11 Best Construction Bidding Apps for Android & iOS

Bid management in the construction industry is important for the timely completion of work and for creating estimates that would be profitable for all participants in the process.

Construction involves many aspects, from receiving daily reports to developing a cost management system. Thus, the proper creation and organization of contracts between the customer and the company through the use of special software allows to optimize all processes.

Using these best construction bidding apps for Android & iOS right on your phone you can get the necessary contracts in a short time and promptly start the construction process. Compare their advantages and choose the app that meets all your requirements.

Fieldwire – Construction App

If you work in construction, Fieldwire is the mobile app for you. It helps streamline workflow and simplify administration, even in large teams.

Now all the links in the chain of command are seamlessly connected throughout the project. This will help to unite the team and avoid the repetition of important information.

From the boss to the handyman, from the accountant to the supplier, everyone receives data at the same time. Besides, all work takes place online. Every specialist can view the finished materials by opening the necessary tab.

Everyone involved in the construction process will be up-to-date on schedule changes, defects, and errors in their work. This app is also suitable for other spheres of activity: architecture, material supply, and equipment trade.

Fieldwire is equipped with advanced tools for offline viewing of drawings. Create entire folders in which you can make changes at any time. Edit finished drawings and plans: annotate, highlight paragraphs, and tell your subordinates what’s wrong.

Enable text recognition and hyperlinking to simplify communication between employees from different departments. Set up push notifications or receive emails.


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Probuild (App for Contractors)

The most convenient app for employers and hired professionals. Keep a log of working hours, note the time of arrival and departure to work, and issue invoices in accordance with accepted standards.

Probuild is most in demand in the construction and retail industries. One app replaces several experienced professionals and saves money. It has all the options you need for both the contractor and the hired worker.

Coordinate a work schedule and submit it for signature. Work on several projects at the same time and switch easily between them. Get your employee, supplier, and colleague’s contact information instantly on your phone.

You don’t need to hire a professional to monitor discipline during work hours. Just use the location feature for each employee. Even the most complex issues can be resolved remotely, making it easy to work with remote employees and customers.

Accounting is also available in Probuild. You can create and sign invoices, estimates, and checks yourself. You can even put your logo or mark your contact information.

With handy spreadsheets, employees’ salaries are calculated as clearly and quickly as possible. Anyone can view them for a selected period of time. Supplement your projects and work plans with photos, tables, and sketches. Let your work be a pleasure with Probuild.


Joist App for Contractors

JOIST is an advanced technology in action. It offers all kinds of payment documents that can be used online. Optimal for businessmen and large companies. Just try this app and your business will change forever.

Forget about endless paper reports and huge folders of checks and receipts. Now all the documents are sorted and in a safe place. Equip all your employees with the app and enjoy the ease of it.

You don’t need to have a manager and accountant on hand to provide reporting information for audits. Just pick up your phone and open the documents for the period you’re interested in.

Use popular templates to get ready-made receipts and invoices. All the nuances are taken into account here, including taxes and rates for different categories.

You can even receive remittances, bypassing electronic payment systems and bank transfers. It’s also convenient because all checks are saved in JOIST at one time. Use them to generate financial reports.

Each customer is in a separate tab, so you’ll always know the current state of affairs. Create client contracts, mark essential documents with your logo, and send them for signature. Make your portfolio colorful with photos of your projects to attract more new clients.


PlanRadar Construction Manager

Switch to electronic human resources with PlanRadar. This app will take on functions such as creating an up-to-date schedule for each team member, alerting you to important work changes, and creating professional reports.

Save time and money: optimize communication with large groups of workers, colleagues, and partners. Be sure that every specialist is up to the task.

Here you can store important information about completed and ongoing projects without limitations. You can create a portfolio by adding vivid photos and a step-by-step description of the work process. Make important messages one time, no group messaging or emailing.

Your workflow will be easier as you can add new drawings and plans from any device right in PlanRadar. All work is fast and without delays, so you can easily turn your plans into reality.

Point out defects and flaws in the work of your subordinates. Receive documents, reports, and receipts in one touch. You’ll always be aware of how the next inspection went. Each employee will mark their attendance according to their schedule.

PlanRadar allows you to check every part of the construction process and make adjustments as quickly as possible. Besides, thanks to this app, you will see the whole picture and know exactly what stage of construction you are in at the moment.


Construction Calculator

If you have a renovation in mind, you can’t do without a smart electronic assistant. The Construction Calculator app will make repairs on any scale simple and straightforward.

Many professionals have already entrusted this service with all calculations. Just enter your data, room parameters, and type of building materials. The program will automatically make the necessary calculations and give the exact result.

It can be used by absolutely everyone because its options are clear and do not require any special skills. If it is important for you to control your workers, use this app. With it, you will instantly determine whether the requested quantity of materials corresponds to reality.

The app is available in 5 languages: English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can change the language bar in the settings. It works offline, so it is suitable for use on remote projects.

For correct calculations, it is necessary to select the right category. There are 37 of them. This allows you to minimize errors in calculations and forget about making another trip to the store.

Here you can calculate the parameters of the foundation, check the composition of the concrete, and know the total weight of the reinforcement needed and the number of bricks.

Measure insulation and lumber, and take the right amount of paint and primer. In addition to the calculator, you can always use the built-in flashlight, compass, and construction ruler.


Construction Estimator App

Construction Estimator app makes the job easier for many professionals. Now you can make estimates quickly and accurately, without time-consuming calculations and errors.

