11 Free Apps to Watch Anime in English (Android & iOS)

The anime genre of shows has recently been gaining more and more popularity. The number of fans of such cartoons is still growing. Many people who watch anime regularly would find it much more convenient to have an app that allows them to watch anime without looking for episodes every time on the Internet.

We have a special bonus for all anime fans: for you we also prepared an article about the great Animeflavor alternatives.


This app allows its users to watch hundreds of different anime series almost immediately after their release in Japan. Recently released anime shows include:

  • Assassination Classroom
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront
  • Nisekoi False Love
  • Tokyo Ghoul, and many more.

In this app, users can watch original Japanese series with subtitles. Also, this app allows you to broadcast video recordings on a big screen using:

  • Airplay
  • Chromecast
  • WebOS TV.

The app has a really large selection of anime that users can watch in good quality. Also in the app there is a section called “Watchlist”. Here, users can add the anime that they want to watch later so that they don’t lose or forget anything.

By clicking on a certain anime in the suggested list, users can read a brief description of the story to see if they are interested.

If the user does not finish watching the show and exits, the app saves the exact point where the user stopped. This helps to return to watching the anime exactly from the point where the user finished.

In addition, the app can be easily used not only on the phone, but also on the TV. According to user reviews, the quality standard of this app is quite high.

The AnimeLab app is relatively user-friendly. Even without a special subscription, the app has a lot of useful features and a large selection of anime that you can watch.

One of the users for the entire time of use did not encounter any lags. However, some users have had problems using the app. For example, for one of the users, the app loads for more than one minute, which is a really long time.

When you try to connect the app to the TV and turn on the anime, the anime sound turns on, but there is no video itself and it is quite difficult to turn it off.


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Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an app with a fairly extensive selection of a wide variety of series, anime, horror, and other movie genres. It is worth noting right away that the interface of the app is really user-friendly and it is quite easy to navigate there.

When a user opens a movie they like, they can read a short but rather informative description. Also, what is extremely convenient it that the app saves the moment at which the user stopped watching.

Therefore, in this app, there is no need to endlessly rewind the video recording to continue watching from the exact moment where you finished.

In addition, there are absolutely no annoying ads in this app that would interfere with watching your favorite anime. Also, this app does not lag and smoothly plays all the movies, which is especially pleasing.

According to user reviews, the movies and shows here are really high quality. Although there are no popular films in this app, there are many interesting and previously unseen series and anime.

Also, users had some comments and suggestions about the functionality of the app. It would be truly convenient if the subtitles were active. It means that when you click on a certain word in the subtitles, you could see the translation and additional information.



Crunchyroll is an app that allows anime fans to watch the latest anime releases almost as soon as they are released in Japan. There are more than a thousand different series. In the app, you can watch not only recently released episodes, but also old anime series.

In the catalog of this multifunctional app, there are such new series as:

  • Demon Slayer
  • Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure, and many others.

From the old series, users have access to:

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
  • My Hero Academia
  • Naruto, and many others.

When users open the app, they can immediately select the category of anime from which they will choose something. There you can watch the most popular anime or recently released ones. Also in the app, a history of already seen anime is available. So, users can return to what they watched earlier if needed.

In addition, users can add their favorite anime to favorites. In addition to catalogs, anime shows are divided into genres, which also greatly facilitates the search.

According to user reviews, the app has a really large selection of anime to watch. At first, this app worked well and satisfied users. However, some problems began later.

For example, for one user, the video simply stopped playing, although the Internet connection was good. Another problem that users have encountered is too many ads in the app.


Anime Prime

Anime Prime is a fairly simple app with a large selection of anime for every taste. This app has many useful features for watching anime. Here you can watch anime with subtitles and with dubbing. The app is updated with new anime episodes every day.

Also, users can add their favorite anime shows to favorites. In addition, users can create their own “watchlists” where they can add anime they want to watch in the future.

Also, users can download the episodes they need and watch them later without Internet connection. The video player itself is also really convenient. It includes such functions as:

  • fast forward
  • rewind
  • next
  • back. 

And for those users to whom the design of the app is really important, there is a dark mode. What is also especially convenient, users can check the release schedule for new episodes of anime series directly in the app.

According to user reviews, the app loads relatively quickly and does not freeze at all. The users are also really satisfied with the quality of the videos.



POPS is an app that contains a wide variety of entertainment for anime lovers in one place. There are:

  • movies
  • anime
  • comics
  • music
  • games. 

When a user downloads the app, they can access a huge library with a variety of genres of anime series, comics, and more. The app has a fairly simple and straightforward search function.

There are also recommendations for what to watch from the app’s huge selection of anime. All the user needs to do is create an account in the app. After that, the user will be able to access the POPS app on other devices. The app has a function of synchronization between several devices.

The app allows you to watch Japanese anime series such as:

  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Attack on Titan, and many others. 

For lovers of Korean cinema, Korean TV series are available here. For example:

  • Strangers from Hell
  • Hotel del Luna
  • 100 Days my Prince
  • Goblin and much more.

In addition, in the app, you can not only watch movies and TV shows. You can also play online games. Users can also read Asian comics from top artists from Vietnam, Korea, and China.

According to user reviews, the interface of the app is really convenient and beautiful; there is a lot of content. However, some improvements are required.

For example, it would be nice to add more settings for the videos themselves. Then it would be possible to choose whether to include subtitles or not. In addition, lately it has been taking a really long time to load the app. Therefore, an update to the app is needed.


