7 Best Dish Streaming Apps for Android & iOS

In case you prefer the dish sreaming format in this ocean of streaming apps nowadays, we got you. We have collected the best dish streaming apps that are working. Enjoy!

And yo can also check the best free ace streaming apps.

DISH Anywhere

DISH Network Corporation’s DISH Anywhere app is a powerful resource for DISH subscribers. It lets them watch their TV content from any location. Over 10 million downloads show its popularity and wide acceptance.

A key benefit of the app is the ability to stream live TV directly onto Android gadgets. This means you can watch your sports, news, shows, and directly from your Hopper receiver. Even better, you can also manage and watch your DVR recordings. It’s like having a portable TV!

Another bonus is the option to download your shows and movies to watch offline. If you travel a lot or have low internet access, this is great. You’ll never miss your favorite entertainment.

The app has a special sports section too. Here, you can follow your favorite teams, check scores and catch updates on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, and NCAAF.

A major perk for T-Mobile users is DISH Anywhere is part of the Binge-On program. You can stream as much as you want without worrying about your data. Ideal if you enjoy lots of mobile viewing.

Though DISH Anywhere boasts various benefits, it’s good to think of potential downsides. To use all the functions, some users might need specific receiver types, limiting its usefulness. More so, the app’s results and user satisfaction could shift depending on the gadget and internet connection.

To sum up, DISH Anywhere is a flexible app providing lots of features for DISH patrons to stream live TV and handle DVR recordings. It lets you download shows for viewing when offline and its sports corner adds to its charm.

DISH Anywhere
DISH Anywhere

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Dish TV Channel List

Bounty Apps has given Dish TV users a gift: the Dish TV Channel List app. Found on the Google Play Store, it ramps up your TV watching game.

One big deal? Personalizing the interface. Users can star their favorite channels, tailoring the list to their likes.What is more, you can convert your favorite channel list into a PDF and share it around.

Got too many channels to shuffle through? The app’s got a thorough search function. Find any channel from tons of lists at lightning speed. Perfect for those subscribed to plenty of channels, desperate for a quick route.

It also serves tastes of all sorts with numerous categories. Entertainment, movies, news, sports, kids shows, music, infotainment, lifestyle and fashion, religion, freebies, and HD channels are all available. So whether you’re young or old, or fancy movies or music, there’s something inline.

The app boasts a friendly user interface. No maze here, getting to your favorite channel is a breeze. But beware, it’s got ads and in-app purchases, which might be a bother for some.

The Dish TV Channel List app knows that data security matters to users today. The makers reassure us that it does not collect or share user data with others, it keeps data encrypted when it’s sent, and it keeps data secure and private. But, once data is put into the app, it can’t be deleted.

To sum up, the Dish TV Channel List app by Bounty Apps is a complete tool for Dish TV users. It makes their TV watching unique and personal through its modifiable channel lists and quick search option.

Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Channel List

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a top choice for streaming unlimited content like movies, TV shows, and sports.

The app stands out because it’s easy to use. You can download videos to watch later, which is handy for traveling or areas with poor internet. The app lets you cast from a mobile device to a bigger screen using stuff like Chromecast or Fire TV.

This is great for watching with others. With user profiles, the app suggests content based on what you’ve previously watched and liked.

The app also has cool things like X-Ray access by IMDb that gives behind the scenes info on movies and TV shows. It tells you about cast and crew, trivia, and more.

The watch party feature allows chatting while watching with a group, giving a fun social twist. Plus, you can start a video on one device and finish it on another. This app adds continuity and convenience.

Despite some small disadvantages, the Amazon Prime Video app is still outstanding. Some features like X-Ray are not available in every market, posing a minor problem to some users.

Wrapping it up, the Amazon Prime Video app is praise-worthy for its unique content, flexible viewing modes, and handy features.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video


Netflix, known for all things streamable, has a mobile app with TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more at your fingertips. The app boasts a fluid library of content that expands regularly.

There’s always something new to watch, easily found by searching for favorites or exploring fresh releases. Plus, Netflix makes recommendations base­d on your watchlist, boosting user enjoyment.

The app shines with a kid-friendly section, creating a secure viewing zone for the little ones. This feature gives parents peace of mind, offering fun shows and movies minus the unsuitable stuff.

