11 Best Hidden Object Games for Android & iOS

Games to find hidden objects perfectly develop thinking skills and speed of reaction. It’s also a great way to have a good time and have fun.

This list includes the best-hidden object games, which also have an interesting plots and exciting gameplay

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Hidden City

Hidden City is a game where you can not only have fun but also practice your attention and reaction.

In the game city, you will find different locations – places of investigation. You can also play minigames. There are all sorts of monsters roaming the streets.

You play the role of a detective and investigate various crimes. Also, you need to perform various tasks in addition to these investigations.

During the investigation, you must perform certain tasks in certain locations. Find items hidden on the field of play.

Then you will need to build collections from the items. This is how the investigation is considered complete.

The main game menu is on the left. Here are the icons of unfinished tasks, treasure hunting and gifts to friends. On the passage of locations is given certain time. It can be reduced due to misses or increased due to tools and bonuses.

Energy, experience, coins and various objects are given for passing the locations.

There are five totems that give bonuses once a day. They need to be pumped up while performing tasks. As you pump the totem color changes.

Each location also has its own levels. For example, a beginner, tracker, collector, and others. Raising the level allows you to find rare items and more experience to move to the next level in the game.


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June’s Journey

June’s Journey is an interesting and exciting game in which you need to look for hidden objects.

You can explore locations in different modes:

  • Word Mode. The items you have to find are marked with words at the bottom of the field. The words disappear as you find them.
  • Mode “Abracadabra”. Like the “Words” mode, but the letters in the hints words are random.
  • The “Words on the contrary” mode. Words are located backward.
  • Silhouette mode. Instead of hint words, the bottom panel contains the silhouettes of the items to be found.
  • Mode “Similar items”. Here you need to find pairs of the same items.
  • Night mode. In this mode, the location is darkened and you only have a small illuminated area. You can move it by looking for objects.
  • Mode “Ominous Shadows”. Like the Night mode, but here you need to look for pairs of objects in the dark.
  • Night Fears mode. Like the two modes described above. Look for hidden objects in the dark.
  • Poltergeist mode. Look for items in the field upside down.
  • Distorting mode. When you search for items, the letters disappear from the tooltips.
  • Mode “Bats”. Look for pairs of items in Abracadabra mode.
  • Mode “Electric”. Night search.
  • Past” and “Reflections” modes. You need to look for differences between two pictures.

This is a free game in which there is no annoying advertising and built-in shopping.


The Secret Society

The Secret Society is an unusual game in which you need to look for different items.

Immerse yourself in this mysterious atmosphere in which the main characters live. Here you need to look for items by name, silhouette or combination of letters.

Mini-games also form the basis of The Secret Society gameplay:

“Archaeological expedition”. You need to take turns removing the tiles without hitting the bomb.

“Crystals”. A game of the genre “three in a row”, in which you need to collect 3 or more crystals of the same color.

“Maps of fate”. In the game, you need to turn the cards in turns and clean the paired ones. To pass a certain time is given a certain amount of time. But in the anomaly “Move” all the paired cards need to be removed in time for the number of moves.

“Magic objects”. A subspecies of the game “three in a row”, in which you need to bring the items to the bottom of the field. Connect 3 or more in a row the same crystals.

“Archaeological excavations”. This is also a game of genre 3 in a row, but here, collecting crystals of the same color, you need to open the tiles. Underneath these tiles, there will be objects that need to be released.

This free game will help you develop your thinking speed and logic. Download The Secret Society and have a nice and useful time.


Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solvin

Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving is one of the best games, which aims to find items.

You will have to look for items in the most unusual conditions. For example, in terrible weather conditions or even in the dark.

Light the darkness will help bonuses “Magic Lantern” and “Lighter”. The action of bonuses is limited and is 20 seconds.

During the search for items, you may be disturbed by various objects. “Chase away” any anomalies from locations will help special items. You can earn them by going through the locations and performing tasks.

Daily on condition of entering the game Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving, you get one of the parts of the magic mascot. Once the talisman is fully assembled, activate it.

Started and completed investigations are recorded in the diary. There you can see the investigations that have been completed or that are being carried. No more than two investigations can be carried out at the same time.

The game Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving is quite a lot of heroes. Some of them are very like famous actors.

Every day on the map there are gifts in the form of coins and energy. They are scattered around the city and they need to be either looked for or followed by hints in the menu on the left.


Enigma Express

The Enigma Express game has a large chain of tasks related to saving a friend from black smoke.

But most of the tasks come down to one thing – to go through the room, find the right objects and rent out. This is considered to be the execution of the task.

Searching for things is not bad. There are a lot of locations. In the process of the game are opening up more and more places, so that a variety of is.

Each room has its own set of items. For example, hats, globes, binoculars, pipes, apples, coffee grinders and so on.

If you need to find a voodoo doll, it is not a fact that it will be a voodoo doll from the previous assignment. Many items have several varieties. They make it generally difficult to find a voodoo doll.

Again, there are no fixed places for subjects. That is, there are repetitions, but the grinder may be in a different place next time. This will help you not to relax during the game.

There are also extra search modes besides word search. For example, silhouettes, searching for the same items and so on.

This is an exciting game that will help you to improve your attention and thinking speed.


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Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker

The essence of the Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker game is to search for items by exploring different locations. Over time, the pictures open more and more. The game becomes more diverse and interesting.

On the left side of the screen is a list of tasks that you need to perform to promote and open new locations.

