7 Best Fake Mugshot Maker Apps for Android & iOS

Let’s be honest – mugshots are the kind of pics that never go out of style (if you haven’t actually got to jail, of course). So if you’re curious to see what your mugshot would look like – keep reading this article!

There are fake mugshot maker apps for Android & iOS that lets you create mugshot edits fast and easily. These apps let you come up with different kinds of edits: from classic mugshots to western-style ones. In other words, you’ll get to make mugshots for any occasion: from IG posts to album covers.

We’ve gathered together the 7 best fake mugshot maker apps you may try. Have a look!


Let’s start with the most obvious yet the most time-consuming app of all.

In the first place, this app doesn’t come with pre-made frames or something, so you’ll really need to get patients editing your mugshot. But…why bother? Well, although this app requires some time and patience, it will give you the best-looking mugshot. Herewith, if you need a mugshot to laugh with friends or to joke – this app may be too much.

But if your goal is to make a high-quality edit, this one is your best choice. You may get confused if you’ve never tried to make such complex edits, but you’ll cope with it in the end. First of all, you’ll need to take a photo suitable for a mugshot. The requirements are pretty low: a portrait with a light black background (the wall will be fine).

Then, go to the app, make all the standard color corrections and retouch, and go to the stickers. Sounds odd, but the app covers a wide collection of stickers of any kind, including custom ones. Just look for some nameplates, metered background, and maybe even a robe. Adjust everything to look realistic, and the mugshot is done!.


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Wanted Poster Photo Editor

Next, we have a poster-making app that lets you create western-inspired mugshots in a few clicks.

Sooth to say, this app is the full opposite of the previous one. It’s fully dedicated to one tool, incredibly simple to use, doesn’t give you a variety of frame options, and so on. Although, it gets the job done fast and the results look nice enough to include it in the list. Plus, it’s fully free, so there are basically no risks for you.

And yeah, there are only western-style “wanted” games here, so you won’t get to make a modern mugshot. Herewith, the app covers several frame styles with different quotes, which is pleasant as you can personalize the pic more. For instance, there are “dead or alive” posters and the ones with funny arrest reasons.

The mechanism is simple, just choose one of your portrait pics, then the frame you wanna use, and that’s it – the wanted sign is ready. The quality is pretty nice, and there’s no watermark as well. Once you’re done, you get to save the shot, share it with mates or publish it on social media.

Wanted Poster Photo Editor1

Wanted Poster Pro

As for the concept, this app is pretty much a copy of the previous one, but with some changes.

First of all, the app is for iOS only, and it will cost you a one-time dollar fee. There are no extra paid features though, but you still have to pay before downloading it. The app is incredibly simple to use, so even if you’ve never edited pics before, you’ll be able to cope with it. It covers plenty of western-style frames for any possible occasion.

On one hand, you’re limited with western “wanted” signs, but on the other: there are so many designs that it doesn’t even seem bad anymore. The app is worse simply, at first you need to pick one of the 11 templates that are offered. Along with the classic ones, there are fun options for Harry Potter fans, and more.

Next up, you’ll need to pick a shoot. Make sure to choose close portraits with semi-blank backgrounds, but it’s totally up to you. Then, you can add custom funny phrases of any kind, adjust the fonts, and it’s done. The app doesn’t ruin the quality of original picks, so no worries here. You may also share it with mates with a few taps or send it right into printing.

Wanted Poster Pro1

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Jail Prisoner Suit Photo Maker

This is one more cool prank app for you and your friends. One of its best advantages is that it’s so fast and extremely easy to use.

All you have to do is to pick up a photo from your phone’s gallery or take a picture right in the app, and then just tailor this photo to one of the templates that you will find in the app. In general, these templates are super easy they are just outfits or to be more precise, jail outfits.

Pick up the one you like more. After you’re done editing the picture you can share it on your phone, share it with your friends, or just share it on your social media.


Mugshot Me!

Here’s a mugshot generator that will blow your mind (literally, it will).

Try to think of everything you expect from a mugshot-making app, and then look at this one – this app is the exact opposite. But it’s incredibly funny, maybe even the funniest of the entire list. This app is not about classic dreams and templates, it takes the genres to a whole new level of craziness. It lets you put your face on the heads of arrested celebs!

Sounds insane, but the app covers a wide collection of real mugshots that you can use as a base for your edit. There are over 200 templates and more are added regularly. The mechanics are actually simple: you just need to pick your photo and the template, and the app will merge it for you.

Needless to say, in most cases, you’ll get insanely comical results. Of course, you may try to find people that look like you, but it’s not what the app is here for. Actually, there are practically no limits, so no one stops you from putting the face of your dog on the Rock’s head (in not an offensive way).

Mugshot Me!1

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Wanted Poster Maker

And lastly, we have a poster maker that lets you create western-inspired edits.

The app is fully dedicated to one purpose, and it’s fully automized, so you can just have fun with it. It doesn’t require any skills, except for your sense of humor. The app overs several western templates for wanted signs that you can use as a base. Actually, there are not too many options here, but it’s still enough.

You won’t get to add any custom quotes here – just the name and the rewarding price. As for the mechanics, you’ll need to pick a shot from the gallery, make sure to go for a close portrait. You may also zoom in on the pics for it to be close enough to the face.

It will look even more ice if you’ll add some sepia filters or something (with some other app). You’ll get to customize the size of the pic, adjust the fonts, the size of the text, and more. The app doesn’t affect the quality of the shots, the resulting quality is pretty nice. You may share the result with your mats right away.

Wanted Poster Maker1

Breaking News Memes

This is another cool prank app where you can create funny memes like you’re in the center of federal news. The app allows you to put any photo into the news template and that template can imitate you’re actually in jail and it can be seen in the news.

If we talk about the functionality and design of the app, don’t expect something extraordinary there, because it’s obviously a low-budget app with limited functionality and an easy menu layout. However, that’s quite enough to create funny simple meme pictures and have fun together with your friends.

The app contains some amount of integrated ads just like the other ones in this category. But its advantage is that it offers an unusual idea for fake mugshots that stand out from what others can offer. In total, there are 7 different templates that you can choose from.

Breaking News Memes1
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