9 Best Text Generating Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

Writing needs so many emotional and mental strength to create a sophisticated and catching plot, characters, and the story itself, to think over all connections, symbols, and tendencies. This work may be very draining and some help won’t be superfluous. What about text generating apps?

To create really new and unexpected content you have to stay for a long time under the pressure of your memory, thoughts, and ideas.

But will it be that interesting for others in the end? It is easier to add and swifter to estimate the text generated out of nothing by an app or at least to borrow some ideas and develop them in a completely new way.

To be able to keep everything needed even if you cannot type at this moment, you should choose one of the speech-to-text apps that we have mentioned in our article.

This article is devoted to the description of the Best Text Generating Apps for Android & iOS, their difference and interesting tools encompassed.

The Random Story Generator

Story generators usually have very specific purposes, The Random Story Generator covers a magnitude of them. Initially, this app was created for educational purposes.

The idea was to make an automatic filling of the gaps in the text according to the part of the speech written in. So, children could learn how parts of speech work together and which features they possess.

Then, it appeared to be funny as sometimes the app was building up the collocations that were influencing the content immensely.

To blow away bad thoughts and to detach from difficulties you may read and see it as a clever game for your fantasy. Now, this tool can be advised also to writers who ran out of ideas and need some external source of inspiration for minor help.

The stories that you have created may be shared then. To make it even cooler, creators allowed to save and keep all texts in the app. Inspiration is untrackable and may catch you in the wrong place, so don’t hesitate to create records as you may use one of the voice to text apps that we have mentioned in our article. 


Lorem Ipsum Random Text Generator

Text generators are popular among those who need to test some layouts or design tools which include some text messages. As a sample, some people use Lorem Ipsum. Based on this text, Lorem Ipsum Random Text Generator can create a customized piece of text depending on the number of words that you need.

The app is available only for Android.

It has a clear and more than a simple interface. There is a button that leads to a word generator, then, sentence and paragraphs generator.

It is very convenient as sometimes you need different types of texts according to their length. On the right, you may select the number of characters that you need to have in the output. The result can be shared and then used for your purposes.


Lorem Ipsum Text

If you need an analog of a previously previewed app but for iOS, you may have a look at Lorem Ipsum Text. The logic of the program is the same: insert the number of words in a sentence, sentences, and paragraphs that you need; and get your generated text in the field.

Along with Lorem Ipsum Random Text Generator, Lorem Ipsum Text can be easily transported into another app, saved on your device, or shared right away.

No supplementary functions or unneeded tools that would spoil the interface. But to get this app you will need to pay some purchase.


Text Repeater

Have you ever received empty messages or stylish pictures set of words? The app that will help you to play with texts, their shape, and structure is Text Repeater.

It is available only for Android users and includes a wide range of functions and settings to complete the text you want.

Among them, you may find the signs that you want to use (or randomize them), their amount, repetitions, and the form of those words (so you can not only write but even draw with words).

The app deals not only with letters, words, and phrases but even with emojis that will add a kind of interest to the text generating process. When you finish with the text, you may finally send it as a message or copy and post it on social media.

The interface of this app is pretty clear and includes a number of sections that will help you perform a certain array of metamorphoses and, thus, get the output you want: Crazy text, ASCII Emoticons, repeated text, etc.

Have you finished with the plot? Not think about the style and choose the most suitable font. To learn more about the best font style apps read our article.



ParagraphAI is an innovative app that aims to help people improve their writing skills.

You just ask the AI to write what you need and then you get a text. For example, it is possible to get essays, descriptions, stories, and so on.

The app’s interface is easy on the eyes and provides a comfortable writing experience. The app’s design is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and understand the various features.

Some users have reported experiencing glitches and crashes, which can be frustrating when trying to complete a paragraph or advance to the next level.

Additionally, some users have noted that the feedback provided by the app can be vague and not always helpful in improving their writing skills.


  • Qualitative AI texts.


  • You can face bugs sometimes.

Content Writing Assistant AI

Content Writing Assistant AI is a writing assistant app that claims to use artificial intelligence to improve your writing skills.

It provides real-time suggestions for improving grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary as you type. It also claims to be able to identify contextual errors and suggest better word choices to enhance the clarity and impact of your writing.

However, some users have mentioned issues with the app, such as slow performance and inaccurate suggestions.

While some users have praised the app’s ability to improve their writing skills, others have expressed frustration with the app’s limitations.

Despite some negative comments, Content Writing Assistant AI seems to be worth using if you’re looking for a simple and free writing assistant app.

If you are a content writer or blogger who wants to improve your writing skills, this app may be worth giving a try.


  • Provides real-time suggestions for grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.
  • Helps identify contextual errors and suggest better word choices.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.


  • Some users have reported slow performance.
  • Suggestions may not always be accurate.

Random Story Creator

Procrastination is the way we relax trying to kill time but some times your brain needs something more than just doing nothing.

Let’s puzzle them with randomly generated short stories that will not only make your mind work but may also appear awe-inspiring. This may be found in Random Story Creator for Android.

This app is primarily made to entertain and provide you tiny hooks for your future book or story and maybe to prompt the timeline. If the generated text appeals to you, it is possible to pass it on and share it with your friends to discuss the plot.

Transfer all your handwritings into your cell, to keep everything in one place! You may need one of the apps mentioned in our article about the best handwriting to text apps. The app doesn’t target at one particular style or genre of writing, on the contrary, plays with them and is ready to surprise you.


 Write For Me – AI Essay Writer

Write For Me is a newly launched AI-powered essay-writing app that claims to help students craft well-written essays in minutes.

The user needs to input a topic or a keyword, and the app generates an essay based on the input. The app also provides suggestions on how to refine the essay further.

While the app is easy to use, it lacks a few essential features that would make it more useful for students.

For instance, the app does not allow users to choose the type of essay they want to write, and it also does not provide any guidance on how to structure the essay.

One of the biggest issues of the app is that it lacks accuracy in generating essays. While the app can generate a well-written essay, it often lacks coherence and fails to address the topic adequately.

This can be terrible for users who are relying on the app to produce quality essays quickly.

The app also lacks customization options. Users cannot edit the generated essay or add their insights, which limits the app’s usefulness.

Additionally, the app does not provide any citation options, which can be a major drawback for students who need to cite their sources.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Provides suggestions for refining essays


  • Lacks accuracy in generating essays.
  • Limited customization options.
  • No citation options.

AI Writer

AI Writer is a mobile app that provides an automated writing experience for its users.

You simply choose the type of content you want to write, and the AI will generate a first draft for you. From there, you can edit and refine the content until you’re satisfied with the result.

The app’s simplicity makes it accessible for users of all skill levels, whether you’re a professional writer or a complete beginner.

However, some users might find the graphics to be lacking, especially if they’re used to more visually appealing apps. Nevertheless, the simplicity of the graphics complements the app’s functionality, which is its primary focus.

Some users have also complained about the app’s pricing structure, which they feel is too expensive for what it offers.


  • Fast and convenient writing process.
  • Suitable for all skill levels.
  • Can save time and increase productivity.


  • Inconsistent and sometimes incoherent content generation.
  • The pricing structure may be too expensive for some users.
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