11 Best Color Texting Apps for Android & iOS

Text support for photos and messages sometimes plays an important role in communication. It can also affect your mood when communicating – bright, juicy letters will lift your mood, and allow you to look at the messages of the person you are talking to more easily and without much tension.

There are also a number of apps that can be used to add bright text to your photo. Only your fantasy decides everything here! Remember that this way you can more accurately convey your mood or even the idea of a photo. Size, color, style and more are up to you.

We’ve found the 11 best apps for you that turn boring text into something very special.

Texty: Text on Photos

textyTexty is a modern application designed to process photos. The application allows you to easily and quickly add various text to your photos without making them look like the writing of a small child.

With Texty you will get a real piece of graphic art, and you will also have the opportunity to try yourself as a designer. A variety of settings will only help you get the perfect result.

Mostly text editing in photos is used in social networks such as WhatsApp, Pinterest and Instagram. Texty allows you to edit it right in these applications!

The application has a lightweight interface, so the whole creative process will go smoothly for you. Although challenges can occur: there are over 700 fonts for different languages in the Texty catalog, so you’ll have to choose from that variety of typography.

Do you often use the same style? Turn it into a template by using not only standard tools but also erasing unnecessary elements with an eraser. Most importantly, all fonts included in Texty are free to use.

texty2 texty1


Color Text Messages – customizer colorful texting

color text messagesConstantly using SMS messages to keep in touch with your friends? Or do you write a message much faster than calling a person? However, we are sure that you have noticed that the design of SMS applications is always the same and boring.

Color Text Messages will make them more vivid, catchy and interesting – it will be appreciated not only by you but also by your friends.

Color Text Messages applies various fabulous effects to your messages. In addition to replacing the background, you get a variety of colored and painted fonts, bubble effects, and incredible patterns.

If you can’t choose for yourself, just click “Random” and the application will choose the design for you. Now your friends will be looking forward to receiving messages from you, because each time they will receive something unusual and original.

In order to get templates, you will need to press only one button. All fonts and colors are available for you to choose from, as well as a huge number of different bubbles.

Before you send the message, evaluate its final appearance and make the finishing touches – so you will bring it to perfection.

color text messages1 color text messages2


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Phonto – Text on Photos

phontoPhonto is an application that is available on both iOS and Android. The application has a different appearance and functionality on different platforms, so before downloading it, please study the service in detail.
We can say that it is a handy application, which will allow you to add text and phrases to photos.

There are more than two hundred fonts in Phonto, which will be enough for any of your ideas. You didn’t find what you need? Then you can upload your own fonts to the application and work with them.

The size of letters, as well as their position is easily adjustable by the user. If you wish, you can add a gradient or give the inscription a certain form – for example, to set it on a circle. You can make each letter a separate color – even if your phrase consists of many letters.

We found a small minus at Phonto, despite its convenience. The application only works with photos that match certain sizes. So if you plan to add text to photos of large sizes, be prepared for Phonto to compress them.

phonto1 phonto2


Photo Editor – All-in-one Photo Editor

all-in-oneIt is already clear from the name that the application is designed to work with text on images. In fact, this is one of the many features that are presented in the Photo Editor – the developers did a really good job here.
In just a few seconds you will get a more elaborate and unique photo, and you can make it completely ideal.

You can add both handwritten fonts in the photo (just by writing something with a brush on top of the image) and using one of the custom fonts. It should be noted that Photo Editor does not have a huge number of fonts, but you have many options to change it to your liking.

Like many applications, Photo Editor has a Pro version. It costs less than $2, but a short trial period is available. Not sure if you will use Photo Editor so much?

Then just try adding colored text to any of your photos during the trial period and you will see if you are satisfied with the features. Simple lettering editing is available even in the free version.

all-in-one1 all-in-one2


Font Rush

font rushFont Rush has been specially designed so that you can beautifully express your statements or quotations. Even if the quote is not yours, it doesn’t matter, you can still design it effectively and present it exactly as you understand it.

Font Rush is one of the coolest tools to work with text in graphical format on your smartphone. With just a couple of clicks, boring and typical text can become something amazing, with unusual fonts and bright colors.

No matter what you want to create – a poster, diversify your photo, or even create a greeting for a friend – in any case the result will be great. Font Rush can also be considered an application for all people, regardless of their experience.

Both pictures and photos can be edited. You make up the inserted quotes, add beautiful graphics and add your memories to the pictures. If the photo was created in one of the most memorable moments of your life – this is a great option to make the picture even better.

font rush1 font rush2


Typo Style – Add text on Pictures, cool fonts

typo styleIf you think that any inscription or text is a separate piece of art, then you are in perfect harmony with the developers of Typo Style.
They created the application precisely so that people could create something new and interesting, without spending a minute of their personal time on other editing applications.

In Typo Style, you will find a typographic modern picture that easily traces the current influences and fashion trends among fonts. Many design professionals acknowledge that the application is up to date and collects a lot of novelties.

