15 Best Female Protagonist Games in 2024 for Android and iOS

Previously, there were practically no video games with female protagonists. One of the reasons for such a trend was the belief that there would be no demand for games with this characteristic.

However, the presence of a female protagonist has proven to be a quite popular variation of video games and is now becoming more and more popular. In the article down below you will find the best female protagonist games that you were looking for.

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Knight Bewitched

Knight Bewitched is a role-playing fantasy video game with its own unique storyline about love, war, and injustice.

Here the player can explore the world, visit several dungeons, collect treasures, and fight the most furious bosses. This game has four difficulty levels for players with different skills.

Another big advantage of this game is the ability to play without an internet connection and without any ads.

The plot revolves around the fearless knight Ruth and her team, who must hunt a witch. At some point, Ruth falls ill and the same witch saves her from death.

Ruth cannot kill a person, who saved her life. That is why Ruth is imprisoned as a traitor. The player will have to get Ruth out of prison and reveal the secrets, which the world and its citizens hide.

According to user reviews, the game was surprising in a pleasant way. The characters and locations are indeed really detailed.


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Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven is a Chinese 3D RPG. The visuals of the game are designed in a colorful anime style. 

In this game, the users have three key characters in their hands. These characters and their abilities can be strengthened, thus increasing the level and improving equipment.

The controls in this game are quite simple and straightforward. Players will have to participate in various battles and receive prizes.

During these battles, players can receive “pings”. These pings activate various skills. If you connect three pings of the same color in a chain, then you will be given the most effective and powerful version of the chosen skill and increase the chance of winning any battle.

Players can also use an interesting Bullet Time mode. It helps to dodge enemy attacks while simultaneously hitting the opponent in return.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the main Gray Raven team must fight against cybernetic enemies that have taken over the world.

According to user reviews, they really liked the drawing of the game itself. They also noted that the character is well developed. The music and combat features also received high praise from players. 

However, this game has its downsides. A lot of users had a similar opinion about the rewards that you can receive after winning a battle in the game. These rewards seemed to be rather poor and did not motivate users to participate in any fights.

As for the functionality of the game, users wrote that the energy of the characters runs out too quickly and that there are not enough activities.


Toziuha Night: DR

Toziuha Night: DR is an action game with its own story, which is slightly different from the usual stories of similar games of this genre.

Here the main character Xandria faces dangers and a path full of adventures not for the sake of saving people, but for selfish purposes. The girl goes on a dangerous journey to the castle of Count Dracula. She has to go through many trials and fights to achieve her goal.

The process of passing this game is rather fast. The players just need to kill everything that comes in the way. But it’s not so easy, because powerful bosses come across during this breathtaking journey.

This game is designed in an unusual retro style, reminiscent of older video games.


DC Anthology: Apocalypse

In this adventure game, the player has to save the world from the dark apocalypse. 

The player will not only have to overcome obstacles. Each user will have to unravel mysterious events, look for a cure for those who are infected, and confront the enemy and his army, which brought the apocalypse to the world.

In this game, there are as many as forty locations that the players can explore and where they can find objects that can help in passing the game.

Unlike other games, here, the events do not take place in a fantasy world with magical creatures, but in a world that is completely familiar to us. Here the player will be able to work at ordinary jobs and at the same time try to save the world from a possible disaster.

According to user reviews, the passage of the game is really addictive.


The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an adventure video game divided into episodes. In total, this game has five main episodes and an additional sixth one.

The main character of the game is Lee Everett. He fights for his life during the zombie apocalypse along with an eight-year-old girl named Clementine.

In this game, the player does not need to mindlessly exterminate all the zombies. Here the focus should be on strategy and survival. The player must move through the story of the game, in which a lot of attention is paid to the characters and their behavior.

To protect themselves from any dangers, players can put all items which they find during their journey in the inventory to use later.

In this game, the emphasis is put on quick-time event scenes, in which the player needs to think about each step and act quickly.

One of the advantages of this game is the fairly simple control of every action. It allows the player to focus not on pressing the right buttons, but on the plot of the game itself.

The developers of this game did not include complex puzzles and quests here. Attention has been paid to realistic gameplay. It was important to create those problems and tasks that a person who survived in a zombie apocalypse may face.

The design and graphics of this game are relatively similar to a comic book, rather than the standard visual component of an adventure role-playing video game.

Critics have noted that the game’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the plot changes depending on the character’s chosen lines. This makes the story deep and completely immerses the player in the game.


The Witch’s Isle

As soon as the users find this game and launch it, they immediately notice a strong difference in the visual component of the game from others of this genre. This is a pixelated yet really visually balanced and beautiful game.

