11 Best Wrestling Games for Android & iOS

Spectacular battles are one of the public’s favorite entertainments. Wrestling is a fully staged struggle with elements of the show, which is aimed at attracting the attention of the audience.

In the United States, people really love wrestling, and the clubs in which the battles take place, in the days of the show are simply filled with people. Every year WrestleMania is held – it is one of the largest shows, where the most spectacular competitions are held.

Wrestling fans annually watch the athletes who take part in these fights. Perhaps you even had the idea to participate in such an event on your own – but for this, you need to be in good physical shape.

If you really want to get in shape on your own, you can do it with the help of the 15 Best Bodybuilding apps for Android & iOS. But still, most fans prefer to stay as a spectator and enjoy what is happening in the ring.

If you don’t have the right spectacle to watch now, you can create it on your smartphone. We suggest you learn 11 Best Wrestling Games for Android & iOS.

WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle Game

WWE SuperCard - Multiplayer Card Battle GameWWE is a full-fledged entertainment universe, which has many fans all over the world. Like any large company and franchise, they have special branches and products for fans in different areas.

Such an application is WWE SuperCard – a collection card game. Here you will find all your idols or bright personalities in wrestling, which you are used to watching on the screen and during the battles. The game is a combination of two genres, in which the strategy and card gambling are presented.

The whole WWE league will be on your smartphone – you can access the strongest fighters and representatives of the battles. You can collect your own deck in WWE SuperCard, including fighters from WWE, NXT, and other bright leagues.

In the game, you will participate in loud tournaments and matches in different modes – even King of the Ring! For interaction with other players, there are PvP battles and team battles, which will take place in real-time. Expand your deck to defeat as many opponents as possible and hold on to the title of champion.

WWE SuperCard - Multiplayer Card Battle Game1 WWE SuperCard - Multiplayer Card Battle Game2

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WWE Universe

WWE UniverseGlu is a leading company in the development and publishing of mobile games, each product of which is a quality application. WWE Universe was introduced in 2019 and caused a stir among the fans of wrestling and beautiful mobile games.

In the game you will get a real WWE experience on your mobile device, enjoying the graphics and unique built-in animation. All management is carried out literally in one touch, and those players, who have already had time to play, mark a really beautiful gaming experience.

The game is authentic and contains those elements of battles that you could observe on the screen for many years. In WWE Universe you can collect your own list of fighters and real wrestling legends, forming your own Hall of Fame.

It should be noted that the game also has a story that you need to stick to, so you will get even more cool impressions.

Do not forget to train your heroes, so that the superstars in the arena were in full force and could defeat any opponent that will stand in their way. Prove that your list of fighters is the best!

WWE Universe1 WWE Universe2

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Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy WrestlingRowdy Wrestling is an interesting and fun fighting game, where many opponents are already waiting for you in the fight for the golden belt. The game attracts the attention of users with its pixel design, funny animations, and even designs of locations in which you will fight.

All your battles in Rowdy Wrestling will be accompanied by different sounds and shouts, so for a full immersion into the atmosphere, we recommend you to play with the sound on.

Rowdy Wrestling has 4 gameplay options. You can fight on your own against all your opponents, be in the same team with your partner and stand with him for as long as possible in the ring, and you can also build your own career.

Here you will need to get to the treasured golden belt, driving your opponents to exhaustion and taking them out of the game.

It’s funny that in Rowdy Wrestling sometimes people with different tools may appear behind the ropes of the ring – you will need to manage to take them and use them on your opponent – it may be a baton, lamp, or even a simple wooden board.

Rowdy Wrestling1

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The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling

The Muscle Hustle Slingshot WrestlingIf you find games boring, where you will be engaged exclusively in wrestling, we want to tell you about The Muscle Hustle. This game is not just a battle in the ring – here you can find elements of pinball, marble, and billiards.

