14 Free Apps to Watch Videos with Online Friends

Online friendship is a fairly common fact. People communicate and are friends even when they live on different sides of the continents as well as in different countries.

In fact, you can even build relationships from a distance, and modern technology will only help you do that. Friends and lovers can use different services for communication and other ways of communication. There are special applications that allow you to watch videos with friends online in real time.

When you recommend movies to your friends, you want them to definitely watch them. If you are interested in a movie yourself, we think it would be a good idea to watch it together.

Distance will not be an obstacle for you – after all, you can find a solution on the Internet for any occasion. It’s the same with films and videos. Even being thousands of kilometers away from each other, you can laugh at the comedy together or enjoy the action movie.

Arrange a movie night together using the Internet, and we’ve found 13 applications that will simplify the process.

Rave – Videos with Friends

raveEvery watching will be much more fun if you watch videos with friends. Rave is specially designed for people who love to comment on and react to what’s going on in the show, as well as share jokes while watching.

Rave lets you sync everything you watch with friends together – in completely different homes and even cities. The latest shows and series, movies and even music – everything is available at Rave.

The app is great for sharing with other people through third-party services. If you use a browser, the broadcast may have some interference when the site is overloaded.

For a big movie night, you can upload your own video to Dropbox or other cloud storage. If you launch the video into a broadcast, all participants of the call will start watching it simultaneously. Chat or talk to your friends in Rave while you watch it and get real emotions even online.

rave1 rave2


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Kast – Watch Together

Active Internet users often watch other people’s broadcasts. At Kast you can enjoy live broadcasts of games, socializing, and much more, but also organize your own parties with friends.

You may not always have the opportunity to visit each other or visit the country where your internet friend lives. Kast will help you meet each other in an almost real-life setting and have fun together.

At Kast, you can also have fun watching the broadcasts of other popular people. Unfortunately, the application is not very popular, so you will not always be able to find the content interesting for yourself.

However, if you want to chat with friends and watch something together, you can start the broadcast yourself. Share the footage from your camera, the sound from your microphone, and what’s happening on your screen.

Friends will see exactly what you are doing and watch. If you start the show, you can discuss everything that’s going on on your screen online.

kast1 kast2




This is a service with which you can enjoy various videos, live broadcasts, and communication with friends.

You will surely find a video that will match your interests. There are a large number of authors who create new clips for you so that you can always learn something new and have a good time.

The app also has the function of sharing videos with your friends. At the same time, 4 people can have fun and comment on what is happening on the screen online using a chat.

The service is ready to provide you with a playlist of videos that will match your mood. If you are joyful, then you are watching something very funny. However, if you are in a sad mood, you can always be sad with Snibble.

The definite advantage of this app is its advertising policy. Be sure that ads will not irritate you as they do if you use other similar services. In addition, the video is never broken in the middle to force you to watch the ad.



Airtime: Group Facetime + YouTube

airtimePeople who like to communicate while watching videos suffer from being unable to meet friends. We’re used to discussing things on the screen only when the company is in the same room and looking at the same screen.

Airtime brings people together while watching shows and movies, as well as simulating your personal meeting. Your evenings will be much more fun and entertaining if you can spend them with friends.

With Airtime, you create a private room where you can meet up with friends. The app lets you run YouTube videos, shows, and videos on all your devices at the same time. All content plays at the same rhythm as everyone else in the meeting.

By the way, you can have up to 10 people in a room at once. With the help of video chat, you will see the real reaction of your friends on the screen. You can add stickers, masks or animated elements to your video for a more fun effect.

airtime1 airtime2


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Hearo.Live: Talk and Watch Videos Together

hearoHearo.Live is an application designed to communicate literally side by side with your friends and fans. The process of communication takes place while watching a shared video – and voice chat allows you to do it in real-time.

One tap on the screen gives you access to huge video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Mixer, and others. If you don’t have a chance to talk at the most interesting moment, you can react with smiles – and they’ll appear on all participants’ screens.

The rooms that are created for viewing can be private and public. You invite friends to your private rooms, and anyone can join the public rooms. Videos are displayed full screen, so you don’t need to be distracted by other applications or messages.

The volume and other performance of Hearo.Live videos in private rooms can be controlled by all participants in the meeting. Set up your own movie theater or living room directly in the app on your smartphone.



Bunch: Group Video Chat & Party Games

bunchMost often, gamers use video or screen demonstrations. During the game, people are interested in watching what other players do or what they do while playing.

Bunch was originally intended for the gaming community, but later it was evolved and now you can actually organize parties. You’ll be able to play with your friends, watch videos, and chat or voice chat.

Even a physical separation won’t stop you from having fun as a group. You’ll see exactly what your friends are doing or watching. Games connect with the application, but will not require other users to install them.

At your online party, you will be able to share movies, play a Bunch of Billiards, draw on one virtual board, and much more.

New entertainment is constantly being added to the Bunch, so your meetings will not stop being interesting. Feel like you’re at a home party or a sleepover together!


ZOOM Cloud Meetings

zoom cloud meetingsZOOM is one of the most popular video communication platforms at the moment. The reason for this popularity is that you will be able to meet a huge number of people online with the great video quality.

You can communicate face-to-face as well as through screen sharing and watching videos together. While watching, you can talk to each other and discuss what is currently happening on your screens.

In addition to friendly meetings, ZOOM allows you to organize business negotiations and even entire online conferences. Although people are used to having online meetings via computer, even if you use a smartphone, the quality of the video will not be affected in ZOOM.

