15 Best Free AI Logo Design Apps for Android & iOS

The first introduction to any brand starts with its name and logo. The logo is the face of the brand, which you place in social networks, advertising, at the entrance to your store, and so on.

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The logo can be made in any style that suits the concept of your business. The services for creating such an image are still in high demand. But this approach to its creation takes a lot of time and money, and requires constant coordination and edits.

You can avoid this chore by taking advantage of these best free AI logo design apps for Android & iOS. Try them all or choose the greatest one.

Logo Maker – Logo Creator by Iris Studios and Services

Logo Maker is an editor app for designing professional and creative logos. With its help, you will be able to come up with and realize unique and memorable logos for your company, website, mobile app, or brand.

The app contains many tools and features that allow you to design logos from ready-made templates as well as from scratch. It offers a huge selection of templates categorized by categories.

You can choose a ready-made one, but edit it according to your preferences. Add your own text, change the colors on the logo, or attach different stickers. Customize each element of your design to create a unique logo.

The program presents a large library of pictures and stickers that already have the background removed. You can easily find and add the right pictures to your template to make it more expressive.

Choose different text effects and fonts, change the color from the palette, or create your own shade. Customize the style, size, color, and position of the lettering on your logo.

An export and save feature allows you to leave your design in high quality even when sending it to other sites. You can export your logo in any format and share it with other users. The app has a simple and straightforward interface that makes the editing process quick and easy even for beginners.


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AI Logo Generator – Easy Logo by Tech Box d.o.o.

This is an amazing app that allows you to generate a unique logo for any purpose. With its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, it offers many features and functions that will help you create a unique and professional logo in just a few minutes.

One of the main features of this app is its ease of use. First, you need to choose the basic logo style you want to create. The app has a variety of style categories ranging from abstract shapes to classic emblems.

Once you have chosen your desired category, you can browse through the original designs offered and choose the one you like. Put your personalized logo on any object or thing, which allows you to visualize its existence in reality. After choosing a basic style, you can make changes to it.

This generator offers you many tools and options to customize and personalize your work. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, and shapes, and add captions and images. Thanks to its user-friendly and clear interface, you won’t need any special design skills or Photoshop experience.

The app guarantees instant download of ready-made variants, so you can get your logo in just a couple of minutes. After editing, save your design or share it with other users through any online platforms.

The app allows you to save the quality of the images, making them professional and suitable for future use.


Logo Maker: Design & Create by Shopify Inc.

This is a feature-rich mobile app for logo design and development. With this editor, you can easily and quickly design high-quality and professional logos for your brand, company, or project.

The app offers a wide range of ready-made logo templates for different industries and niches. You don’t need to waste your time creating a logo from scratch, just choose the right template and start customizing it according to your needs.

It is a handy and easy-to-use editor that will allow you to customize your chosen logo template with free tools and effects. Change the size, color, shape, fonts, and other logo elements to create a unique style for your personal brand.

A huge number of styles, color palettes, fonts, and effects are provided for you to design and customize your logo. Modify each detail separately to reflect your uniqueness and individuality.

All tools and basic functionality are placed on a control panel, allowing you to quickly customize all elements of your design.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will be able to get a finished work in a couple of minutes after selecting the parameters. You can download it to your smartphone for further use or send it to someone on any platform.


Logo AI – Brand Design Maker by Bizthug Pte Ltd

This is an innovative app designed to generate and edit logos for your brand. It has a simple interface and clear functionality that allows even inexperienced users to create professional and high-quality logos in minutes.

The app offers more than 30 million ready-made and professional posters, logo, and symbol templates for your brand. Choose any template you like and then customize it according to your individual preferences. Here you can edit fonts, colors, text, and images right on your logo.

You can customize the settings to make it easy to select a preset. There are many categories and industries in the app, each of which contains suitable layouts for future work. Thanks to this, you can save your time and pick the right template for your poster.

The assortment of the editor is constantly updated, so you can be sure that your design is unique. To make it 100% authentic, choose extra elements and edit presets right in the app. Here you can also create and design different posters. This allows you to use the finished works for different purposes and industries.

They can be exported or uploaded to your smartphone storage for further use. You can use the app for free, but to extend access to its functionality you will need to activate a paid subscription.


Logo Maker: Logo Creator by CA Publishing

This is a mobile editor app that allows you to design unique logos for any company or brand. The simple and clear interface makes it possible to use the app even if you are new to design. All the features and templates of the program are available for every user, so you can use them for free.

The app offers a huge selection of templates, stickers without backgrounds, fonts, and other elements that will help you create the perfect logo. You can choose any layouts from different categories that best describe your brand or company.

The app is constantly updated, so you can experiment with new templates and elements every time, allowing you to stay on trend and create relevant logos. Here you can change the size, color, font, and other attributes of each element even in ready-made templates.

