Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle Software Review

For the successful functioning of large organizations, law enforcement agencies, and even for working with a home PC, access to encrypted data is required. With the help of Elcomsoft products, you can get data from smartphones and tablets, passwords of mobile backups, as well as view information stored on mobile devices. In addition, you can conduct a security audit of wireless networks.

But before transferring information from your phone to the PC make sure that it’s clean from any viruses. The best antivirus app that will help you to get rid of malware, can be found here. 

With the help of the Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle, state and law enforcement agencies can conduct forensic analysis, collect evidence, and restore access to encrypted information. This application can become an effective tool for large organizations that care about corporate security.


The software has a wide range of compatibility with various generations of iOS devices; users have the ability to decrypt backups of BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10. You can get WhatsApp data. Through a wireless network, you can purchase devices with the Windows operating system and Google accounts. You also can take out and analyze user’s detailed location history, Chrome passwords, search queries, and browsing history, contacts, Gmail messages, photos, and so on.

You can work with more than five hundred data formats, and thanks to careful optimization and acceleration with the help of graphics adapters, distributed and cloud computing, you can get the most complex passwords in the shortest possible time.


What we think is priceless about this app is that you can discover deleted messages (including deleted SMS and Messages in iOS backups), view passwords stored in the user’s Google Account and iOS keychain.

By the way, another way to get rid of any spy software from your phone before file transfer is getting an anti-malware app. 

The quality indicator is full-fledged technical support and a clear update policy. The cost varies, we recommend buying a full package because the developers provide a significant discount, which is more profitable than buying products separately. You get not only the software but also full transparency, detailed reports, speed, and ease of use.

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