11 Best Free AI Apps to Make Instagram Reels in 2024

Reels on Instagram are currently one of the most colorful and memorable ways of promotion. Even the average user can post them – have you seen how with the help of special templates for Reels people summarize the year and show the best moments of their life?

If you are actively managing your Instagram profile, then scheduling posts and delaying their publication is what you need. These free apps to schedule Instagram posts will help you with that.

You might have thought that each user chooses their song, sets time codes, and trims each video. Yet, there is already a great tool for this – artificial intelligence.

These best free AI apps to make Instagram reels use it to create unique videos. Also, using these apps, you will find the templates that are trending right now. Try them all and choose the one that fits all your needs.

Social Media Posts – Predis AI

The constant activity in social networks is sometimes tiring and time-consuming. We offer you an electronic assistant for creating posts on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Predis Al actively imitates your activity on the site, while you can do other things.

Artificial intelligence scans your actions and identifies your audience’s interests and requests. At your direction, the app automatically creates Reels, posts, stories, and videos customized to your overall profile. This helps keep subscribers interested in your brand.

By creating visibility into account activity, you can maximize your audience reach and increase the number of potential new customers.

When you launch the app, note what topic and what kind of Reels you want to receive. Switch easily between your work page and your personal profile. Make daily posting automatic and edit data as needed. Predis Al has no boundaries. It is suitable for the most popular social networks.

Your brand, industry, and number of followers don’t matter. Stop worrying about the lack of ideas for daily posts. The app generates engaging content on a given topic without your input.


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LightCut will be an ideal platform for creating videos of any complexity at home. You can use the app to edit videos from family vacations and create them for publications and stories on social networks. Or use it as a professional tool in a photo workshop.

This app is suitable for bloggers, advertising managers, freelancers, and creative people. Use it if you want to create an original gift or beautifully design an important event in your life.

Its advantages are simplicity and functionality because not every user has a large stock of knowledge in the art of video. There is already an enviable collection of templates for future videos.

All layouts are divided into popular categories: holidays, relationships, romance, business, travel, and others. Use frames and special effects, and add sound and unusual transitions between frames. Change the background and add text.

The fastest free video editor for your phone. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to add frames or entire videos. Choose transitions and music hits.

Make a video whose format perfectly matches the technical requirements of your website or customer. Finish the job with credits with your name on them. Get creative with LightCut.



Create high-quality videos for any purpose. Access a unique library of hundreds of easy-to-use templates and special effects for your creativity. Filmora doesn’t limit the possibilities for users. Install the powerful video editor and discover a magical world of video editing possibilities.

Whether you’re planning a memorable Christmas gift, want to capture your child’s first celebration, or want to create your movie from cuts and snippets. Bloggers, freelancers, and advertising managers use the video editor in their daily activities.

Start getting acquainted with creating a video with this app. You will get a lot of interesting ideas and opportunities for their realization.

The finished version can be used to create bright stories on Instagram, attract the attention of other gamers, and increase sales of goods thanks to high-quality advertising.

Your video will look the way you want it to be. Use photos and images from the internet to create it. Add unusual effects and decorate the video with fun stickers. Come in and choose from 5000 cute emojis.

Make the video more complete and interesting with one of a million music tracks. Or do your voiceover. Turn making fun videos into a hobby that brings money and is fun.



If you are looking for a functional platform for creating stories for Instagram, Promeo will be useful for you. 3 simple steps and a ready clip are already on your page. This app is used by thousands of bloggers, gamers, businessmen, and representatives of advertising companies.

Raise your page to the top, and make each video as effective as possible. Thanks to professional video reviews, your page will get more attention from customers and potential partners. Many wishes of business account owners have already been taken into account here.

The app offers you a fast and effective way to promote goods and services on Instagram. Each template can be customized to your needs. Choose the duration, color, and shape of the font. Online marketing can be productive and free.

You can upload your video and edit it to create frames. The video can be made as a photo collage with product demonstrations or you can use beautiful images from the internet to attract attention. Be sure to put your company logo and contact information in your video.

The app is not only suitable for creating Instagram videos. Easily adapt its size for other social networks and online stores. Choose the format of your content: it can be a publication or a story, a review or comments on users’ questions, demonstration of new goods and finished products.

To get acquainted with Promeo, you have a trial period, after which you need to subscribe.



Perfect Reels for Instagram, spectacular videos for uploading to YouTube. Mojo can be used to edit videos of any format. These best animated templates you won’t find anywhere else.

To create a full-fledged video, all you need to do is pick a layout, upload your original content, and edit using effects and filters. Here you will find layouts in different genres: retro, travel, gangsta, glamor. Design creative advertising of goods, institutions, and services.

Stand out among other users with high-quality seamless clips on any topic. To ensure that you are not bored, the app offers over 500 models of templates. Each video will be one of a kind with stickers, text inscriptions, and special effects. Add your favorite music or set any audio as background.

Mojo can be used for a variety of purposes: collages, presentations, and annual reports. It is most popular in the online space. Save clips to your electronic device, import them to cloud storage, and post them to Instagram or YouTube.

You can send videos via messengers, as long as they do not exceed the required size. Get videos without any editing traces in perfect quality. Promote your brand on social media with Mojo.



