Is it AI? 5 Free AI Image Detection Tools

More recently, we wondered about the possibilities of Photoshop and may not even recognize personally those who have abused them in social networks.

Face dance apps became really popular. They were the forerunner of artificial intelligence technology, which easily allows anyone to insert any face into a random video so that no one will notice the change.

If you want to keep yourself safe from fakes, then use these free AI image detection tools. Below we have described their benefits and functionality that even a beginner can master.

Hugging Face

If you are an art professional or just love the field, Hugging Face will help you quickly and accurately determine the extent of AI involvement. Often the masterpieces of world culture are not authentic.

There are times when unscrupulous individuals pass off a painting as their own creation, but created it based on a computer program. Identifying the real creator of a masterpiece without special equipment is very difficult.

Externally, such works have no differences. Yet, this detector quickly scans the proposed picture or painting and determines its origin. The service is based on the analytical tool Maybe, which has a high percentage of accuracy.

The program has undergone extensive training on millions of pictures and is still improving. Yet, we should not forget that the possibilities of photo editors today are almost limitless. If the detector encounters a completely new image, it can affect its work.

Protect your copyrights, buy only real pictures and photos created by a person. Upload any photo, screenshot, or image of the finished picture. Get an authentic response in seconds.

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AI or Not

If you are faced with the task of determining the author of an image or a painting, you will need a quality assistant. We recommend you the service AI or Not. It works with high accuracy and handles large volumes without any problems.

It is suitable for daily use and does not require any special equipment. For the convenience of users and to reduce the waiting time, the developers have implemented the Telegram bot. To get a result, you just need to send the image of interest to the specified address: @ai_or_not_bot.

After a while, you will receive comprehensive information about its origin. The program works as a detector that reads the techniques and patterns that are specific to AI. Each image is tested as quickly and impartially as possible, which eliminates the human factor.

At this moment you can become a participant in the testing, the purpose of which is to teach the program to detect AI-generated images on all Internet portals.

The image is analyzed according to several parameters, including average path, stable diffusion rate, and other important criteria. All downloaded information is automatically deleted immediately after the session ends.

If you still have questions or want to take part in the testing, fill in the form in the tab “Contacts”, and the portal staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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Analyze images for fakes. With the help of Illuminarty you can get the data about whether the services of artificial intelligence were used in the creation of this sample. The server is set up so that its options are available to everyone, not just art experts.

By scanning the image you will get the answer to the question: was this picture drawn by a human or was it generated by a computer? Powerful functionality and easy-to-use field of work, the ability to use the program as a daily assistant.

It would be useful for buyers and sellers of paintings and photos. Workers of exhibitions, museums, and galleries cannot do without it. This is a certified product that guarantees expert review.

Export any image to the desired field, and then the program will search for algorithms and patterns, which are always present in the work of AI. The answer will display the overall probability that the work was done in the presence of a computer.

Individual details of the image, if classic AI techniques are present, will be highlighted. Not only paintings but also text can be scanned in a similar way.

The essence of the work is the same: determining the probability that the text was created by AI. Individual lines, phrases, and even words are highlighted for user convenience.

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Hive Moderation

Hive Moderation allows you to determine the uniqueness of any image.

Often the most important question is – who is the real creator of the picture? The answer to this can be obtained after using this service. It works on the basis of comparing the available image with the models that are often present in the activities of the AI.

Some of the most popular ones today are Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. These are specific elements of programming, which are necessary for the functioning of the program. Machine learning depends on the amount of material you work with. All work is done without your participation.

This program is convenient because it runs at maximum speed without loss of quality. It comes with various tasks, including batch checks. At the end of the service, it will be absolutely clear what proportion of the work the robot has done.

You will get data on exactly what AI model was used in writing the text. You will also see a fragment of the text, which has the most AI components. The work of the service is highly valued among writers, journalists, and teachers.

The problem of plagiarism is growing every day, which is why it is so important to distinguish high-quality text from fake.

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One service for all media files. Be sure to work only with quality content. Before posting to social media, check the image or photo in your post to avoid being blocked. At Hive you can scan illustrations for your thesis, photos, and memes found on the Internet.

This service allows you to identify the AI models that are common in the Internet space. That is, you will not only receive a confirmation or denial of a guess that the image or its part was computer-generated. You will know the exact program on the basis of which the image was made.

You can work from any electronic device that has Internet access. This allows you to be as mobile as possible and spend a lot of images in a short period of time through the scanner. This API will help to publish posts and stories in popular social networks with the minimum number of rejected offers.

Moreover, you can avoid problems with intellectual property rights protection because AI works are often marked as unregistered. This detector becomes more accurate and faster with every analysis.

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