11 Best Auto Likers Apps in 2023

Likes are a measure of your social media profile scopes. Also, likes can be your way of promotion – for that you need to use them to interact with other users’ content.

By the way, you can also use these free hashtag generator apps for socials to increase your profile scopes.

Whatever task you are facing, these best auto likers apps in 2023 will definitely become your indispensable helpers. Try them all or choose the greatest one.

BoostLikes by LikeApps

BoostLikes is an Android mobile app that helps users increase the number of likes and followers on their social media accounts. The app is compatible with several popular platforms, so you can use it for any online profile.

It offers to promote your profile with special hashtags that help you attract new audiences. After installing and launching the app, you will be able to access the functionality of the program with simple step-by-step instructions.

The features of the app help users to get more likes on their publications. At the same time, getting a large number of followers is completely free of cost. Just write the desired number of hashtags in the box and the app will automatically give you the desired information.

The program is available in different languages, which makes it convenient and universal in use. Choose the language that suits you and start searching for hashtags right now.

The convenience of the app is that you can copy the suggested tag variants to the clipboard and use them in your publications. Then, a lot of likes will automatically go to your posts.

The app is constantly updated with the latest trends, so you can get up-to-date information. It provides tags that are the most popular among subscribers. You can also top up for real money and get access to more features.

The app can be protected with an extra password, which will guarantee closed access to content for third parties. If necessary, you can take advantage of support by asking any question in the 24-hour chat.


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Auto Tapper: Auto Clicker

Auto Tapper: Auto Clicker is a mobile app designed to automate screen clicks. This app will help you simplify a lot of tasks that require multiple screen taps, such as social media posts liking, playing games, testing interfaces, etc.

Once you launch the app, you will be able to design your scripts to perform basic tasks and tap on your phone screen at a certain time and a certain number of times. You can customize single or multiple clicks.

In this mode, the app will automatically click on the specified location on the mobile screen with a delay that you set yourself. In multiple-click mode, you can set the app to automatically perform a series of clicks at an adjustable speed.

You will be able to specify the delay between each click, the number of clicks, and even the time it takes to complete the entire cycle. You can also graphically represent the clicks. This allows you to customize the app for any purpose or task.

For example, you can draw and customize the convenient position of clicks on the screen so that they are executed simultaneously or alternately. To do this, you can experiment with the parameters by setting different speeds and delays between taps.

The app also allows you to customize hotkeys to control the app. This means that you can assign button combinations to specific commands, including turning the auto-clicker on and off, changing the mode of operation, etc. This makes it easy to switch between different settings and modes of the app.

The Auto Tapper: Auto Clicker app provides the ability to save and load settings.


BoostLike by BoostLikeApps

BoostLike is a mobile app that will help you promote your social media account, increase the popularity of your publications, and boost the number of followers.

With it, you will be able to automatically get likes, comments, and followers from real users. This means that your account will be actively developed and your publications will be seen by more people, which will contribute to greater popularity.

The app can be easily customized to the required parameters. It is enough to specify your account without even logging into it. The service does not ask for passwords, which ensures the safety and privacy of your personal data.

With the help of the app, you can increase the number of likes to the desired level. This can be done with the help of special coins, which you will receive for advertising or real money. Buy the necessary number of coins to activate the function you need. Perform tasks and get extra rewards for this.

You can choose a standard package to get a basic number of likes, comments, or subscribers. If you need more promotion, you can choose the advanced package that will get you many more likes, comments, and subscribers.

Get high-rated comments to increase the trust of your audience. Promote social media without spending more than an hour of your time. Contact support chat and clarify any questions you may have. Track your coin balance right in the app.


Auto Tapper Tap

Auto Tapper Tap is a mobile app to automate tapping on your device’s screen. It is designed to help you increase your productivity and simplify routine tasks. Thus, this service is great for those who want to put or get likes automatically.

This program can also be useful for app testing, auto-scrolling, and more. It app allows you to set the exact time or interval for automatic screen taps. You can choose how long the tapping will last and how much time should pass between taps.

The app also allows you to customize the conditions for the automatic click. Record your on-screen actions and replay them in the future so that you don’t have to set the parameters again.

Auto Tapper Tap offers various options for screen tapping. You can customize the intensity of the tap, the location of the click on the screen, and other settings to make your tasks as easy as possible.

Save your scripts for future use and edit them to your preferences using the app’s functionality.


Auto Click – Automatic Clicker

This mobile app allows you to set up automatic clicks on your device screen, which can be useful when performing repeating tasks. Once installed, you can configure all the necessary settings.

Set the interval between clicks, the duration of clicks, and their number in a certain period of time. You can also select different areas of the screen to perform clicks or set a delay before the process starts.

One of the features of the app is the ability to record and save click templates that you can use in the future. This is convenient, as you can save templates for different tasks and quickly switch between them without having to customize them each time.

