17 Best Geological Apps for Android & iOS

Almost everyone knows the science of the crust and its structure, which is called geology. This scientific field is an integral part of our lives. Thus, geology is developing very quickly.

Many new research areas are emerging. Professional geologists discover new deposits and find unique materials. This science is very interesting. Besides, it allows you to see the whole world in its smallest details.

Besides the fact that geology is a very interesting science, it is also very complex. This is due to the fact that it includes a huge number of different directions. In this regard, there is a need for some helpers. Including virtual. In this list, you will find the best applications that will help you to learn more about our world and geology.

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Smart Geology- Mineral Guide

Smart Geology- Mineral Guide is a very practical application created for professional geologists and amateurs. With it, you can explore various objects.

Here you will find interesting information about the type of minerals. You will learn how to recognize rare stones and minerals.

Besides, you will learn to identify the characteristic properties of each mineral.

You can use the app as a virtual guide to geology-related disciplines. Thus, it is perfect for students and professors. Also, it is the best choice for those who are interested in studying geology.

The main characteristics of the application:

  • Convenient and beautiful interface and no ads
  • Interesting information about the Earth and the processes that occur on it
  • Educational quizzes with which you can test your knowledge of geology
  • Data on more than 500 minerals
  • Guide for laboratory work and field trips
  • About 70 of the most common minerals in the section
  • Algorithm of quick identification of minerals
  • Photos of samples of the most common minerals
  • The directory with information about minerals (name, structure, elements, country of origin)
  • Extensive information on precious metals and stones
  • Classification of sedimentary rocks with information on texture and origin
  • Information on metamorphic rocks
  • List of ore deposits
  • The section on crystallography (laws, systems, elements)
  • Geological time scale
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Solubility table
  • Geological dictionary

Download the application on any device and enjoy using it for free.

Smart Geology- Mineral Guide1

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Google Earth

Google Earth is a program in which you can see a virtual globe. This will give you the opportunity to see a three-dimensional model of our planet. The application uses a three-dimensional model of the globe. You can easily move to anywhere in the world. To do this, the available function “position” of the virtual camera.

The main functions of the application:

  • printing and saving images in high quality
  • distance measurement
  • Search for places and routes, quick search by coordinates
  • overview of places on the map
  • a large amount of extra information (names of settlements, roads, airports, streets, etc.)
  • the ability to create your own labels and paths on the map
  • increase the good quality photos for more detailed study
  • adding photos
  • flight simulator
  • sun display
  • the ability to set the starting point on the map
  • view the streets
  • historical image mode
  • 3D model of the planet Mars, satellite images in high resolution
  • the ability to move underwater
  • record your movements and save to your phone’s memory
  • view the relief surface of the Earth

The application also has the opportunity to explore Mars and the Moon. You can view the starry sky from space and from Earth.

Another unique feature of the application is 3D-models of all objects on the world map. So, you can see the outstanding monuments of architecture or historical buildings. Besides, you can overlay your images on cards or other photos. They can be shared on social networks or with friends.

Google Earth1
app store1


The Rockd application is useful for geologists and for those who love earth science. This is due to the fact that the application shows the geological process of the history of our planet.

Each period is shown on a time scale. If this scale does not fit on the screen, you can scroll it up and down. Besides, the application has a scaling function.

With it, you can increase or decrease the map for more detailed information. If you want to view only one period of time, then you need to click on it. Then all other periods will be hidden.

Also in the application function is available more detailed information. To enable it, you need to click on the “plus” button. After that, on the right side of the screen, you will have a block with necessary and useful information.

Here you can learn some basic information about climate, animals, and geology. To disable this feature you will need to press the “minus” button. You can also use the search function, which highlights the desired period.

This application is free and does not need a permanent connection to the Internet. You can download the necessary data and information and use it offline. Also in the application, there is no annoying advertising.


Flyover Country

Flyover Country is one of the most popular applications for geologists. Here you can get useful information about the world map. You can also use the GPS system. This will allow you to know the trajectory of a flight or road trip.

