10 Best Speedometer Apps for Android & iOS

You don’t need to buy a special device for measuring speed anymore. Your phone can easily replace it! Just download one of the speedometer apps from the list below and Bob’s your uncle!

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Such an app will be an assistant for all car enthusiasts. In it, you will be able to track all the necessary data on speed, fuel consumption, and so on.

The program will provide you with maps and speed limits, which will allow you to follow the rules of the road during the trip. The app will also give you voice recommendations that will allow you to improve your driving. You will be able to measure your vehicle’s horsepower at the current time.

Besides, you will be able to put a meter that will automatically count the laps you have made while driving on the race tracks. Codes and their decoding will be provided for you, which relate to errors and problems with the vehicles.


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Speedometer: GPS Speedometer

This app is a prototype speedometer that is installed in cars and other vehicles. You can use it to measure your speed while riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or another vehicle. You can see how many kilometers you travel in a certain period of time.

You can also connect your GPS to track your location, speed limits, and other warnings. You can use the app even without a network or Internet connection. You can also use the map, which will record your path from start to finish. It’s also possible to set a specific speed limit in the app.

If you suddenly exceed the limit, the smartphone will receive an audible notification or alert from the app. Thanks to it you will reduce the speed and not break the traffic rules.

The speedometer clearly calculates the mileage due to the connection of the GPS beacon, which tracks the entire path of the user from beginning to end.


GPS Speedometer – Odometer App

This app allows you to calculate a clear kilometer of the road that has been traveled by any mode of transport. You can also track your route by connecting geolocation.

The kilometer counter will be calculated based on your movement and path, even without a connection to the network or the Internet. Thus, this app can be used regardless of your location. Also, in the program, you can study speed at the moment.

Average and maximum speed indicators are available to the user, which will be calculated after the traveled path. It is also possible to track the kilometrage, which was overcome by bicycle or another mode of transport.

The app and its functionality are available to users absolutely free of charge. The data measured by the program will be presented in digital and analog values. Using the program in offline mode allows you to turn it on while on the road, regardless of the state of the network and communication.


GPS Speedometer by Topsed Apps

Thanks to this app, drivers will track their speed on the road and adjust it so that it does not exceed the set limit. Also in the app, you will be able to view the current speed, the average, and the highest. The speedometer calculates the speed mode and the overcome kilometrage quite accurately.

Thanks to the clear interface and minimalistic design of the display, all data is presented clearly and distinctly. The program allows you to enable landscape and portrait modes.

The speedometer shows the results in different units: kilometers, and miles. You can choose the most convenient indicators for yourself.

Also in the app, you can track your way, connecting geolocation for this purpose. This will allow you to track the road in real time and comply with the set speed limit on the way. All information will be available in the app, so you can access it at any time.


GPS Speedometer: HUD odometer

This app can be used to measure the kilometer using the speedometer while driving any type of vehicle. You will find this program useful if you want to know the exact speed of any type of vehicle. To use the app, you will need to enable geolocation to track the number of kilometers you have driven in real time.

The program has a fairly clear interface that makes the program as easy to use as possible. In order for the program to be easy and simple to use, the developers are constantly releasing notifications. Also for you, the service will send alerts that indicate that you are exceeding the speed limit.

You can view your trip history in saved files within the app itself. You can measure the distance you’ve traveled in many units. Night and day modes are also available in the app.


Speedometer by Peace

This app will allow you to calculate the exact speed of your movement both on foot and in any vehicle. You can see how many kilometers you ran, rode a bike, skateboarded, and so on.

The data the app provides is as accurate as possible because it connects to your geolocation signal. Your distance will be tracked by GPS. Thus, you will be able to view your speed in real-time, respecting traffic rules and speed limits.

A simple interface will allow anyone to use this app. All data will be displayed in the usual units: kilometers per hour, miles, and meters per hour. All the information is presented on a handy smartphone panel. You will be able to use the program online as well as offline.

All routes and paths will be recorded in the history, so you can view them at any convenient time. You can also use the app to calculate the kilometers you walk, drive, or overcome in any other way.


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GPS Speedometer by TecTonic

With this app, you can easily count the kilometers that have been covered over a certain period of time. You will be provided with several types of speedometers, from which you will be able to choose the perfect option.

The program is suitable for all types of transport, which allows you to use it while driving a car, bus, skateboard, bike, motorcycle, and so on. The data from the app will be as accurate as possible, as it synchronizes with the GPS beacon.

To do this, you should enable geolocation on your device. After that, your entire journey will be monitored by the app. Thanks to this, you will be able to know the exact number of kilometers that have been overcome during a certain period.

All your routes and paths will be saved, allowing you to study the data on them even after the trip.


Speedbot GPS/OBD2 Speedometer

This app is an accurate speedometer that counts your speed as you drive. The accuracy of the data is due to the connection to geolocation, which allows you to track your location along the way.

The speed of the vehicle you are driving is measured in several units. You can calculate it in kilometers, miles, or meters per hour. You can also view all your routes and paths in the app, as they are automatically saved.

To avoid speeding violations, you can set a limit. As soon as you exceed the speed limit, the smartphone will receive an audible notification. You can use this app for different types of transport, including bicycles, buses, trains, cars, and so on.

You can view the current speed of your mode of transport, the start time, the average and maximum speed for the entire route, and the number of kilometers traveled.


Speedometer by Jens Peterson

This app is a multifunctional speedometer, both analog and digital. It measures the speed of any mode of transport in several units of choice: kilometers per hour, meters per hour, miles, and so on.

Your traveled route will be saved in the app, allowing you to see your average and maximum speed. You can also choose any resolution you like for the indicators of the program.

You can control the speedometer from the screen of your smartphone thanks to a simple and concise interface. In addition to the data on the speed modes, you can view the mileage of your vehicle.

All the information about the past and overcome route will be saved in the app, allowing you to study it at any convenient time.


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Car / Bike GPS Dashboard

This accurate speedometer will allow you to track the kilometers you have driven over the entire trip. It connects automatically when you activate geolocation. Thus, you can view the route traveled by any mode of transportation. You can record your trips for any amount of time.

This app will be convenient to use both for the panel in the car and on the bike handlebar pad. You can download the program to all devices that belong to the Android operating system.

All saved routes will be available for viewing in the app. Speed in the app can be measured in several units, so you can choose the best fit for you.

You will also receive warnings if you exceed the speed limit. Maps, average and maximum speeds of your vehicles, walking data, and exporting any information from the app will be available to you.


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