11 Free Apps for Nature Sounds Without Ads

Due to constant work and day-to-day concerns, almost every person does not have enough free time, especially time to take care of their inner peace.

This causes extreme stress. Sometimes it is necessary to switch attention from pressing issues for a while and relax to calm and meditative sounds, such as the sounds of nature. The apps for nature sounds without ads down below will help you with that.

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Sleep Sounds

This app is somewhat similar in functionality to “Atmosphere”. There are also quite a few categories of various sounds.

Users can turn on the sounds of the ocean, forest, rain, night, grass rustling, desert, and many more. In addition to the sounds of nature, there are the sounds of a cafe, a flying plane, as well as sounds for inner harmony.

In addition to the main categories, there are sounds that can be turned on simultaneously with the main ones, creating unique combinations.

There is also an option to turn on the timer with a duration from 10 minutes to 8 hours.

According to user reviews, the app is great for helping you fall asleep. Almost all sounds are free. The design has also received a lot of praise for its simplicity and clarity. The sound quality also pleased users. There are almost no repetitions and loops in the sounds.


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Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

This app is an actual library of various sounds divided into categories according to the user’s desires and moods.

There are ten categories in total. They are separated based on the type of sound. There are such categories as beach, forest, city, underwater world, home, park, village, musical instruments, and even an Asian category.

In addition to the usual sounds of nature, there is a class with binaural and isochronous sounds. They are specifically aimed at reducing stress, anxiety, or stimulating mental clarity.

Another interesting feature of this app is that users can play several sounds at the same time, creating any combination. For example, you can turn on the sounds of rain and guitar at the same time, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Moreover, users can set a timer and as soon as the time is up, the sound will stop. In the app, you can add sounds and even combinations of sounds to your favorites.

In the reviews, users write that the sound quality is decent, and the tones are indeed relaxing. They also enjoyed that it is possible to listen to the sounds after exiting the app.


Nature Sounds by Dream Studios

In the nature sounds by dream studios app, all the sounds of nature are accompanied by beautiful pictures that create the atmosphere of the location where the sound was recorded.

The app will help overcome insomnia and stress.

The app can be used in the background or with the screen turned off.

The timer built into the app helps you fall asleep to the sounds of nature without worrying that they will then play all night.

The sounds in the app are divided into several thematic categories. Among them are birds singing, the sound of wind, water, rain, waves, and much more. The sounds in the app are high quality and natural. Nature sounds can be mixed with any other soothing sounds.

The background displays full-screen images of landscapes in HD quality.

Also, the sounds in the app can be set as ringtones.

According to user reviews, the app perfectly helps to relax and creates a cozy atmosphere.

However, some users were not as delighted with the functionality of the app as others. Many sound settings seemed not quite user-friendly. It was difficult for some people to set up sound combinations and generally use the app to its fullest.


Relaxing Night Nature Sounds Offline: Calm & Sleep

This app will easily help you relieve stress and relax.

There are several sound categories with different purposes. If users suffer from insomnia, then the soothing sounds of nocturnal animals, such as an owl, will definitely help them.

Also, in this app there are lullabies that will help children fall asleep quickly and guarantee them a healthy sleep.

The sounds of rain will create comfort and relaxation. Also, in this app there are sounds of the ocean and the forest.

Users can set timers that will turn off the sounds in the app as soon as the time as up. This helps users stay concentrated on any activity or deep relaxation.

Users can add the best sounds to favorites and find them faster.

According to user feedback, the design of the app is beautiful and simple; it does not distract from the sounds of nature.

The location of the buttons is convenient, and users do not need to look for them for a long time, because everything is in hand.

However, some users write that some of the sounds are poorly designed and significantly coincide with each other.


Ambience – Nature sounds: sleep and meditation

Ambience is one of the most popular apps for deep meditation and relaxation with nature sounds.

A fairly simple and minimalistic interface is a great feature for apps of this type. The design of the app does not contain too bright colors or any pictures that can irritate the eye. The background of the app is plain.

In this app, you can mix different sounds and create completely unique combinations and melodies. This feature includes the ability to combine up to 10 sounds at once.

These combinations can be saved to favorites, so that you can immediately turn them on later without having to search for all the sounds individually.

This app also has many categories depending on the atmosphere that the users want to create for themselves. There are sounds of the ocean, rain, and even night sounds.


Better Sleep

Better Sleep is one of those apps that, along with the main functionality, offers several advanced features to improve the experience of each user.

For example, in this app, users can not only listen to the relaxing sounds of nature, but also practice breathing exercises to improve mental clarity, and relieve stress.

