5 Best Fake Crypto Wallet Apps for Android and iOS

Cryptocurrency is at the top of popularity right now. Almost every person knows about it. Someone is involved in crypto trading, and someone just follows the rise and fall of its value.

No matter what category of people you belong to – going through this review, you will be able to prank your friends as if you have a lot of bitcoins.

You can also try other ways of such pranks. For example, these free fake money transfer generator apps.

Try these best fake crypto wallet apps for Android and iOS. They look so realistic that no one will suspect a trick. Some of them will even give you useful information. Well, let’s take a look.

Fake Bitcoin Wallet by Binary Matter

The Fake Bitcoin Wallet app is designed for pranking your friends. Here you can create a fake wallet and add as much currency as you want. Make fake cryptocurrency transactions.

No one will suspect you of cheating. The history of all the transactions you have created will be stored in the app. Also, the total value of the wallet will be available to you. If you look at the design of the app, you will notice that it is similar to many crypto wallets. It even has code generation.

To sum up, this app will be the perfect free solution for those who need a fake crypto wallet.


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Fake Crypto Investor by Developer Useful

This app will have you trading cryptocurrency as if you are doing it in reality. It will show you a realistic prediction of how much cryptocurrency you will have in your wallet if you buy or sell bitcoins.

You will get accurate statistics on the possible profits and losses. You need to enter the amount you would like to invest. The app will count how much real time has passed and how much you could have earned. You will also see the current Bitcoin exchange rate.

All these fake coins will appear in your wallet, so you can use them to prank your friends or use them for other purposes.


CryptoSim – Market Simulator

CryptoSim is an app that will allow you to practice cryptocurrency trading. Everything is here for you to successfully master the skills of such trading. Take advantage of the portfolio, charts, real-time price readings, find out the latest news in the world of cryptocurrency, and so on.

There are such coins as ETH, BTC, and others. First of all, you need to choose a starting capital. Specify the amount and start buying cryptocurrency, which you can later sell at a more favorable price. Track the changes in your wallet.

Apply different strategies and experiment. If you make a profit from this trade, you can convert it into SIM, which is the app’s proprietary token. This way, you can create your cryptocurrency wallet.

You can scrape it and use it as a fake crypto wallet to prank your friends. So, this app combines a realistic wallet and the possibility of real practice in this field.


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Cryptomania – Trading Simulator

The Cryptomania app just like the previous one, predicts its users to get crypto trading skills. It is a trading simulator that allows you to practice buying/selling cryptocurrency and create a fake wallet that you can use for your purposes.

You can buy real estate with virtual currency. This is a great investment that will bring you profit. Increase your profits by creating new financial strategies. Spin the wheel of fortune and win prizes. You can spend your profits on in-game purchases.

All these purchases will be displayed in your wallet. All sales and purchases occur using cryptocurrency. So, you will be able to take a screenshot of a fake crypto wallet.

Test your trading skills in other areas. Compete with other traders and get into the top users. This free app does not require any knowledge of cryptocurrency trading.


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Bitcoin BTC Hacker Simulator

The Bitcoin BTC Hacker Simulator app will allow you to simulate the hacking of your friend’s crypto wallet. First of all, you will be greeted by the realistic design of the app. Thanks to this you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of hacking.

To hack a Bitcoin wallet, you will need to analyze the history of transactions, decrypt personal keys, and detect existing vulnerabilities. Having hacked the wallet, you will learn the actual balance, address, and information about the last transaction.

All this information the app will formalize in the form of an authentic log. Now you can prank your friend by sending him or her fake information about the hacked crypto wallet.

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