Here you can record all your memories, thoughts and ideas in a beautiful format in pictures that you choose.

For spectacular publications on Instagram you can create cute and elegant pictures with inscriptions about love or quotes. Social banners, pictures you can immediately publish in social networks, without adding anything new when publishing.

Your phrases can become a complete project, which you will change with the help of filters.

typo style1 typo style2


Text On Photo.s & Font Edit.or

text on photos and font editorEven the name of this application already looks unusual! In Text On Photo.s you can express yourself without using complex tools. Do you want to write down any of your statements, ideas or anything like that?

Then good news for you: in Text On Photo.s you can easily implement your idea directly in camera mode, and immediately share it with your audience.

The application collection has many different artistic fonts, whose settings can be changed individually. Want to change the color, add a gradient or a shadow?

Text On Photo.s will give you this opportunity! With a minimum of movements and actions you turn soulless photos into something unique and funny.

Texts can be adjusted right at the moment of editing. Rotate the text, add new lines and change colors and shadows with gestures.

All actions are very simple in management, and as it is necessary to notice that Text On Photo.s constantly updates filters for maintenance of modern tendencies.
Do you want to stay in the trend, but to express your own thoughts brightly? Then this app is for you.

text on photos and font editor1 text on photos and font editor2


Color Fonts for FlipFont #7

color fonts for flipfontPrevious applications were designed to create something new, such as original images, but here all the work is designed to change the design of your smartphone.

Do not like the standard fonts that are used by manufacturers when setting up your phone? Now you have the opportunity not only to change the font itself but also change the color and shades of the letters.

Color Fonts for FlipFont is a package of color fonts, which is suitable for smartphones Samsung and HTC (and for some other brands). The package consists of 13 different colors, from them you can choose the one you like.

Here you can find the perfect style that suits you. All settings are made in the basic settings of the display or digital settings of your device system.

It should be emphasized that the application is designed specifically for FlipFont and works exclusively with its support.
Color Fonts does not require any permissions to your smartphone data or your personal data, so you do not risk losing your data by installing this application.

color fonts for flipfont1 color fonts for flipfont2


Fancy Message-Pimp Text with Emoji Keyboard, New Color Bubble and Textart FREE

fancy messageSending and receiving messages that look the same is boring enough. Now you can completely redesign your messenger, more precisely the messages themselves.

Quickly install the Fancy Message application and you can start surprising your friends. Would you like to congratulate somebody in an original way or tell them happy news? Now you can beautifully stylize such a message.

According to your mood or idea, you choose a bubble of your message. It can be stylized as a holiday or simply be original. You create a message, edit its style and choose the people you want it to be sent to. Different fonts, colors, unique emos are the perfect complement to your message.

All messages are decorated with beautiful textures and background images. The most important thing is that you can send such original messages not only to iMessage – Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram are also available. Before you send anything to your friends, make sure you can send MMS messages to your friends.

fancy message1 fancy message2


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Color SMS – Free Themes, Customize

color smsColor SMS is another application that allows users to make their SMS and MMS more interesting. Trendy themes, stickers, smileys and many other features are free. Each message will be truly unique and will be remembered by the person you sent it to.

Free colored themes will add a little variety to your conversations, and sparkling unusual letters will help to make an impression. Each user can choose a bubble to his or her liking.

Of course, one should not forget about the unusual fonts that are presented in the application. Color SMS makes it possible to change the original fonts for new and individual fonts.

It is also worth noting that the application supports work not only in dialogs but also with group chats.
Do you want to highlight a person’s name in a message with a different color, font or just show that you have a new application? Then do it together with Color SMS and you can enjoy original designs and ideas every day.

color sms1


Color Text Messages+ Customize Keyboard Free Now

color text messages plusIridescent and vivid texts are direct specialization of this application. If you want to make something really bright, unusual and original, Color Text Messages+ can offer you this.

The application is perfect for social networks and mobile applications, as it allows you to quickly adjust the style of text and its other characteristics as you wish.

Color Text Messages+ has a huge color palette, with which it is easy to paint text in all colors of the rainbow. Tried all the colors that were in the application? Apply a random shade and then the text will be a surprise even for you.

Black and white messages are a thing of the past, and they look boring and old fashioned. Your messages will play with new colors if you just add something unusual to them.

You can edit and review your existing posts before you post them. By the way, you can select the users who will receive this message directly from Color Text Messages+.

Are you chatting with friends in a group? Even this won’t be a problem for Color Text Messages+.

color text messages plus2 color text messages plus1


Perhaps, changes in the text can be called creativity as well. You express your own thoughts and ideas in the text, transforming it into a picture. Some of the presented applications can be similar to each other, but most of them are unique.

Want to change the colors, font, stroke, and even any other parameters of your written text? Then quickly select the right application and download it. And we hope that our article has helped you and now you will try to do exactly that.

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