11 Free Cash Flow Calculator Apps for 2023 (Android & iOS)

Advice on how to improve your financial situation is never superfluous. Dedicated tools are designed to help you keep track of all aspects of your life. Due to the huge number of necessary purchases we make every day, it’s hard to keep track of our cash flow.

To solve this problem, there are special services, which we reviewed in this article. So, we suggest you go throught these free cash flow calculator apps for 2023. Try them all or choose the best one.

Improve your financial status using these best net worth trackers.

10BA Pro Financial Calculator

10BA Pro Financial Calculator makes complex calculations easier and more accessible. This mobile app is designed for daily use by professionals.

Yet, because of its simple menu and ease of use, the calculator is quite suitable for home calculations. It does not require any special skills and is freely available to all users.

10BA Pro Financial Calculator includes maximum features. It is a standard instrument for financial calculations, which is supplemented by a huge number of all kinds of functions and options.

The menu is designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to perform complicated mathematical tasks. To quickly switch between yellow and blue functions, the creators of the app have developed a single access key. Each option presented on the screen is succinctly and precisely defined.

Now the user does not need to keep all the information in the head. Besides, the financial calculator is distinguished by the presence of a currency converter, which makes its use more comfortable.

The app contains a built-in calendar. Here you can change the standard background with any photo from your phone. The created depreciation schedule can be converted to Excel format in a few seconds and shared with the specified contact.

The developers adhere to a strict privacy policy and thus 10BA Pro Financial Calculator does not collect or share user information.


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CalcTape is a program that can find the answer to a complex equation without dividing it into separate calculation steps.

The smart calculation is available for free to all calculator users. By operating the functions, you can perform any calculation out of the box.

In the program, you can easily calculate a function with various included variables and constants. You can change almost everything in the input field.

Incorrect numbers can also be easily overwritten in the expression. A non-linear graph or logarithmic curve can be constructed in minutes.



ClevCalc will be a real gift for those who need fast and accurate calculations. It is not laden with extra functions and is great for home use. This app calculates roots, squares, percentages, and bracketing operations.

For professionals, there is also a wide range of functions available. ClevCalc supports 135 currencies, among them the dollar, euro, and yuan.

The app uses information about the exchange rate of the selected currency to date and will make the conversion in automatic mode.

In addition to the usual calculator functions, the app contains a unit converter. This category includes length, weight, volume, time, physical indicators (temperature, pressure), and speed. If necessary, the user can open the history at any time and continue calculations from the desired moment.

Of the extra functions, it is worth noting the health calculator, which will help calculate the body mass index and the level of metabolism in the body. Women’s calendar helps to determine the day of ovulation and the beginning of menstruation.

For car enthusiasts, a fuel calculation function is available. To do this, you need to enter data on the planned distance and fuel consumption in your car.

The user will be able to calculate the amount of the tip in seconds and know their share of the total purchase. The savings calculator will help to find out the percentage and the final balance of your investment.


All-In-One Calculator

All-In-One Calculator helps the user keep all areas of daily life under control. It has been installed by over 5 million users from different countries. Its main merits are its simplicity and versatility.

There is no need to install several separate apps since all functions are in All-In-One Calculator. The mobile app has more than 75 different functions and options.

It is absolutely free and contains only the latest and most up-to-date data. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t affect the performance of your gadget. You can use it to perform routine calculations, convert currencies and units of measure, and monitor your health.

The app features History, Memory, Copy and Paste, and Floating Calculator options. All-In-One Calculator will help you do your math homework, make calculations for construction, and make it easy to work with finances.

Besides, when you enter the necessary data, the app will calculate your body mass index and body fat. The program also calculates the calories burned per day.


Cashflow Calculator

This powerful and reliable mobile calculator can easily handle the most complex calculations. It can be used to manage household finances, and calculate investment returns and interest rates.

It is also suitable for financial professionals. The mobile app does not require a lot of free memory and is suitable for almost any device. The main positive qualities of the Cashflow Calculator are its versatility and multi-functionality.

More than 105 useful options are available to the user. The mobile calculator will accurately and quickly perform financial analysis, help find weaknesses in the business and display statistical data.

With this service, you can determine the number of monthly loan payments, investments, and other financial transactions. The function of saving the amortization schedule is designed for user convenience.

To make the work with the calculator even easier, the developers have provided background information in the format of short videos.

Users can stop the work at any time and save the data to continue from the same place. For an even greater visualization of the results obtained, a cash flow diagram can be created.


Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator mobile app is designed to ease loan and mortgage calculations.

Thanks to the large number of various functions presented in the service, the calculation of interest rates will become easier and clearer.

Within the loan calculator, the user will be able to know the total loan amount and the share of monthly payments, the duration of the loan repayment, current expenses, and their impact on the repayment period.