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IQIYI is one of the best apps for fans of Asian cinema and all kinds of Asian series and movies. In addition to various shows, dramas, and films, there is a collection of anime. Here users can watch their favorite anime in good quality and find something new for themselves in a large library of series.

There is also a handy search tool that will help users find the anime they need. In addition, subtitles and an interface in different languages ​​are available in this app. The interface design itself is quite simple and user-friendly. It is really difficult to get confused here as you can immediately find everything you need.

Thanks to synchronization, users can enjoy content from multiple devices. There are anime shows such as:

  • Attack on Titan
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and others.

What is really convenient, in the app, various genres are divided into categories, so users do not have to look for anime among other films.

According to user reviews, this is really a convenient app for watching different types of Asian TV shows, including anime. The app connects perfectly even to smartTV, so the episodes can be watched on the big screen. Also, the series can be downloaded and watched offline.



With this app, anime fans will be able to access a large library of Japanese cartoons. In this app, the developers offer both classic old anime and recently released cartoons. All the user needs to do is register. Then access to the catalog with all the content will be immediately available.

Among the main features of this app is the fact that all content is in English. Therefore, users do not have to strain to read subtitles. Also in the app there is a relatively convenient search tool. With it, you can find both specific anime shows and various genres.

In addition to these features, users can create their own playlists with their favorite anime. In the “top rated” section, users will be able to find the anime with the highest rating.



This app contains one of the largest collections of Japanese anime with English dubbing or subtitles. With this app, you can not only watch movies in excellent quality, but also not be distracted by any advertising.

There is also a section with top-trending anime, which is constantly updated. In addition, there are classic anime series. Another big advantage of this app is that you can download episodes and watch them offline anywhere and anytime.

What’s more, users can add their favorite anime series to their favorites. What is also important for the convenience of users, anime series can be filtered by different characteristics. You can select the appropriate anime based on:

  • Genre
  • Language
  • rating, and other parameters.

Another handy feature is that the app saves the moment at which the user stopped watching the anime so that they can continue watching the series later right from that point. According to user reviews, this app is really convenient for watching anime thanks to a wide selection of different series.

However, there are some disadvantages here that would be nice to fix in the future. For example, several users have noticed that some of the anime in the Funimation app are not fully uploaded to the platform. That means that the series can be watched up to a certain episode, but there is no further continuation.

Moreover, some users have noted that the age ratings and restrictions are not quite correct. In addition, some users would like to receive a notification that the app will be updated soon. Moreover, several people have also had problems loading and opening the app itself, as it often freezes.


Watch Anime Series

With this app, anime lovers will be able to watch various anime series and enjoy Japanese manga. This online app has many series with dubbing and subtitles.

Also, via this app, users will not have to wait for a long time to watch an anime after it was released in Japan. This is because this app has an online broadcast of new anime series.

The app provides access to a wide variety of anime genres, such as:

  • drama
  • horror
  • melodrama
  • sci-fi series, and more.

According to user reviews, the interface seemed rather unusual to many. Some people even find it uncomfortable. It is also worth adding that many users say that the selection of anime in the app is quite small, but there are a lot of manga. What has not pleased users is that the app often crashes.



This app helps users to watch anime from the large library that it provides. The app mainly focuses on retro anime. This app positions itself as a tool that will help longtime anime lovers return to their favorite anime. Therefore, users can find a large library of classic anime series in this app.

However, just because the app focuses on older anime doesn’t mean newer releases aren’t coming out here. They can be easily found in a special section with new content.

For special fans of anime, the app provides an opportunity to participate in the community of the same fans of Japanese anime series. The developers of this app are active in many social networks where users can take part in the discussion of new anime and classic anime series.

Users can also create their own “watchlist”. There, they can save anime series that they want to watch later.


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AnimeWatch is an app for watching anime with dubbing or subtitles. The app offers a huge collection of different genres of anime for every taste. This app provides many features that will help users with watching their favorite anime comfortably.

Moreover, this app highly values the good quality of their movies and shows. This app has a large number of different anime genres, such as:

  • romantic anime
  • action anime
  • comedy anime
  • adventure anime, and many more.

Initially, the anime series loads in the original, without cropping anything. And then they add subtitles.  The Anime Watch app offers its users the ability to select anime to watch based on specific characteristics. Among the parameters for filtering anime there are such as:

  • anime genre
  • release year
  • country.

So users can save time and quickly find the right anime. This app loads all the videos quite quickly and does not lag or glitch at all. The interface and design of the app is relatively modern, so it immediately attracts users with its simplicity. Here users can easily find what they need, so the app is really user-friendly.

Users can choose the video quality that suits them. There are options such as: 360, 480, 720 movies, or full HD 1080 movies. Also in this app, the entire history of anime that you have watched is saved.  Therefore, users will be able to easily return to previously watched anime.

Also in the app there are many opportunities to customize the interface for yourself. As in other apps, users can change the volume and brightness of the screen. However, there are other functions here as well. For example, you can change:

  • the size
  • text style
  • subtitle color, and other parameters.

According to user reviews, this app has very few ads, which is good news. However, there are some things that annoy users.

For example, adding serials to favorites. If you add an anime series to favorites, then only the first episode will be added, and the next ones will either need to be added manually, which requires some time, or searched via the general search tool.

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