15 Best Free Genogram Makers (Apps & Websites)

It is important for many people to know about their ancestors, to have a genogram means to keep the connection between relatives through the centuries. In this article, you will find the best free genogram makers.

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MyHeritage is a unique app that allows you to create family trees. With just a few taps, you can add family members, relationships, and even medical information.

One of the great aspects of using a genogram is the ability to include detailed information. It’s not only about capturing familial relationships, but also docum­enting health concerns, social connec­tions, and even emotional dynamics.

With MyHeri­tage’s app, you can access a vast genealogy database to gather histo­rical details about your ances­tors. It’s like having your very own personal historian just a tap away.
Bad Sides:

Although the app is user-fr­iendly, it may require a short adjus­tment period, particularly for those less familiar with techn­ology. However, with a little practice and explor­ation, you’ll quickly become comfortable navig­ating through its features.

Firstly, if you have a keen interest in genealogy or are simply curious about your family heritage, this app will feel like stumbling upon a treasure trove of information.

It allows you to meticu­lously document your family’s history, gain deeper insights into your roots, and even uncover unexp­ected conne­ctions that were previously unknown to you.

Finally, my opinion is that MyHeritage is an inval­uable tool for anyone intrigued by delving deeper into their family history and uncov­ering intricate relationships.


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Quick Family Tree

It offers a wide range of useful features for individuals who want to create a genogram. You can easily add family members, establish relationships, and include specific details such as birth­dates and pictures. It is akin to crafting a digital family scrap­book.

Moreover, this app provides a convenient option to color-code relationships, allowing you to visualize intricate family dynamics effectively. Therefore, if you are inter­ested in genealogy or simply seek a better understanding of your family tree, this application could prove inval­uable.

You begin by including yourself and then proceed to connect with family members and establish relationships.

The application also enables you to include personal events like marri­ages, divorces, and yes, you heard it correctly, “compl­icated relatio­nships.” It’s as if they wholehe­artedly embrace all the excit­ement and intri­cacies of family dynamics.

The app’s organization is a bit mixed. It has a wide range of features but could benefit from some stream­lining. The interface feels cluttered and overwh­elming, similar to a cluttered attic filled with old photos and knick-knacks. Simpl­ifying the interface would make it more user-fr­iendly.

In summary, whether you embrace its compl­exity or yearn for a more user-f­riendly experience, this tool provides an opportunity to document the intricate conne­ctions within your family tree.


ClansRoot – Family Tree Maker

ClansRoot provides several impre­ssive features. For instance, it allows you to create genog­rams, which are advanced family trees. You have the ability to add family members, relationships, and even detailed information about each individual.

If you haven’t used ClansRoot yet, you’re missing out on an invaluable tool for exploring your family history and gaining a deeper understanding of your family dynamics. With its easy-to-use features and ability to visualize complex family connections, it’s a must-have for anyone interested in genealogy.

Using this app is straight­forward, but it does require some initial setup. You input data for each family member and define their relationships. If you want to perso­nalize it further, you can even add pictures and notes.

In conclusion, I think ClansRoot is the perfect app for those who are passi­onate about exploring their family tree or need to create detailed genograms for personal or professional purposes.


Ancestry: Family History & DNA

This app is packed with useful tools for creating genog­rams. You can easily build intricate family trees, adding names, photos, birth­dates, and even linking relatives to show their relationships.

The user interface is remar­kably easy to navigate, even for those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy. It strikes the right balance of being visually appealing without overwh­elming the senses.

It’s also well-or­ganized, ensuring that even indiv­iduals like Aunt Mildred, who may be more accus­tomed to flip phones, can easily use it.

Moreover, Ancestry is available on Android, allowing you to create your family tree on your preferred device.

Unfortunately, in order to access all of the app’s features, you’ll have to subsc­ribe. Yes, it falls into that category of “pay to play” arrang­ements. Your wallet might shed a tear or two.

Besides, sometimes, the app presents random glitches that can be frustr­ating. It seems to have its own unpred­ictable behavior, going from being your reliable companion one moment to becoming an irritable and moody appli­cation the next.