We doubt that you have ever played something like this, so we sincerely recommend you to try The Muscle Hustle. You will have to train hundreds of wrestlers so that they can move on and defeat any opponent. For each match, it will be possible to create an ideal team – both for a single company and PvP battles with other players.

In The Muscle Hustle, it is possible to combine different heroes so that they complement each other in their skills. Don’t forget about the audience: you can do various tricks to make your character to please the audience.

You can fight with only one hand so that even a child will be able to control The Muscle Hustle. During each of your battles, you will be able to hear fun phrases from commentators, so the game will be also great entertainment for you.

The Muscle Hustle Slingshot Wrestling1 The Muscle Hustle Slingshot Wrestling2


WWE Mayhem

WWE MayhemWWE Mayhem is a dynamic arcade game where you will dive into the world of wrestling together with the best fighters and stars of the ring. Here you will be able to control John Sina and your favorite other superstars that you have previously seen in real TV shows.

Who is your favorite fighter – who do you admire and whose strength and movements make you excited? WWE Mayhem allows you to choose him as your character and start development as soon as you finish downloading the game.

The game will allow you not only to control the wrestling stars but also to confront and interact with other popular fighters. Since the game is online, you can spill your anger and fight with other players around the world.

The WWE Mayhem hosts weekly events in which you can participate, such as Monday Night Raw, Clash of Champions, and other bright matches. In order to suddenly turn your defeat into a victory, you will have to think and build a whole strategy – so you can make a real show, just like the stars do in real life.

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Wrassling – Wacky Wrestling

Wrassling - Wacky WrestlingPerhaps you immediately noticed a distorted name with the word Wrestling. This game represents in itself a specially modified process of battle, where on the terrible pixel arena in a deliberately miserable graphics will fight terrible fighters.

Wrassling game will be appreciated not by classical fans of wrestling – if you literally worship this sport, the game will seem to you a real mockery or ridicule. If you are ready to laugh and have some fun, then we recommend you to pay attention to the game.

In Wrassling you play the role of a purple fighter, whose main goal is to remove all the other guys in the arena. Your score will represent the number of opponents that you were able to throw out of the ring.

Once you remove all of them – consider that you have won. Wrassling allows you to rotate the fighter’s hands in different directions like nunchakus, move around the arena in all directions and even jump.

Despite the strange appearance, the fighters in the ring can throw each other over the back, balance on the verge of falling, and even take an uppercut – you will laugh when you see everything.

Wrassling - Wacky Wrestling1


Pro Wrestling Game: Fighting Game 2020

Pro Wrestling Game Fighting Game 2020If you are not interested in famous wrestlers and would like to just enjoy the game, Pro Wrestling Game is created especially for you. The developers claim that their game is a great variant in the wrestling genre, where you in a clean and honest battle will beat your opponent and win.

Here you will immediately get to the ring, where your actions will be watched by fans. After all, the design and interface of the game look quite high quality and bright, and the wrestlers themselves look like real wrestling stars on the screen.

In Pro Wrestling Games the wrestlers will become the champion among other professionals. It will be difficult to survive in the ring: your opponents may have good wrestling skills.

Even if you can’t beat your opponent right away, you can enjoy the three-dimensional graphics of the arena and the stunning effects of the battle: the screen will show you how the blows are reflected on the body of the fighter, how he flies off from a knockout and so on.

You can fight in Pro Wrestling Game with radical techniques, such as close combat or a violent fight with an opponent.

Pro Wrestling Game Fighting Game 20201


Wrestling Cage Revolution: Wrestling Games

Wrestling Cage Revolution Wrestling GamesFor those people who would like to create their own fighter from scratch, the standard wrestling games will not fit. Usually, there you have a choice of ready-made characters or even world stars, which you can not change.

In the game Wrestling Cage Revolution, you can create your own fighter, as well as start training him immediately. Of course, if you’re not interested, you can immediately start fighting in the ring.

