11 Best Apps for Infants (Android & iOS)

Taking care of a newborn can be really tough. It’s a well-known fact that most parents go through harsh stress while raising a child so let’s find out how you could make this journey a little easier.

There are lots of apps for infants (Android and iOS) that will help you with raising a newborn. These apps can do lots of stuff — from tips and educational articles to singing your baby a lullaby.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

Peanut – Meet other Women


Let’s start with an app called Peanut. This is an app for mother that empowers you to digitally hang out with other moms and ask them for advice.

From the first look, the concept of this app looks like a dating service — it shows you the profiles of other mothers near you and empowers you to communicate with them. Plus, there are profiles of expecting women and ladies that can offer you babysitting help.

The app has a built-in chat that you can use to ask other users’ nursery and other baby-related questions. It needs to be said, the app has kind and responsive users so you can be sure you’ll get all your answers quickly. The app also supports dual and group video chatting so you can take your communication to a whole new level.

Beyond that, the app can be used to organize thematic meetings and all that. Besides, there are lots of in-app groups dedicated to various topics. You can also write short articles and share your thoughts with the community (don’t forget to use tags so other moms could find it). Plus, you can make thematic polls to find out various opinions on various topics.

Peanut 1 Peanut 2


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The Wonder Weeks vs 9

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks is another app that can answer all of your motherhood questions.

Being a mother to a newborn might be hella confusing. Your baby can’t talk yet and it seems impossible to understand what he wants from you. And that’s when this app comes to play — it’s aimed to explain to you how your infant reacts and what his behavior means.

The app covers more than 500 facts about babies’ development process so you can be sure most of your questions will be answered. Plus, the app gets weekly updates which means you’ll never run out of study materials.

The app can tell you when your infant feels fussy, sleepy, or eats less than usual. All the topics come with a detailed explanation of the steps you need to do and if it’s time to call a specialist.

Besides, the app has a built-in journal you can fill with your personal baby behavior notes. You can also use the in-app’s calendar to mark all the behavior changes from day to day. The app will analyze all your notes and tell you when your baby will make a leap in his development. Plus, you will be able to view all the analyses and stats at any time to see how your child is growing.

The Wonder Weeks 1 The Wonder Weeks 2


MyMedela Baby Tracker, Breastfeeding & Lactation


Mandela is a baby tracker app that empowers you to track everything related to your child.

The main aim of this app is to enable you to track the feedings of your newborn but it has lots of other useful tools. As for the feeding, you can make a breastfeeding schedule to never miss the time to feed your child. Therewith, you can record the baby’s weight, height, sleep cycle, and even the diaper changes.

Plus, you can make an individual timetable for pumping. It’s even possible to attach the app to your smart breast bumps like Sonata or something. Furthermore, the app has a huge Q&A section that covers the most commonly asked questions about breast milk and pumping. The app even covers advice on how to manage troubles with your pumping machines.

Along with calendars, you can also set notifications that will remind you to go and feed your baby with breast milk. Therewith, the app will track your progress and give you virtual rewards if you’ll do breast milk feeding regularly. The app is fully free with no ads or subscription packs which is very generous for its features.

MyMedela 1 MyMedela 2


GLOW. Baby Tracker & Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log

Glow Baby

GLOW is another app that is aimed to keep an eye on all aspects of your infant care routine.

This app practically tracks every single step of your newborn care during the first year of his life. You can make a schedule for his sleep, bottle-feed, or whatever else.

Therewith, the app is bundled with educational materials that will help you to understand how to give your baby the best care possible. The new articles are being added every day so you’ll never run out of stuff to read.

On top of that, the app will send you daily parenting tips that will help you to stay on a good course. Plus, the app empowers you to make in-depth breast milk feeding schedules along with the bumping ones. You can even set notifications that will remind you to go and do something.

Furthermore, the app has an active community of users you can communicate with and learn some tips from. Besides, you can share pics of your baby every day to capture the best moments of his life. There’s also a development tracker you can use to view how your baby grows and evolves.

Glow Baby 1 Glow Baby 2


BabyTime (Parenting, Track & Analysis)


BabyTime is a parenting app that will teach you to give your infant the best care possible.

This is an all-in-one app that covers all aspects of newborn baby life. The main thing this app is loved for is its system of tracking. The app empowers you to track everything — from food to sleep and diaper change. Plus, you can make individual bottle-feed timetables and the pumping one.

Therewith, all the notes your make is being analyzed by the app and you can view the results on a diagram form. Due to this, the app can send you reminders to feed your infant or put him asleep when it’s time to do so. These diagrams enable you to figure out your baby’s personal rhythm and make parenting choices according to it. Plus, you can send these diagrams to the babysitter to make sure all the needs of your child are considered.

Furthermore, the app has a built-in journal that you can use to mark all your visits to the hospital and all that. You can also record the weight and height of your baby to see how it will change with time. You can even accompany your notes with pics to see the changes more clearly.