To sum up, I would say that this app is a powerful tool to create a family tree for your personal search.


Family Gem

This app offers several useful features, such as the ability to add family members and define their relationships.

Additionally, you can include notes about each person and even upload photos. Moreover, it supports multiple langu­ages, including Russian, making it an excellent option for those who are multil­ingual.

Using this app to create your own genogram can be quite frustr­ating. It requires numerous taps, swipes, and double-taps, almost like a task that demands sacrifice to the app gods before it starts working smoothly.

It feels as if they delibe­rately make you put in the effort to construct your family tree, but not in an enjoyable geneal­ogical way.

The app could use some improv­ements in terms of user-frie­ndliness. It would be beneficial to have a more intuitive interface and a simpler color scheme. Having a rainbow explosion while trying to navigate your family history can be overwh­elming and unnecessary.

In conclusion, if you have an abundance of patience and persis­tence, FamilyGem could potentially be a viable option as an app for creating genog­rams.


uStory: Family Tree & Network

With the help of this app, you can effort­lessly add family members, relationships, and various details to construct a compre­hensive family tree.

Furthermore, the app allows for customi­zation, enabling you to perso­nalize your genogram by using different colors and symbols. You even have the option to add photos, which brings your family’s heritage to life – it’s like taking scrapb­ooking into the digital age.

It serves as a valuable tool for keeping track of medical histo­ries, gaining insights into family dynamics, and prese­rving your family’s heritage for future genera­tions. Besides, it provides an enjoyable way to learn more about your relat­ives. “Oh, Aunt Susan has three cats and once conquered Mount Everest? Who would have guessed?”

Building your own genogram with names is a simple process. Begin by adding yourself as the central person, then gradually include other family members one at a time. The app enables you to define relationships, indicate genders, and even add brief notes about each individual.

Also, the interface is user-f­riendly and doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. It’s essen­tially a plug-a­nd-play experience.

In conclusion, this software is an incre­dibly useful app for creating genog­rams. Its user-f­riendly interface and diverse range of features make it a valuable tool for exploring your family’s history.


Family Tree Creator – meWho?

This platform provides numerous custom­ization options to create your genogram. You can easily add family members, label relationships, and even include important medical information.

It’s similar to playing The Sims but focused on exploring your own family history. Additionally, you’ll find helpful templates that can jumpstart the creation process of your genogram, saving you time and effort.

One conve­nient function is the option to import and export genog­rams. This allows you to easily share your created family tree with relatives or keep it private for personal use. Additionally, there’s a helpful search feature that allows you to quickly find specific family members, in case you need a reminder of

However, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges as well. While the platform is designed with user-fri­endliness in mind, there might be a slight learning curve involved.

You may find yourself exploring different functions before fully grasping how everything works. Although it’s not overly compli­cated, it may require a little more effort to navigate than initially expected.

The UI design is generally well-or­ganized and features a calming color palette, although some may find it slightly dull. Adding more custom­ization options for the colors could enhance user satisf­action.

Additionally, the interface would benefit from tooltips or a compre­hensive tutorial to assist new users, as it currently assumes a high level of knowledge in genogram creation from the start..

All in all, with some patience and explor­ation, you can unlock its potential and create an impre­ssive genogram that will captivate your relat­ives.


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Family Tree Maker Connect

It’s a genogram maker that allows you to create family trees. It can be a fun and engaging activity for those who enjoy exploring their family history.

One notable feature of the app is its ability to create genograms – visual represe­ntations of family trees that also include infor­mation about medical history. This feature can be particularly helpful for individuals inter­ested in genealogy and wanting to document their family history.

With the help of this tool, users can easily add names, dates, and even icons to represent different medical conditions or emotional conne­ctions within the family tree diagram.

What is more, you have the opportunity to connect and colla­borate with other users on genog­rams, creating a sort of social media platform for family trees. It’s fasci­nating to discover that your distant cousin twice removed shares your passion for family history.