You can easily add interlocutors right at the time of a conversation and send text messages or video information to the whole group. Each participant will be able to watch any video for free, as well as start, pause or change the playback process yourself.

zoom cloud meetings1 zoom cloud meetings2


Squad: video chat + screen sharing

squadHow often do you want to show something to your friends on your smartphone screen? It can be a short video, a picture, or even a moment from a movie. If you are at a distance from each other, you can just… share the screen!

If you have the Squad app installed on your smartphone, you won’t have this problem anymore. Share anything with your friends so you can enjoy watching it together and laugh.

Squad is where you create a room (maximum capacity of 9 people) and invite your friends over. Once everyone’s in, you can start broadcasting the screen and start watching movies or TV shows as a group.

By the way, the broadcast can be started by any of the participants – even if he is not the organizer of the room. It is also possible to show several screens simultaneously.

Squad allows you to watch videos, photos, Instagram, and other social networks. When you video chat, you’ll feel like everyone is in the same room in real life.

squad1 squad2


YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat – Go Live!

younowYouNow allows all users to find their own audience or chat live. The application is a streaming platform that brings people together on the basis of their interests.

You can watch your friends’ broadcasts or create your own – and they will connect to your video. There are already many musicians, vloggers, players, and many other interesting people registered on YouNow.

You can chat with each other in special video chats when watching a broadcast. You and your friends will discuss in real-time what is going on on your screens. If you have something to say or would like to show your audience a video or a broadcast – just start streaming the video.

To start, just press the GO LIVE button and you’re ready to go. Join constantly updated video chats and find something new and interesting for yourself. You can also find new friends on YouNow and watch videos and broadcasts with them.

younow1 younow2


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zooroomSome video communication applications have too much effect on your device. Usually, they are energy-consuming, so you will need to connect to the charger as soon as possible.

Zooroom also saves your battery and allows you to talk to your friends or family for a long time. You don’t even have to register – the whole process doesn’t require an account.

Getting started is very easy. Once the application is installed, you can create a room immediately. Zooroom will provide you with a link where your friends can join the meeting.

You’ll need to send it to all your contacts and wait for them all to join by your invitation. Agree, this is very convenient because neither of you will have to pay or register.

You will be able to show your photos, run videos, and movies, and the content will be shown on all your devices. Most importantly, Zooroom saves your battery and internet traffic – even if you talk too long!

zooroom1 zooroom2


Better Together: Video Player

better togetherBetter Together: Video Player is a special utility designed for the huge Better Together platform. The application is installed in case you already have the main plugin installed.

The platform itself allows people to connect their smartphones in order to use them together. You can also use Better Together to work together and help someone.

Better Together: Video Player shows how you can split controls and videos into several smartphones. For example, YouTube will display the videos themselves, playback controls, comments, and even similar videos.

If you are going to watch a downloaded video, for example, a movie, Better Together: Video Player does not require an internet connection. Also, there are no ads or annoying permissions or announcements in the application – nothing will interfere with your watching together and a great evening.

better together1 better together2


JustWatch – The Streaming Guide

In today’s world, legal viewing of movies and TV series has become too expensive or complicated. Sometimes it takes too much time to find your favorite series on the Internet.

JustWatch is an application that gives you complete information about where you can watch the movie or TV series you are interested in. The app collects all the information about streaming providers and sites.

In JustWatch you will see all the history of how the movies or shows were added to the site. You can also search for movies with your friends and click on the links. If you need to buy or rent a movie, you can buy it together by simply adding half the amount to your account.

Your smartphone can be a real remote control for watching the movie because you can start or stop the movie. You can choose the best providers that are right for you and contain all your favorite shows. Look for content that interests you in JustWatch and don’t put off watching it with friends.



Picarto: Live Stream & Chat

picartoFriends often have bloggers or idols that the whole company likes. For example, you and your friend share the same blogger’s views – now you can watch them together.

You don’t have to go to a friend’s house – you just have to use one app. With Picarto, you can watch live broadcasts of your favorite popular people right from your phone or tablet while you’re talking to your friend.

With Picarto, you can create a private video stream by determining who will have access to the video. You can also receive push notifications about the broadcasts you plan to watch.

All broadcasts are live and accompanied by live chat. In the chat you can also communicate with other people, finding new and interesting friends.

There are different categories of streams in Picarto. Choose anime, drawing, Cosplay, or even cartoons – you can start watching right away. All you have to do is send a broadcast link to a friend.

picarto1 picarto2



myCircleTvmyCircleTV is an application that will enhance your ability to communicate with friends. Anywhere and anytime you can start watching videos with your friends.

The most important thing is that you can watch it at the same time, without any delays. The design of the application is very simple and minimalistic, so if you are used to very functional utilities, then myCircleTV is not your option.

The app creates a room that your friends can join. You can send an invitation to your room on social networking sites or even email. The invitation includes a link or code to sign in to your online room.

MyCircleTV has a chat room where you can chat while watching. Any video can be expanded to full screen and watched in good quality. The application works with several services – YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Content to myCircleTV comes from there. If you want to see something of yours, register and use the storage for your personal data. Just upload your video to the app and enjoy watching it.



Meeting people online in the Internet age is becoming very easy. You can make video calls, chat with text messages, keep in touch at all times, and of course watch videos together.

However, sometimes you don’t just need to share the screen of your smartphone or tablet – you just need to use the same service together to watch movies.

We suggest you write to your online friend or soulmate right now and suggest watching a TV series, movie, or even a video on YouTube together. This way you will feel right next to someone in different apartments.

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