9 Best Kitchen Timer Apps for Android & iOS

When reading recipes, we are often confronted with the wording “boil until cooked,” “fry until crispy,” or “simmer until cooked”. Unfortunately, not all of us easily know when a dish is ready, because of small mistakes in time we are disappointed in the result and our culinary abilities.

People have invented a great solution to this problem – kitchen timers. You simply determine the time period you need, and the timer will remind you in time when you need to take out the meat or eggs when it’s time to turn off the oven, and so on. Clock widgets may also help you time your meals.

We found 9 Best Kitchen Timer Apps for Android & iOS that also include some handy hints for kitchen newbies.

Kitchen Timer+ by Springboard Inc.

Kitchen Timer+ by Springboard Inc.Kitchen Timer+ can be considered the most popular cooking app with a time control feature. It also has a paid version with music, with which all the time spent in the kitchen will become even more pleasant and diverse.

This version does not require you to pay any fee or buy a subscription, and you will be able to time your cooking freely.

Kitchen Timer+ has its own custom settings that allow you to change the interface of the app the way you want it. For example, you can choose from four design colors that have been added to match the Japanese seasons.

Here you will find the light pink shade of cherry blossoms, the color of white snow in winter, and others. As for the timer, the Kitchen Timer+ alerts people with sounds and vibrations – so you won’t miss the right moment.

Users can also share their timers on social media with photos of the food they’re cooking or their own recipes.

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Egg Timer by SimpleInnovation

Egg Timer by SimpleInnovationIt would seem – what could be easier than boiling an egg? In fact, a lot of people still don’t know how long it takes to boil eggs to your favorite condition. The Egg Timer will tell you how long you need to keep them on the stove to get the perfect consistency for your favorite dishes.

Eggs for salads, hard-boiled, liquid yolk or fully cooked, poached, and so on – you’ll come across a huge variety of cooking options.

The Egg Timer is capable of showing you the time it takes to make egg sauces or poached eggs. You will need to start the timer with a single touch, selecting the cooking option you want to get the result.

Egg Timer also has variations on how to prepare eggs for sandwiches. In the app, you will need to select the type of egg you are cooking – quail or chicken, its size, the approximate temperature (maybe you just took it out of the fridge or kept it warm), as well as the end result.

The Egg Timer will ensure that you are never mistaken about the right consistency or density of the resulting egg!

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Time Rise

timelap2Another app that you can use as your kitchen timer, is Time Rise.

If you ever wanted to track a period of time on your device without frills, then this app is perfect for you. It is worth noting that the utility interface is created as simplified and high quality as possible. In addition, this program takes up a very small amount of space in the storage of your phone.

Several advantages of the program, receive the most attention from the developers:

  • the main option of the app, which consists of the main purpose of the utility – working as an hourglass using digital technologies
  • one of the unique functions of this utility, which allows you to turn the device literally upside down
  • the ability to choose your favorite color from the unlimited number of built-in color palettes and put it as the main one
  • the presence of day and night mode inside the app, which saves vision and health

Thus, we can say that this app is great for those who want to gain constant control over their time. And also, this utility is completely free and does not require you to invest any money.



Egg Timer by Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg Timer by Egg Farmers of CanadaIt’s easy to find special timers on online stores these days that help you time your eggs right in the pot. If you don’t want to buy a special device, you can simply use the Egg Timer app. It turns your phone into such an unusual timer that controls the cooking time of eggs and makes them just perfect for you.

First, it’s worth noting right off the bat that Egg Timer allows you to do more than just boil eggs. You can cook scrambled eggs, glazed eggs, boiled eggs in different variations and create unique sauces.

Egg Timer is a fully customizable app where you can choose your own cooking methods and determine the time it takes to cook. Secondly, Egg Timer helps you adjust the time depending on the size and weight of the egg, the desired hardness of the boiled yolk, and other parameters.

You will also get to know some interesting recipes in the app that you may not have even seen anywhere before. You can find a dish according to the type or style of cooking, using your favorite eggs and other products.

Egg Timer by Egg Farmers of Canada1 Egg Timer by Egg Farmers of Canada2

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Oven Timer: Kitchen Multi Timer by RoboFrog Studios

Oven Timer Kitchen Multi Timer by RoboFrog StudiosHousewives know how difficult it can be to keep track of several dishes on the stove at the same time. Each one can have its own cooking time and conditions, and the burners on your cooking surface can be set to different temperatures.

The Oven Timer app has now been created to help you take complete control of the entire cooking process – no matter what you’re cooking at the moment.

Oven Timer has several variations of the hobs that are the most common in kitchens around the world. So you can set your own time for each of the burners and get a notification at a certain point that it’s time to turn off the fire.