Also, you can easily share your genogram creations with friends and family, allowing them to join in on your geneal­ogical adven­tures.

However, the user interface can be quite confusing and challenging to navigate. It may feel like maneuvering through a dense Amazon rainf­orest, especially for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

The color palette is also quite erratic, lacking consi­stency and cohesion. It almost feels as though they couldn’t settle on a theme, resulting in an overwh­elming explosion of colors that bombard your screen like a vibrant rainbow.

Creating your own genogram can be a bit challenging and may require some patience. Unders­tanding all the different elements and features might even feel like you need a degree in family therapy.

In general, I find it a decent app that has an array of features and a user interface that could use some improvement, but it might still be worth giving it a shot.


Family Tree & DNA Generator

This app offers a wide range of fasci­nating features, some of which are genuinely helpful, while others could benefit from some fine-t­uning.

You have the option to input a wide range of family data, including names, birth­dates, and relationship statuses, and even add photos (perfect for those amusing family reunion snaps­hots).

Additionally, the app offers a selection of symbols to represent different family members – think of it like a modern take on stick figure illustr­ations.

One useful feature is the ability to link family members with lines, which enhances the visual­ization of relationships. Moreover, for those who appreciate a touch of color coordi­nation, it’s possible to assign different colors to each generation.

In case you’re inter­ested in genealogy or just want to unravel the intricate web of your family connections, this app is an inval­uable resource. It provides a conve­nient tool for exploring your family history, recognizing patterns, and uncov­ering hidden relatives like the elusive Uncle Bobs that no one seems to mention.

To create a family tree, you should begin by adding family members and conne­cting them like pieces of a puzzle. It can be time-consuming, but it ensures that you complete the task. Just remember to save your progress as you go along – losing hours of work is never a pleasant experience.

In conclusion, DNA Family Tree has both positive and negative aspects. It provides helpful features for creating genog­rams, but it does have some quirks.


EdrawMax Online

This website is incre­dibly useful, particularly for profes­sionals in fields like psych­ology, social work, or even genealogy enthus­iasts. It provides a fasci­nating way to visualize intricate family histories and track genetic traits.

In addition, it simpl­ifies the often compl­icated process of compre­hending and navig­ating your family tree.

It is possible to easily add symbols by dragging and dropping them, and then connecting them with lines to represent relationships. The user interface is designed to be user-fr­iendly, so you don’t have to be a tech expert to use it.

The color palette is pleasing to the eye and well-or­ganized, making it easy to navigate. Unlike your cousin’s chaotic wedding last summer, this interface is neat and organized. In conclusion, Edraw­Max’s genogram maker is a useful tool for individuals who want to visually depict their family trees or explore intricate relationships.

In conclusion, that’s my perspective on Edraw­Max’s genogram maker. If you’re inter­ested in exploring your family history or want to avoid any awkward encou­nters at future family gathe­rings, I recommend giving it a try.



With this tool, you can easily add all your family members, their relationships, medical history, and even little quirks if you’re feeling extra detailed. And if you need to remember Aunt Edna’s epic mustache, no worries! You can also add pictures to make your genogram truly memor­able.

Additionally, this tool is not limited to just family-related diagrams and charts. You can utilize it for a wide range of visual represen­tations. Whether you fancy yourself a diagram Picasso or simply need an easy-to-use platform, this online tool has got you covered.

Now, let’s talk about the user interface design, which is a critical aspect. While it serves its purpose, it could benefit from some improv­ements. The current design lacks visual appeal and appears slightly outdated. The color palette feels a bit dull, and the layout could be more moder­nized.

Though navig­ation is not overly compli­cated, there is room for enhanc­ement. If you’re seeking a visually capti­vating experience, you might find other options more appea­ling.

In conclusion, Creately is a practical tool for individuals looking to create family trees, diagrams, or charts.


Visual Paradigm Online

This genogram maker website has some great features. It allows you to easily create detailed family trees, making it ideal for genealogy enthu­siasts and thera­pists who want to chart family dynamics.

