15 Best Men’s Shopping Apps for Android & iOS

What are the best shopping apps for men? After all, not only women try to look good and be in style. Fashion for men is essential in everyday life, so it should be followed.

In case you are interested, there is the whole article on our website devoted to the best apps for buying clothes.

Most men (and women) these days, however, are busy as bees, which is why the right app for choosing clothes and shopping is a real time-saver! Look through the apps below and download what you need in order to always dress for success.


Even though shopping is stereotypically considered to be admired by women, society started to appreciate the men’s effort in looking good not a long time ago as well. Thus, specific shopping apps for men started to occur, just like this one. Grailed is a curated peer-to-peer marketplace for new and lightly worn luxury menswear.

This is a second-hand menswear app that will help you to find the treasure pieces of clothes at the most affordable prices. It’s no secret that designer clothes for men sometimes cost even more than women’s and it plays even the more important role, for example, at a work dress-code or at the high-society parties.

Frailed is recommended by the most famous media sources, such as GQ or Esquire. It is super simple in usage – you can see all the sales and best offers on the main page, you can see the categories of clothes and you can, of course, search for specific garments and brands in a search bar.

Moreover, each seller here has its own ranking of 5 stars and reviews of other customers to order to build trust.


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Bee Inspired

Another fashion app that was specifically developed for men. Here you can find literally everything that concerns the subject of the men’s fashion. You can both simply view the pictures in the app to get inspired for your next look or buy the items from the app. You can shop from 12 different countries.

There are several categories on the main page of the app: “new”, favorites, the most popular, price, and so on. You can also create your personal list to favorites and add photos there in order not to forget anything. As an app user, you get exclusive early access to product launches, sales, and receive personalized offers right to your phone.


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SHEIN is an app of the store of the same name, where you can buy trendy clothes, shoes and the other essential things. Here you can shop, keep track of new products, and get a guaranteed discount of 3 euros on the first order.

The store is widespread among fashionistas, and sometimes dictates the main trends itself. This service opens up completely new opportunities for round-the-clock shopping. Favorite things can be added to the special section and keep track of prices.

To get access, after installing the app, you need to create an account based on your e-mail address or Facebook account. Already on the first order, you get a discount. Exclusive promotions and discounts are available for all customers.

Moreover, by subscribing to the store’s catalogs, you will receive alerts and current news from experts in the world of fashion. A distinctive feature of the app is a very easy-to-use menu. Enabling notifications allows you to be aware of new collections and bargain offers.

The SHEIN app is also the best choice because periodically the store arranges sales. Each product has a customer rating with real reviews and photos.

SHEIN screen 1 SHEIN screen 2

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ShopStyle is the ultimate online shop. At least this is what they say in the description. The app has a good rating, so it is better to pay attention to it. It unites thousands of shops!

You can find practically any item you need and buy it. ShopStyle features brands like Nordstrom, Valentino, Thom Browne, Givenchy, Nike, and many others. You can find both mass-market brands and the ones associated with high fashion. There are style solutions for everyone.

You can shop for clothing, shoes, sneakers, and jewelry. All the items that are used for creating an image can be found in this app. Look through them and get inspired! If you are looking for a nice app that can bring you an experience similar to going to a shopping center, this is a good choice.

shop style

google play

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GQ Style Guide

GQ Style Guide is a magazine that you can download as an app. It can give you some tips and inspiration on what to wear. And not only what to wear – there is information about cars, watches, interior design, and many more. All of the topics are considered to be the ones men are interested in.

All men are different, of course, but maybe you’ll find one of the topics worthy of your attention. You can at least look through the style tips they offer.

And if you like what you see, you can buy a subscription. If not, let’s move on to the next app! Be aware that the Android version of the app introduced here is not official and can differ from the one found on the App Store.

gq style

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Fashmates is a community-based app. It doesn’t have a shopping feature so you can’t just click and buy an item, but it certainly provides you with inspiration and gives you ideas on what to wear and how to wear it.

You can create a collage or a set, choosing and mixing pieces of clothing from thousands of different brands and retailers. Other users also publish their sets. You can look through the ones you find most attractive and use certain ideas while shopping.

You can like, comment, create a group chat, and many more. It is quite easy to find like-minded individuals with this app. If you are not interested in that, you can just look through the sets and get inspired.

There is also a poll feature. If you have doubts about whether to buy something or not, just ask the app’s users! The ultimate decision is always yours, of course, however it is good to know what the majority thinks. An excellent feature for men who are yet to get married.

All in all, this app can be summarized in two words – inspiration and community. Download it now and get inspired together with other people!


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Mr Porter

Mr Porter Luxury Fashion is a name that speaks for itself. The app focuses on famous brands and luxury items. It features such brands as Tom Ford, Givenchy, Prada, Kingsman, Hugo Boss, Off-White, and many others. On the whole, there are approximately 400 brands.

Of course, one can be lost in such a variety of clothing. The fashion industry is growing really fast. That is why the app offers certain tips and style advice. There are constant trend updates so if you like to always be at the cutting edge fashion-wise, this app is a great tool for you.

You can shop right in the app. Mr Porter offers worldwide shipping – to 170 countries, so even in case you are not from the US, you can buy clothes using this app. If you like buying stuff in real stores, you can create a wish list and add there the items you would like to buy.