The Witch’s Isle is an action-adventure game set in a fantasy city on a secluded island. This city is ruled by a witch. The plot of the game revolves around this witch and a resident of the city, on which the witch casts a spell.

If that citizen does not remove the spell by 4:00am, the spell will kill her. On the way to saving her life, the citizen has to learn a lot about the secrets of the witch and figure out how to defeat her.

In this game, the user must solve puzzles to save the life of the heroine.

The game has seven different endings.

Also, a quite interesting detail of this game is that the user can control not only the female protagonist but can also closely observe other villagers. The collecting of information can help in unraveling the witch’s secrets.

According to user reviews, the visuals of the game are aesthetic and immerse the user in the atmosphere of a magical town. The music also matches this atmosphere and has received a lot of praise from the players. The plot can not be called trivial, because the passage of the game will definitely not let you get bored.

However, despite the positive reviews, some users noted that it would be great if the developers added instructions to the game. Also, some users are nervous about the time limit, which prevents them from fully immersing themselves in the plot of the game.


Girls’ frontline

Girls’ Frontline is a Chinese role-playing video game with the element of making up your own strategy to win battles.

Here, players control squads of android characters, which are called T-dolls in the game’s universe. Each character has interesting and unique weapons and characteristics.

T-Dolls are female androids, each specializing in one real-life firearm. This weapon is divided into several classes. Among them are such weapons as pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and shotguns.

In the game, you need to complete missions, distributing echelons with androids around the map and capturing enemy teams.

When the player meets the enemy team on the way, the battle begins. During battle, players must use the retreat and attack functions effectively, in order to save action points.

There are also night battles in the game, where visibility is significantly worse than in the usual type of battle. This greatly complicates the process of winning the fight.

According to user feedback, the game’s approach to completing levels is slightly different from similar games in its genre. Here the user does not have to spend several hours a day to complete the level. This makes the game quite relaxing and enjoyable.

However, this advantage also has its downsides. The game is not addictive at all, and the gameplay is dull. Also, many users have problems with starting the game, because it constantly freezes.

One of the advantages noted by users is the lack of advertising.


Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a new role-playing video game in the original style of the Final Fantasy game series.

The controls in this game are quite easy to master. Even during fights, all the player is required to do is tap the screen to attack.

In order to win battles, players can create their own unique strategy by combining the magical abilities of the characters in the game.

While passing the game, you can look for various items, hidden paths, and much more that can help you succeed.

One of the Easter eggs in this game is that if the player talks to the inhabitants of the town, then he/she will be granted access to mini-quests. Winning these quests will bring rewards that can be useful in progressing through the main game.

According to user reviews, the game and the plot are interesting, but there are plenty of disadvantages. The game is too monotonous. It does not have any additional content other than the main story and a few mini-quests.


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Ancient Secrets of the Mummy

Ancient Secrets of the Mummy is an exciting puzzle game with a story. Here the player will have to unravel the secrets of ancient Egypt and learn about the process of mummification.

Each player will be able to play as the main character named Amaunet and help her explore and find hidden objects in the ancient Egyptian environment.

Also, the player will have to collect clues, solve mysterious puzzles, and help the spirit of Hasani from ancient Egypt to find peace. 

The plot of the game revolves around the spirit of Hasani. During the mummification, something went wrong and the spirit did not manage to get into the afterlife. Archaeologist Amaunet wants to help the spirit finally get rid of its attachment to this world and find peace in the afterlife.

The game has a lot of mini-games with the help of which you can collect clues about the past life of Hasani’s spirit and complete the game.

According to user feedback, the game is not bad, but clearly undeveloped. The meaning of some actions or tasks in the mini-games is not entirely clear. In addition, the plot is not drawn up further and at some point it simply breaks off.


Darkness Survival

Darkness Survival is an RPG with its own story.

The events of the game take place in a world that has been captured by evil spirits that have entered it through a portal. Rumors have been circulating for a long time that at some point a girl, who can close the portal and finally establish prosperity in the world, should appear.

And one day this girl really appears and enters the portal. This is where the game starts. The player will have to play as a girl who has to save the world from evil creatures.

To do this, she needs to go through obstacles in the dungeon, which has a huge number of secrets and bloodthirsty monsters.

If the player fails, then the game must be restarted from the beginning and all achievements will disappear.

According to user reviews, the game has a lot of interesting characters and things that you can pick up during your play-through.

However, one of the significant disadvantages is the random generation of levels after each loss. This makes the game tedious and difficult to complete.


Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is a Japanese role-playing game developed by Square and released in 1994 for console play. Then this game began to be released for mobile phones and tablets on android and ios. 

The events in the game take place in a fictional world with quite advanced technologies. The key characters are a group of heroes who are up against a huge empire and want to overthrow the regime.

