10 Free Annoying Sounds Apps for Android & iOS

What can be funnier than pranking people with funny annoying sounds? That’s right — not so many things.

Luckily, there are apps that can cope with that. There are lots of free annoying sounds apps for Android & iOS that’ll help you piss people off. These apps are bundled with all kinds of gag noises that suit multiple situations — from pranking your little bro to riling your local Karen.

In case you’re always looking for new ways to prank your mates, check out these free prank calling apps.

Here’s the list of the best free apps in that category you should try. Take a look!

Annoying Sounds by Crystal Clear Ringtones

Annoying Ringtones

Let’s start with an app called Annoying Sounds. As you may already guess, this is basically a compilation of notes you can use to hassle your mates.

The main goal of this app is to cover all the annoying noises possible so you could come up with a coll prank in any situation. For now, the app covers more than 40 different noises in various genres and this number still keeps growing.

To be more precise, there’re such sounds as nails on a chalkboard, knife on glass, mosquitoes, crying kids, and all that. It needs to be said, the sounds have not been added in the app by a random accident — some of them have been scientifically admitted to being the most annoying to the human’s ear.

Therewith, all the sounds are placed in one section and there’re no categories or any other kind of organization. Thus, it’s not that easy to navigate and quickly search for a particular sound.

Along with that, the app is very easy to use — just tap on the sound you want to use and it will play immediately. Plus, you can not only use these sounds as pranks — you can use them as ringtones, alarm, notification sound, and even as a personal sound for specific contacts.


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Annoying Ringtones Free

Annoying ringtones free

Annoying Ringtones is another app that will help you irritate people around you.

This app features all the most annoying sounds you can think of — from the emergency systems and sirens to broken glass and all kinds of screams. Along with the previous one, this app also covers the tones that have been scientifically claimed irritating for the human ears.

The control of this app is quite simple — just tap on the sound to play and press the pause when you’re done. It needs to be said, the UI is quite easy to navigate as well — all the sounds are marked by related icons so you can already imagine how it would sound.

Therewith, the sounds are not organized in any way so keep that in mind. You can also adjust the setting to pick the appropriate volume for the sounds.

Plus, you can use these sounds as custom alarms. In other words, you can set the noises to be your ringtones, notification sounds, and even alarm clock if needed. It can be done right from the app which is quite comfy. The app does support ads but there are no pop-ups, so they won’t bother you that much.


Yeet Meme Soundboard Generator

Yeet Meme

Yeet Meme is a soundboard app that covers annoying noises for your fave memes.

Let’s get things straight — this app has one of the biggest compilation of funny sounds o the market. It covers more than 300 meme noises you can use to make fun of your bros. Practically, all you can think of this covered by this app — from classic air horns and drunk noises to hilarious meme sounds like “show me the way” and all that.

Therewith, all sounds are being added quite frequently so you won’t miss any hyped memes. Although the sounds are all placed on the homepage and there’s no organization at first sight you can cope with that yourself. The app empowers you to make custom soundboards with your fave noises with no limits.

Plus, you can loop, slow down, and speed up all the noises to make it more personalized. You also get to change the design themes of the app by your will. Besides, you can use any of the sounds as ringtones, SMS notifications, and even alarms. The app does have paid subscriptions but all it does is turns off the ads.


Annoying Sounds Ringtones

Annoying sounds

As you may guess by the name, Annoying Sounds Ringtones is an app bundled with all the irritating noises you can think of.

Although the main purpose of this app is to help you gag your mates it also enables you to set the sounds as ringtones. To be more precise, you can set any of the noises as a clock alarm, a timer, SMS notification, and even a contact ringtone. All these may be done right from the app which is great.

Furthermore, you can set the widget pins for your fave sounds to always have them on hand on your home screen. As for the sound compilation, for now, the app covers over 50 sounds and the number is still growing. Therewith, all the most viral sounds are covered — from baby cry to fire alarm and all that.

You also get to adjust the volume your sounds will be played on. Besides, you can set timers to play each sound individually. It needs to be said, the app even covers a legal notice section that warns you on all the situations you may get problems with using these sounds publicly.


Annoying Sounds and Noises

Annoying Sounds and Noises

Annoying Sounds and Noises is another app that features various exasperating sounds.

The first thing you notice about this app is that it’s very minimalistic — it’s basically just playing black bg and a bunch of orange buttons. Nevertheless, the app covers more than 60 notes, and it is incredibly easy to navigate. The cool thing is parts from most of its sister apps this one keeps all the sounds organized by categories.

For now, there are over 10 categories that contain thematic sounds. There are such categories as alarms, animal ones, human sounds, gross sounds, emergency sounds, and more. Therewith, you can be sure all the most viral noises are covered — from farts to sirens and baby screams.