The Oven Timer also has the ability to time baking and cooking in the oven – perfect for making big holiday dinners, pies, and biscuits. All the timers in Oven Timer work simultaneously, letting you control literally everything.

The app also works in the background, so you can text or use your phone for other things while you’re cooking.

Oven Timer Kitchen Multi Timer by RoboFrog Studios 1 Oven Timer Kitchen Multi Timer by RoboFrog Studios 2


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Thyme – A Modern Kitchen Timer

Thyme - A Modern Kitchen TimerIt seems like you don’t have to time the kitchen – you can do it yourself with a clock and the app becomes useless because it has only one function. However, the developers of Thyme don’t think so.

Their view is that the service really only does one task – but it does it perfectly. A lot of people who like cooking and chefs already use this app to always take dishes off the fire in time and not to let sauces thicken too much by overholding them for a couple of minutes.

The Thyme app has also been highlighted by Lifehacker, a service you definitely visit from time to time. The app is really simple and easy, so it won’t take you long to figure out how it works or how to properly set a certain time.

Just like the previous app, Thyme prompts you to choose the type of your stove and the number of burners on it – so you can control several dishes at once and never make a mistake.

Good food requires the right cooking time, which you can see for yourself. Thyme with its beautiful interface will be firmly fixed on the desktop of your smartphone and you will use it regularly.

Thyme - A Modern Kitchen Timer1 Thyme - A Modern Kitchen Timer2


Pepperino – Kitchen Timer

Pepperino - Kitchen TimerPepperino is a bright orange app with a nice user interface and an easy-to-use control and monitoring system. This kitchen timer will allow you to set as many alarms as you really need – maybe you are making 4 dishes at once and you need to control every little thing!

At the same time, Pepperino will work in the background and will not consume the battery of your device, allowing you to work, watch a video or communicate right in the moment of cooking.

The timer in Pepperino is rather funny – on the screen while the application is running you will see a kind of graphical jars of spices, which are filled with a certain amount of time left.

The countdown can be carried out for several dishes or ingredients at the same time, and you yourself will give them a name. Spaghetti, chicken, soup, or potatoes – set as many alerts as you see fit. Pepperino will trigger at a given moment and remind you to stir the sauce, add salt or turn off the heat.

Pepperino - Kitchen Timer2 Pepperino - Kitchen Timer1


Steak Timer by SimpleInnovation

Steak Timer by SimpleInnovationAt some point, any cook feels the urge to cook the perfect meal. Unfortunately, the perfect steak does not come out the first time – especially if you do not know how to work with it and how long to cook it.

The Steak Timer app will tell even the most inexperienced cook how long and how much steak should be cooked to the desired doneness. It takes into account many nuances that can affect flavor and doneness – the type of meat, the thickness of the steak, degree of the desired doneness.

Based on the results of those data and parameters that you set in the Steak Timer, you will get the time required for cooking. It is recommended to measure the thickness of the steak at least approximately – because this parameter is the main one for grilling.

The Steak Timer has all the degrees of doneness that are claimed for steaks in the best restaurants – you may even get tender meat as if it was cooked by a real chef.

The app also has a cooking progress bar that shows you visually how long you have left to fry it. The modern design of the service will also please those people who are used to using cool apps.

Steak Timer by SimpleInnovation2 Steak Timer by SimpleInnovation1


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Kitchen Timer Pro – Kitchen Reminder Timer

Kitchen Timer Pro - Kitchen Reminder TimerConstantly forgetting what you’re cooking and food always burning? Or do you forget about meat in the oven, overcooking it, and making it dry? Then you need the Kitchen Timer Pro app.

It always runs in the background after you start the timer, reminding you in good time about the dishes and food you’ve decided to cook. The timer itself sets up in just seconds, and the end results are a perfect meal that you can enjoy yourself.

As soon as the timer time in Kitchen Timer Pro expires, you hear a beep and a vibration. It’s not a simple notification that you might miss or inadvertently swipe – you’ll actually remember what you need to do.

However, if at the end of the timer your food hasn’t yet reached the point of readiness, you can simply extend the time in one tap and get another notification after that.

We’ll also note that Kitchen Timer Pro doesn’t have any clock or dial simulations – usually, such simulations consume more of your device’s charge, but here you only get the functionality you need.

Kitchen Timer Pro - Kitchen Reminder Timer1


To avoid getting confused about the cooking time of a dish or certain ingredients, the best solution is to use a special timer. This way you will not forget about the dish on the stove or in the oven and you will be able to turn it off or add the next ingredient in time.

We have tried to find apps that allow you to not only check the time but also to see how long it will take to cook a particular food. Of course, not all apps have this feature – some of them are designed for people who just forget to turn a dish off, but can set a certain time on their own.

In any case, we hope that our article was useful for you and you will definitely use a couple of timers presented in the selection.

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