11 Credit repair apps (Android & iOS)

Credit repair apps and programs for loans accounting allow not only to obtain detailed statistics on all operations but also to get rid of the need to keep unnecessary information in your head. Hardly anyone remembers how much he spent on a trip or a new TV 3 years ago, or how much you still owe the bank for a particular loan. But, if you save these data in the application – they will not be lost anywhere.

Mobile software for the accounting of credit transactions is much more convenient than desktop software, not to mention the storage of information in Excel or a paper notebook. Here you can not only quickly enter data but also find information about completed operations, make changes, export the database or restore it from a backup.

11 Credit repair apps, presented in this review, received positive ratings from users, depending on functionality and convenience.

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Credit Karma

Credit Karma is an application returns old payments to users. The new function of the application helps users to get those payments, which they have long forgotten – unannounced checks, old bank accounts, insurance payments, tax deductions. Since the launch of Credit Karma has already helped residents of California to return more than $ 75 million.

The American application Credit Karma was launched many years ago – it helps users to assess their credit rating and improve their financial situation. Now the company launches a new function – a service that returns various unclaimed payments.

In the United States, the total amount of unclaimed payments is more than $40 billion. This amount consists of such things as non-cash paychecks, old bank accounts, tax and insurance payments. After a company or financial institution loses touch with a person who needs to pay something, this money is transferred to the state authorities until they are required.

With the new feature, users can search for funds held by the state authorities in which they live or once lived. In addition, the application will notify them in advance of unclaimed cash in the future.

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This useful application will become your assistant in the event that you have burdened yourself with any credits. This application allows you to carry out the following manipulations with money:

  1. Tracking items removed.
  2. Track Creditor interventions.
  3. Track Credit Bureau Challenges.
  4. Track credit alerts.

You do not have to worry about the security of your online account and the money on your account. All data is encrypted, and the entrance to the personal cabinet is carried out only with the use of credentials that are known only to you.

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Experian – Free Credit Report

With this application, you get access to all reports on your loans at any time convenient for you. There is no more credit card to carry around. Every 30 days, reports are automatically updated, so you will always have only the latest, accurate, and verified data. And convenient reminders will not let you forget about the most important thing – about your loans.

The application gives you the opportunity to view all your credit reports that your bank and creditors see. The program tracks the appearance of new credit accounts, as well as the appearance of any changes in your credit history. Keep track of your costs and debts. An intelligent analytics system will analyze your credit situation and select the appropriate credit card for you.

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Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame mobile platform: loans and credit rating in your smartphone.

First of all, the consumer, having registered in the system (more precisely, tying his personal data on the account in the bank cooperating with Credit Sesame to his account) receives an assessment of his financial condition and his accurate, truthful credit rating, as well as the status of his debts and possible options on receipt of certain loans. Further, if the user needs to implement a particular goal, he selects it in the application, and the program provides him with all the necessary data on this issue.

The program calculates its capabilities in this issue. For him, suitable loans will be sought – in accordance with his current debts and financial condition. That is, assessing the state of his personal finances, the application will automatically select the optimal, it is suitable for the option of a mortgage (for example), indicating the details up to the amount of the monthly payment.

Moreover, the program has the ability to even locate suitable apartments/houses, depending on the specified location (state, city, district). Moreover, directly from the application, the customer can “order” for himself the selected loan, that is, inform his bank about the need and the chosen option.

By the same principle, Credit Sesame can choose not only a mortgage loan but also other banking products. Among them – refinancing loans, financing repairs, obtaining consumer loans and loans to buy cars and so on.

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Mint: Personal Finance & Money

Mint is a popular service for controlling personal spending, having more than 14 million users but working only with US banks. Coinbase is one of the largest and most respected bitcoin-purse services with more than 870,000 users.

Service Mint connects within the same system all the user’s financial accounts: bank accounts, credit cards, car loans, and mortgages. Financial data is recorded inside the service, categorized and presented in the form of graphs. Writing and analyzing spending, Mint gives advice on budget planning, allowing you to more efficiently manage costs.

The company claims that it uses a “banking-level security system”, and also knows how to notify the user in case of suspicious expenses that deviate abnormally. Mint applications exist for all popular platforms, including the iPhone and Android.

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The application uses 90 of America’s 100 largest financial institutions to help you decide on a consumer loan. The 3 largest credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) provide data on your credit bills and reports.

