9 Best Elevation apps for Android & iOS

Even though today people have various electronic devices, they still live a full life, going hiking, climbing mountains and so on. But even here the technologies has improved the area. In the past making measurements of altitude and pressure required a lot of special tools which were heave to carry on.

Now with our gadgets, we can find out the altitude on any point of the Earth by a simple click on the smartphone screen. All we have to do is to choose the best elevation app which would suit our tastes the most.

Simple Altimeter – Elevation, Barometer, Altitude

Want to keep an eye on your location? Observe changes in pressure, altitude, latitude, and longitude? Try using the Simple Altimeter application.

You can use the barometer to monitor altitude relative to sea level. The app will show you magnificent landscapes and mountains that change as the time of day changes and so on.

You can also use the altimeter to monitor altitude differences at two points – and believe me, it’s there even if you don’t think your altitude has changed! Some people with a sensitivity to altitude, such as asthma sufferers, use these applications to monitor their condition.

Go on a hike, go to the mountains or just walk – measure your performance around with Simple Altimeter. You have no idea how much fun you have around you!


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My Altitude

This app is used for determining your location too. When you want to know your altitude (height from sea level), barometric pressure and water boiling point you just launch My Altitude.

The best thing it doesn’t require the Internet connection in order to start working. It best works outdoors. You can detect your altitude at your current position or find a certain location on the map or the location where you have been to and measure its height. It is essential to know that the newer your device is, the more accurate your measurements will be.

Another fun option here is that you can take a picture of where you are at the moment and save it to the album. The picture will be saved with all the coordinates from the app, along with altitude and local date/time. Barometric Pressure is calculated based on elevation. All in all, you will stay aware of the situation around you while making trips.


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My Elevation

This app uses a web connection to precisely detect your location by any means. Then it will detect your elevation. This is for those who consider that data from the Internet is more precise than those measurements that your device can do.

The application shows the surface elevation above sea level based latitude and longitude. Remember, that when you are in the aircraft or somewhere high above the ground the app will be unable to detect your elevation. You have to be connected to the Internet in order to receive all the necessary data about your location. Otherwise, the app will not work.

You can choose to Follow Me mode and the app will be detecting details of your locations all the way along as you walk. What is more, you can search for a certain location and the app will show the weather there and also bring you some details from Wikipedia about that place. For those, who like to explore places from distance this option will be really curious. You can click on a location on the map and the app will show you the closes attractions nearby. Then, if you want, you can see the street panorama of places and share your locations via social networks.


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With this app, you can plan any route safely and confidently. It will measure the distance, elevation, weather, etc. There is also a navigator with the voice which tells you where to turn while making your journey. You can also check your route for severe weather. If there is information that the weather is going to be dangerous then you will get an alarm.

The app gives you a possibility to create your own routes based on your preparations and settings, such as distance, elevation, time and so on. Interactive charts show route elevation, curviness, weather (temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed/direction, severe weather alerts).

It also shows the time of sunrise and sunset.

Moreover, you can always find some amenities near a particular point marked by you. If you liked the route that you have completed then save it to your favorites in the app. Set the time of departure and arrival, check the conditions and you are ready to go.


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Altimeter & Altitude Widget

This is a widget for you to detect the altitude that you are currently at. You can search for other altitudes at locations as well. Location-based altitude from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission.

Satellite-based altitude (GPS altitude) corrected to the height above mean sea level (AMSL). Get actual land survey altitude values for your location from the United States Geologic Survey.

What is more, if you have a better device with a barometer sensor then you can measure pressure altitude. You can use this app even being offline to measure your height above the sea level. For example, if you are going skiing, you can record your way then review it and see which points had a certain elevation and slope in order to be more precise with your progress. Altitude mapping, altitude search, and bathymetry (lake and sea depths) are also included with DS Altimeter. Tap anywhere on a map to get the altitude or water depth at that location.


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HyperLocal Weather ⛅ ِِby Current Elevation

As we all know, the weather at different heights can be very different. The mountains can be sunny and clear, and the valley can be raging with hurricanes. To keep you up to date with the weather at all times, HyperLocal Weather was developed.

Since the normal weather forecast gives you an average temperature in the area, you never know the exact degrees of centigrade for a particular mountain. With every hundred meters above sea level changing dramatically, HyperLocal Weather measures the weather at a specific location.

You can even get a thermal map of the current weather for the entire globe! HyperLocal Weather will also send you critical temperature alerts, storm warnings, and more. Don’t be in the middle of a disaster with HyperLocal Weather. You’ll also be able to be dressed for the weather and never lose out on whether you should wear a sweater today or not.


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Elevation and Sea Depth

Just like in the previous case this app was made simply for measurements of ground and sea levels. You can see it yourself when you download the app. It works within the range of 5 km and directions rounded to 15° steps.

What is more, as you walk, the information about the surroundings updates every km. In the interface of the program, you also will not find any extra settings or options – only diagrams showing your current progress of walking and measurements of the ground and sea level. Besides, this app shows very detailed and professional numbers.


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GPS Altitude Elevation

You don’t want to get lost? Or do you think it’s worth periodically fixing your coordinates during a hike or when climbing a mountain? The GPS Altitude Elevation calculates your exact location and gives you an estimate of your altitude. Of course, up to a centimeter of accuracy, no one promises you, but the data is roughly accurate.

You can send your coordinates by email or SMS to your friends or yourself. The text that you see in the picture can be easily customized, formatted, or copied. In the settings, you can also adjust the refresh rate of your GPS coordinates.

The accuracy of your location depends on the signal strength. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will not be able to see the altitude you are at.

The accuracy of the calculation of coordinates in rooms is lower than on the open surface, this should be considered. When you’re hiking and conquering new summits and GPS Altitude Elevation routes, you need to let your friends and family know where you are and keep them informed.


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Easy Altimeter and Compass

And the last app is the one which includes not only the altimeter but also a compass. Remember how it was when we had to take it with ourselves every time that we went to the difficult locations? Now you have a total set of a hiker consisting of a map, measuring your altitude and a compass. Easy Altimeter has two methods of acquiring the altitude: direct GPS and Altitude Correction. Our algorithm will determine automatically which of the 2 methods is better and faster for determining your altitude based on current conditions. But for all the measurements the app will require the Internet connection. The app will also show weather details and conditions of your current location or any spot chosen by you on the map.

What is more, the precision of the measurements depends on the signal of your GPS. Keep in mind that walls, vehicle roofs, tall buildings, mountains, and other obstructions may block line of sight to GPS satellites. There is also a map which has 3 different modes: terrain which is an analog of the physical map, satellite – the GoogleMaps map and Map – it displays the default road map view. In general, this app is extremely useful for those who are going to long distances and both new and professional users will find it valuable.