9 Best Don’t Touch My Phone Apps for Android & iOS

How often do you leave your phone unattended? In the modern world, we store almost all the information on our mobile devices. This fact makes people think about the security of their data.

You can store personal data, photos, or contacts on your phone. But you can’t keep your phone in your hands all the time. Sometimes he has to be left unattended. This may be the subject of the attention of curious people or even scammers.

There are various applications to keep your personal information private. They are available free of charge and adapted for all types of devices. The most popular applications are “Do not touch my phone.”

If you start a search, you will find a large number of similar programs. But how to choose the best one that would meet your preferences? This list contains the applications that help you to keep personal information private.

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Don’t touch my phone!

The application Don’t touch my phone! tracks the movement of your phone. It also attempts to disconnect it from the charger. This is one of the most reliable and secure applications.

With this, you can leave your phone anywhere unattended. No one will be able to access your personal data and documents.

If someone takes your phone, the application will emit a warning signal. You can set a PIN code that will significantly increase the protection of your phone. The signal will sound until you enter the password. It is also great protection against theft.

Some features of the application Don’t touch my phone!:

  • loud alarm
  • strong password protection
  • Motion detection phone
  • work in the background
  • background information on the use of this application

For the application to work, you need to activate it, lock the phone and put it in a convenient place for you. Want to protect your private messages? Does someone want to get your personal information on social networks? Or do you have personal photos that you would like to keep private? Then this app is perfect for you.

It will help protect your device from theft and curious people. Make sure that no one ever gets your personal information.

If you have any questions related to the use of the application, then you can use the information section. Here you will find information on how to activate the protection of your phone. You will also learn what to do if someone managed to get your personal data.

Now you can leave your phone unattended. Don`t be afraid that someone will get your personal information.

Don't Touch My Phone1

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Don’t touch phone – Anti theft

Don’t touch the phone – Anti theft will save your phone from unwanted intrusion. It keeps your personal data secret. This is an easy to use application.

If someone touches your mobile device, the program will emit an alarm. So you will always be aware of the security of your phone. Set a PIN code that will protect your phone from theft.

Features of the application Don’t touch phone – Anti theft:

  • sound alarm
  • motion detection of your phone
  • touch detector
  • work in the background
  • vibration at alarm
  • password
  • protection of your personal data
  • start protecting your phone immediately after downloading and installing the program
  • flashlight when detecting illegal movement of the phone
  • automatic alarm when disconnecting your phone from the charger
  • the ability to customize your unique alarm
  • beep when entering the wrong password or trying to unlock the phone

Find out if someone has touched your mobile device. You will always be aware of everything that is happening.

For the application, you need to give permission. Make it necessary in the settings of your phone. This application emits a signal if someone disconnects your phone from the charger.

Do not worry about your phone being stolen. Now no one can spy on your phone and the data stored on it. No one gets access to your social networks. Do not be afraid to leave your phone in public places unattended. No one can use your phone when you are not around.

To activate the application you need to download and install it. Then open the program and press the “start” button. Put the phone in a specific place. If someone else picks up your phone, then you will immediately know about it.

The application Don’t touch phone – Anti theft has one unique feature. If someone takes your phone without your knowledge, it will take a photo of this person. The geolocation of your phone is attached to this photo. You need to enter and confirm your mail in the application. Then the application will send this photo to your email.

Dont touch my phone1

Dont touch my phone

The application Don’t touch my phone monitors the suspicious movements of your phone. If someone tries to touch your phone or disconnect it from charging, then you will find out. This is the most reliable program that will ensure the safety of your phone.

Are you afraid that someone will steal your phone? Someone takes your phone to view private messages on social networks? Are you afraid to leave your phone in places where there are a lot of strangers? Or maybe someone likes to use your phone?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions listed above, then this application is perfect for you.

How to use this security service? First, you need to download the application. Then, on the main screen, click on the “start” button. This immediately activates the security of your phone.

To track the movements of the phone, you need to put it in a certain place and fix it in the application.

More features of the app Dont touch my phone:

  • PIN-code that ensures the reliability and security of your phone
  • disable the fingerprint alarm
  • if your phone is disconnected from charging, the application will emit an alarm
  • flash at alarm
  • the ability to create and edit your alarm
  • when you try to unlock the phone, the application will automatically block it

The application has a smart algorithm that recognizes the movement of the phone. As soon as you or someone else takes your phone, the timer will start, during which you need to enter a password. If you took the phone to just see the time or notifications, then you need to block it for a certain time.

The application Dont touch my phone is absolutely free. It will help you to save your personal data and will not allow attackers to get it.

Dont touch my phone1

No one touch my phone security

You should try this app if the protection of your phone is important for you.

Keep in mind that you will have to give special permissions (this can be done in the phone settings) otherwise the app will not work correctly.

You will get a triggering an alarm when someone tries to steal your device or even just touch it while you do not see.

You can activate this alarm by clicking the ‘Activate’ button, which then displays a message telling the user to keep the phone in a safe place. If the phone is moved, the alarm sounds an alert, notifying the owner of the phone.

The app also includes different types of alarms to choose from, including police sirens, dog barking, and more.

