9 Best Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android & iOS

Most communication applications are designed to bring people together. You can use them to communicate with your friends or family, to sit in chat rooms all the time and so on. You can check our list of 11 Best local chatting apps for Android & iOS if you are interested in chatting.

Some of the services – for example, WhatsApp – have a special function. It hides your last online presence, so no one else can see when you last accessed the site or the application.

This is a feature that many people use, including those around you. Unfortunately, the status cannot be seen if someone has hidden it. But what to do if you are worried or something important is going on? How do you see when a person last turned on the application or went online in general?

In that case, special applications will also help you. Some of them will even let you select specific people you’ll be notified about. We’ve put together 9 Best Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android & iOS for you.

Family Track – Online Status : Usage & Last Seen

Family Track - Online Status Usage & Last SeenFamily is the most important thing in life, and you can’t always control their lives and protect them from danger. This is particularly true for your children.

You may be trying to keep them from being overly influenced by the Internet, but you are afraid that they will still go online despite your prohibitions. Family Track can help you take full control of when your child or another family member is actively sitting in messengers or chat rooms.

Family Track is a tracker with detailed reports on online activity. It presents data both in text form (with an indication of when they appeared online) and as charts. So, for example, you can compare the activity of several people simultaneously.

By the way, you can track 3 people or less in this way – the tracking is carried out around the clock. We think it’s time to find out if your family members are really sitting on the Internet secretly from you.

Family Track - Online Status Usage & Last Seen2 Family Track - Online Status Usage & Last Seen1


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LogMe – Online last seen

LogMe - Online last seenAre you used to testing the application for free before you buy it? In that case, we have good news: LogMe gives each user a short trial period when you can try out all the features of this app. It lets you know what time your spouse or child last logged in and also shows you how much time they spent online.

LogMe has a system of permanent notifications that come straight to you. Setting up notifications is easy, and the main thing you want to know about them is whether they’re online or offline.

You can also see the entire schedule right on your dial to see exactly how many people have spent in the messenger. You can try LogMe for a couple of days, and then you’ll need a subscription to get your system up and running.

LogMe - Online last seen1 LogMe - Online last seen2


WhatsAgent: Online Notifier and Last Seen History

WhatsAgent Online Notifier and Last Seen HistoryThe name of the application directly makes you a secret agent who is on a secret mission! In fact, it’s much simpler; WhatsAgent keeps track of when your friends or family are online and logs on to WhatsApp.

This agent is really secret, as none of them will even suspect your little investigation. The application is a full-featured visit tracker.

WhatsAgent will provide you with charts showing the time you are online or offline. You can move your data completely to a separate Excel file to analyze it on your computer if you prefer.

Of course, like other similar applications, WhatsAgent is chargeable and requires a subscription. Due to the fact that WhatsApp regularly releases updates and tries to protect the privacy of its users, even after you purchase a subscription, you may experience disruptions in the operation of the application.

WhatsAgent Online Notifier and Last Seen History1 WhatsAgent Online Notifier and Last Seen History2


LogWhat – WhatsApp Online Tracker

LogWhat - WhatsApp Online TrackerOf course, watching someone is not a good idea, but sometimes people are guided by good intentions. For example, you may want to know how often your children go to WhatsApp and how much time they spend there.

LogWhat can help you pinpoint the exact amount of time your kids spend there, as well as make sure it doesn’t happen while they’re studying or at night.

As well as controlling your family, you can also check on your friends or lovers. For example, LogWhat can compare two numbers of different people and show you if they were online at the same time.

See how active your friends are with someone other than you – maybe you’re not their favorite conversation partner? LogWhat is customizable so you can be notified of all the online traffic of people you’re interested in. Just don’t get paranoid and keep an eye on people around you too much!

LogWhat - WhatsApp Online Tracker1 LogWhat - WhatsApp Online Tracker2


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Lasty – Online Last Seen

Lasty - Online Last SeenAre you worried that one of your friends is intentionally ignoring you? Perhaps, even seeing the status “offline” you still suspect that the person just does not want to communicate with you and hides his status.