You’ll also find useful extras, like video previews and new episode alerts, to keep you updated and entertained.

Netflix does regular upkeep with updates. They focus on bug fixes and performance boosts. This makes sure the app stays good and speedy for the users.

The Netflix app is loved for its large library of content and easy-to-use features. But thinking about subscription costs and data privacy is important.


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Sling TV: Live TV + Freestream

Sling TV, a streaming application available on various platforms, offers a dynamic and flexible way to watch television over the internet.

Its primary feature is the ability to stream live TV channels and on-demand content, catering to a wide range of preferences from sports and news to entertainment and lifestyle programs.

This service stands out for its customizable channel packages, allowing users to tailor their viewing experience according to their interests.

One of the key advantages of Sling TV is its expansive content library. It provides access to over 120,000 movies and shows on demand, along with live streaming of popular sports events, news channels, and entertainment shows.

This extensive range ensures that there is something for everyone, from sports enthusiasts enjoying NFL, MLB, NBA, and college sports, to families with channels like Boomerang and The Disney Channel.

Another significant benefit is the lack of hidden fees and long-term contracts, offering a level of flexibility and transparency that is often missing in traditional cable subscriptions. Users can pause or adjust their service at any time, which is a convenience in today’s fast-paced world.

Sling TV has perks such as a DVR function. You get 50 hours storage that’s part of your subscription. There’s also a DVR Plus upgrade for even more storage. This allows you to record what you love and watch it when you want. So handy!

For the value-minded or newbies to the service, Sling TV features Freestre­am. This gives you countless hours of free live streams and on-demand shows. No cre­dit card needed! This makes it accessible to even more users.

Wrapping it up, Sling TV is a grab for anyone wanting to ditch re­gular cable TV. It has tailor-made packages, a vast conte­nt pool, and a no-strings-attached policy making it attractive for many audiences.

Sling TV1
Sling TV2


The STARZ app, crafted by Starz Entertainment, serves as a broad streaming platform meeting various entertainment wants.

With its mix of fresh original se­ries, thoughtfully picked popular movies, and novel documentaries, STARZ covers diverse views through lively storyte­lling.

The prominent aspect of the STARZ app is its ad-free streaming, ensuring users enjoy smooth viewing. Plus, it le­ts users download entire series and films for offline viewing.

The potential to stream on four devices at once gives flexibility to its user base. Content on the app ge­ts an upgrade every week, promising constant newness.

Take note, STARZ online services are accessible exclusively via collaborating partners within the United States and some U.S. territories with rapid broadband connections. Post the promotional phase, the service switches to a monthly subscription strategy and rates might change.

To summarize, The STARZ app provides a broad mix of intere­sting content. Highlights are no ads, offline streaming, and multi-device streaming. Though it seems perfect for new and current users, its geographic limits and payment plan after the special deals might be cons for some.

Wrapping up, if you enjoy variety in streaming experiences, especially as a DISH user hooked to wide-ranging movies and series, STARZ is a darn good choice. Its unique content and popular selections, along with user-friendly features, make it a top-notch app for DISH streamers.


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Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies

Max is famous for its huge library, offering countless TV shows and movie­s. The library includes brands and studios like HBO, Harry Potter, HGTV, TLC, Magnolia Network, Food Network, and Adult Swim.

It also has the largest streaming library of DC Universe shows and movie­s. Not to mention hundreds of original series from HBO and Max. Also, CNN Max is included, which gives a full-time live­ feed of news and worldwide events.

If you’re a sports fan, Max streams live games and matches from famous le­agues. The NBA, NHL, NCAA March Madness, MLB Postse­ason, and U.S. Soccer are some examples.

Max steps up the user experience with several key features. Users can explore various categories, genres, and brands. Shows and movies can be downloaded for offline viewing on some plans. Also, users can have personalized profiles with adjustable ratings and profile PIN protection.

Users can continue from where they left off on any device, and multiple devices can watch at the same time, up to the limit of the plan.

The app, which is free, has in-app purchases like ads-free and different subscription plans. You can choose your subscription monthly or yearly.

To sum up, Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies is a handy streaming platform. It caters to various tastes with a vast library, tailored features, and support to multiple devices.

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