There are fourteen characters that can be controlled by the players. However, the main character is Terra Branford. She is a girl who has paranormal powers. She spent most of her life under the control of the imperial government and now she has finally broken free.

Although this game does not have an advanced visual aspect, players can enjoy retro graphics.

  • The visuals of the game are almost in their original state, but the controls have been improved.
  • Each character has their own story, purpose, and path. This allows players to explore unique plot twists. 
  • Improved character control features include touch controls, an auto-battle feature, and a modern interface.

Critics highly appreciated this game, especially the development of the plot. They also praised the game’s ending and the cohesive actions of all the characters.


Lara Croft: Relic run

Lara Croft: Relic Run is a slightly different genre than the other games on this list. This is an endless running game. The player will have to play the main character in the Tomb Raider saga. Her name is Lara Croft.

The key goal of this game is to run and reach checkpoints. Lara must run and avoid the ruins of South America.

The players are given fairly simple gameplay, where they can swipe to the left or to the right to move Lara and make her go around the obstacles on her way. In order for Lara to jump or slide on the floor, the player will have to swipe up or down, respectively.

Also in this game, there are special buttons that will allow you to shoot and jump on walls. 

On their way, the player and Lara Croft will meet a variety of obstacles, such as columns, cliffs, and several traps. To open a new world, you need to overcome these barriers. These worlds can differ from each other significantly. For example, the user will be suggested to explore the jungle, desert, and mountains.

Later, the game will also offer to master transport, such as an ATV or a motorcycle.

Along the way, Lara Croft will face not only standard obstacles but also take part in battles with bosses and enemies. Moreover, the game includes a feature that allows you to upgrade Lara’s costume and weapons to make it even easier and more efficient to move around the map.

Reviews for this game are quite different from each other. Some users really enjoyed the game because of the variety of possibilities, and not just running forward on the map. They also appreciated the visual component of the game and the presence of music.

However, some users have noticed that the game freezes, and some levels do not load.



Ponami is an RPG with action elements.

Here the user will be able to control the main character named Ponami, who at the age of nineteen decided to leave her home and go on a dangerous journey.

During the passage of the game, the main character will struggle with her fears and learn a lot more about her life.

The character control in this game is quite simple and does not require any special skills. On the left side of the screen, there is a control panel that helps to move the heroine in different directions. On the right, there are several buttons, by pressing which Ponami will jump, shoot arrows and kick.

This game consists of 6 different worlds. Each world has 8 levels. Each world and each level has its own unique monsters, traps, and obstacles that the user has to go through.

After defeating each enemy, the level will increase, which will improve the defense abilities of your character.

Users write that although the idea of ​​the game is interesting, there is a need to refine many points. One of these points is the inhibition of the game.

Users also noted that the controls are not really convenient. It is difficult to shoot with arrows due to the slowness of the game. This constantly distracts players from the passage of the game and is clearly not a pleasure.



Atrophy – this is a mobile action game with elements of horror. Here you will be exposed in the image of the main character, who suddenly finds herself in a parallel world in which everything that comes in her way will be hostile to her. Remember that everyone here will want you dead.

Of course, there is a goal in this game, but it will not be announced in advance. You will have to go through all the tests yourself to get to the bottom of the game and understand the meaning of a given world.

In this game it will be extremely difficult for you to find allies or something that can help you on your difficult path. Here you will meet a huge number of monsters, unearthly creatures, as well as warriors who will try to stop you.

In this game there are various missions that you will need to complete in order to get a small piece of the puzzle that leads to the solution of the main mystery.

Each mission is filled with incredible adventures, fierce battles, as well as bloodthirsty enemies who have no sense of pity. Try to defeat them, stay alive, and find the key to solving the main mystery of this game!


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Bright Memory

Bright Memory is a shooter game. The main feature of this game is that the player can combine different skills and abilities, getting the most effective result.

The game tells about the adventures of a girl named Shelia.

The key item in this game is a mysterious substance called the Soul of Jiu Xiang. It has the ability to bring the dead back to life. A terrorist organization wants to get this substance. To penetrate the territory and steal secret data, they use the “Quantum Transporter”. 

Shelia accidentally turns on this device and the consequences appear to be terrible. It soon turns out that all the inhabitants of the Floating Island have been brought back to life. They are going to hunt for Shelia.

Users will have to find and solve various puzzles to get to the next level and save Shelia.

According to user feedback, the idea for ​​​​the game is not bad, but it has not yet been fully finalized. The game has a lot of bugs and shortcomings. Also, the game is quite short and does not include many quests.

But users appreciated the graphics and visual aspect of the game.

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