7 Best GED Test Apps for 2023 (Android & iOS)

The GED test series is an exam that is mandatory for every high school student in the United States and Canada. The number of points obtained directly affects the further education of the student.

To pass the test, you must score a minimum of 145 points in each category. If the total score is below 580, the exam must be retaken. When taking the exam, students can only take a calculator with them.

Thus, it is crucial that you learn how to answer the questions correctly without any auxiliary sources of information. These best GED test apps for 2023 will help you do just that. Try them all or choose the greatest one and prepare yourself perfectly for the upcoming exam. 

Achieve the greatest results in your studying with these best exam preparation apps for students.

GED Practice Test

The GED Practice Test is a great simulator for those who want to pass the qualifying exam with a high score.

The app is freely available and does not require a permanent Internet connection. You do not need to register to take full advantage of the program. Testing is available for residents of all countries.

To start working it is enough to download the program to a cell phone or tablet. Over 1000 actual questions are available for a user – they are selected randomly and are rarely repeated. After each launch, the questions are fully updated.

This service has a simple and straightforward interface. The student is offered questions from four categories that are available in the real exam. The user will be able to try their hand at math, language arts, and social and natural sciences. Each round of testing has different questions.

After taking the test, the user will be able to see the number of points scored. Information on the number of wrong answers will also be available to you.

With the GED Practice Test, the user will be able to check the structure of the real exam and determine which topics need to be repeated.


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GED Test Pro

GED Test Pro is widely used by students in schools in the United States and Canada. The GED is a series of tests that assesses the level of general development and education.

This mobile app helps to prepare for the real exam in a short period of time. It contains questions on topics such as language skills, social direction, math, reading, and science.

The tests in the app are as close to the real exam as possible visually and informationally. The most current and updated questions are collected here. Developer Estudyme put a lot of effort into comfortable and successful learning.

The free app works in two modes: online and offline. Questions created by professionals in each individual field are chosen offline and rarely repeated. More than 1,400 questions are prepared to test your skills and knowledge. Light and dark topics are provided for the most comfortable learning experience.

The functionality of the app allows you to create your own plan and mark the achieved goals. A nice and simple interface will reduce stress and excitement when answering questions.


GED Exam Prep

Passing the GED exam on your first attempt will be much easier with the GED Exam Prep mobile app. It allows you to comprehensively prepare for the test.

The user has more than 1,400 test questions that are as close as possible to those of the real exam. With this modified app, the user will be able to get a general idea of the GED structure.

With frequent use of this program, confidence in passing the exam increases several times. The questions are prepared by experienced instructors.

Each section is a large number of relevant questions in 4 disciplines. You can test your knowledge in Math, Language Skills, Social Studies, and Science. All questions meet basic GED requirements. For maximum control of learning, the statistics section allows the user to see the results achieved at any time.

To get great results, it is important to take the time to practice every day. To gain access to all features, you must subscribe. After the user agrees, payment will be made by deducting the required amount from the account.

Renewal of the subscription is automatic. If you cancel the renewal, you must cancel the subscription at least one day in advance.


GED Study

With the GED Study mobile app, you are much more likely to get high scores on the GED.

By practicing the suggested questions, the user develops confidence in their abilities and knowledge. A real exam is then taken without unnecessary anxiety and worry.

The app allows students to prepare for a serious exam in the shortest possible time. Each user can independently choose the section they want to practice today.

The questions are organized into several categories: language skills, math and science skills, reading, and social studies. The total number of questions exceeds 800 items. Each question is appropriate to the topic and GED requirements.

In the statistics section, the user can see the results obtained at any time and compare them with the achievements of other users. A big plus of this mobile app is the ability to identify gaps in knowledge. With the help of automated analysis, the user will identify topics that need to be repeated.

To get access to all the features of the program it is necessary to subscribe or pay for unlimited access. Money will be transferred automatically, so if you cancel the subscription, you must disable the renewal at least 24 hours in advance.


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Study.com | GED® Test Prep

Use this mobile app if you are serious about passing your GED on the first try. In the app, experts with years of experience talk about the hardest parts of the test in an easy-to-understand way.

Most of the relevant information is presented in short video files. They last 5-10 minutes and help to cope with the excitement and difficult questions.

The video tutorials focus on the most relevant topics. You can watch them at any convenient time by downloading them to your phone or tablet.

The app has a section with tests that are based on the questions of the real exam. They mimic the passing of the official GED and introduce the concept of testing.

The user can select the category they are interested in and exercise an unlimited number of times. Each student is trained in a format that is convenient for them.

The support service is available around the clock. Experienced specialists will help to solve any problem that has arisen. In the “Statistics” section you can see your own results to pay attention to problematic categories.


GED Practice Test

GED Practice Test will be a useful find for those who want to pass the real exam with a high score.

The app is designed to meet GED requirements and standards. It saves the user a lot of time and effort as it contains all the necessary information.

The mobile study guide has a clear interface. It has over 200 questions in 4 categories: science, mathematics, social studies, and language skills.

The questions are constantly being supplemented so that the student can prepare for the exam without extra sources of information. With the help of this app, it is quite realistic to track the dynamics of your studies.

The “Statistics” section contains all the analytical indicators for each test taken. Accompanying cards with explanations and tips were developed for user convenience.

The app independently identifies the category of questions with the maximum number of mistakes. Support specialists will help in case of difficulties. If desired, the user can use the timer function. If necessary, you can create bookmarks.

If the program was not launched today, you will be notified if you miss a class. The interface is designed simply and clearly so as not to distract from the learning process.


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GED MobilePrep

To prepare for a responsible and serious exam the GED MobilePrep mobile program is perfect.

It contains questions in four main disciplines: mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts.

The questions are as close as possible to those offered to students in the real exam. At the end of the test, the user will be able to see the result.

The app allows you to check the format of the exam, to get a closer look at the specifics and requirements.

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