You can also add your own images and text to make the logo even more original. The preview allows you to evaluate how your work will look in reality. Besides changing the basic elements, you can adjust the brightness, scale, and other parameters of the picture. It will be saved exactly as you set it.

At any stage of editing, you can save the logo or share it with other users on the platform online.


AI Logo Generator Logo Creator by Sinh Nguyen Mai

This is a gorgeous app designed to create your brand or company logos. It is powered by artificial intelligence and offers a user-friendly interface. Thus, even people who have no experience in Photoshop can use it to edit and generate unique logos.

The app has a wide range of features and tools that allow you to customize your logo design from pre-made templates. It offers many different layouts that you can choose and customize according to your personal preferences.

The templates cover different areas of business, so you can choose the best fit for your company. Change the colors, fonts, shapes, and other details to match your creative ideas and designs. Here, you will have access to a rich collection of fonts and icons that you can use in your logo.

You can choose any of the different styles of fonts and stickers to create a unique design. You can also customize the position of each element on your logo, and edit its scale and size. Colors are customizable too, so choose the best shade and edit your logos to perfection.

Save your finished works and share them with other users. The app contains paid subscriptions that give you access to extra tools and templates. To do this, add a payment card to your account, and money will be automatically deducted from it.


Logo Maker, Logo Creator by Apps You Love

This is an innovative mobile app for designing professional and attractive logos. It offers a wide range of options that allow users to create unique icons for their brands and other projects even without Photoshop experience.

The simple and straightforward interface makes the app accessible and easy to use. Most of the effects and elements are presented as clear icons on the main screen. The app provides a huge selection of ready-made logo templates in a variety of styles.

Each template can be customized and adapted to your preferences. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, and other parameters to create a unique icon. Besides ready-made templates, the app offers a large collection of graphic elements that you can use to create your own logo from scratch.

You can add text, drawings, shapes, and other elements to get a modern icon. These graphic elements can be customized in terms of color, size, scale, and other parameters.

Create unique text effects in your logo by customizing the font and its position on the icon. Choose the right font style to fit and harmonize with your logo. Add shadows, strokes, and other effects to the text and other elements of the logo.

Save your finished artwork to your smartphone for future use or send it to friends on other platforms.


Logo Maker – Logo Designer AI by Shradha Togadiya

This is a mobile editor that offers a lot of tools and materials for designing unique logos. The app has a simple and clear interface that makes it easy for beginners to master its functions. Choose any layout from the many options offered and customize them according to your needs.

The app offers a huge collection of images and fonts that you can use to create your logo. Choose and customize colors, sizes, positions, and other attributes of your design elements for them. You can also add your images to make your logo even more unique.

The program has plenty of tools to edit and enhance your designs. Apply different effects, add shadows and gradients, adjust the degree of transparency, and much more. These tools allow you to give your design a professional look.

The app has sections with the most popular and up-to-date logo designs, which you can use as a ready-made logo or a base for your creation. Save the created logos in different formats to use them in your designs in the future.

You can export your logos to any platform or share them via social networks and messengers. When you save your finished works, their quality does not change in any way. Thus, all your layouts and blanks will be presented in pristine condition.


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Logo Maker, Logo Designer by Video Marketing Apps

This is a modern mobile app for designing logos for any type of business. With this app, you can create professional and beautiful logos for your brand, company, product, or service. With a huge range of tools, features, and resources, the app is suitable for every user.

One of the main advantages of this logo builder is its ease of use. Even if you have no experience in working with such apps, you will easily master all the functions and create your own unique logo.

The simple and clear user interface allows you to create logos in just a couple of minutes. For this purpose, the app offers you a huge assortment of templates and blanks. Choose the perfect design for your logo using the handy categories.

Find the industry that best describes your brand and choose any of the suggested layouts. Create your own icons, upload personal images, and use them to develop a unique design. This design includes a wide range of tools for editing and customizing your logo, including 3D details for the logo graphic.

You can change the size, shape, and hue, as well as adjust the text and add effects to make your logo unique. Use different fonts, effects, and filters to make your presets more colorful and expressive.


Shaped – Logo Design Maker

Shaped is an innovative mobile logo design app that will allow you to make your brand or company stand out from the rest of your competitors with a unique icon. This app offers various tools and features to customize and process your logos.

All the tools and features are conveniently arranged, allowing you to quickly find the options you need and use them to customize your design. Various symbols, and stickers without backgrounds, fonts, and elements are available in the app that you can use to create your original and unique logo.

You can also import your own images and pre-made files from other editors to add them to your logos. Adjust the size of all elements on the icon, colors and shades, saturation or transparency of each attribute to create a perfect combination of all design components.

Use the zoom and rotate feature to change the shape and orientation of the elements. You can also optionally add text to your logo. Choose any font style from all the available options to create a unique lettering design. Edit its color, size, and position on the sticker.