The app also gives you the option to customize hotkeys to control automatic clicking. You can select any key or combination of keys to start or stop auto-click, making it easy to control the process.

Set the app to run in the background, allowing you to perform other tasks or play games while the taps continue to run automatically. The app is compatible with many platforms, allowing you to use it to work and have fun on different websites and mobile apps.


Auto Clicker – Automatic tap by True Developers Studio

Auto Clicker – Automatic tap allows you to create automatic clicks on the chosen positions on your device’s screen, freeing you from having to constantly tap by your hand. Thanks to this, you can greatly simplify various tasks and increase your efficiency.

One of the main features of the app is the ability to record and replay the actions performed on the screen. You can record any action, including clicks, swipes, and holds.

After recording these actions, you can customize the intervals between them and set the number of repetitions. The app will then automatically play back them on your device.

Customize the time intervals between taps and the duration of the tap. Adjust the click rate and the rest of the settings. You can also choose from four different click modes: single, multiple, sequential, or random. This allows you to control the process of automatic clicks.

Save your scripts and activate them for different actions on your smartphone. Edit and change the settings to get the desired result and the perfect click technique.


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Likers – Boost Likes

Likers – Boost Likes is a mobile app to increase the number of likes under your social media posts. It provides an opportunity to increase the popularity of your posts by attracting more attention from users.

The app interacts with social media platforms to automatically increase the number of likes on your account. It supports several popular social networks, so you can choose the platform and customize the settings to suit your preferences.

After installing and launching the app, you can choose the number of likes you want.

In this app, your account and data will be fully protected. It does not require access to your password or personal information.

You can save up coins that will be needed to unlock new features and functions of the app. You can get them for special activities and for completing various tasks.

The app has a simple functionality that is completely located on the home screen. Even without experience, you will be able to start using it right away and try all the basic functions. If necessary, users can contact the live chat with 24/7 support.


Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap by VP TRAVEL ., JSC

This is a mobile app for automatically performing clicks on the screen of your device. With its help, you can significantly simplify routine tasks by replacing real human actions with automated screen clicks.

The app offers several modes of operation, so you can choose the most suitable option for you. There is an automatic click mode that allows you to set the delay between clicks, their number and location on the screen.

Apart from the auto-click mode, the app also offers an auto-scroll feature. With it, you can quickly scroll through long lists or web pages. Set the scrolling speed, direction, and the stop point.

The app supports an automatic text entry feature. If you need to enter a lot of similar messages or data, the app can make the process easier. Create ready-made text templates and save them. Then, select a specific template from the list and the app will automatically enter it into the required field.

Customize the settings of the app to make it work offline without your help. Save your settings to use them in the future.


Likes Pro: Facebook Counter

Likes Pro is a mobile app to automatically keep track of the number of likes and reactions on your social media page.

You will be able to see the dynamics of the number of likes and keep track of what gets more responses from your subscribers. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to more intelligently approach the composition of content and analyze what works better.

Also, when you receive a new like, the app shows the current number of likes on the screen and activates a thank you caption. To get this information, you just need to log in to the app through your social network account.

If you have multiple profiles, you can connect all of them at once. Save your password and other data to quickly log in to your account and instantly track the number of likes.

The app ensures data security and privacy, so you can be sure that your personal information is safe. You can launch the app on both your mobile device and tablet. Connect to the paid version to get access to more features.


Auto Clicker: Auto Tapper App

This is a mobile app for automatic clicking on your iOS device. With this app, you can automate processes that need multiple screen taps and save your time.

Once installed, you will have access to a number of features that will help you create your customizations and start automatically clicking on the screen. You can select an area and customize the frequency of clicks.

You’ll need this when you need to save activity on your device or perform simple actions on third-party platforms. The app works offline as well, so you can run click scripts without turning it on.

When the layout is complete, you can replay the clicks and check their speed. If you don’t like something, you can edit and fix it.

With the app, you can overlay automatic clicks on other apps or games. Customize the options for each individual script. Add click slowdown, delay before starting, and other options.


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OP Auto Clicker – Auto Tap

OP Auto Clicker – Auto Tap is a mobile app for automatic clicks on your phone, designed to improve the efficiency and usability of apps. The app offers a wide range of features that allow you to automate tasks on your mobile device.

With its help, you can customize automatic clicks on your device screen and set the necessary pause between them. Select specific coordinates on the screen or use the feature to automatically detect them.

This app also offers the option to customize the frequency of clicks. Set the time interval between them to get the most accurate results.

Set the duration settings for each click for different tasks. You can record your actions on the screen as scripts and play them back in the future.

The app supports background operation, which allows you to make automatic clicks even when the program is inactive. This allows you to customize and use click scripts on third-party platforms and other apps.

Save your customizations and scripts to use them repeatedly.

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