The collection of sounds in this app includes a huge number of different categories. For example, the user can listen to the sounds of wind, forest, ocean, rain.

There are also animal sounds. For example, the sound of birds singing and the sounds of whales.

Also, users can create their own combinations of sounds.

Users can also track the quality of their sleep.

The sounds in the app are divided into sounds of nature and ASMR, which relieve stress. The app also has music for falling asleep faster.

In addition to individual sounds and music, the app has meditations. These meditations are divided into different categories depending on the purpose. There are meditations for gratitude, mindfulness, or peaceful sleep.

As a bonus, this app has an alarm clock that will wake users up with the sound they prefer the most.


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Nature Sounds

A selection of sounds in the Nature Sounds app guarantees quick relaxation and sound sleep.

Users can enjoy the sounds of nature in this app for free. Users can customize all the sounds of nature for themselves, making certain sounds louder or quieter.

High quality sounds give the feeling of being in a certain place.

Sound combinations can also be customized to users’ preferences, combining a variety of sounds into one soundtrack.

The design of the app is simple, minimalistic, and there are no distractions or annoying factors.

A built-in timer provides an automatic shutdown of the app and its sounds.

Another advantage of the app is that it can be used offline, without an internet connection.

This app’s sound collection includes thirteen basic sounds. Among them are the sounds of the ocean, the sounds of a meadow, a summer forest, a waterfall, a mountain forest, a wind in the mountains, an evening lake, raindrops on the grass, and many other sounds with their own atmosphere.

According to user reviews, the app has everything needed for comfort and relaxation. There is no need to make unnecessary movements to customize the sounds for yourself. There are several modes for different conditions and moods of users.


Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Although this app does not have such a large selection of different sounds, it is completely free.

There are nine basic sounds here. Among them, the sound of the waves, the sounds of the jungle, of the rain, the singing of birds, the sounds of sea animals, a waterfall, the sounds of thunder and thunderstorms, as well as fire and wind.

The app has a timer, after which the sounds turn off automatically without waking the user.

All sound parameters can be easily adjusted. You can rewind the recording back or forward, put it on stop, turn on repetition, and more.

Sounds can be added to favorites so that you do not have to look for them in the general list.

According to user reviews, the set of sounds in the app is not as great as it was expected to be. Sounds are often repeated and looped.


Rainy Mood Lite

Rain sounds work as a meditation tool for many people. This app is focused only on such sounds.

It should be noted right away that only one set is available in the free version, the classic one.

However, according to user reviews, even this category alone satisfies all their needs and relaxes.

In one collection there are three different sounds: rain, thunder, and bird songs. The volume of each sound can be adjusted to create unique combinations.

Despite the fact that the choice is relatively small, the sound is of a great quality and helps many users get rid of stress and fall asleep quickly.

You can also listen to the sound without being in the app and even with the screen turned off.

But this app has other disadvantages besides limited functionality. Some users feel that the design could be more aesthetically pleasing and simple. Also, some users have asked to add a timer that turns off the sound effects at a chosen time. This would help to clearly control the process.


Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus

Naturespace is a unique app where every user can listen to the sounds of nature in excellent quality. The quality is exactly what distinguishes the app from other apps of the same type.

Often, such apps are used in order to quickly fall asleep. That is why there is a special sleep mode and a timer so that the sounds stop at the moment that the users choose themselves.

Here, as in other apps of this type, the sounds are divided into categories by location. There are sounds of ocean, forests, mountains, and even the desert.

Moreover, the app, unlike others, not only provides sounds, but also gives a brief description of each sound or location with which the sounds are associated. This makes the app more meditative, as it creates a special atmosphere for the user.

Users enjoyed the sound quality of the app and the variety of sound effects available.


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Asleep is one of the simplest yet most effective apps for relaxing and falling asleep easily.

The app includes approximately sixty four sounds that will help users get rid of stress.

Initially, this app is specialized in improving the quality of sleep. That is why it also records night sounds, wakes you up at the optimal time and helps you get rid of insomnia.

The smart alarm function will help not only improve the quality of sleep, but also improve productivity during the daytime. The app selects the wake-up time based on the appropriate sleep phase.

For those who want to track the improvement or deterioration of their sleep, there is a data monitoring function.

There are also statistics where you can see the duration of your sleep, the factors of good and bad sleep.

According to user reviews, the sounds in the app are indeed relaxing. There are also ready-made compositions for a good sleep.

However, there are also negative reviews. Many users write that the app does not connect to smart watches.

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