This application is a universal tool for orientation anywhere on Earth. It includes a variety of tools. The application can determine your location, direction, and speed of movement. The application analyzes the trajectory of your movement saves it for future travel.

Maps are available in the application. For example, with their help, you can find the location of minerals. The application is suitable for any event. For example, hiking, trekking or geological fieldwork.

You can use this application as the best compass. Also, the app has features such as a speedometer, a corner calculator, a gyroscope, and much more. You can impose the data on the image of the area.

Besides, using the application Flyover Country you can determine the position of the moon and stars in the sky. The application will show your location on the map. It helps to measure the distance or gives any other extra information.

You can add a point on the map to the area to which you need to get. You get detailed information about its distance, direction, and estimated time of arrival. Your search data is stored in the phone’s memory. They are available offline.

This is a unique application that will help you find the locations of minerals on the map. Also here you can find out some more information about the area.

The application is available over 60 minerals. For example:

  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Iron
  • Marble
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Quartz
  • Titan

This application is free and can work without the Internet.

Flyover Country - offline flig1

Field Geologist

The application Field Geologist allows you to make geological measurements without the Internet. Determine the coordinates of the measurement site. Save points with photos and text notes and build a route along with them.

In the process of work, the geologist needs to determine the azimuth, the angle of inclination of the rock. Make a couple of sketches or photographs. Leave a note in the field diary and mark on the map the point where all these manipulations were done. Still, you need to take a sample of the mineral or rock.

You can not leave a piece of rock with the application. But everything else can be easily done using a phone or tablet. It is enough to attach the gadget to the desired surface and press a couple of buttons.

The application can:

  • determine the exact coordinates of the location of the point
  • determine the azimuth of the rock at a given point
  • determine the angle of inclination of the rock at a given point
  • attach to this point photos were taken on camera
  • attach text note to this point
  • mark point on google maps
  • build a route through several points
  • import data to a computer for further processing

The main functions of the application:

  • an altimeter to determine the height above sea level
  • geological dictionary
  • directory of all minerals and rocks with a description and characteristics

It is important that all these functions are available without the Internet.

Field Geologist1

Geology Toolkit Premium

The Geology Toolkit Premium application measures the position and orientation of geological structures. What can you measure using this application? The position of rocks has unique characteristics. Strike lines, lines of incidence, and angle of incidence.

The strike line is a horizontal line drawn in the plane of the rock. On an inclined surface, this will be a set of parallel lines.  Taking the counting on the north end of the arrow, get the azimuth of the strike line.

The line of incidence is a line located in the plane of the rock. It has the largest angle of inclination to the horizon of all that can be drawn on the surface of the reservoir. It is always perpendicular to the strike line and is directed towards the immersion of the rock.

When determining the azimuth of the fall, you need to attach the phone to the rock. The countdown is taken at the north end of the arrow. You need to attach the phone to the rock.

How to measure? You should make measurements in several stages:

  1. Azimuth measurement works best when the device lies on a horizontal surface. We measure and fix the readings of the device.
  2. Tilt angle, apply the phone to the surface, and record the results.

After that, you can “Save point” and go to add the necessary information.

  • Point name. By default, the point is assigned its sequence number.
  • The date and time of measurement are set automatically. You can edit them.
  • Longitude and Latitude. By pressing the button, you can determine the current coordinates and plot a point on the map of the area.
  • You can enter the point described in the Note text box.
  • Activate the built-in camera by clicking the “Add Photo” button. You can take a new picture or add photos that already exist in the device’s memory.
  • Press the “Save” button

Now the description of the point will be as complete as possible.

Geology Toolkit Premium1

Physical Geology Quiz

The application Physical Geology Quiz is designed specifically to test your knowledge of geology. If you can accept this challenge, then this application is for you. Here you can find interesting and exciting quizzes. It is associated with all areas of geology. So, you can test and improve your knowledge.