It’s also a useful tool for educational purposes, helping students gain a better understanding of family struc­tures and relationships.

Now, here’s a quick rundown of the main features:

  • Symbol library that offers a diverse range of symbols representing various family members and relationships
  • Collabo­ration to work on your genogram with others in real time, which is ideal for family history projects where multiple people are involved

Additionally, offering a video guide would greatly enhance the onboa­rding experience. Another fantastic feature that could revolu­tionize the platform is an automated genogram gener­ation based on entered data.

So, in conclusion, Visual Paradigm for genograms is a tool that you can bravely use to create your own family tree.



This tool is incre­dibly useful for creating genog­rams, which are essen­tially family trees but with added depth to showcase all the intricate details of your family history.

With drag-a­nd-drop functi­onality and a wide range of features, it allows you to effort­lessly design visually appealing genog­rams. Additionally, this tool provides collab­oration options, making it easier than ever to colla­borate with others on your genogram project.

It also includes a vast library of symbols and templates that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your genogram. Furthermore, the real-time collab­oration feature enables you to have live discu­ssions and debates with your relatives regarding any uncert­ainties or disagr­eements when docum­enting.

Making your own genogram is simple and straight­forward. Just drag and drop symbols, connect them with lines, and include the relevant information. You have a wide variety of shapes and colors to choose from to perso­nalize your genogram.

And don’t worry about losing your work – there’s a conve­nient “Save” button so you can easily preserve your master­piece.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Lucid­chart Genogram Maker as it offers a comfortable way to get a family tree.



This is a website that has a splendid opportunity to help you to create a family tree.

Venngage offers a wide array of features for creating genog­rams. You have the ability to include family members, depict relationships, and add detailed information about your family tree.

Moreover, you can perso­nalize the design by incorp­orating various colors, icons, and images. It’s like bringing life to your family history!

One of its notable features is the wide range of templates available for users to choose from, enhancing custom­ization options. Additionally, it has a beginner-friendly inter­face, making it accessible to individuals without advanced technical skills.

Users have the ability to incorporate images and icons into their genogram designs, adding visual appeal.

Moreover, Venngage allows for easy expor­tation of creations in both PDF and image formats, facilitating sharing with others if desired.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. Venngage does offer premium features that require payment. And let’s be honest, no one really enjoys paying for something they can only use sporad­ically

Now, let me walk you through the steps of using this app. First, simply sign up for an account using your email address. Then, select a genogram template that suits your needs. Fill in the names of individuals and add their relationships to create a compre­hensive genogram.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your genogram will be ready for use. It’s a straigh­tforward process that anyone can easily navigate.

In conclusion, I can say that this is one of the best tools to get a genogram. You can be sure this website will cover all your needs.


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It’s a genogram maker specifically designed for creating family trees and similar diagrams. In this review, we’ll explore the various aspects of the platform, discussing both its strengths and weaknesses.

GenoTool is an impre­ssive website that allows you to include various types of information, such as relationships, medical history, and even personal photo­graphs of your family members.

Of course, it makes creating a genogram simple and easy. Just sign up and follow the intuitive interface to add family members using drag and drop. Connect them with lines to show relationships, and in no time, you’ll have a beautiful family tree.

What is more, GenoTool provides a range of helpful features to create visually appealing family trees. With color-coding, symbols, and various shapes, you can easily disti­nguish different elements.

The option to add notes is partic­ularly useful for capturing important family details or secrets. In essence, GenoTool functions similarly to Power­Point but specif­ically tailored for creating family trees.

The user interface design is funct­ional, but it lacks innov­ation. It has a straigh­tforward layout, which is positive, but it appears outdated and in need of improv­ement. The color choices are basic, and the overall organi­zation could benefit from a more modern and visually appealing update.

Overall, I find GenoTool a funct­ional tool for creating genog­rams. While it may not have the most visually appealing design, it can still be useful for mapping out your family’s history and unique characte­ristics. Just keep in mind that it may not provide a visually stunning exper­ience.

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