7 Free Tecarta Bible Apps (Android & iOS)

Do you want to incorporate Bible study into your daily life? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of free Tecarta Bible apps for Android and iOS that make the Bible accessible to everyone. These apps give you 24/7 access to the Bible so you won’t need to carry the book with you anymore. Plus, these apps include various Verses and Devotionals you might want to read, and they are available offline!

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Here’s the list of 7 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Tecarta Bible


Let’s start with an app called Tecarta Bible. This is a study Bible app for the faithful.

The main point of this app is to help its users to understand God’s Word. The app contains the KJV translation of the Holy Book and it has more than thirty other translations. The original version is free and all the other ones you can buy individually. Besides, there are various study Bibles and other materials that can help you understand the Bible.

Herewith, the app has lots of verbs, psalms you can read and add to your favs for easy access. In case you don’t know what to read there are verses of the day being published regularly in the app. The same goes for daily prays that you can share with your close ones.

Furthermore, the app makes it easy to navigate in the Holy Book— just type the words or phrases you’re looking for and all the matches will be highlighted. On top of that, you can add bookmarks to the Bible and takes notes in it. You can also sort the verses in folders to systemize them. The app has some ads but any in-app buying will remove them for good.

Tecarta 1 Tecarta 2


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Holy Bible King James + Audio


The next app is Holy Bible King James and this is a bible app that will help you to understand God’s words.

This app is colorful and easy to use so it is a pleasure to study it. As you can see by the title, this app has a classic version of the Bible, but there are also a few other translations you can view. However, all these versions can only be bought so consider that.

Wherein, the app worked offline do you can study the Bible whenever you want. Furthermore, all translations of the Bible come with the following audio version so you can even listen to the on the go. You can even split the verses into sections to organize them. The app has ads but any in-app buying removes it.

The app has a powerful searching engine the empowers you to navigate through the Bible. Just type the words you’re looking for that the app will show you all the matches. Besides, you can add bookmarks and take notes to the Bible. There’s also a night mode for reading with poor lighting.

Holy1 Holy2


NIV 50th Anniversary Bible


NIV 50th Anniversary Bible is an app that gives you access to the Bible that is easy to understand.

This app has a new international version of the Bible with modern English translation. Thus, this version is accessible for lots of people but it still covers all the details of the original version. It needs to be said, the Bible Translation Committee has spent more than fifty years to come up with this version so its not just some random one.

This app gives you access to the full version of the Bible and historical articles that show you how this translation as created. There are also lots of vids that give you more info about the NIV of the Holy Book. You can also use this app to participate in all year long devotional that will teach you more about God’s Word.

On top of that, you can load the NIV Bible to your mobile to have access to it even if you’re offline. The app also has lots of verses you can add to favs and organize by themes. You can even take notes in your version of the Bible and search for particular words and phrases.



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Bible Study app, by And Bible Open Source Project


As its name suggests, the Bible Study app is an app that aims to help you understand the Bible more.

The main goal of this app is to spread the importance of reading and studying the Bible around the world. Thus, this app has no ads, no it-app shopping and it works offline so you can reach it wherever and whenever you want. Along with the Holy Book itself, the app also has theological dictionaries, maps, and religious books translated in more than 700 languages.

Herewith, you can make notes on your Bible, add bookmarks, and even sort the verses into folders by themes. Besides, the app has a searching engine that empowers you to look for particular phrases in the Bible. The app also covers various translations of the Bible and you can read them all for free.

Plus, the app has an audio version for all the Holy Book e interpretations, verses, and all that so you can listen to it on the go. The app even works with split-screen so you can listen to the Bible and do something else on your device. No registration is required which is also great.

biblestudy1 biblestudy2


Bible – Audio & Video Bibles


Bible — Audio & Video Bibles is an app that empowers you to read and listen to the Bible wherever you are.

For now, the app has the Bible translated to over 100 languages so everyone could find a version for themselves. New languages are being added every month so if you won’t find yours at first, be sure to try again.

Besides, the app has an audio version of the book that you can listen to on the go. And there’s even a video version that you can watch on your TV. The films also come in different languages. The app also covers various verses and devotionals you can save and read.

As for the Bible itself, you can make notes and comments on it and add bookmarks if you want. Therewith, the app has a searching engine that enables you to search for particular keywords, verses, or titles. The app works offline so you can reach it wherever you are. You can make folders and playlists with your fav verses and audios and set it up for family access.

BibleAudio1 BibleAudio2


The Bible App Free + Audio, Offline, Daily Study


The Bible App is the service that makes the holy book accessible to the masses.

The main aim of this app is to help as many people as possible to study and understand the Bible. The app covers more than 1400 versions of the Bible and all of them are translated to over 100 languages. Along with the Bible, the app also has various devotionals and verses you can view.

On top of that, there’s a following audio version for the Bible so you can listen to it on the go. You can also load the audio files and have access to them even if you’re offline. The book versions can also be read offline. Plus, you can make notes and highlights in your Holy Book and add bookmarks to it.

You can even add your Bible arts and new verses to the app. Wherein, the app posts the verses of the day each morning so you will always have something new to read. You can follow your close one’s profiles to see what they post and like. The app also has film fragments about god and the Bible.

Bible1 Bible2


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Our Daily Bread


And lastly, Our Daily Bread is a magazine for the faithful that will help you to let God into your life.

The app is based on the works of a self-titled Christian group that has been around since the 30s. The app gets new content every day and you can view for up to a month of the previous updates. Each article or file you see in the app can be loaded to read it offline.

The articles cover various religious themes — from study materials to verses and devotionals. Herewith, you can set up the app for it to remind you to study the Holy Book every day. The app also has daily religious readings that come in different languages.

You can even load readings and files in packs to have lots of materials at once. There’s also an audio version for each file and the article so you can listen to it on the go. Plus, you can add your fav readings to the list for quick access. You can also share them with your close ones and add bookmarks and notes to them.

DailyBread DailyBread2


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