Topics that are in this application:

  • Introduction to geology (basic terms and more)
  • Properties of the Earth
  • Geographical Zones
  • Time and historical periods
  • Earthquakes
  • Elements, atoms, minerals
  • Minerals
  • Rare breeds
  • The mantle and core of our planet
  • Geological atmosphere
  • Geology terminology
  • Classification of geological compounds
  • Physical properties of minerals

This application will allow you to improve your knowledge of geology. Also, it will help in preparing for the exam or an important test. This application can be used by both adults and children. The most important thing is that you get into geology. Everyone can enjoy the fascinating tests on this topic.

The application has a nice interface. If your answer is correct, the selected option will turn green. If you make a mistake, you will see red. Besides, the application of Physical Geology Quiz is distinguished by its interactivity. You can compete with friends or other users.

Here you will see good graphics. The application is absolutely free. There is no annoying advertising. The application is designed to operate without interruption and error. Show how well you know geology and become the best!

Geology Quizzes1

Geology: Gems & Minerals

The subject of geology itself has lots of divisions and sub-categories to explore. If a person tells you they are working on the geological project, it makes sense to find out which branch exactly do they explore, because, as you can see even from this app, there are lots of them: the geology of Earth, the soil, the historical development of the planet, the soil and ground of other planets, geological compasses, geological lexicography and even more.

For example, this app is aimed to help you to study the minerals that you can find in the soil. Minerals are the captivating topic and there are hundreds of kinds of those minerals – each of them has its special history of origin and its specific features.

Minerals can be found basically all around the world and sometimes they can cost a little less than diamonds. All those descriptions you will find in this app – this is simply the informational database about all the world minerals.

The app itself is very simple – but it is still pleasant to use. Well, of course, for the informational app the developers could have done a better design, still, we got what we got. In the main menu you can find the list of all existing minerals, their specifications, list of gemstones, view the gallery, and explore the geology dictionary.

Despite the database of Geology app is quite diverse, some users complain it’s not comprehensive. Well, if you’re not a beginner to this topic, maybe this can seem a little cheesy to you.


Oxford Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences

Oxford Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences is a specialized geology dictionary that works offline. If you want to study geology or improve your knowledge, then this application is perfect for you.

The search in the application works very quickly. It is quite convenient to use. The application has the function of the online exchange of received information. You can do this through the social networks in which you are registered. Besides, you can include audio pronunciation of terms and descriptions.

Here you will find a lot of information about our planet. Also here you will find cognitive facts about the processes. Information on Mars and the Moon is presented. There are also such sciences as hydrology and atmospheric science.

You will find out the age of certain rocks and minerals. Here is their description. You will learn the chronological process of geological processes on our planet. Interesting facts about the age and development of the Earth. Get extensive information about the movement of the Earth’s layers. Learn the evolution of past climates.

Features of the application Oxford Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences:

  • Pleasant and easy to use interface.
  • Fascinating quizzes
  • Various color themes of your choice
  • Easy and convenient search for necessary information.
  • Ability to add a new term to the dictionary
  • Selected terms you choose.
  • Search history stored on your phone or tablet
  • The application is adapted to any device.
  • The ability to share information in social networks

The application presents methods for understanding the evolution and structure of the Earth. Find out more information about the fieldwork of famous scientists.

Also available are descriptions of rocks, chemical analysis of minerals, and hydrocarbon resources. Learn about potential natural hazards and how to deal with environmental issues.

Oxford Dictionary of Geology1

Geology Quiz

Geology Quiz is another interesting application where you can test your knowledge of geology. Here you will find various topics on which you can test or improve your knowledge.

The application has a nice interface and beautiful design. It is designed by the best specialists in the field of geology. Geology Quiz includes various topics, divided into different categories.

For example:

  • Study and research of minerals and minerals
  • View igneous rocks
  • Search for ore deposits and groundwater
  • Earthquakes
  • Movement of layers of the Earth
  • Geological characteristics of various geographical objects
  • Mountains, valleys, lakes
  • Streams, rivers, seas
  • Historical categories

Besides, you will find more diverse categories. It will help you develop in this direction. The main functions of the application:

Geology Quiz1

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Engineering Geology & Earth science

  • Unique application interface. Now you can add your photos and share the results in social networks. To do this you need to register. Compete with friends and other players!
  • A variety of game modes. You can play a single game or with an opponent.
  • Beautiful graphics, nice music, and new sounds. This will all increase your interest in tests.
  • You can play with virtual rival bots.
  • Multi-user support. Play with your friends.
  • Watch the results of players around the world. Show everyone your knowledge of geology and get into the list of the best.
  • Availability of separate scientific and historical categories. This will help you expand your knowledge.

