9 Free Football Card Games for Android & iOS

Are you a fan of football and card games at the same time? This article has you covered!

There are lots of free football card games for Android and iOS that combine the best out of these two genres. These games empower you to form the dream team out of your fave players and surpass all your opponents. Some of the games even have the cards with licensed autographs of the players!

Here’s the list of 9 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

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FIFA Confederations Cup

FIFA Confederations Cup is a sports application that provides football fans with up-to-date information about the FIFA Confederations Cup, an international football tournament held every four years.

The app includes comprehensive coverage of the tournament including live scores, match highlights, team news, player stats, and more.

  • Good app for football lovers
  • An interesting type of graphics
  • Lightweight

Users can also access the app’s unique features, such as the ability to create your own team, follow your favorite teams and players, and enter prediction contests to win prizes.

The app’s downsides include intermittent technical glitches, slow downloads, and frequent ads, which can be annoying.

The quality of the graphics in the app is decent, with crisp and clear images and animations that enhance the user experience.

In conclusion, although the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup app is a great tool for football fans, it has some drawbacks such as occasional technical issues and frequent ads. However, it provides comprehensive coverage of the tournament and its unique features make it worth a look.

Just don’t expect it to be perfect, or you’ll feel more disappointed than the player who conceded an open goal.

Football Card World Cup1

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Top Stars: Football Match! – Strategy Soccer Cards

The next game is called Top Stars: Football Match! and this is a soccer strategy game based on card collecting.

Your aim in this game is to get as many cards as you can and win the world’s tournament as a result. On your way to the world’s cup, you will need to go through national league and lots of duels with other users. Therewith, you will need to collect the cards to form the most powerful team the world has ever seen.

Herewith, all the cards are dedicated to the world’s famous soccer players so you can pick your fave ones. All players reflected on the cards have their own strong and weak points that you need to consider while playing. You start with the simplest football arena abut it will get bigger and cooler when you’ll move forward in the game.

Plus, you will get bonuses for each victory you’ve got and you can spend it on improving your team or some members in particular. You can also earn skill cards that level ups the strength of your crew members. Besides, the app has in-game buying that can get you exclusive stuff.

Top Stars: Card Soccer League1

FIFA World Cup Card Game

FIFA World Cup is a collectible card game that won’t leave any football fan cold.

Your aim in this game is to settle the cards with the world’s best players and trade them. All the cards are dedicated to the real players and you can collect all your favorite ones to form the most powerful team. Furthermore, each card has its own strengths and weaknesses so you’ll need to think strategically to get the victory over your competitors.

Apart from the modern age players, the game also covers the players of the last four decades. Visually the cards look great and they are illustrated with HQ pics. You can play against other users or train with the AI to sharpen your skills. Plus, you can trade your cards with your contestants to get the best team composition possible.

With each win, you will earn points and bonuses that can be spent on developing your team’s powers. Therewith, you can get card packs with lots of fun stuff in it. As for trading, it’s being made through the trading pool and users from all over the globe can participate. There are even auctions for the rarest cards in the game.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Card Game1

Topps Total Football

Topps Total Football is a mobile app that brings football fans closer to the game.

Сollect and sell digital soccer cards featuring your favorite players from all over the world, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and more. You can create your own collections, solve challenges and compete with other collectors in the global community.

  • Good app for football lovers
  • Nice
  • Fast to load

To be honest, I didn’t know about this app before, but it really reminds me of a FIFA Word Cup game.

The app also has social elements allowing users to connect with other collectors, exchange cards, and participate in friendly competitions.

However, some users have reported occasional app glitches such as slow loading and crashes. In addition, the app requires an internet connection to function properly, which can be inconvenient for users in areas with poor connectivity.

The app provides an engaging and interactive experience, although some users may experience technical difficulties from time to time. So, if you are a football fanatic, try this app and start building your collection today!

Topps Total Football1

NFL Blitz – Play Football Trading Card Games

NFL Blitz is a collectible and trading card game dedicated to football.

