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Everyone faced repairing an apartment or house. It is important to choose the right colors for walls or floors when we make repairs. The colors of the walls and floor are the main factor in choosing the style of the room. Modern technology allows us to plan all aspects of our lives.

Try the apps from the list and you can virtually paint your walls in any color. You can experiment and try different colors. Create a unique room design. You will be confident in choosing the color of the walls and floor after using these apps.

Project Color™ The Home Depot

This app allows you to choose the perfect color for any room in your home. The app has thousands of colors and shades. See how your kitchen, bedroom, games room and other rooms with new colors will look like. If you are looking for an idea for room design, then the app will help you. See inspirational pictures with different styles.

Project Color™ The Home Depot Project Color™ The Home Depot Project Color™ The Home Depot

Upload a photo of the room and click on the area to change the color. The app perfectly recognizes objects in the photo. Use the color matching tool and the app will select the best combination for you. You can search for colors using a smart system. Enter the name of the color and the app will show you all similar colors.

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House Painter Free Demo

This app paints photos of your rooms in any color. It is useful for those who are going to paint wallpapers or walls. You can plan the colors of the rooms. You can paint any photo of the room inside or outside your home.

Just one touch and the app will color the area in the photo. It recognizes the same pixels. The virtual painting of rooms is very accurate.

House Painter Free Demo House Painter Free Demo

Use the magic wand painting tool. The app itself will paint the walls or wallpaper. You can paint your rooms manually in virtual mode. The app has professional-grade realism. You are waiting for more than 16 million colors. You will find the one that best suits the room.

The app has been downloaded over 100 thousand times.


Paint My Wall – Room Painting

This app has a simple design for virtual painting your rooms. Click on the color bar to change the color of the walls. The app recognizes similar colors and simulates the result of painting. It has many colors and shades.

You can paint the walls manually. Zoom in to paint the walls more precisely. If you make a mistake don’t worry. You can always undo an action.

Paint My Wall - Room Painting Paint My Wall - Room Painting Paint My Wall - Room Painting

You can take a photo of the room directly in the app or select it from the gallery. You can see how the colors will look on your walls. Save photos to your gallery to show it to your family. Share your painted photos on social networks. You will know how to change the style of your home using this app.

Wall Color Selection – BEST

This app is a virtual editor for designing styles for the rooms of your home. This app is suitable for artists, designers, as well as to test paint for walls. The app has more than 7 thousand colors. Choose the exact shade. You can find colors in the search bar. Write a name and the app will show all matches. It has a simple and modern interface.

Wall Color Selection - BEST Wall Color Selection - BEST

You can change the floor, ceiling, and walls. Create the home of your dreams. Add a window to let the light in. The app has a smart light system. It will show you what the wall will look like with different light. The app= has been installed more than 100 thousand times. It is a good helper before painting your walls.



This app will allow you not only to experiment with the color of your walls but also help you choose the furniture and style of rooms. The app also protects your personal information. The rooms are uploaded to a private server. No one can hack you.

Click on the wall to change its color. You can use manual or automatic modes. If you make a mistake in manual mode, you can undo the last action.

TapPainter TapPainter

The app has a full palette of colors. You can choose the color you need. Add the colors you like to your favorites list. You can adjust the brightness of the colors and add shadows. This app has an excellent simulator redevelopment of rooms. Try it and choose the perfect wall color for all your rooms.

200 Room Painting Ideas

This app will allow you to choose colors that will surround you every day. The app has over a thousand inspirational ideas for painting any room in your home. Open the app and select a room. Flap right and left and see pictures with designs. You can upload a photo of your room and change the color of the walls.

200 Room Painting Ideas 200 Room Painting Ideas

Bookmark your favorite images. The app is very popular. It has been downloaded over 500 thousand times. It doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 13MB. Download this app and it will help you reflect your personality through the design of rooms.


Prestige ColorPic Paint Color

This app will help you visualize the future interior of your home. You need to add photos from the gallery in the app to get started. You can also take a photo directly in the app. Click on the object located in the photo and the app will determine what it is.

It will show you the options available on Amazon. You can change the color of the walls and floor in a second.

Prestige ColorPic Paint Color Prestige ColorPic Paint Color Prestige ColorPic Paint Color

You no longer need to rush to the store for paint. Try different options before you buy. The app also has a paint calculator. You can calculate the amount of paint you need to buy for 1 room. You can know exactly how much paint you need. The app has more than 15 thousand colors. You are sure to find the perfect color for your room.

House Painter

You only need one click to change the color of the walls in the photo. There are 3 types of color tools. The first is initial, which you can select on the surfaces of the wall. The second is the brightness that you can adjust for each color. And the third is the paint.

The app has more than 7 thousand paint colors. You can visualize the result of painting the walls without having to repair the room. The app requires camera permission so you can take pictures of rooms.

House Painter House Painter House Painter

The app has a simple and intuitive design. You can undo any action during virtual painting. Save the painting photo to the gallery. You can compare virtual colors. Add painting photos to the list of favorites. This app will help you choose the most harmonious color of the walls.


Home Paint Design

If you want to paint your house outside, this app will help you plan the color of the paint. It has over 500 inspirational painting pictures with houses. You can compare different colors in different lighting conditions.

Choosing a color for your home can be difficult. You need to choose the color that you will see every day. This is a very responsible decision.

 Home Paint Design  Home Paint Design

The app helped to choose paint color for more than 100 thousand people. It doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 9.2 MB. You can paint your house before selling it or to renew your old paint. This app has a modern design.

Choose a color and the app will show you all the pictures. You can color the photo of your home directly in the app to check how the paint will look.


PaintMyPlace – Paint Your Home With Real Colors

You need to add a photo to the app. You can choose a photo from the gallery or take a new one directly through the app. Take a picture of the area you want to paint. Choose a color. The app has a large selection of colors. It has a search bar for finding colors. Use the magic tool to automatically colorize the area.

 PaintMyPlace - Paint Your Home With Real Colors  PaintMyPlace - Paint Your Home With Real Colors  PaintMyPlace - Paint Your Home With Real Colors

Save photos of the painted wall in different formats. You can share photos with social networks. Get your friends’ opinions on the planned paint. The app has real colors from real brands. You can buy your favorite paint in any hardware store. It is easy to undo your action with manual virtual painting.


Painting Wall Design Ideas

If you want to paint the walls in your home, this app will give you inspiration for this. Swipe through the pictures of houses and look at their design. Select the most interesting photos and add them to the list of favorites.

You can upload photos of your rooms and change their walls. Use a magical tool. Click on the area and the app will recognize the same colors. You can quickly change them.

 Painting Wall Design Ideas  Painting Wall Design Ideas

You can also change the color of the walls manually. Open the virtual editor and click on the brush button. Zoom the image and paint over the walls using your fingers. You can experiment with color. You will find the best combination. The app weighs only 5.4MB.


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