BabyTime 1 BabyTime 2


Sound Sleeper – White Noise

Sound Sleeper

As you can guess by the title, Sound Sleeper is an app that will help your infant to fall asleep faster.

The main feature of this app is the white noise that helps your baby to sleep longer and calmer than he usually does. But apart from that, the app has lots of other fun tools that can ease your parenting routine quite a lot. The app has a huge compilation of versatile sounds — from hushing or rustling to the noise that a vacuum cleaner does.

But why do I need a sound of a vacuum cleaner you might ask? The answer is, you can try all the noises to find out which one of them helps your infant to calm down. And then, you can turn on listen mode that will automatically play this sound if your baby will start crying.

On top of that, you can use this app to record your own lullabies and the app will pay it to your crying child (maybe you won’t even need to get out of the bed to calm your infant down). Besides, the app is capable of tracking your baby’s sleep patterns that will help you to understand when is the best time to wake him up.

Sound Sleeper 1 Sound Sleeper 2


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Baby Night Light: Instant Sleep Aid & White Noises

Baby Night LightBaby Night Light is an app that serves as an actual nightlight for your child anytime anywhere. The app has a compilation of 14 adorable cartoonish animal designs you can pick from. When you’ll be done with that, you can then pick the color scheme and the level of brightness. Next, you pick a lullaby and the animal sings it to your child.

The concept might sound a bit basic but it’s actually a perfect tool to get your infant into dreamland when you’re somewhere far away from home. The stats even says that this app can help your baby to overcome the fear of darkness.

As for the animals, they are actually the cutest and you can show them to your baby while he is still awake. All animals have unique voices so you can pick the one you and your infant enjoy the most. Plus, the animals are all animated so it will be interesting for a baby to watch over them. Along with this that, the app also has a collection of noises such as white noise, the vacuum cleaner, the car, or whatever else.

Baby Night Light 2 Baby Night Light 1


BabySparks – Development Activities and Milestones


BabySparks is an app that will help you to keep an eye on your infant’s development milestones.

The main goal of this app is to make sure your baby goes through all the essential milestones of development — from crawling to walking and talking. And even if it seems like a long ride you will go through it faster and easier if all the steps will be recorded and tracked.

Well, at least you will save lots of your nerves that could’ve been spending on worrying that your baby doesn’t start walking or talking as fast as you’ve expected. Along with tips and educational materials that the app also covers everyday tasks that will stimulate the healthy development of your infant.

All those exercises are personalized, and they consider the age and the stage of your baby. Besides, these exercises cover lots of aspects — from motor and cognitive to speech or self-care. You can take notes and describe how your baby behaves after every exercise so the app could analyze it and give it back to you in a stats form.

BabySparks 1 BabySparks 2


Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

WTE stands for what to expect and this app basically tells you how you should react to your infant’s behavior and what it means.

This app actually made for both expecting women and the mothers of kids up to 2 years old. The app practically covers every question you can have during your pregnancy and the first two years of motherhood. There are even lists of baby-related items that are recommended by other moms as well as the best birth locations.

There are tips on how to take care of your infant, how to make sure e hoes through all development stages, and even the importance of games. For now, the app has more than 15 thousand articles and its number is constantly updating.

Therewith, all the articles are written by certified medical and psychological experts so you can be sure all the tips are useful for your baby’s growth. Plus, you can mark the changes you notice in your baby every day — from height and weight to behavior and show it to your family doctor.

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker 1 Pregnancy & Baby Tracker 2


WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby is an app that will advise you on everything related to your baby’s health.

If you’ve ever Googled any suspicious symptoms of your infant or intended to do so — this app will be an absolute life savior. This app is practically the pediatrician in your pocket — it covers all the latest health news, tips, info about vaccines, and all that.

Therewith, all the articles you see in the app are written by certified medicians and specialists in baby care so you can fully trust it. The app also has a whole category of info about the baby’s sleep including tips on how to make him get into dreamland faster.

Besides, the app has a breastfeeding calendar that empowers you to keep track of your feeding and pumping time. There’s also a diaper schedule that helps you to make sure your baby’s diaper is always fresh. Of course, the app has a journal you can use to record your child’s weight, height, and other physical aspects and you can even add pics to it.

WebMD Baby 1 WebMD Baby 2


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Tinybeans Family Photo Album & Baby Milestones App

Tinybeans Family

And lastly, Tinybeans is a cute app that empowers you to keep all the precious memories of your infant’s growth.

For better or for worse, there’s not that many people left who still print their pics and put them in photo albums. But what can be sweeter than a pic of a newborn baby? Lots of pics! This app serves as an actual photo album but on your phone.

It empowers you to catch the brightest and the most important moments of your baby on his development journey. There, the app gives you an unlimited amount of space to store pics so you can literally take shots every few minutes. You can also write notes to all your pics so it will be easier to freshen the memories in the future.

Along with that, the app has a parenting section with various tips on how to help your baby to get a healthy development and how to save yourself lots of nerves. There are lots of articles that explain what different baby behavior means and how you should act as a parent.

Tinybeans 1 Tinybeans 2


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