7 Best Cupcake Maker Games For Android & iOS

Enjoy baking and decorating cupcakes? We have perfect games for you!

Take a look at our list of the 7 best cupcake maker games for Android & iOS that will make you lose a sense of time. These cooking games will bring you through the entire cupcake-making process, so you could fully get the experience. Plus, these games let you go all out with creativity as there are multiple ingredients for you to play with. Let’s dive in!

Cupcake Maker 

Cupcake maker cooking

Let’s start with a fun cupcake cooking game to enjoy in your free time.

It’s a simple kid’s friendly game that let you bake and decorate cupcakes. You’ll get to move through all the typical baking steps: picking up the ingredients, mixing them all, baking in the oven, and of course, decorating. The game covers plenty of options for you to try, so feel free to experiment and get as creative as needed.

Herewith, not all the ingredients and decorations will be available from the very beginning: you’ll need to earn them by passing the levels. You’ll get to unlock various frostings, toppings, sprinkles, fillings, and all that. There’s also a wide variety of packages to put your sweets in.

Once unlocked, you’ll get to create unicorn mermaid and other fantastic cupcakes easy as pie. There are no specific rules or timers, so you can take your time creating a perfect cupcake. Plus, the game is fully ad-free, so no distractions and external interferences here. There are also no paid packs or smth, so no worries.

Cupcake Maker Cupcake Maker 1 

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Cupcake Girl Games

Cupcake Girl Games

Next, there’s a girl game that lets you make cute cupcakes of any kind.

This one lets you become a full-on chef and bake any cupcakes your heart desires. The game comes with a wide range of cupcake parts you’ll need to bring together to create a yummy masterpiece. You’ll get to bake muffins of different complexities and styles so that you won’t get bored. The rules are pretty simple: you just need to combine the ingredients and match the target image.

As for the ingredients, you’ll need to pick a flavor, the shape of a cup, frosting, toppings, and much more. There are both common ingredients and some artistic ones, like the rainbow sponge, and all that. Each component also comes with an upgrade opportunity, so you won’t struggle with a lack of options.

Overall, there are more than 20 cupcake styles for you to unlock and 4 modes to try. Each lvl comes with increasing difficulty, so get ready to create complex cupcake designs. Some modes include timers and some advanced rules, but it only makes baking more fun. Plus, you’ll get a new challenge every day, which is fun

Cupcake Girl Games 1 Cupcake Girl Games .

Cupcake Maker

Cupcake Maker

This is a bakery game to have fun making stunning desserts.

It lets you get creative and make complex cupcake designs with yummy fillings. Apart from some similar games, this one is not fully focused on decoration. You’ll get to go through all the steps of making a dessert. Thus, you start with picking up a batter and combining all the ingredients for it.

There are some standard options like vanilla and chocolate, but you can also make fun custom ones. Next up, you’ll need to thoughtfully mix the batter to make sure your muffins come out soft and moist. Once it’s done, it’s time to add flavors, and there are plenty of options for you to try. You can also play with flavor intensity while adding it to a pan.

And last but not least – decoration. The game covers multiple frostings, glazing, toppings, and all the other fun things. Feel free to add caramel, cream, berries, nuts, and whatever else is needed. You’ll get to create complex designs such as a unicorn muffin, and the amount of toppings per cake is unlimited.

Cupcake Maker android Cupcake Maker android 1 

Cupcake Maker – Baking Games 

Cupcake Maker - Baking Games

Wanna decorate the cupcake of your dreams? This game is your pick, then.

It’s an iOS game that lets you make and decorate cute little muffins. It’s incredibly simple yet quite addictive, so get ready to spend your free time picking up filling and frosting. You’ll get to make muffins from scratch, starting up with batter mix. The game covers plenty of options here, so you’re all the way covered.

You’ll get to move through the entire cupcake-making process step by step, which is fun. The flavor selection is pretty impressive here: you got over 30 recipes to follow. And don’t forget about picking a cute cup liner to match the overall decor of your future muffin (there’s a huge collection of those as well).

As for the filling and frosting, you can go full-on creative. There are a bunch of flavors, plenty of whipped creams, glazing, and all that. Plus, the game covers tons of different toppings like sprinkles, sticks, and other sweets to add to your cake. Herewith, these are some paid in-game items, so keep that in mind.

Cupcake Maker – Baking Games Cupcake Maker – Baking Games 1 

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Cupcake Shop 

Cupcake Shop

This is a dessert-making game that lets you run your own cupcake shop.

Although this game is slightly wider than just a cupcake maker, it’s still fun to play and totally kid-friendly. Your goal here is to help a young, ambitious lady open and run the bakery of her dreams. First of all, you need to get ready for the grand opening by designing the place, picking up the shop sign, and getting her a cute outfit to meet customers in. And of course, you’ll need to prepare the yummy desserts.

You’ll need to pick up all the ingredients for the future cupcakes, so make sure to precisely follow the shopping list. Then, you’ll need to cut all the fruits, berries, and other components, so making process could move faster. Once it’s done, you can start making the muffins and decorating them by your will.

The game covers a wide range of components for you to try. Feel free to experiment with flavor and whipped cream design to serve the most beautiful cupcakes ever. Not all of them will be available from the very beginning, but you’ll get to unlock them with time. Plus, you’ll be able to spend the money earned from the selling to upgrade the bakery, get more components, and all that.

Cupcake Shop Cupcake Shop 1 

Cupcake Maker & Bake Off

Cupcake Maker & Bake Off Game

It’s a bake-off game with a realistic cupcake-making experience.

This game will get you through realistic step-by-step baking stages till you make a beautiful yummy cake. You’ll get to pick and make your cake batter, add flavor, and filling, and decorate your creation as you wish. The game covers a wide variety of components you can use and mix, so the flavor combos are practically endless.

Thus, you get over 25 starting flavors you can use at the very beginning, but you’re not limited to those. Make sure to merge the flavors and try unusual combinations to come out with a perfect dream muffin. There are also 3 cupcake types to bake, so you won’t get bored. As for the filling, there are over 50 options, from chocolate to watermelon.

The same goes for the toppings: you can use over 50 ingredients like sprinkles, glazing, waffle cones, and more. Not all the components are available from the beginning, but you’ll unlock them with time. The game suits all ages, including kids, so no worries here. It’s fully free but has quite a lot of ads.

Cupcake Maker & Bake Off Cupcake Maker & Bake Off 1 

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Rainbow Cupcake Cooking

Rainbow Cupcake Cooking

And lastly, there’s a cupcake cooking game that lets you get all the way creative.

In this game, you actually run a cupcake shop and your goal is to deliver all the orders in time. Herewith, you’ll need to design the store and make sure all the cupcakes are ready to be delivered. You’ll get to bake multiple cupcakes for any taste: red velvet, brownie, Nutella muffins, and more. There are plenty of components for you to use and designs to try.

You’ll start with some simple recipes and designs and slowly move to the more complex ones. The game covers a bunch of components for you to use, so you can bake the usual cakes of any kind. There are plenty of filling options, flavors, toppings, and other stuff to have fun with.

You’ll get to pick all the ingredients by hand, mix them put the batter into the oven, and wait till it’s ready. Then, it’s time to decorate: pick the color of the whipped cream, and add sprinkles, fruits, and other toppings to impress your customers. And don’t forget about the timer – you don’t want to make your clients wait, don’t you?

Rainbow Cupcake Cooking 1 Rainbow Cupcake Cooking 2

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