Though, the app drains their phone’s battery quickly. Additionally, some users were disappointed with the app’s frequent ads, which can be quite distracting while they are watching clips and videos.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Multiple alarm sounds to choose from.
  • Helps prevent phone theft.


  • May drain phone battery quickly.
  • Frequent ads can be disruptive.
No One Touch My Phone Security1

Don’t Touch My Phone

With the Don’t Touch My Phone – Alarm application, you no longer need to worry about the privacy of your phone. If you are tired of asking everyone not to touch your phone, then this application is an excellent choice.

No one can steal your phone. Even with the easiest and most accurate movement, the program will emit an alarm. It will frighten the ill-wisher and inform you.

The application has a smart algorithm that scans the movement of the phone. It uses special sensors that are already built into your phone. To enhance security, you can enter a password that only you will know.

In the process of work, the application takes photos of those people who touched your phone. The resulting photos can be seen in the application itself only after the PIN code you have entered.

You can share these photos on social networks. For example, if you have a photo of a thief and you want to find him, then you can use his photo from this application.

To start protecting your phone and personal data, you need to download this. Then, turn on background protection and lock the phone. Now, if someone wants to use your phone, you will immediately know about it.

Besides, the application Don’t Touch My Phone – Alarm has a huge amount of interesting wallpaper. It has the words “do not touch my phone” and the other. You can easily install them on the screen of your mobile device. There is a wallpaper for both girls and guys.

Don't touch my phone1

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This software for your phone that can be necessary if you would like to protect your device from other people.

The app will save your phone by setting an alarm when it is moved or touched without your permission. This alarm is loud and attention-grabbing, making it an effective deterrent against thieves.

Additionally, the app has a GPS feature that lets you find your phone no matter where it can be.

However, it can be triggered accidentally if your phone is bumped or moved while the app is active. This can be frustrating for users who are trying to use their phone in a public place without causing a disturbance.

Despite these flaws, the majority of user comments are positive, with many users praising the app for its effectiveness in deterring theft and helping to locate lost phones.

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to protect your phone from theft, Phonee is worth considering.


  • Simplicity.
  • Effectiveness in deterring theft.
  • GPS feature for locating lost phones.


  • Accidental triggering.
  • Occasional issues with the GPS feature.

Don’t Touch My Phone Anti-Theft

This is an app made specially to protect your phone from unauthorized access.

Once activated, the app sets up a virtual alarm system that triggers whenever someone attempts to access your phone without your permission.

You can customize the alarm sound to suit their preferences, making it an effective deterrent against would-be phone thieves.

Some users have reported issues with the app’s performance, noting that it occasionally crashes or fails to activate the alarm when needed.

However, it can drain the battery quite quickly, which may be frustrating for users who rely heavily on their phone throughout the day.

Don’t Touch My Phone Anti-Theft is a useful app for anyone looking to protect their phone from unauthorized access.


  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Customizable alarm sound.
  • Effective deterrent against phone theft.


  • Can drain battery quickly.
  • Limited functionality.
  • Some users report occasional crashes and failures to activate alarm.
Don’t Touch My Phone Antitheft1


iAntiTheft is a popular app that helps users protect their iOS devices from theft or loss.

The app allows users to activate an alarm on their device remotely, even if it is on silent mode. This feature is particularly useful for those who tend to misplace their phone or for those who want to deter potential thieves.

Also, the app has a location tracking feature that helps users locate their lost or stolen device using GPS.

The app has a minimalist design that is easy on the eyes. The interface is straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate and find the features they need.

However, the app could use a bit of improvement in terms of aesthetics. The design could benefit from more vibrant colors and better animations.

One of the flaws of iAntiTheft is that it requires users to have an internet connection to use the location tracking feature. This can be an issue if the device is lost or stolen in an area with no internet connection.

In addition, you can face bugs and freezes sometimes.

The app’s unique features and functionality make it stand out from other security apps available on the market. Plus, the app is free to download and use, which makes it accessible to anyone who needs it.


  • Helps protect devices from theft or loss.
  • Can activate an alarm on device remotely.
  • Has location tracking feature.


  • Requires internet connection for location tracking.
  • Alarm feature can be glitchy at times.

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WTMP is a security app made to prevent phone theft by alerting the owner if someone attempts to access their phone without authorization.

You can set up the security features by creating a pattern or password. If someone tries to unlock the phone without the correct pattern or password, the app will take a picture of the intruder and send it to the owner’s email address.

The app can also send a notification to the owner’s phone, alerting them of the attempted break-in.

One drawback of the app is its tendency to drain the phone’s battery quickly. This is because the app is constantly running in the background, waiting for an unauthorized access attempt.

WTMP is a useful software for protecting your phone from other people. Its unique security features and easy-to-use interface make it a popular choice among users. However, the app’s battery drain, lack of customization options, and occasional reliability issues are notable flaws.

Despite these issues, if you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use security app for your phone, WTMP is definitely worth trying out.


  • Unique security features.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Sends pictures of unauthorized access attempts.


  • Drains phone battery quickly.
  • Lack of customization options.
  • Can be unreliable at times.
  • Intrusive ads.
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