11 Best Dancing Apps for Kids (Android & iOS)

If your child is a mover and shaker, you may even need more than just signing them up for dance classes. You know the kids—the ones who are always moving and seem to have the energy to spare.

One of the best ways to give kids an outlet and promote dance and movement is through dance apps. Dance apps are easy to use.

You can bring them anywhere on a mobile device, and they encourage fun exercise while teaching your kids some new moves. They’re also fun to do with friends and can be a great social activity for kids.

There are a lot of dance apps out there, but here are the 11 best dancing apps for kids that they will definitely love.

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now logoThis coolest application will allow you not only to hone your dance skills, but also a very fun time with friends.  Designed for the Wii U console, now this toy is available on smartphones.

You can play Just Dance Now everywhere, the main thing is that there is a computer (laptop, TV, tablet) connected to the Internet, and a smartphone that will act as the controller.

All you need to do is follow the dancers on the screen and repeat their movements as accurately as possible, gaining points and moving to the next level.

How will the game “understand”, how exactly you repeat the dance? Very simply – you need to hold your smartphone in your right hand, then the signal about your movements will come from it directly on the screen.

It is great that together with you in Just Dance Now can play an unlimited number of people. So, you can have a great party at home with real dance battles.

You will also be able to share your dance achievements on all social networks, as well as watch the rating of friends.

Just Dance Now screen 2 Just Dance Now screen 1

A similar Dance Party toy also turns your smartphone into a controller and reads all your movements. But its difference is that only 4 people can play it at a time.

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Toca Dance Free

Toca Dance Free logoToca Dance Free is a popular app that puts the dance power in kids’ hands.

Kids can design everything about a dance performance from the choreography and music to the location and costumes.

Toca Dance Free is great for dancers at all levels and lets their creativity shine. Users in Toca Dance Free don’t actually dance; they simply plan the moves for the animated characters.

It’s the perfect way to unleash creativity and tap into enthusiasm about dance. Toca Dance Free is totally customizable.

Kids can create their own dance moves and put them together for a show-stopping performance. Kids are in charge of teaching the dance to their dancers, leading a rehearsal, and then putting on a performance.

Toca Dance Free screen 2 Toca Dance Free screen 1

You can even record the performance and turn it into a shareable video. With tons of songs and characters, Toca Dance Free is sure to keep kids entertained for hours.

DanceTime Deluxe

DanceTimeDeluxe logoThe specialized application can change the rhythm, cyclic in the existing music, and even offer a style from rumba to breakdance.

That is, for example, the melody, which you liked, is not suitable for the performance of your style – the application provides a suitable option.

Or, for example, you and your students need to go again to the music a difficult movement, but slowly – no question: change the rhythm, and the music sounds slower.

DanceTimeDeluxe screen 1 DanceTimeDeluxe screen 2

The application is conceived mainly for fans of ballroom dancing, but it may also suit other dancers.


Steezy logoSteezy is a sort of one-stop-platform for passionate dancers. What makes this app stand out is a growing collection of fully structured classes with step-by-step instructors.

Thus, understanding movements and techniques will be pretty straightforward for you.

Apart from being very helpful for beginners or novice dancers, the app can also be a great asset for professional choreographers.

Times when you may want to shake legs with all of your buddies or kickstart a competition, the option to cast all of our classes from your mobile device to your TV can come into play.

Steezy screen 1 Steezy screen 2

Besides, you can also download classes so that you can practice dancing without having to encounter a poor internet connection.

Hip Hop and Street Dance School

Hip Hop and Street Dance School logoThis app has the best of both worlds— it is a game that also teaches kids new dance moves.

Users start by learning dance and following the instructions of the dance mentor.

To score a contract with the talent agent in the game, kids learn new dances and perform for the judges.

They get to choose their costume, dance crew, and dance location before their big performance.

The more dances they do, the more chances they have to earn points and climb up the charts. It’s about more than just dance, it’s also about creativity and finding the right look.

Hip Hop and Street Dance School screen 1 Hip Hop and Street Dance School screen 2

Users can get their hair done in the salon, practice balance in the gym, and choose a killer outfit for the performance. This app is sure to keep kids dancing and busy as they try to impress the judges.

