16 Best Font Style Apps for Android & iOS

Sometimes your photos need a little extra something before being shared on social media. It could be an inspirational quote, a funny joke for your friends, or just a little bit of creativity. And simply overlaying text on your photo can be a great option.

Nowadays, the best thing you can choose for it is an app always available on your phone.
That way you can improve your graphic design skills and make your pictures more customized and attractive. Moreover, these apps are intuitive and incredibly fun to use.

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Here are 16 best font style mobile apps for Android and IOS users that you can use to apply, edit, and create cool text on your photos.

Font Candy Photo & Text Editor

The Font Candy is an app that instantly makes your photos ready for sharing on your social media accounts.
The Font Candy app has over 45 artistic and hand-picked fonts that you can choose from to add text or captions to your photos. This app is capable of text curving, opacity controls, and text shadows so it’s quite useful.

Font Candy helps you make your edits more unique because you can add multiple captions and manipulate them separately. It also has built-in custom templates for Artworks and Quotes which are ready for you to use it.

Moreover, it allows you to design your own iPhone cases, posters, T-shirts, magnets, and many more with the Font Candy App. So you will definitely like this app, be sure.

Font Candy Photo & Text Editor1
Font Candy Photo & Text Editor2

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Canva – Graphic Design Creator

Canva is an app that makes design amazingly fun simple! Whether you need an Instagram post, story, logo maker, or even a book cover—this app has you covered. It also has a web version so you have access to your designs from any device. Canva includes 60,000 free templates created by professional designers.

It also has 700+ options of fonts to choose from. You can change its size, color, spacing, position, and even add text on video. Impressive, right? Canva enables you to upload pictures from your device’s gallery or pick from the library of premium photos and illustrations.

You have the ability to share your designs directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, Email, or save it to your device.
To sum it up, Canva is a perfect app to create stunning designs with your photos and videos, definitely worth trying.


Font Keyboard Free

Well, the photo editing apps with cute and beautiful fonts can be fun, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or desire to put that much effort into the font. Or, for example, you wanted to write something in a beautiful font under your social media profile but then you had to browse the Internet in order to find the beautiful font online.

So what should you do if you feel lazy to open a photo editing program? This app is a keyboard app that has cool fonts already built-in. When you are typing the text on your phone, you can just click on the icon of the keyboard, go to another section with various fonts, choose one, and then you will be able to use an unusual font.

The only thing is that it can happen that the font readable on one device is not readable on another one. Unfortunately, it tends to happen between two OS – iOS and Android. Here we have an app for iOS so keep that in mind.

Overall, this is an extremely popular app with more than 1 million downloads. Here you will find more than 120 different fonts, which you will be able to use literally everywhere. As a bonus, on this keyboard, you will also find funny emojis, cute stickers, and other nice features.

Font Keyboard Free - New Text Styles & Emoji Art Font For Texting1
Font Keyboard Free - New Text Styles & Emoji Art Font For Texting2


Phonto is an app that has tons of features without any limitations. Phonto is created to edit your photos with beautiful typography and make all the basic edits. You can use over 200 free fonts for Android users and about 400 fonts iOS users which you also can customize.

On top of that, you can even install other font styles in the app. Moreover, you can change the color, resize, rotate, add shadows, and manage the spacing. The app also enables you to play with lighting and shadow borders to give attractive looks to your artwork.

The only con is it’s ad-supported. So If you are not comfortable with ads, you will probably need to remove it by paying $.99 as an in-app purchase. The complete package for a typography app right? That is why you should try it.

Phonto - Text on Photos
Phonto - Text on Photos


PicLab markets itself as a full-fledged photo-editing app. It features filters, stickers, textures, patterns, and much more to make your snaps social media-ready. In addition to all this, PicLab has an extensive text overlay feature. The app allows you to rotate, resize, set the opacity, add multiple text layers, or add a drop shadow on your font.

The biggest advantage of PicLab over the others is the fact that you can create picture collages and can then overlay text onto them. New tools are added on a monthly basis to ensure you get the best experience. The interface of PicLab is intuitive and makes it simple to edit your photos.

Unfortunately, PicLab adorns all your creations with a watermark, but you can easily remove it with a small, one-time payment.


Fonts Art

The primary purpose of Fonts Art is to let you customize your text in a fun and artistic way. It offers a wide range of fonts that can transform your ordinary text into eye-catching designs.

But Fonts Art doesn’t stop at just fonts. There are additional effects like symbols, emojis, and decorative elements to further enhance your text creations. These effects can add flair and personality to your messages, making them more engaging and visually appealing.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to apply these fonts and effects, and you can use your customized text in various messaging and social media platforms.

In summary, whether you’re crafting a message, captioning a photo, or designing a graphic, this app empowers you to express yourself in a visually captivating way.


Stylish Fonts: Chat Text Style

This app stands out from the whole list because it is quite unusual. Well, it doesn’t mean that it is difficult to use, but it works differently – this is not a keyboard app and not a photo editor.

This is that app that allows you to choose fonts for the messengers. What you need to do is to open it, then browse through the fonts and choose the one you want to use.

Then, click on the icon of the messenger that you will see nearby and the app will automatically redirect you to that messenger where you will be able to use a new stylish font.

In order to stop using the font, you will have to restart the messenger. You are also able to choose the color of the font and create beautiful pictures in the app and then copy them to the chats.

Stylish Fonts1
Stylish Fonts2


If you don’t have much time for design, then Typorama is for you. This is the iOS-only app that “automagically” transforms your photos and text into impressive typographic designs. It allows you to save time and effort by automatically providing you complex text layouts with different fonts and typefaces.