This game is fully licensed. Thus, you have the ability to collect licensed players’ cards with autographs and trade them if needed. Therewith, the game also has cards with exclusive stuff important to the community of football lovers. Your aim in the game is to form your own crew to beat all the other users.

It needs to be said, all the cards have strong and weak points that you need to consider while playing. You can play with your mates or with other random users from all over the world. In case you’re not sure you play good enough yet you can try training mode.

And if you feel like you’re missing a particular team member you don’t have a card with you can trade the card you need from other users. Each win will get you rewards and bonuses that can help you level up your team’s powers.

You can also upgrade the particular players if needed. Plus, you can get free bonuses just of opening the game on a daily basis.

NFL Blitz - Play Football Trad1

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KICK: Football Card Trader

KICK: Football Card Trader is a football game bases on card collecting.

The game has a huge compilation of cards with various football players so you can collect your fave ones. Plus, new cards are being added almost every day so there’s a lot to choose from. It needs to be said, all the cards are dedicated to real players from around the world.

Besides, you can pick up your fave cards that will be presented on the app’s main screen. All cards also illustrated with original artworks and they look cool.

Plus, if you want some player in your collection and can’t get his card you can trade one from other users. Each game you’ll participate in goes live against a real person so you’ll need to stay focused.

Wherein, you ill get rewards for each win and you can spend it on improving your team. Furthermore, there’s a golden goal mode that you can use to get all or nothing when it comes to cards. The game has a leaderboard with top players so you can view all your competitors and estimate them.

TOPPS® KICK® Card Trader1

Soccer Star Football Cards: The soccer game

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards is a card soccer game that aims you to become the best player in history.

The outstanding thing about this game is that it covers both men and women football players from all over the world. Your goal in the game is to improve all your strong points to get into the best league. This game basically simulates the way of life for the average soccer player.

Thus, you start by playing in small football leagues while dreaming to become the best player ever. Wherein, you can collect the cards that give you a place to live in, buy you a car ot improve your strength. There are also lots of cards that affect your lifestyle and your physical conditions.

When you’ll move forward in the game you can hit to the top and become the soccer legend. Once you’ll be successful enough you will get offers from various leagues and teams asking to play for them. And just like in real life, the outcome only depends on your decisions. The graphics in the game is top-level and feels highly realistic.

Soccer Star 23 Super Football

Match Attax 22-23

Match Attax 22-23  is a popular mobile app that allows users to collect, trade and play with virtual football trading cards. The app allows players to build their own collection of cards featuring their favorite football players for the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

  • Good app for football fans and collectors
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Periodic technical failures
  • In-game purchases

The app works by allowing users to collect virtual cards and create their own squads by trading with other players in the game. Once a squad is assembled, players can compete in virtual matches against other users around the world.

One of the main strengths of the app is its ability to connect football fans from all over the world and provide them with a platform to participate in friendly competitions. In addition, the application features high-quality graphics that bring virtual cards and matches to life.

Match Attax 22-23 is an enjoyable and fun mobile app that offers football fans a unique way to connect and interact with their favorite players and teams.

Whether you are an experienced collector or a beginner, this app is definitely worth a try. Just be prepared for occasional bugs or in-app purchases.

 And always remember that in a virtual soccer game, the only red card you get is a notification that your phone is about to run out of power.

Match Attax 22/231

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Panini AFL Footy Stars

Panini AFL Footy Stars is a sports-themed app that allows you to collect digital versions of your favorite Australian Football League (AFL) player cards.

To start using the app, you need to create an account and purchase virtual player card packs using the app’s currency or real money.

You can then exchange cards with other users or use them to participate in various games and challenges within the app.

The app has high-quality graphics and detailed player profiles, making it a must-have for avid AFL fans. However, some users are reporting random crashes and slow downloads, which can be frustrating.

Overall, the app offers fans a fun and engaging way to connect with their favorite AFL players, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

Despite occasional crashes, the graphics quality is excellent and the app provides a great user experience. So, if you are an AFL enthusiast and want to collect virtual player cards, this app is definitely worth a try.

Panini FIFA 365 AdrenalynXL1
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