10 Best Contractions Timer Apps for Android & iOS

When you’re pregnant, the countdown to your due date is all about months and days. However, when that first contraction kicks in, you’ll be clocking the minutes between contractions and the hours till birth.

And although lots of laboring women use a good ol’ clock or pen and paper to record the time between contractions, there are some great apps to help track your contractions the techie way.

Thus, here you will find the best contractions timer apps to help you easily walk through this experience.

Contraction Timer & Counter TL

contraction1Women during pregnancy need special support. That’s why this app appeared.

The purpose of the service is to help pregnant women track contractions, their frequency, and their intensity. With this app, it is very convenient to keep a log of contractions to then show statistics to the doctor or track the intensity.

This app can tell you the exact time when you need to prepare for the hospital.

Sometimes it happens that a woman experiences contractions when it’s not time for them yet. All she has to do is immediately open the app and write down everything she experienced and indicate the date.

At the end of pregnancy, when the time to born is approaching, it will also be useful for users to keep a diary of contractions to find out if they should go to the hospital or start preparing for home labor.

Another cool bonus that you will discover here will be the hypnobirthing audios that help pregnant women feel more comfortable during contractions and the relaxation music. Affirmations for pregnancy, a Due date calculator, and a birth plan template – and this is not even the full list of what this app can offer.

The design of the app is quite simple. It is possible to quickly make a journal record. During contractions, it is more important for women to focus on their well-being, and not on where to click to log contractions.



Contraction Timer & Counter 9m

Contraction Timer & Counter 9m logoA very important thing for both parents is not to miss the moment when you need to urgently take things and go to the maternity hospital.

Nowadays, the chances of a mother giving birth in a car while standing in traffic can be significantly reduced thanks to mobile labor counters.

They allow you to determine the beginning of the labor process and tell you when to go to the hospital.

This application allows you to predict, according to the rhythm of contractions, how soon a woman will give birth.

You can also distinguish the training contractions, which periodically occur before delivery, from the true contractions, which directly help the child to be born.

Contraction Timer & Counter 9m screen 1 Contraction Timer & Counter 9m screen 2

The application will also show you a notice when it is time to go to the maternity hospital.


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Full Term – Contraction Timer

Full Term - Contraction Timer logoThis app provides all of the standard interval and duration calculating capabilities plus includes a fetal kick counter, weight tracker, and a handy reference section.

Two bonuses to this app are that it’s compatible with Apple watches and allows you to enable a 5-1-1 alert.

5-1-1, meaning contractions are 5 minutes apart, lasting for about a minute, and this pattern has lasted at least an hour.

Full Term - Contraction Timer screen 1 Full Term - Contraction Timer screen 2

This is a common guideline for determining the onset of active labor and often a recommended time to consider heading to the hospital.


Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer logoThis sleek Android app helps to time the interval between contractions, as well as the duration.

It automatically generates a simple graph for interpretation and allows users to add comments to logged contractions (ex. if mom’s water broke).

Contraction Timer screen 2 Contraction Timer screen 1

It also has the capability to email a spreadsheet version to anyone who needs to be kept in the loop – great for a partner, doula, and/or care, provider.


Baby arrives!

Baby arrives! logoIt’s a nice alternative to the very detailed, information-heavy apps previously mentioned.

The heart in the center that “beats” with every second of the contraction can be a good distraction to help find a rhythm and allows the mother to choose the intensity level.

Baby arrives! screen 1 Baby arrives! screen 2

The intensities are color-coded and used alongside the timing information for quick reference.


Contractions Timer for Labor

Contractions Timer for Labor logoThis is a very handy application when you need to clearly track the contractions in the labor process. It helps mothers to give up an outdated way to record the labor manually on paper.

There are only 2 buttons in the application – the signal to start the fight and the button for the withdrawal of amniotic fluid.

The application records the time of the beginning and end of the fight, the duration of the fight, and the interval between the contractions.

The calculator itself calculates everything for you and gives out on the smartphone display already analyzed information. It also signals the reduction of the interval between fights.

Thanks to this calculator, the expectant mother can understand false contractions or real ones. The button about the water escape shows the exact duration of the waterless period for the baby.

Contractions Timer for Labor screen 1 Contractions Timer for Labor screen 2

The program is very easy to use and does not need any skills to master.


My Contractions Tracker

My Contractions Tracker logoThis application helps to record the activity of your child in the womb. The program counts the number and duration of shocks and records the data in a special table.

The table can be printed out, all data are saved. You can count the tremors at any time and for any period of time, the main thing is to open and run the application.

This program will allow expectant mothers to provide the obstetrician-gynecologist with clear information about the activity of the child in a particular period.

So it is not necessary to make such a calculation in the printed tables.

My Contractions Tracker screen 1 My Contractions Tracker screen 2

The application is very easy to use and has a nice design. It has a function of comparing the activity of the child for different periods with the possibility of indicating the associated events.


Labor: Contraction Timer

Labor: Contraction Timer logoThis application will be useful for women, whose pregnancy is nearing 36 weeks.

In order not to calculate by yourself the frequency and frequency of labor, wondering: “go to the maternity hospital or early?” use this handy gadget calculator.

Labor: Contraction Timer screen 1 Labor: Contraction Timer screen 2

Besides, this application will help you determine whether real labor or false labor.


Contractions Calculator

Contractions Calculator logoThis is another application for tracking contractions, their intensity, frequency, and duration.

This program even gives assumptions about the expected development of labor activity and the time of the birth of the baby.

Contractions Calculator screen 1 Contractions Calculator screen 2

It is very simple and convenient.


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Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker logoThis is probably one of the most popular applications for pregnant women.

The application has many functions, including a directory of the development of the fetus and the condition of the pregnant woman on a specific term, the calculator of pregnancy, and the date of delivery.

Pregnancy Tracker screen 2 Pregnancy Tracker screen 1

Also here is a task scheduler with reminders, a generator of hints about the need to visit a doctor, to undergo tests and examinations, and so on.


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