Videoleap works with only the coolest and most advanced filters for your videos. This app can be used in any field without exception.

Want to edit an email invitation for a party or masquerade? Working as a photographer and need a reliable source of new ideas? Want to find an interesting creative hobby? Many directions and only one video editor.

Watch your ideas get thousands of likes and comments on social networks. Get even more orders, and promote your online store with a colorful marketing move. Use the help information if one of the steps of video creation is not clear to you.

Despite the large number of functions, the app is easy to understand thanks to hints and proper sorting. You can choose the tools for your idea or find inspiration by browsing through the available options. There are all options here that will greatly improve the quality of your content.

Trim your videos according to the parameters that are specified in the publishing rules of online -services. Speed up or slow down the playback for a cinematic effect. Spice up the clip with a pleasant melody or audio with your company’s advertising.

Merge clips without seams or overlaps. Try layer-by-layer editing, and mix and match different special effects. Choose the level of quality. You don’t need to be a professional editor to master even complex effects and features.


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Reelsy is the most creative collection of video-making templates available. You don’t need to resort to experienced video editors, because the simple menus and lack of complicated instructions help to make editing an exciting process.

You can work together with your friends, children, and family to create content. Capture an important event on camera and turn it into a true cinematic masterpiece. Your Instagram page will look trendy and interesting, which will help attract new followers and reduce unsubscribed.

It takes only a few minutes to create an entire video. Artificial intelligence will do all the hard work in automatic mode. You are only required to upload the footage and decide on the use of effects. 500 templates, captions, backgrounds, and frames for videos for every taste.

Promote your brand, develop your blog, and replenish your TikTok account with fresh content daily. Don’t forget about good music, which will accurately emphasize the advantages of your video. Follow trends or create original videos on your chosen topic with Reelsy.



Use the free Zoomerang video editor if you want to create eye-catching and unique Reels. This app is adapted for everyday use and does not require any editing skills. You just need to upload a regular video or shoot a new one using your phone’s camera.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you will get a full-fledged clip of high quality by pressing 1 button. Now it will take even less effort to post Reels on Instagram and record a computer game online. Thus, your account will look more professional.

A perfect combination of video and music background is waiting for you. You can pick up any special effect, remove unnecessary objects from the frame, and create a short movie without special equipment.

The app allows you to import videos to social networks, YouTube, and TikTok. Create new trends, and repeat existing ones in your version. Share clips with friends and other bloggers. You can earn good money from video creation by supplying clips to customers.

This app contains just 1 button, clicking on which you won’t believe what is happening on the screen. An ordinary video at home will turn into a full-fledged story.



Make your Instagram profile speak for you. Virbo is an innovative approach to advertising. In the app, you will find a wide variety of Reels templates. Your choice may depend on your mood or field of activity. Next, write the text you want to hear from the electronic character.

Ready-made videos are suitable for creating stories on Instagram. Surprise your subscribers on YouTube and Facebook. You can record a cute New Year’s greeting or originally declare your love.

The more attention you get, the more likely you are to succeed. Prepare a video in a couple of minutes. Experiment with avatars, and choose the right words. Artificial intelligence will create synchronization of the character’s movement and sound accompaniment.

There are over 200 different avatars at your disposal, including talking pictures, Santa Claus, and aliens. You can quickly translate a monologue into another language or use multiple languages in one video.

Mark necessary intonations and pauses in the conversation. Try to enhance the video with pleasant and unobtrusive music. Virbo is a modern and versatile platform for creating interesting content.



With Vrew you can edit clips, cut individual frames, and resize files. This is a prerequisite when posting to most social networks. You will enjoy working with this editor if you want to expand your social media followers and speed up content creation.

The app helps you create slices and clips that are suitable for YouTube and TikTok. Enable the “Create subtitles” option so you don’t have to select them from the video manually. You will get subtitles as a list of possible errors.

Fix them if it is important for your activity. The whole process is automated enough to save the user from a chore, but leave room for creativity.

To get snippets of a whole video, just specify the desired duration of each one. This will allow you to cut 1 file into several parts without numerous rewinds and searching for the right part. Snippets that you don’t plan to use in the future can be deleted with a single tap.

Vrew is free of charge, making professional work with video files much easier.


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Storybeat Reels & Story Maker

Get the support of a powerful video editor for mobile devices. Storybeat Reels & Story Maker takes you to a real video lab where you can actively participate in the creation of unique videos. Fill your Instagram account with new Reels.

Release a whole series of exciting videos for Instagram stories. You can use all the tools you find inside. Templates for every taste, trendy frames, and funny emojis. Each of the thousands of templates is available for full editing.

Give your video a holiday or travel atmosphere with a variety of filters and masks. On this platform, you will easily get a professionally edited photo. Create collages and photo sets for social media design, booklet, and magazine ads.

Choose the “Create an avatar” option and promote your account with a cute animated character. Artificial intelligence will create a character based on your photo so that it exactly replicates you or your friends.

All you have to do is choose the external scenery and write the text for the voiceover. Combine several finished works into a whole series to keep your target audience interested.

Upload your photos or videos and choose a music track. Storybeat will fully synchronize your files.

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