Besides, you get to set the volume and the timer for all the sounds. It needs to be said, the sounds are already quite loud so be sure to check up before using them in public. You can also make widgets to always have your fave noises on hand on your home screen. All the noises are free and there are no ads which is great.


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100’s of Buttons & Sounds

100's of Buttons

The name of the next app fully speaks for itself. 100’s of Buttons is an app that covers multiple notes that can piss off everyone.

Frankly speaking, this is an ultimate gag app that will help you prank whoever you want. Seriously, there are so many sounds here that you’ll find the one for any situation possible. For now, the app covers over 300 sounds and its number keeps growing. All the most popular noises are covered — from barks to screams, sirens, and the sounds of knives in the glass.

Therewith, all the sounds come in clear HQ so no worries about that. Plus, all the noises are marked with related images so you’ll know what to expect from them. The only con is there is no categorization in this app so it might not be easy to navigate and search for a specific sound.

However, you can add the funniest sounds at your faves for quick access which is nice. You can even save some noises on your device to play them without the Internet. You may also adjust the loudness of the sounds in the settings and set the timer if needed.


Annoying Sounds by Fun Buddy

Annoying noise

Annoying Sounds is a soundboard app that will help you play jokes over your bros.

Frankly speaking, this app Is quite basic — nothing extraordinary and nothing annoying as well. For now, the app covers over 30 annoying notes that can piss of your relatives, bros, and enemies. Yeah, the compilation is not that impressive but all the essential noises are covered — from air horns to sirens and cicadas.

The quality of the sound is on the level — the audios are clear and there are no cracks whatsoever. Plus, you get to set the optimal volume for the sounds in the settings. It needs to be mentioned, the sounds are quite loaded on their own so keep that in mind. The interface of the app is not the best for several reasons.

First, you can’t actually view the list of all the sounds covered by the app. All you can do is tap on arrow buttons to switch the page and see the next sound in line. Plus, there’s a huge yellow smiley face that takes up the majority of the page. Besides, the sounds are not marked by any icons which is not very handy as well.


Crazy Annoying Sounds

Crazy sounds

Crazy Annoying Sounds is an app you can use to irritate people around you.

This app covers all the most vexatious sounds possible — from the horrific sound of nails scratching the chalkboard to dentist drills, mosquitoes, screams, and more. In other words, there’s a sound for every situation you may think of.

Plus, you can use these noises as ringtones. You get to set the audios as a notification alert, an alarm, contact ringtone, and even the alarm clock. You can also create widgets and place them on your home screen to always have the funniest sounds on hand. Plus, all the noises are HQ so no worries about that.

Besides, you get to set the volume for the noises and adjust the timer for the app to turn off automatically. As for the interface, it’s quite decent. All the sounds are placed one after another with no categorization but you’ll get used to it. The only con is there are no names for the sound — just annoy sound 1, 2,3, and so on. The only way you may guess this sound is by the icons.


Air Horn: Funny Prank Sounds by Braly JSC

The Air Horn app simulates many loud and unexpected sounds. It can be a realistic sound of a real razor. Imagine your sister’s face when she wakes up to this sound. Use your phone as an artificial razor to amuse your classmates.

Besides the sound of an electric razor, you will feel the vibration like a real haircutting machine. A huge selection of loud horns including train sounds and special transportation sirens.

Make a boring family night memorable with the emission sounds. Walk up to any family member and turn up the volume on your phone. Sincerely have fun seeing a grimace of embarrassment and incomprehension.

Air Horn contains many other unusual sounds: the clinking of broken glass, a loud doorbell, and animal sounds. This app is suitable for pranks at home and on the street, as the sounds are very loud and maximally similar to the original.


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Sound Effects

Sound Effects

And lastly, Sound Effects is an app that offers multiple sound effects you can have fun with.

This app covers a massive library with more than 200 effects of any kind — from animal noises and alarms to screams, cries, and scratches noises. Therewith, the app has easy navigation — all the sounds are organized by categories such as horror noises, annoying ones, birds, weapons, animals, and so on.

The interface of the app is quite intuitive as well. There are easy controls to switch between categories and soundboards for easy access. It needs to be said, you can make a personalized board with your fave sounds. Herewith, you get to customize your boards and switch the color of pins. Plus, the app covers multiple languages which is always great.

You can also regulate the volume of the sounds in the settings and pick the timer for the sounds to turn off automatically. All the sounds come in HQ and if you have any troubles with that you can reach the support team. The only con of this app is it has ads and some of them come with sound which may be hella irritating.

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