11 Best Fingerprint Scanner Apps 2024 for Android & iOS

There is a lot of applications that use innovative technologies in their systems. These are fingerprint scanner apps – they can use the biometrics of your finger to either protect any of your data or provide information about you, as well as check a person for lies in the same way.

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This is an app with fingerprint scanner technology from Spanish developers. It is entertaining because it is a kind of communication system that is designed for people with certain limitations, such as blindness or deafness.

The essence of the work of Dactyls is that the system of this app allows you, by putting your finger on the screen, to issue a certain signal to other users.

Dactyls also have a tactile alphabet function built-in: this means that by putting your finger on the screen, you will give out certain words, phrases, and sentences, which will be understandable to other users.

The main purpose of the development of this app is to provide users with disabilities in the form of deafness or blindness with the opportunity to communicate through messengers exactly as ordinary people do.

Moreover, the popularization of this app will help to draw attention to such a problem and contribute to its solution.


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Fingerprint Quick Action

This is an app with the fingerprint scanner function, which allows you to perform some actions on your mobile device by applying your finger to the screen or swiping.

The essence of Fingerprint Quick Action is that you will need to allow this app to use some other app on your mobile device so that performing some actions will take no more than a second (putting your finger on the screen of a mobile device). Actions that can speed up this app:

  • Switching the notification bar
  • Demonstration of the main page of other apps (for example, the power menu)
  • Demonstration of recently used apps
  • Preparing for bed, and much more

Before downloading this app, make sure that your mobile device supports the fingerprint function.

According to the developers of Fingerprint Quick Actions, this app does not plan to make updates, unless there are some minor ones.


LastPass Password Manager

This app allows you to protect all kinds of your personal data. Using your fingerprint, you will be able to protect all your passwords, contact information, login to other apps from unauthorized persons, and much more.

This is a really multifunctional app. Below are some of the features that LastPass Password manager provides:

  • Storing your passwords in the vault and providing access to them via fingerprint
  • Saving user names from all online accounts and visited sites
  • Creating online shopping profiles
  • Generating secure passwords and much more

In addition to the above, LastPass Password Manager makes it possible to synchronize your mobile device with your other devices and automatically transfer all saved data from one device to other. Moreover, this app has a multi-factor authentication feature.

In this app, you can subscribe to LastPass Premium, which will allow you to get unlimited access to password exchange, fingerprint verification for authenticity, personal assessment, and consultation on all issues of interest.



This is an app that allows you to keep your personal diary without thinking that someone can get hold of the data from it because they will be protected by your fingerprint.

Here you can store not only important data but also your own innermost thoughts that you want to keep secret. Moreover, the Journey app will allow you to pour out your soul and speak out strictly confidentially, writing down all your thoughts on this app.

Moreover, the Journey developers have provided a certain system of tips for keeping your personal diary, which will allow you to do it more correctly and perhaps somehow help you:

  • “Gratitude 365” (writing 3 positions for which you are grateful to your fate every day)
  • “Inspire me” (daily quotes from famous people with deep meaning, on the basis of which you can write the main disturbing moments of your life)
  • “Love and Relationships” (this feature will allow you to think about your personal relationships and possibly change them for the better), as well as much more

The most important thing in this app is security. You can protect all your records with fingerprints – in this case, they will be available only to you.


Open Biometric

This program is designed to monitor the Bluetooth system as a fingerprint scanner. Open biometrics contains a great many different settings and functions.

Among the many functions of this app, there are several of the most intriguing:

  • Creating new users
  • Removing authorization
  • Adding photos to user posts
  • Register new accounts, and much more, using only your fingerprint

Moreover, the use of fingerprint scanning technology in the Open Biometric app makes it possible to enter and modify security codes, authorize administrators, reset the system settings automatically, and much more.

In Open Biometric, you can use two-phase authentication, that is, use not only a scan of your fingerprint but also a specially generated 4-6 digit code password for additional protection of your data. Moreover, you can also use this app as secret storage for your passwords.



This is an app that contains such innovative technologies as fingerprint scanning and the function of the electronic signing of documents, as well as their protection. Signatures here have legal force, so they can be used in professional activities.

The main functions of Signeasy are:

  • The ability to sign the necessary documents remotely via your mobile device
  • Create a repository for your working documents that will be stored under the reliable protection of your fingerprint
  • This app can be used in 24 different languages as well as much more

Moreover, you can access all your stored documents in this app, as well as those documents that have ever been signed in Signeasy through your fingerprint.

This app has built-in purchases in the form of subscriptions: Basic Plan, Professional Plan, and Business Plan. These connection packages contain various sets of functions and settings. A business plan is more suitable for the work of a whole staff of employees than for individual use.

The first two connection packages are suitable for those who work remotely, are constantly on the road, as well as for those who are constantly engaged in paperwork and want to simplify this process.


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This app is secure and convenient storage for all your data, including passwords. 1Password will allow you not to remember many passwords, but to use only one- a password code or your fingerprint.

The essence of this app is that you will need to enter all your passwords in 1Password, and then secure them with a single code password or fingerprint of your finger. Moreover, you can go to the sites you use and save passwords from them in this app.

1Password also works as a password generator: the built-in security system will come up with an individual password for you, which will additionally protect your data.

Among other things, 1Password has support for team accounts: this means that you will be able to share the security of this app with your colleagues or family.

1Password has built-in additional purchases in the subscription format: they contain additional features and chips to provide even greater security to users.


Lie Detector Truth Test

This is an app that is primarily of an entertainment nature. From the name, it is clear that it offers to check whether a person is telling the truth or not.

It is important to understand that Lie Detector is not a real indicator of truth or falsehood, it is intended for entertainment purposes.

The essence of the work of this app is extremely simple: you need to put your finger on the screen of your mobile device, then you will need to say some statement or ask some question: Lie Scanner will scan your fingerprint and make a verdict: true or false.

Live Scanner also has a draw mode: you can configure the app yourself so that it gives only “Truth” or only “False” for each statement.

Moreover, this app contains excellent graphics, very realistic voice accompaniment, and much more.


Fingerprint Age Scanner

This is an appl designed solely for entertainment purposes. Here you can find out what age you are according to the application by putting your finger on the screen of your mobile device.

The developers claim that Fingerprint Age Scanner is not suitable for professional activities and is not a valid detector capable of thoroughly determining your age. This app is suitable for family entertainment, as well as to make fun of friends.

The main function of this app is to determine your age: to do this, you need to put your finger on the screen of your mobile device, then Fingerprint Age Scanner will check it and the application’s opinion will appear on your screen – your age.

Among other things, there are special settings that can be activated so that the app gives out a certain age that interests you.


Truth and lie detector scanner simulator

This app is also a kind of lie detector that works through your fingerprint.

This app is not suitable for professional use and is not a genuine detector capable of detecting whether you are telling the truth or a lie.

You can put your finger on the screen of your mobile device, then say some statement or question, after which Lie Detector Fingerprint Scanner Simulator will scan your fingerprint and make a verdict: are you telling the truth or a lie.

Here you can have fun with your family or prank your friends using the app’s advanced settings.


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Fingerprint Scan Simulator

This is an entertainment app that can give you some abilities, as well as tell you intriguing information about yourself.

Fingerprint Scan Simulator is not a genuine detector and scanner, it is intended for entertainment.

Here you will first need to enter your name and date of birth in special compartments, and then put your finger on the screen of your mobile device.

Next, information about you will appear on your screen (according to the application): health status, social connections, work processes, romantic relationships, and so on).

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