelines as close as possible.

Besides some of the apps on your phone can be chosen for the blacklist in this app – this way, the contents from the clipboard will not be copied to them. Native Clipboard Manager supports such web browsers as Firefox, Chrome and many others. Clippings are always available for editing right in the app.



Paste 2

This is an extremely useful app for writers, developers, designers and any people who are dealing with writing and editing stuff on a daily basis. It expands the capacity of the clipboard and allows you to synchronize the data from your clipboard among all your devices.

In the clipboard history, you can view everything you currently have copied. It intuitively distinguishes text, images, links, files, and any other type of content. What is more convenient, all the history is visualized and thus you can review it any time you want.

With Pinboard option, you can organize, preview and access your frequently used snippets quickly. In order not to distract you from your main tasks, Paste 2 runs in the background and smoothly blends with your operation mode. Summarizing all the options, here you are able to organize your clipboard in the way you want. Use extensions to paste any copied items to other apps.

In case you have too many items and got no time to scroll through everything looking for something, there is a searching option where you can look for a specific text or content.



My Clipboard Manager

My Clipboard Manager is an easy, simple and powerful app to manage your clipboard stack, keep history, fast access to your notes in history and accomplish a number of other tasks. You probably know that it is always convenient for the export data from the backup storage without being afraid of losing it.

Here you can create lists of your favorite notes and thus you will always have quick access to them. Moreover, it allows to filter them out from the previous notes in-app history. My Clipboard Manager doesn’t require network permission. Even if you are offline- you are still able to create, view and change notes. You got access to all the files there at any time you want.

You can always search for certain files in clipboard history by entered symbols or other indicators. The number of clipboards is unlimited. The keyword search is made in all your notes or articles so you get a result instantly. If you want you are able to clear all your clipboard whenever you want.

In general, it is a great way to sort out the endless flow of data consisting of texts and images without wasting much time on it.




Clip+ is in the list of best iOS apps for managing clipboards. It is now optimized for iOS12. The app automatically recognizes the different types of content. For example, if you copied a phone number the app can make a call. Logically, when you copy an URL, the app redirects you to the source of the link. When you got an email address the app lets you write a letter to that email.

Clip+ supports GIFs as well. You can even share those GIFs from the app through messengers and social networks. It is especially helpful if you don’t have enough memory on your phone but you still want to share a picture with your friends. Then you can just copy it to the clipboard and send it.

The app synchronizes with the iCloud. Paste clippings into Clip+ from other apps as well. What is more, you can preview pictures and animated GIFs right in the app. To edit items you need to swipe left. The app is also supported by Siri Shortcuts. To reorder items just drag them.

The function which is called Spotlight Search integration makes your clipped items available in the iOS search. Your clipped URLs are available in Safari’s “Shared Links” tab. You can access your clipboard directly from the Notification Center, creating a widget for that.



Best Clipboard manager

When you copy something this Clipboard Manager automatically saves it to the app. There is a floating button to choose that you have copied before and thus you don’t have to open an app thousand times to choose and paste things from your clipping board.

Besides, this Clipboard Manager allows you to edit texts right in the app. The backup synchronizes automatically with the server so you can stay calm about you don’t lose anything. Also, add tags to your files so it is easier for you to find them later.

Open Clipboard manager through your status bar for quick access to your collection. You can copy text that you have just copied before on your status bar. You can change settings and limit the number of texts you can view. What is even better, the app doesn’t occupy a lot of phone memory. So get an effective way to manipulate your data without distracting to various distracting factors.




This is an app saves all the items that you chose to copy to your storage. Thus you can paste them later whenever you need. What is more, you can save your personal notes in the app. In general, this is a powerful version of a clipboard manager.

It includes an agile and versatile notification banner that displays the current number of clips recorded and has buttons to instantly copy the 3 most recent clips copied. Moreover, the app contains easy layout for the content organizing, for clips and notes listing, with the specification of the data of creation and character counts.

And of course, you are always able to edit the content you have on your clipboard. It is compatible with emoji items. The interface is customizable and lets you choose the fridge style and font styles for your clips and notes. You can share all the items stored in the app as well.

In general, this app is easier than the previous ones and has a limited number of options. But it can be its advantage for those who just want to copy and paste items swiftly. The current number of clips you have is always displayed at the top of the screen on the table.



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