Engineering Geology & Earth science is an application for engineering geology. It covers all areas from basic to the professional level. It will help students and professionals to learn and improve knowledge. Here you will find the most important topics that will help you in your work.

Topics that can be found in this application:
• Introduction to engineering geology
• Object and area
• Internal and external parts of the Earth
• Underground layers
• deposits
• Erosion
• soil formation
• Classification of rocks, soils, minerals
• Earthquake concept
• Basics of mineralogy
• The most common minerals
• Extensive information on ores and minerals
• Introduction to crystallography
• Composition of the crust
• Sedimentary rocks
• Metamorphic rocks
• Rock formation
• Geological history
• History of occurrence of minerals and minerals
• Stone structures
• Studies of geological structures and their classification
• Detailed information on geological faults
• Introduction to Applied Geology
• properties of rocks

In addition to all this, the application has a nice design and a user-friendly interface. Here you can easily find the necessary information. Structure it according to your preferences. Share the information with friends through social networks.

Application developers have done everything to make the application convenient and accessible. It is suitable for both students and professional geologists. Anyone will be able to learn new and useful information from the field of geology.

Also here you will find the latest news from this area. Enjoy using this beautiful, convenient and beautiful application.

Engineering Geology & Earth s1


A one really cool geological app that will be interesting to check out both for schoolers and those who are just curious about the geological sciences. Have you been wondered how did the Earth look 1 million years ago or even 1 billion years ago? How did our planet function back then? Which kind of climate did it have?

Moreover, how does the melting of the ice changes our planet up until nowadays? This app will work like a time machine that will take you a million years ago to see how our planet was like back then. Just scroll the runner with your fingertips and go back to 4.5 billion years ago.

You will be able to watch how did the continents brake down and drifted away from each other, how did the sea-level change, how did the climate change, and so on. Also, here is the app, you will find the global temperature map for more than 100 years.

Besides, you can manipulate the virtual globe and zoom to any location. EarthViewer also includes in-depth features on major geological and biological events in Earth history. By the way, if you would like to observe a certain period in the Earth’s evolution like a movie – you can simply click on the automatic mode and enjoy watching.

Earth Viewer1


Theodolite is a multifunctional and unique application that includes many different tools. This viewfinder, compass, inclinometer, map, navigator, and more. This application is different in that it has an augmented reality function.

This application is downloaded by millions of users around the world. It will help you measure the size of the terrain, see historical sites, and learn more about minerals. This application is popular among professional geologists and engineers.

Here you can take photos and videos without leaving the application. It saves you time and is convenient for fieldwork. Processing media files takes a few seconds. The application has a rather nice interface. Add date, time, location, or any other information on the image.

Enable access to your geolocation. This will open up completely new application features. So, you can view the current position on the integrated map. You can specify the point to which you are going.

The app Theodolite will count down the remaining distance. You can also make notes on the map. For example, mark the location of the mineral founded.

You can share these notes with other users of the application. To do this, you will need to log in to your email or any social network. This feature gives you the opportunity to work together with your friends.

Also here you will find features that will suit professional geologists. For example:

  • mode of calculating the degree of angle
  • navigation
  • import and export of your documents
  • add information to the phone’s memory
  • compass readings
  • range finder
  • night filter

The application Theodolite is free for the iOS platform. Though it has in-app purchases.



PocketTransit is an application for professional geologists. It is designed to improve and simplify work.

The application will help you calculate your location on the GPS system. If you work in a group or go to the fieldwork, then this program will be useful to you. You can share your geolocation with friends or find out where they are. This feature was developed in conjunction with professional search engines and lifeguards.