It is a versatile tool that is indispensable in the professional activities of contractors, construction companies, and sellers of real estate. In a few minutes, you can estimate the cost of materials, the services of builders and other specialists, and tax deductions.

The app guarantees accurate calculations and minimal inaccuracies. Find out the cost of interior finishing, a new roof, or an entire building. Calculate how much tax you have to pay to the treasury.

The program collects data from a variety of devices and is a secure repository of important data. Any user with access to this information can open the file or make changes online. It is no longer necessary to travel thousands of kilometers to control a construction project.

Ready estimates please everyone involved in the process: the accounting department, contractors, hired workers, and the foreman. Even before you start, you can estimate the approximate cost of the project. This will help to avoid overspending on materials and human resources.

PDF files can be saved on electronic devices, and sent via social networks, messengers, and e-mail. Construction Estimator does not need a constant internet connection.

Show your clients your professional and well-coordinated work. Interest intermediaries and partners in a productive and honest collaboration.


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Construction Estimator App

Avoid unpleasant surprises with the Construction Estimator app. Any construction project requires serious calculations and accurate measurements.

To avoid visiting the store several times because of a lack of building materials, use this professional app. It’s simple and straightforward to use, but it handles the toughest tasks perfectly.

No matter how extensive a construction or renovation job you have in mind. Calculate the full cost of an entire house or find out how much it will cost you to renovate your pantry.

The app will help make repairs for personal and professional construction jobs. Notify your client of the approximate amount of materials needed and their total cost.

The Construction Estimator app uses complex formulas and algorithms hidden from users’ eyes. All you have to do is enter the required parameters and wait for the calculation.

Specify the exact dimensions of your house, garage, or office to know the number of bricks. Select the exact number of tiles for your floor, and make the walls brighter with your favorite shade of paint. Now you know exactly how many bags of plaster you need to order.

Save your money and buy as many materials as you need. Control your workers to make sure they don’t overspend. With the Construction Estimator app, doing repairs will be much easier and more enjoyable.


ePlan Connect

ePlan Connect contains a huge database of construction projects. You won’t have to waste time looking for the right options or hiring a real estate agent. The most popular and in-demand tenders from verified sources are in one app.

When developing this platform, the wishes of both buyers and sellers were taken into account. It features an uncomplicated menu and stylish design, as well as a convenient search system.

Specify all the necessary parameters, including the location, cost, and conditions of the tender.

All items are documented and vetted for authenticity. You can see all the documents online. You don’t need to go on the road to see the right project in person. Find out all the information directly from the seller or from the documents listed. Download the copy and send it to your lawyer or employer.

Observe the bidding process in real-time. Every day ePlan Connect has new options for every taste and request. In the Favorites section, you can place the most relevant items so you don’t have to search again and miss essential changes.

With this app, you’ll save time and be able to make the right and informed decision.


Construction Estimator

This app will easily and efficiently estimate construction costs of any complexity. It is a useful tool for anyone who has started a renovation or construction activity.

With this app, you will buy the right amount of putty, bricks, and boards. Calculate the amount of money you will need to buy materials and equipment. You will get an approximate cost of all the costs to perform the planned work.

The app is suitable for calculating any material, including rebar, blocks, and paint. Add up all the figures and get the amount you will have to spend on construction in total.

In Construction Estimator you can do several calculations at the same time, saving the data. You can always open the desired object and share your calculations with your foreman, builder, or tenant.

In addition to the electronic construction calculator, you will always have a handy ruler at your fingertips for measuring small objects. As well as a professional bubble level. It’s often used to determine flat surfaces and the right level.

There’s even a protractor for determining angles. Use all the features for free.


Tendr Inc

Tendr Inc is a platform that connects customers and contractors. Find professional builders for your projects. Save your energy and time on finding the right people through intermediaries and agents.

The platform is trustworthy and confidential. You can discuss matters of interest, make offers and hire the best contractors in the country with one click.

This app will be relevant for both construction professionals and hirers. Negotiate the range of work and its cost in advance.

A hirer on Tendr Inc can be assured of high professionalism and accurate information of the contractors presented.

To find workers, create a new deal and describe all the nuances in detail. Specify the level of work, the location of the object, and the approximate cost of services. You can add actual photos and drawings.

Profiles of the registered contractors are now available for you. Choose the one who is most suitable for the job and start chatting. If you have discussed the construction and come to a mutual agreement, you need to prepay directly through Tendr Inc.

Your funds will remain on the platform until the agreed-upon scope of work is completed. The funds are then transferred to the worker. Once the transaction is complete, be sure to evaluate your partners to help other users make the right choice.


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eBuild is an online service for finding and buying verified building materials. Buy the materials and equipment you need near you. Get reliable information about the quality of products. Study their properties online.

If necessary, the consultant will always help make the right choice and answer any questions.

The platform functions as an online store. Use the search engine and filters to find the necessary category of goods. Read the terms of sale. Pay attention to how much the product costs and whether it is in stock today.

Communicate directly with the supplier and be assured of transparency in every transaction. Selecting products is easy: you don’t even have to leave your house. Each product card contains all the important information and actual photos.

You can choose the materials yourself or together with a hired contractor. If you need to transport bulky goods, you can order a shipping service right on the platform.

With GPS tracking, you’ll know where your goods are and when they will arrive at their destination. Bid online and benefit from great prices and quality service.

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