If the interest rate changes, the calculator will automatically recalculate the loan repayment terms. The Loan Calculator calculates interest for a one-time or periodic calculation.

In the app, you can change the amount of the deposit, and determine the time interval and frequency of repayments with a single button. The interest rate allows you to determine the level of profits and losses.

All obtained values are saved in the form of a table with a description for better clarity. Depending on the objectives, the user can use the basic or advanced mode.

The app is absolutely free and available to users from any country. You do not need to have special skills to use it fully. It will help to keep order in the family budget, determine the return on investment and get the calculations in a convenient format.


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Finance Calculator

The Finance Calculator will make financial planning and calculations easier. The app has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times and is used for personal purposes and as a professional tool.

Sophisticated graphics, an intuitive interface, and a bright design make the calculator easy and pleasant to use.

The mobile app will be useful for those who just need to have an accurate and fast calculator at hand. It has the usual math functions and advanced options.

This app will also determine income from investments, and the size of the monthly loan payment according to the interest rate. Creatyf developer emphasized simplicity and usability, as well as the accuracy and relevance of the information provided.

All the necessary components of a multifunctional calculator are gathered in one mobile app: credit and mortgage calculations, loans, and investments.

To make the result clear, the user is able to build graphs and generate tables. The customer can freely switch between the different functions thanks to the “Save” option. 


TVM Financial Calculator

TVM’s unique financial calculator has a sophisticated menu and extensive functionality.

It will become an indispensable assistant for household purposes, simplify the life of students and help in the work of experts in finance. All necessary options are collected in one app.

To start working with the calculator, it is enough to install it on your phone and select the category of interest.

At the same time, TVM Financial Calculator does not require any special skills and economic knowledge, so it is perfect for ordinary users without financial education. Professionals will also find many useful features in the program.

It calculates income percentages for deposits and investments, loan repayment timeframe, and retirement savings planning.

This program will automatically calculate all of the above items after the user enters data. The totals can be formatted in MS Excel, shared with selected contacts, and compared to last year’s totals.

This program can predict the expected situation. With its help, you will know how long it will take to reach your financial goal, how a change in interest rate will affect your income, and how much pension you can qualify for.


Investment Calculator

An Investment Calculator is an excellent tool for calculating mortgages, loans, pensions, and SIP funds. It will be a helper for the experienced investor, the thrifty citizen, and the economics student.

After entering the data, the calculator will instantly give an accurate and correct result. Investment Calculator will easily determine the relevance and profitability of your investments.

The user will be able to control the income and losses of SIP mutual funds, evaluate the situation at the stock exchange and make informed decisions. The investor can calculate profits and losses in the long and short term.

Besides, it is necessary to calculate the term of retirement. Calculating monthly mortgage and loan amounts will not be difficult. Investment Calculator is suitable for all types of credit: movable and immovable property, personal loans, and student loans.

Charts and graphs are available to visualize the data. They make qualitative analysis much easier and more productive.

The final summary can be used as an example for your colleagues. Freshiro Softwares product is multifunctional, which is quite convenient with a lot of information and apps on your cell phone.


Financial Calculator by Arihant Solutions

This calculator is specially designed to ease financial planning and accurate calculations. Its features go far beyond the usual calculator.

The menu is simple and straightforward, so the user does not have to spend their time learning. This app contains all the necessary and up-to-date information. It is free and does not require a large amount of memory.

You do not need an internet connection for its full functioning. The results of calculations can be presented in the form of clear graphs and tables.

The program will help you share information with selected contacts. Investors will be able to visually assess the effectiveness of investments, and the growth of profits or losses.

The data obtained in calculations can be compared with those recorded in the previous month or year. The currency converter is offered for financial sector workers and works in automatic mode.

With this program, you can also compare offers on loans and mortgages, choosing the most promising option. If the interest rate changes, the calculator will show the duration and amount of repayments in the shortest possible time.

For bargain shoppers, the program will calculate the final cost of an item after a suggested discount.


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Financial Calculator by The Fin App

This calculator offers quick and professional help with financial planning. It helps you to analyze your situation and stay informed about your financial situation.

It can be used for managing a family budget, your own business, or professional financial work. If desired, the user can easily find out the amount of the monthly loan payment and the duration of repayments.

The app will help determine the minimum amount of regular savings to achieve the goal. It will also calculate the amount of money needed for early retirement payments.

It doesn’t take much time to work productively with the app. The menu consists of different categories that the calculator works with. To determine the success of your investments and contributions, you can plot graphs and charts.

You can use them to compare with the achievements of colleagues or your old data. The financial calculator makes it possible to evaluate several investment options in advance and choose the best one for each case.

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