In that case, you can use Lasty to confirm or refute your suspicions. This way, you will know how long your friends have been talking online and will know if you are the only one they really ignore.

Lasty shows you the last status of the person you choose, and will also alert you if the person is online. This will require you to enter the phone number of the person you are interested in. Most of the activity is tracked by those social networks and messengers where the use of the phone number is mandatory.

Lasty will give you a trial period (it will not last long), after which you will have to pay for the subscription. So if paid apps are right for you, Lasty can be one of the options.

Lasty - Online Last Seen1 Lasty - Online Last Seen2


Yanwa: Online Last Seen

Yanwa Online Last SeenYanwa is a handy application for people who want to track the online activity of a person on several social networks. To get started, you just need to provide a link to that person’s profile, and the application will do all the work itself. Monitoring starts as soon as you start Yanwa with a link to an online profile.

The application can be configured so that you receive notifications every time a person is online. The statistics will show you all the data even if you missed an alert or did not have access to the internet yourself.

Yanwa will show you whenever the user has been online. With each update, developers add new social networks and messengers, so it is likely that after a while you will be able to fully monitor the activity of your friends or lovers.

Yanwa Online Last Seen1 Yanwa Online Last Seen2


wLog Online

wLog OnlineIf you want to control when someone is on the network, you can use wLog Online for this purpose. The application is designed primarily for children and parents who are required to control what their child does.

Do you suspect that your son or daughter is sitting on social networking sites while you sleep? It’s time to check this out and have a serious conversation!

wLog Online gives you all the information about how long your loved ones are sitting online. You can also watch how often your lover goes online and checks messages.

By the way, you can even find out exactly where the people you are interested in went – wLog Online will show you what applications they could use.

Once you add your contacts, you’ll be able to get instant notifications every time people show up online. The developers are giving all users a free trial of Premium, so you can make sure that wLog Online really works well.

wLog Online1 wLog Online2


WaSeen: Last Seen Online Notification

WaSeen Last Seen Online NotificationHow often do people sit on the Internet? It is impossible to answer this question correctly, because almost all of us are online all the time.

If you want to control your family members or argue with a friend that you won’t be online, WaSeen will be your useful tool. It is worth noting that the service is paid and does not provide a trial period for users.

WaSeen allows you to check all the activities of your children or friends online. For example, you will find out that your son enters WhatsApp at 4 am, and you thought he was sleeping peacefully at this time.

You can set up notifications to let you know if a user is online or offline. WaSeen will notify you of this fact. You can also have someone close to you watching so that you can overcome your habit of constantly sitting on the Internet – from this you can get a great argument!

WaSeen Last Seen Online Notification1 WaSeen Last Seen Online Notification2


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Live Optic – Online Tracker Last Seen

Live Optic - Online Tracker Last SeenLive Optic is another useful tracker for WhatsApp. The application has a very simple and beautiful interface in dark tones that most users will love. The conciseness of the design is combined with good functionality, which will give you the ability to track when the subscriber was last online.

For each person, you will be able to view detailed statistics. For example, Live Optic will show you how often and for how long a person has been logged in to WhatsApp.

You will be able to see if the subscriber was able to reply to your message and if everything is okay. For such statistics, even a schedule is drawn up, where the highest value is the longest stay in the network.

Instant notifications from Live Optic will help you to be immediately notified when someone appears on the network. This way, you can be less worried about your children or the other half.

Live Optic - Online Tracker Last Seen1 Live Optic - Online Tracker Last Seen2


Of course, it’s worth noting right away that not all of the applications that are presented use the standard data and status approach. Some of them take information from official sources by simply collecting statistics for you in one application.

Others will let you know even the hidden status “online”. Depending on what you need, you can choose the service that’s right for you. Social network users are used to seeing all the data immediately.

If you have some difficulties with it or cannot access the application yourself, just choose the service that suits you and become a low-level detective.

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