10 Best speedometer apps for Android & iOS

Today our phones can do lots of useful & amazing things. Sometimes we are even not aware of how much potential we’ve got right in our pockets.

If you need to measure speed, whether your own one or of some vehicle, you don’t need to buy a special device for it anymore! Just download one of the speedometer apps from the list below and Bob’s your uncle! Simple and easy.

Speedometer apps for Android

1. Ulysse Speedometer App

Ulysse is a speedometer app for safe driving. And it is so much more than just a speedometer! For starters, the app’s main screen shows time, date, battery charge and, of course, speed. Then, there are two useful buttons that integrate the app with your music player (Spotify, Pandora, etc) and your navigation app. So, as we can see, Ulysse Speedometer is a bunch of driving tools collected in just one place. Ain’t it awesome?

More than that, the app notifies you by giving a special sound, when you exceed the speed limit. After driving, you can view the history of your drives which contains average speed, overall distance, periods of moving & periods of idling, etc. If it’s not enough, I honestly don’t know what! Download the app today to get all of these amazing tools!

ulysse speedometer app

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2. DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer is a very nice minimalistic app that’s got what it takes, so to say. By the way, you can change colors of written stuff on the screen, which is cool. DigiHUD, just like the app above, can work in a background mode, which means you can check your email, GPS app, whatever, without actually stopping the work of this app.

You can set a speed limit you wouldn’t like to exceed and the app will let you know if you’re exceeding it. The app will also let you know of your drive’s peculiarities, such as average speed, distance, and time. So, if you don’t like additional stuff on your screen, don’t think twice, just get this one and enjoy!

digihud speedometer app

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3. SpeedView GPS Speedometer

SpeedView is one more speedometer app that uses your GPS to get the most accurate speed results. The app will save you from getting a ticket, meaning, it, like the apps above, has a speed limit notification (which you can set yourself, by the way).

The app has a background mode and it shows compass. What it also shows is the history of your drives with speed and distance – everything as usual. You can even download this info in a text file and save it on your MicroSD card. So, just one more great speedometer app to choose!

speedview speedometer app

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4. Speedometer GPS Pro

Speedometer GPS Pro is an app that is currently free (but usually not), that’s why we decided to share it. The app has two modes in general – for cars and for bicycles. The main screen shows such measurements, as duration, distance, start time, max and average speed, altitude, heading. You can save all of these after driving/cycling and view them later. The history of drives is shown in a very convenient way – you can see it on the picture down below.

What you can also see (right in the process of going somewhere) are satellites and your speed chart. The coolest feature though is a map mode when Google Maps does its job just like it usually does it, but there is a small table above your screen that contains distance, speed, and duration of your drive. So, if you like the description of this one, you can definitely try it! Especially since it’s free now!

speedometer gps pro app

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5.  GPS Speedometer (No Ads)

As we can see from the name, this speedometer app boasts about having no ads. Let’s see what other cool features it has got.

The coolest one is probably themes that are taken from sport cars designs and made into something very stylish. Other than that, the app is just a usual speedometer with a bunch of measurements shown on the screen. No history, nothing odd. So, if you need something simple and at the same time good-looking, this is exactly what you need!

speedometer gps no ads

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Speedometer apps for iPhone

6. Speedometer

This one is probably the simplest speedometer app on App Store. Black & white screen, on which only speed is shown; settings that contain just units of measure (mph, km/h, knots) and that’s literally it.

Not everything is as simple as it seems though. If the number on the screen becomes transparent, it means that the accuracy diminishes and vice versa. So, if you need a simple app that would just show you your speed, this one is for you! Enjoy retina display together with this incredible simplicity!

speedometer app

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Speedometer by Nordic Nations is a very good-looking speedometer app and a comprehensive one too. As a speedometer, it shows your current speed, average speed, top speed both in miles and in KM, both in basic mode and in head-up display mode (meaning numbers reflect right on your windshield). You can set several speed limits with particular tones to know when to slow down.

As a trip tracker, the app memorizes all of the attributes of your trip, including a map route that you’ve taken. And that is not nearly it! The easiest way to learn more of this app is to get it. Just be aware of the fact that such variety of features drains your battery fast. Apart from that, the app is dope!

sppedometer iphone

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8. Speedometer Free Speed Box

Speedometer Free Speed Box is a fine speedometer app that has all the most necessary features. It measures speed and distance. The results can be shown in one of the three most popular units – mph, km/h, and knots. More than that, it has got an embedded compass, which can also turn out to be handy. And last but not least, the app’s got three beautiful themes. So, just one more cool option for ya!

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speedometer free speed box app

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9. Speedometer Free Speed Limit Alert + GPS Black Box

This speedometer app is for those drivers who sometimes don’t notice that they drive too fast. When you exceed your preset speed limit, the app changes speed digits from green into red and makes a loud sound.

Among other features, which are many, are such measurements as average & max speed, altitude, distance. The app records the speed of your last 20-minute drive, which you can use as an evidence of your innocence. What’s also cool about this one is that it has an embedded player, which means you can listen to music and change songs without leaving the app! How cool is that? Get the app now and never pay for over speed again!

limit alert free app

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10. HUD Widgets — Driving widgets with HUD mode

Above, there are quite a lot of apps that got head-up display (HUD) mode. This one focuses mostly just on it. HUD Widgets app is a package of useful widgets with useful information on them. Every driver would wanna have something like this!

There are such widgets as speedometer (obviously), distance, clock, weather, eco-driving, etc. They can be shown in different styles, including retro ones, such as Cadilac. HUD mode requires at least a little bit of darkness – it can be used when it’s dark outside or when it’s raining. In order to use it, just put your phone in the horizontal face-up position and that’s basically it.

The app also counts your fuel consumption and your driving score (how good & safe your driving skills are). A very complicated app, this one! Get it now, you certainly won’t regret!

hud widgets app

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That’s it for speedometer apps. I hope you enjoyed the article. Drive safe and be smart in choosing apps!