Hip Hop Dance Workout

Hip Hop Dance Workout logoFor all the hip-hop lovers who wish to get a good grip on hip hop moves while also improving their fitness, “Hip Hop Dance Workout” promises to be a fairly good pick.

Packed in with over 60 dance steps from basic to advanced, the app can be helpful to both the ones who have just started to learn dancing and the ones who are trying to sharpen each move.

For a clear understanding, all the exercises have been divided into three categories: Locking, Popping, and Breaking.

Hip Hop Dance Workout screen 1 Hip Hop Dance Workout screen 2

Some of the dance moves that have caught my eyes are robot hip hop dance, breakdance footwork, breakdance freeze, and breakdance top-rock.

Dance Fit Studio Lite

Dance Fit Studio Lite logoHow about mastering the stunning steps of several dance forms?

“Dance Fit Studio Lite” can appeal to those who are looking for a dance-learning-cum-fitness app.

Using this app, you can practice dance steps, hip-hop, yoga, cheerleading, Bollywood-style dancing, Hollywood-style dancing, and more.

With an ever-growing library of video tutorials at hand, you can watch the videos and practice to perfect each move.

Dance Fit Studio Lite screen 1 Dance Fit Studio Lite screen 2

As you go ahead, the app will not only enhance your dancing skills but also make you look stronger and fitter.


Dancy logoA great mix of fun and dancing, Dancy can let you master over 120 cool dance steps with ease.

By dividing the dance steps and moves by music genres such as jazz, belly dancing, break-dance, samba, salsa, and more, the app makes it a tad easier for you to learn dancing.

Moreover, it also features three 3D models who perform various dance steps so that you can follow the models and practice each step with precision.

Thanks to the 360° rotation, you will get a better idea about how a specific move is performed.

With the in-app purchases, you can unlock more models, if you wish to dive a little deeper into learning. What we have found appreciable in this app is the collection of 10 different music dance tracks that are designed to teach different dance moves.

Dancy screen 2 Dancy screen 1

Besides, the beautiful animations and helpful visual instructions ensure you will enjoy shaking legs with your buddies without being confused.


Danssup logoWhat you can’t learn by practicing for hours in a closed environment, you can learn by interacting with global dancers and watching their top-notch performances.

Danssup is a sort of all-in-one platform where you can explore tons of dance videos and learn a lot by watching the vivid performances of famous dancers.

What’s more, you also have the option to upload videos to either showcase your skill or share some tips with dancing enthusiasts.

As the app also offers a monetization feature as well, your masterclass can fetch you some quick dollars as well.

Danssup screen 1 Danssup screen 2

On top of all, Danssup lets you conduct dance auditions as well so that you can spot amazing talents.

YouDANCE Online

YouDANCE Online logoYouDANCE Online is yet another massive platform for dancers.

If you are a pro, you can make the most of this platform to showcase your skills and also make your work profitable by helping people master their dancing skills.

As a student, you have a massive library of videos to explore.

To ensure you can quickly access all of your favorite videos, the app lets you create a wishlist of all the cool dance videos.

With the rating system at hand, it’s much easier to find the videos that can meet your demand.

YouDANCE Online screen 1 YouDANCE Online screen 2

Even better, you can also download videos to catch up with them at your own pace without having to worry about the internet connection. But keep in mind, unlocking all the goodies will require you to spend some bucks.

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Crazy Flamenco

Crazy Flamenco logoIt is not a coincidence that Crazy Flamenco has made it to the top of our list of best dancing apps.

It is worth the hype it has received in recent times, and if you know anything about dance apps, then you would know that this is one worth having on your phone.

It is everything you would want in a dance app, and to top it all; it is free to download. Celebration weekends and public holidays with friends just got better.

With the fantastic features that this app has, you can expect to have a whole weekend of total fun; whether you are spending it alone or with someone.

One reason why people are running after the Crazy Flamenco app is that apart from the fun it offers, it will also help you to learn new dance skills. There’s just so much to talk about in this app.

Crazy Flamenco screen 1 Crazy Flamenco screen 2

Get to show your friends the level of skill you possess in dancing with this app. You will also love how attractive you look with a Spanish hat and a full dress.

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