Any bank loans, whether it be mortgages, car loans, etc. you can track in the myFICO application. The program monitors your credit history to provide you with rating information. Explore videos and educational content to learn about credit and FICO Scores. And secure registration using Fingerprint gives you a guarantee of the safety of all your data.

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It’s no secret that a good credit rating is a guarantee of a good future for your finances. And in order this rating have high scores, you need to restore your loans but this will take a lot of time, money, and effort. The application Credit360 is ready to help you to achieve good results in your credit history. By law, you have the right to dispute any inaccuracies in your credit report. The application takes this matter upon itself. The program will systematically monitor and challenge all disputable issues with the credit bureau. Round the clock, in online mode, you will be available all the reports on your finances. Convenient, isn’t it?

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Debit & Credit

According to the results of a solid study, the mobile application Debit & Credit is recognized as one of the best tools for iPhone budget management. It is advanced and at the same time easy to use, allows you to record income and expenses, manage categories of spending that can be grouped, make transfers between accounts in different currencies, keep a joint account of finances, set a variety of budgets and prepare analytical reports.

You can specify multiple categories for a single transaction, attach photos and geometries to a transaction. The application supports 3D Touch and Siri, has an informative widget and the ability to customize the appearance. There is also a reconciliation mode with the Bank statement on the iPad. The level of security of the application corresponds to high indicators.

The mobile app receives regular updates, has a version for Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch, shows the correct and stable performance. In addition, Debit & Credit, unlike most other applications, is adapted for people with disabilities. Up to two accounts can be added to the free version. The program has a wide range of features, including transaction files (with synchronization between devices), transaction tags, printing and exporting reports to PDF files, exporting/importing transactions, and much more.

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The peculiarity of this application is that it makes an expert decision on your loans, depending on the individual circumstances of the user. Here you will also find recommendations for saving money. For you, a free online rating of your credit history is available, as well as a detailed explanation of the valuation changes.

The program will kindly prepare for you the forecast for short-term or long-term use of the loan. See the recommendations for repair your credit. Be always aware of the status of your credit bills with the Credit.com application.

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ReadyForZero: Pay Off Debt

ReadyForZero is an application that helps people calculate the amount and terms of tax and debt payments. Based on the available data, the program helps the user to create an individual payment plan in real time. The user can now see the situation, which will be in a few years.

This application was awarded as the best assistant in managing your finances, including debts and loans. Effective management of credit history has a positive effect on your overall rating as a whole.

You can track your rating absolutely for free. For convenience, you can make a personal payment plan. Visualize your income and expenses. Personalized recommendations and reminders will help to save and intelligently make your expenses. Also, the application gives you the opportunity to receive a deposit, and all your data will be reliably saved from prying eyes.

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The developers of Wallaby provide customers with the ability to bind to their bank card system and further select the desired card in certain conditions.

After the registration in the Wallaby system, the consumer can choose his banks from the list of cooperating financial organizations with the company. Then he answers the questions raised by the system about his financial behavior, preferred methods of payment and transfer of funds, preferences in terms of services and products. The last point is related to Wallaby’s cooperation with traders and service providers. They (in cooperation with financial institutions – providers of the cards themselves) in the future, depending on the preferences of the client, can offer him bank cards with the possibility of getting a refund of a part of the amounts paid at their points of sale or bonuses.

In accordance with the consumer behavior of the user in the Wallaby system and the activity in terms of spending funds and using bonuses, the tool analyzes the results and gives the client statistical summaries. In the Wallaby system, the user will be able to view information about his expenses, as well as details of his rewards, bonuses and returned funds.

Moreover, the list of all the cards used by the client with a description of all their capabilities and properties is also displayed here.

With the help of Wallaby, a user can not simply receive bonuses on the cards that he uses on a daily basis. He can, thanks to Wallaby’s analysis of his interests and personal choice, generate an optimal set of credit cards from Wallaby’s financial service providers. In this case, the user can save on his favorite activities, as well as receive bonuses for the relevant purchases.

When choosing a credit repair app, it is worth taking into account not only convenience and functionality but also security. To the information on the status of accounts, if possible, should not be accessed by anyone other than their owner. To do this, manufacturers of such programs sometimes introduce additional protection with a pin code or a graphic key, different from that which removes the screen lock in the operating system.