When you are done creating your logo, save it to your device’s gallery or share it directly via social media and messengers. Export your logo in any file format to keep it high quality.


Logo Maker Shop – Generator by PIXO Incorporation

Logo Maker Shop is an easy-to-use mobile app that will help you generate unique logos for any purpose. This app contains a huge assortment of features and materials for developing high-quality and attractive icons that are great for any industry or field of work.

Even if you have no experience in working with editors, you can easily design your unique logo because of the app’s clear interface and functionality. The functionality of the app is available on a user-friendly dashboard, which makes logo design fast and efficient.

In this app, you will find a huge library of fonts, images, stickers, 3D shapes, and other graphic elements that you can use while creating a logo. Choose the style you want and start experimenting with creating a unique design.

The program offers many options and ready-made templates that you can use as the base of your logo. You can take a blank and edit it according to your preferences and wishes.

One of the key features of the app is the ability to customize every attribute of your logo. Select and edit each individual design detail to get the perfect result. Customize the size, icon position, scale, and the rest of the settings for images and styles.

The app has a preview feature that allows you to see how your logo will look on various items.


DesignEvo – Logo Maker

DesignEvo is a handy mobile app that allows any user to create professional logos for various purposes. With this app, you can design unique logos that will reflect the identity of your brand, company, product, or project. It contains many tools and features to create icons of different complexity and style.

The app’s range of materials includes a collection of many high-quality and professional templates, a wide selection of texts and fonts, as well as a variety of shapes, colors, and extra effects. The simple and clear interface makes the logo creation process as accessible as possible for everyone.

You can select the elements you need and customize them according to your requirements and preferences. Adjust the size and scale, change colors and shades, change the font, and choose the most suitable styles for it. Save your logo at every stage of editing so that you can finalize and share it with other users at any time.

The app features many ready-made logo templates designed by professionals. Users can choose any layout and make their own changes, add their own text, use their own colors and effects, as well as extra graphic elements.

You can save your works in any format, which allows you to use them for different purposes without losing quality.



VistaCreate is a modern and easy-to-use mobile app designed to develop personalized and professional graphic design right on your smartphone or tablet.

The app contains many options and materials that will help you transform your ideas into reality and create unique images, promotional materials, banners, social media covers, and much more.

The clear interface and handy tools allow you to add images, texts, backgrounds, and decorative elements, as well as change their sizes, colors, and positioning, creating unique designs in just a couple of minutes.

The app provides more than 100 ready-made templates for different categories and design types. You can choose the right template and customize it to suit your preferences. The templates are available for different social networks, so you can use your ready-made works for any platform.

Create templates for logos, business cards, magazine covers, and other types of content. The app features a wide range of tools for editing and customizing images. You can add filters, and adjust the contrast, saturation, and brightness of images.

Background effects, shapes, decorative elements, frames, and more are also available. Add patterns, lettering, and effects to your designs using brushes of various shapes and sizes.

The app also includes a text editor with many fonts and styles. You can add and format texts, and change their color, size, alignment, and other parameters. Create complex compositions using multiple layers.


Imagine: AI Art Generator

Imagine is an innovative app that allows users to create unique logos using artificial intelligence. You only need to briefly describe the picture you want to get and the program will automatically generate it for you. You can customize the conversion settings to create the perfect image with precision.

Choose the style and genre of the future picture to get the desired result. The app can generate both real images and cartoon characters. Each picture turns out to be unique, so you can experiment with image generation without any restrictions.

There are more than 100 different styles, each of which is available to choose from. Just find the category you want and run the generator. After that, you will get a finished image that you can upload to your smartphone or share it on other online platforms.

The app offers a style search feature that allows users to find artworks that match a particular style or category. With this feature, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to get and generate unique pictures. Use this app even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Save your collections of generated pictures and share them with other users. Use the generated pictures for business, online avatars, or just for inspiration. Each picture will be generated in a specific format, allowing you to export it without losing quality.


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Artique: Design Ad, Logo Maker

Artique is a mobile editor app designed for advertising creation. Here you can develop different types of content, including for social media and personal web pages. With the app, you will be able to create stunning logos and promotional materials even without Photoshop experience.

The app offers a large assortment of templates, graphics, fonts, and customizations to help you turn your ideas into reality. Choose the layout you want or start creating from a blank canvas. Add text, choose colors, images, and other elements to create a unique design.

Create and edit logos, banners, ads, flyers, postcards, and more. You can also create designs that are automatically optimized for different devices and platforms, including websites and social media. Thanks to the preview, you will be able to evaluate how your design looks on a particular site or object.

The app contains a huge number of graphic elements. Use any stickers, photos, shapes, lines, and other attributes that will help you create a unique and attractive design. You can also save your presets and favorite designs to your favorites to return to them at any convenient time.

All your works will be stored in your profile, so you will always have access to them. Add different stickers, captions, and frames to your images to add more originality to your design.

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