In the game you can take part in a standard battle, in the team, as well as fight in the ring in the form of a steel cage – in this case, there are no battle rules!

In Wrestling Cage Revolution you can participate in battles of any taste and any degree of cruelty. The hall where the fight is taking place is fully functional – but first, you need to effectively appear in the ring and welcome all the fans.

We noticed that the game’s graphics are quite weak and sometimes even comical – the characters and referees look quite flat and even a little bit like old games.

Don’t be in a hurry to defeat your opponent – first, beat him or strike a whole series of blows – because that’s the beauty of the Wrestling Cage Revolution.

Wrestling Cage Revolution Wrestling Games1


Wrestling Rumble Superstar: Extreme Fighting Games

Wrestling Rumble Superstar Extreme Fighting GamesAmong wrestling games, there are those that have a small plot or background of the hero. Wrestling Rumble Superstar offers you to play for a young man James – he is a beginner wrestler.

His main dream is to become a world champion in wrestling, and you can realize this dream. In the story, James moves to New York, where his journey into the world of wrestling begins. Extreme fights will be a great way to achieve fame and improve your fighting skills, and you will have to reveal them.

Wrestling Rumble Superstar offers you to fight against the best wrestlers of New York, watching as the enemy loses. The game has different modes and levels, which you will choose for yourself.

By the way, you won’t be able to advance to another level if you don’t earn enough points: for this, you have to work hard and knock out a lot of opponents. In order to raise your mood and give you a push to move on, the developers of Wrestling Rumble Superstar added a lot of sounds and visual effects during the fight in the ring.

Wrestling Rumble Superstar Extreme Fighting Games1


Wrestling Revolution by MDickie

Wrestling Revolution by MDickie2D games are not so often found in this genre. If you are interested in such design and graphics, we suggest you play Wrestling Revolution. Here you will find yourself in a game in which both the fighters and the arena are made in 16-bit graphics, as well as reminiscent of old games on consoles and consoles.

In Wrestling Revolution you will be able to create your own wrestling superstar, as well as build a whole career in staged battles. All control is performed with the help of swipes and clicks, so you won’t have any problems.

In Wrestling Revolution there are about 350 different characters, and in the ring, you can bring as many fighters as you want. In addition to the fact that you can take part in classic battles, you can create your own matches with your own rules and participants in a separate mode.

Also in Exhibition mode, you can create the design of the arena, choosing the details to your liking. It should be noted that if you are not suitable for touch-control combat, you can easily use the control buttons – a full description and instructions for each button you will find in the game itself.

Wrestling Revolution by MDickie1

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Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3DWrestling Revolution 3D – this game is also presented by the MDickie developer, so you already have an idea about the gameplay. Here the whole graphics is more traditional for wrestling games and for this reason it is more popular and widespread.

It is free to download, but some details in the game can be unlocked only after their purchase – you will always have the opportunity to upgrade and expand the abilities of the fighters. In total, Wrestling Revolution 3D features 20 different fighters in different rings – all you will be limited by your imagination in battle.

You can also control the cursor and buttons, and with the sensor. The game is compatible with controllers, but it should be noted that it is not quite convenient for smartphones.

Wrestling Revolution 3D is designed for real fans of fights and wrestling because here you will see a lot of cruelty and various combat techniques. In order to make all the fighters, and the game graphics loaded on your device quickly and qualitatively, you need a good enough and powerful smartphone.

Wrestling Revolution 3D1

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You can become a cool wrestler in the game – it will only take some time to develop your character and participate in the battles. You can also learn a little more about the sport in games – for example, about its subtleties or special techniques that athletes use during competitions.

The most devoted fans will even be able to try on the role of the main wrestling stars, choosing them in the games as their character. Professional wrestling requires stiffness and strength, and you can see it all in your smartphone in excellent graphics – most games have a chic and realistic interface.

We hope that we were able to find interesting and relevant games that you immediately wanted to play.

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