The main advantages of the application PocketTransit:

  • geological compass
  • save all recorded data in the phone’s memory
  • export information to a spreadsheet
  • map
  • location and geo-location
  • the ability to search by GPS
  • sections with informative information about minerals, crystals, and rocks
  • virtual guide
  • fossil reference
  • visual examples of minerals and rocks
  • scaling of images for more detailed viewing
  • convenient and easy search for the necessary information
  • unlimited number of notes
  • the application is adapted to any device
  • regular updates
  • work offline
  • the program takes up little space in the memory of your device
  • convenient and pleasant interface
  • premium design
  • the application is free
  • no ads

The application has a balance between performance and simplicity. Nice design and nice interface – people like it a lot.

The app is updated frequently. Here you will find information about the Sun, the Moon, and our planet. You will also find out more information about rocks and peaks.

This is all displayed in the viewfinder. The program PocketTransit constantly introduces new technologies. This expands the boundaries of application usage. Enjoy using this geological application.


Moon Globe

We already have talked enough about the geology of the Earth. But how about other planets? Usually, there are not too many people who are truly interested in exploring the galaxy in the tiniest details, but there are always the real fans. If you on the team, then you should like this next app – Moon Globe.

The subject that you are going to study here (you guessed it), is the Moon, the Earth’s satellite that strongly influences our planet in many ways. Here you will discover the satellite imagery and topographic laser altimeter data which is combined to render the Moon with realistic lighting in realtime 3D.

You can use the multitouch screen to manipulate the view. What is more, when you spin above the surface, or switch to Telescope mode you are able to see the Moon as it appears from your location on Earth.

Adjust the display time and watch the sunlight shift over the lunar landscape. There is a “tag cloud” that is floating just above the surface, labeling terrain features, and spacecraft; touch any label to find out more about that feature.

In other words, Moon Globe shows you the accurate sky position of the Moon and the Sun with its dynamic sky compass. The whole information, details, and fact about the Moon that you will find in this app are provided by the scientists. Thus, now you’re able to explore not only the surface of Earth but of the Moon as well.

The only possible drawback that you might face here is the quality of the image translated from the space stations is not very good. The image is often blurred.

Moon Globe1


Interested in earthquakes? Then you will like the application Earthquake. Get interesting information about earthquakes around the world. You will also learn about the likelihood of earthquakes near you.

The application will send you an alert. To do this, allow access to notifications and select the desired area. The application can also track your geolocation. Thus, if the earthquake starts next, you will receive a warning on your phone.

Features of the application Earthquake :

  • You can share information with your friends by mail or on social networks. To do this you need to register.
  • Import and export. If you made any entries in the application, then you can easily transfer them to any other device.
  • Quickly and easily switch between modes and application sections.
  • There are 7 types of maps available in the application. You can choose any card that suits your preferences.
  • All for users. The application is absolutely free. You can download it to your device without any problems. Also, the application has no ads at all. This will only please you.
  • If you find an interesting object, you can get detailed information about it.
  • This feature will tell you the time, distance, longitude, latitude, and depth of the terrain.

In addition to all this, the application is very easy to use. The developers have tried to please everyone. That is why this can be used by both a student and a professional geologist.


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Geology Toolkit Lite

This is an educational app that provides a comprehensive guide to minerals and rocks. The app has a user-friendly interface and provides users with essential knowledge about various minerals and rocks.

You can select a mineral or rock and learn about its properties, origin, uses, and other relevant information. The app also features quizzes that test users’ knowledge about minerals and rocks.

The quizzes are a fun way to test your knowledge and reinforce what you have learned.

Also, the app has an average quality of images, which makes it easy to identify different minerals and rocks. However, some of the images could be clearer and more detailed.

One of the main flaws of the app is that it lacks some important minerals and rocks. Some users have expressed frustration about this, as they expected a more comprehensive list of minerals and rocks.

It is easy to use and provides comprehensive information about minerals and rocks and the app is still worth using for anyone who wants to learn more about the subject.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive information on minerals and rocks.
  • Fun quizzes to test knowledge.


  • Lack of comprehensive coverage of minerals and rocks.
  • Could benefit from more interactive features and videos.
  • Some images could be clearer and more detailed.
Geology Toolkit Lite1
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