There are several modes of location. For each picture they are constantly changing:

  • Here you can see how many paired items you need to find.
  • This is a dark mode with little backlighting. There are extra tips for it, in the lower right corner. For example, a flashlight, which increases the illumination by 2 times. And a torch that illuminates the picture completely.
  • The outline. Here you need to find objects by their shape.
  • In this mode, the parts of an object are specified. You need to find all the fragments to assemble the object.
  • Search for an item by name.
  • There are several types of the curse. It takes twice as much energy to search for locations in this mode. But, having the tools, it can be dispersed.
  • Search for items that have 2 types. They periodically blink, as if turning over.

This is a free game that will help you have a good time.


Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

In Alice in the Mirrors of Albion, you will have to perform various tasks. Look for hidden items and raise your level. Receive awards and become the best of the other players.

Crystals and coins are collected during the tasks. It can be used to buy hints, missing items, equipment, and artifacts.

Each level increases the amount of energy, opens new pictures and the game delays.

The top of the screen shows the current level and how much experience is left to collect for the next level. Also here you will find the amount of energy, the number of coins and crystals earned.

Below you can view your inventory. There you can see everything you have accumulated. Including food with energy, the power to go to your friends. There’s also information about improvements to help you get through the levels faster.

In the lower right corner there are hints:

  • the eye of the searcher, showing 1 item you are looking for
  • a compass that’ll guide you to the items you’re looking for 30 seconds
  • dynamite explodes three items on the list
  • a time that allows you to add 20 seconds if the main time is over

Also on the right are quests for a month, which can be performed to receive pleasant bonuses.


Hidden Objects Playground

In Hidden Objects Playground you need to look for items that are carefully hidden in interesting locations.

Look for items by silhouette, name, description, shadows and more. Various minigames and puzzles are also available.

The game can be played without the Internet. But then there will be no friends available who are added through the social network.

With them to play a lot more fun and tasks are performed faster. You can visit your friends, as well as ask for and give gifts. They can also be hired to increase experience or to reduce energy consumption.

In addition to location research, there are puzzle variations at the top of the screen:

  • You need to move the blocks so about release the block of another color.
  • You need to collect pictures from the puzzle.
  • Connect all the pipes together so that there are no gaps.
  • Collect the crystals in a row.
  • Find paired cards. This puzzle game is a great way to train your memory.

You will need the energy to get through the location. The energy recovers itself, even when you’re out of action. But to increase and restore energy in a short period of time you can buy food.


Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

If you enjoy hidden object puzzles and don’t mind the pay-to-win mechanics, Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects is worth checking out.

You will have to explore a mysterious mansion and solve hidden object puzzles to progress through the story. The game offers multiple game modes, including a multiplayer mode where players can compete with others.

Also, there are daily rewards, events, and frequent updates.

This game has amazing visuals with a cartoonish art style that suits the game’s theme. The mansion’s interior design and character designs are well done, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.

However, pay-to-win mechanics can become a problem, because players have to purchase in-game currency if they want to progress faster.

In addition, there are issues with the game’s energy system, where players must wait for their energy to replenish to continue playing. You will need to wait for energy to replenish.


  • Engaging gameplay.
  • Multiple game modes.
  • Daily rewards.


  • Pay-to-win mechanics.
  • An energy system can be frustrating.
  • Occasional lag and crashes.

Hidden Objects: Neon Secrets

Hidden Objects: Neon Secrets is a game app that challenges players to find hidden objects in a variety of neon-colored scenes.

Players are given a list of objects to find within each scene, and they must search the neon-lit environment to locate them all. The game features a hint system, which can be used to highlight the location of particularly challenging items.

The game also includes a timer, so players must find all the objects within a certain time frame to progress.

Moreover, the neon-colored scenes are visually striking and provide an interesting backdrop for the gameplay. However, some players have reported that the graphics can be glitchy at times, with objects disappearing or becoming distorted.

Additionally, some players have found the neon color scheme to be too overwhelming and have had difficulty identifying objects within the scenes.

However, the hint system can sometimes be slow to activate, leaving players stuck on a particularly challenging level.

Additionally, some players have reported that the game can become repetitive after a while, as the gameplay mechanics do not vary significantly from level to level.

Overall, Hidden Objects: Neon Secrets is a great mobile game app that offers a fun and engaging experience for players who enjoy hidden object games.


  • Engaging hidden object gameplay.
  • Colorful neon graphics.


  • Glitchy graphics.
  • Repetitive gameplay.

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Criminal Case

In the game Criminal Case, you need to try on the role of a detective. You will have to solve various crimes, for which you need to find evidence and compare the facts.

Evidence is searched for in-game locations, which are a classic search for things. In the picture scattered objects and the list of words, you need to find them all.

The same location is available for many passages. In this case, each time the selection of words a little different and awarded points.

For the set of the required number of points is given a star. You can use it in the laboratory to study the evidence. Or compare the description with the characters.

For example, there is a description that the offender was without a tooth, and this evidence is a villain.

In the game Criminal Case there is a possibility to choose bonuses – there are five of them.

  • Tip – one of the items is highlighted.
  • Double hint – two items are highlighted.
  • Slow combo – slows down the bonus scale.
  • Full combo – the combo scale is filled at once.

But, it should be noted that in addition to the search, there are other puzzle modes available. For example, you need to assemble a puzzle from the pictures, replacing them in places. You can also flip away various things to find the main one.

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