Typorama automatically generates text layouts in 35 typographic styles from hundreds of available font.
Users just need to select a photo and enter their text. Typorama then creates complex text layouts with different fonts and typefaces.

And if you don’t like what the app comes up with you can simply tap to explore randomly-generated designs to create unique images. You can also play with 3D distortion, shadow, gradient, filter, and add ribbons, badges, or ornaments to enrich your design. You can then use the result to post on your Facebook or save as a wallpaper.


Stylish Fonts by Wisdomlogix Solutions

This is another style fonts app for Android devices and it might seem like an extremely simple app however, it is one of the most popular apps in this category. Well, its interface is a little bit obsolete, but here you will find a decent range of various fonts that you can use in editors, in chats, posts, and so on.

The way of using this app is not difficult as well. All you have to do when you open the app is to scroll through the fonts and choose the one you like more – and then you will be automatically redirected to the blank space where you can type the text in this font. Type it and copy it afterward – the font style will be perpetuated.

Stylish Fonts Keyboard
Stylish Fonts Keyboard

Stylish Name – Fancy Fonts Pro

If you’re crafting social media posts, personal messages, or creative content, you’ll find fonts that suit every mood and purpose.

But Stylish Name offers more than just fonts. It boasts a collection of additional effects, including emojis, symbols, and decorative elements. These tools allow you to infuse your text with personality and style, making your messages, posts, and content truly unique.

In summary, I believe Stylish Name is your go-to app for text customization. It allows you to make your texts much more beautiful.


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Like the many typography tools you can find on the web, WordSwag automatically designs the words you put on your photos. The app basically puts some creativity into your quotes or captions. And if you do not like what the app comes up with, just pick any alternative from other choices.

Then, save your design or share it with friends. In addition to a ton of different font styles, Word Swag also gives you access to hundreds of thousands of gorgeous photos. The app draws upon the picture library of Pixabay, one of the Internet’s largest stock photo providers.

You will have the ability to browse these photos to use in your designs for free. But if you want to use some fonts and more advanced features you will need to make a one-time payment.

Word Swag - Cool Fonts1
Word Swag - Cool Fonts2

Letter Fonts

Inside Letter Fonts, you’ll discover a diverse collection of fonts, ranging from classic and elegant to playful and bold. These fonts allow you to express your personality and creativity through your text. You can easily apply these fonts to your text, instantly transforming it into eye-catching content.

You can customize the text style to suit your preferences, making your messages truly unique. This feature gives you complete control over your text’s appearance, ensuring it stands out from the crowd.

While Letter Fonts provides an extensive selection of free fonts and effects, it also offers premium features for those seeking even more choices. With the premium version, you gain access to a broader variety of fonts and design options, unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

Additionally, Letter Fonts offers a range of extra effects, including emojis, symbols, and decorative elements, allowing you to add extra pizzazz to your text. These effects are perfect for making your content more engaging and visually appealing.

Finally, I’m sure you will appreciate this app and all these amazing fonts that it offers to you.



At its core, TENADA is a tool for text customization. It’s all about making your words pop and capturing attention. From elegant scripts to bold and playful styles, there’s a font for every mood and message.

It also offers a treasure trove of additional effects, including emojis, symbols, and decorative elements. These let you add a touch of creativity and personalization to your text, making it more expressive and engaging.

While TENADA offers a fantastic selection of free fonts and effects, it also provides premium options for those looking to take their creativity a step further. These premium features unlock even more fonts and design choices, giving you unlimited possibilities.

All in all, this is a decent app that will be suitable for people who enjoy the aesthetic of texts.

app store logo


As the name suggests WhatTheFont app identifies fonts in a snap. The app is a mobile version of the website previously developed by MyFonts and recognizes any font you point at with your camera, including a variation of similar fonts to go with it.

All you need to do is to take a photo of a design you love – the app recognizes the fonts and shows you matches.  WhatTheFont is a great app for designers, crafters, and anyone who loves typography.

It is also perfect for when you see a great design and want to identify the fonts, or when your client sends you an image but doesn’t know what fonts were used.

Moreover, you can get ideas and inspiration for font options for your own projects. The app also allows you to enter your own text to try them out on the spot. This app is an absolute designer’s dream, try it out.


Font Style Candy

Font Style Candy is an app that offers you a diversity of tools you can use these tools to express yourself and make your photos look more unique. There are such options as text size, font styles, text color, shadow, text format, alignment, and many more.

The app allows you to choose from more than 63 font styles and lets you to easily add text and captions to your photos. If you’re into comics, this app has the capability to create comics-like text for your photos.

You can also choose from 70+ quotes you can add to your photos. Moreover, Font Style Candy enables you to easily resize, rotate, move, and change in the existing color effect.

The app also has different photo filters and colors embedded so you can edit until you get the right look and feel. To sum it up, Font Style Candy has many interesting options to try.

Font Style Candy Text on Photo
Font Style Candy Text on Photo

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Fontspiration is an app that lets you create custom typography with animation. There are more than a hundred fonts available in this app and plenty of inspirational pictures to draw which showcases typography art from designers around the world.

You can create custom typographic designs using hundreds of fonts and dozens of built-in animations. All your creations can be saved as an image, GIF, video, or directly shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.

Fontspiration allows you to make your own masterpiece – you can choose a font, customize the size, alignment, kerning, color, and animation of it. Instagram, Twitter, more. Improve your creativity by trying the Fontspiration app – you won’t regret it.

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