Once you’ve done it, you can go on a shopping center tour in order to get what you want. So, this is one more convenient app that offers lots of options for men. The minimalistic design makes it quite appealing and worthy of a download.

mr porter

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Target is an app for easy shopping. Shop for clothes, furniture, electronics – anything you can find in today’s shops. The app has a scanner that allows you to scan barcodes and create a wallet of stores’ coupons.

You can look through millions of items, save the ones you like and wait till they’re on sale. This way, you will save up lots of cold cash and gain lots of satisfaction by going only for the best deals.

What’s more, you can check the availability of the items you want to buy. So, in general, the app helps you find the items you like and then gives you information on where to get them and how to strike the best deal.

If you are interested in clever shopping, definitely try this app. You’ll find lots of interesting info there, including lists of items with lowered prices. Shop smart with Target!

target app

google play

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Mallzee is an app for those who like street style. However, of course, it can be used by anyone. The app delivers free items from such brands as Forever 21, River Island, New Look, GA, Marks and Spencer, and many more. Basically, all the high street brands are featured in this app.

You can choose clothes and order them – as simple as that. The app is not as popular as, for example, Wish, which is on top of this page, so be careful with ordering.

Besides choose & buy features, there are also other great things you can do using this app. For example, the developers created the so-called ‘Tinder for fashion’. This feature allows you to look for clothes in a rather untraditional way – you can swipe right on the items you like and left on those you find inappropriate.

Mallzee lets you save the items you like to a wishing list. You can use this shopping app before going to real stores. Find desirable clothes first and then go shopping to look for your favorites. Plus, you can get price drops alerts meaning you can buy your favorites paying less money for them than you normally would.

All in all, this is a nice shopping app that is worth a trial. Both men and women can use it since the featured brands are not exclusively oriented on one sex.


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We hope you have used our piece of advice on creating a digital wardrobe. If not, it is time to do it! We know you don’t want to. However, if you’ve done that or if you are at least aware of all the items that you have, you may find that you need to get rid of certain pieces.

It is not unusual – in a consumer’s society such as ours, it is easy to start hoarding without even noticing it. So if you want to get rid of the clothes you don’t need, it is time to download the eBay app.

eBay is a website and an app for selling and buying clothes, cars, electronics, furniture, and many more. It is a big deal! Many people are using it so why not join them? It helps you save money too.

For example, if you want to buy new sneakers, you can do it there. You can even post a picture of the sneakers you want to buy and the app will list all the merchants who are ready to sell them to you. There are new and used options – it is up for you to choose.

We can ramble on eBay for a lot of time. However, what you need to know is that you always have the option of buying second-hand clothes. It is more eco-friendly and, besides, you can find really good offers that won’t hurt your budget much. Just try it!

ebay screen

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If you are looking for top-quality designer clothes then you should check out this app. It is known for its profitable offers of such brands as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Moncler, and other classic brands that make the best clothes for true gentlemen. In Flannels, you can find both the fresh releases and items on sale.

There are categories of clothes for men, women, and kids. You can also sort out the clothes according to the brands. An interesting feature of this app is you can not only view the brand clothes for sale, but also view the latest photoshoots of this brand to see the clothes in a “natural” habitat and get inspired.




This shopping app for men is more simple than, for example, Grailed or Mod Man, however, it provides several interesting brands and interesting fashion items, which are, by the way, sold at an affordable price. This app is a separate brand of clothes, so if you are looking for a diversity of brands, you should choose another app.

On the main page, you can see the latest news about the app and the best offers. In the lower part of the page, you can see that categories for a more convenient search. And, as always, you have a search bar at the top is you know exactly for which piece you want to go. The app supports both searches by words and photos.

The payment process is simplified and the checkout is fast and convenient. The delivery is usually affected within a couple of days.




End Clothing

End Clothing is one more online shopping mall. There are hundreds of brands introduced in this app. The clothes are specially picked for men – finally a pure men’s app. You can make orders, scroll through items, use a search to find what you need – just like in any app of this kind.

The delivery works for 70 countries so the app is quite a big deal. It is quite intuitive too. So if you are looking for a search & buy kind of app, check this one out.

end clothing

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ASOS is one of the most popular online shops. We’ve assumed you already know it, which is why it is almost at the end of our list. Many people doubt the quality of clothing from ASOS, however, the price-quality ratio is certainly one of the best. ASOS features many brands. Besides, the shop has its own collections.

If you like reasonably-priced clothes, this one is for you! There are free delivery and easy returns. Why not try ASOS at least once? After all, you can always return the things you don’t like.

asos app

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Zappos is one more popular shopping app. This one concentrates on shoes. Shoes say a lot about a person. You can have lousy clothes but the shoes – the shoes should only shine. Zappos will help you to find the shoes that fit you. And if your size is out of stock, it will notify you once it is.

Free delivery and returns are guaranteed. Sneakers, shoes, boots, other kinds of footwear… But not just that! The app also sells accessories, bags, and even clothes. So if you are looking for a new pair of shoes, this is a great app to start with.

zappos app

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Men’s fashion is usually not given much attention, however, it is very important. We all want to look good. Hopefully, the apps above will help you find clothes that fit you and your sense of style. Stay tuned for new articles and be savvy in choosing apps!

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