9 Best Clock Widget Apps That Shows Seconds (Android & iOS)

Widgets that show time to the nearest second are very convenient. Most of them are multifunctional. You can even set widgets with the weather, alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. They also allow you to change the look of your home screen and your phone’s lock screen.

This list contains the best clock widget apps that show seconds. Choose the best to extend the functionality of your phone.

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Simple Analog Clock

One of the best widgets with seconds for your smartphone. If you like simpliciry and effectiveness – this one is for you. The design of the application is very authentic and looks laconic with any background.

There is a second hand in this widget, but it does not affect the battery consumption. The widget consumes a minimal amount of battery power because the clock stops when the screen turns off.

Simple Analog Clock also have three different widget sizes, 1×1, 2×2 and 3×3. You can easily change the size of the widget even after installation.

You can customize the second hand, or rather its use or not. You can change its color. You can also customize the dial by selecting the Arabic or Roman numerals and their design. You can also change the background of the dial and its transparency.

For more convenient use at night, you can choose a dark theme design widget.

Simple Analog Clock1

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Clock Widget

The Clock Widget shows the time exactly to the seconds.

It can be used both on your device desktop and on the lock screen. There are several different widgets here. Weather, news, and clock display separately. You can also use this application to enable all widgets together.

Widgets can be changed in size, choosing the length and width at your discretion. They will look neat in any size.

This is achieved by hiding some elements. After creating the widget, the settings menu opens. All settings are divided into items. “Clock and Alarm”, “Weather”, “News”, “Calendar”, and “Appearance”.

In the weather settings, you can choose which service to use to get the weather.

Also in the weather settings, you can choose a package with weather icons. In the news settings, you can set up the display of news from different sources.

Summing up this widget, we can say that the widget is definitely good. If a lot of settings, with which you can customize all types of widgets that are present in the program.

Clock Widget1

onca Clock Widget

onca Clock Widget is an application with the function of sounding the time.

With this feature, you don’t have to look at your phone’s screen to be constantly distracted. A nice assistant voice will report the current time at a pre-set frequency.

You do not need to make any settings to start using the widget. But you can make it more personalized. To do this, you can choose the size, design, and location of the widget.

Choose between digital and analog watches. You can set them on the home screen and the lock screen.

You also need to specify the time interval during which it will sound the time. You can add a melody or vibration to the assistant voice.

You can select a melody from the app gallery or your mobile device. You can also change your voice in the application settings.

You can also enable a timer or stopwatch in this widget. Clicking on the widget opens an alarm clock. The alarm clock is set as standard. Here you can also select a melody from your mobile device’s application set or gallery.

onca Clock Widget1

ZenClock: A Beautiful, Minimal Clock

ZenClock: A Beautiful, Minimal Clock is an unusual and beautiful watch that shows the time to the nearest second.

You can install a widget on your desktop to make it even more convenient. You can customize the widget to your liking.

So, you can change the color and choose different add-ons. You can set any photo from your phone’s gallery as a background.

For the widget, you can set up a variety of parameters. The widget can display the date. Text style can be selected in the settings.

There you can also change the font, color, and size of the text. Once you have placed a widget on your phone’s screen, you can change its size. You can also choose the information that will be displayed on the widget. You can also add information about the battery level here.

You can also install a weather widget in this application. To do this, you need to allow the application ZenClock: A Beautiful, Minimal Clock to use your geolocation. By clicking on the widget you can set the opening of various apps installed on your phone.


Minimal Clock

The Minimal Clock application allows you to set up a convenient widget with the exact time on your phone screen. It also shows the seconds.

The application has many individual settings. During the installation of the widget, you will be able to perform a preview.

Choose the actions you want the widget to perform when you click on it. Thus, the app can open an alarm clock, settings or any application installed on your phone.

Choose the widget design you like. Change the font, background, and color of the theme. You can choose any photo or picture from the gallery of your mobile device as the background of the widget.

More than 40 types of fonts are available here. In the settings, you can allow the app Minimal Clock to access your geolocation if you want to connect a weather widget. Also here you can choose the language in which all the information on the widget will be displayed.

You can install the widget on either the home screen or the lock screen. In both cases, you need to click on an empty spot on your smartphone screen. Then you will be prompted to select a widget. Here you should select this application from the list that appears.

Minimal Clock1

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BobClockD3 is a widget clock that allows for the largest customization.

You can choose to display the seconds, change the color, font, and transparency of the widget. You can also change the widget background and set the image from your gallery as the background.

The ability to resize the widget allows you to use it on all devices with different screen sizes.

Thanks to this application you can also change the orientation of the date and time. Change the widget style to the one you like.

Everything about the appearance of text can be adjusted. For example, you can display minutes as numbers and hours as text. And this is just one example of the fine-tuning capabilities of this great widget.

Besides, with the help of this application, you can put an analog clock widget on the screen of your phone.

Analog clocks have a round shape and many useful features. The time is displayed digitally in the middle of the circle. You can change the themes and hide or show the analog clock.


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ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget

The ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget app allows you to place a convenient and beautiful clock widget on your phone screen. It will allow you to always see the time, even on the lock screen.

In the application settings, you can choose the theme and design color of the application ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget.

So, you can choose white, black or multicolored dial. You can also change the image of the numbers. You can choose between Roman and ordinary numbers.

You can select an image from the app gallery or your phone gallery as the background of the widget. You can even set different backgrounds for home screen and lock screen widgets.

You can also make the widget transparent so you don’t override the main background image.

The size of the widget can be changed in the settings. The position can be changed directly on the screen of the device. You can move the widget in any direction and at any time.

Change the second hand mode. It can be ticking or floating. This parameter is relevant for analog clocks.

The digital clock can display the time up to milliseconds. This is a useful and convenient feature for athletes.

ClockQ - Digital Clock Widget1

Digital Clock Widget

This time we have a widget app with seconds from a German developer. The electronic clock is placed on the main screen of your smartphone.

The design of the widget is quite laconic and minimalistic. It fits very well on futuristic wallpaper, or wallpaper in the style of minimalism.

In use this widget is also very convenient. From the appearance we can see three main components. These are the clock itself with hours, minutes and seconds, the display of the date and the day of the week. The interface of the widget is very simple and clear.

There are different sizes that you can freely set depending on your aesthetic desires, you can also adjust the opacity of the widget.

The application page also states that with Android version 5.0 and higher, seconds will not be shown on the display. The app also consumes a minimal amount of smartphone battery, because of that the animations in the widget are not energy consuming, the widget works only with the screen turned on.

Digital Clock Widget1

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UCCW – Ultimate custom widget

The UCCW – Ultimate custom widget will display the time with seconds on your smartphone screen.

Choose from over 20 different widget shapes. You can choose the widget design to suit your taste. Widget color can be made black, green, yellow, white, red or pink.

You can also change the widget style. They are available in about 10 pieces. To preview what the widget will look like, open the settings.

Choose the style you like. Now you can look at the widget with the applied style. If you like it, you can save the settings. If not, you can change the style to a new one.

This widget displays not only the time with seconds but also the date. The time is shown exactly to the seconds. The widget can be changed to any view you want. You can also customize the font and size of the text. The time can be set as words.

This application has a nice feature. There are animated widgets here. You can choose from over 50 widgets. They are well designed and detailed enough. You can also choose the widget in the form of the analog clock. They are very realistic.

This is a free application that will allow you to always know the time to the nearest seconds.

UCCW - Ultimate custom widget1
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