9 Free Bible Apps for iPad

Every Christian knows what the Bible is. It is a scripture describing God’s actions in the world. This is a huge collection of sacred books that will help you find the way to the heart of God. The Bible contains stories about good and bad people, battles, travels, and destinies.

The Bible is a rather large book and it isn’t always possible to take it with you. What should you do? We have found a solution. You need to have a Bible on your iPad, so we have prepared a list of the best free Bible apps for you.

The apps will guide you along the right path in life. Choose the best app in your opinion and install it on your iPad. This way you can always turn to God through the sacred teaching of the Bible. If you want to listen to the Bible offline then check out this article.


This app will help you stay with God every day. It will allow you to download specific versions of the Bible to read them offline. You will be able to read the Bible in over 1,300 different languages. Make prayer your daily habit.

The app has prayer cards. This way you can learn them by heart. God will become even closer to you. You can customize the app by organizing a prayer list. Make your prayers private or share them with your friends. The app brings hearts together.

You will be able to meet other users of the app who love God as much as you do. Change the interface language. The app has over 60 languages ​​to choose from. You can read prayers and psalms offline. You just need to download them to your smartphone.

If you enjoy listening to the Bible, then you can do it. The app has audiobooks on religious topics. Have you ever wanted to study the Bible? The app will help you do this thanks to special plans. Moreover, you can even watch movies like “Jesus” and others.

Bible Bible

Highlight the verses that are important to you so as not to lose them. You can also bookmark pages that have touched your soul. Share God’s word with your friends via social media. You no longer need to write notes on paper.

The app has a dedicated section for notes. Write your emotions and feelings from what you read. Nobody can read notes except you. The app is specially designed for iPod. Synchronize the app with the cloud and you can always have access to your notes, bookmarks, and your favorite verses.

You can customize your reading completely. Choose a font, background, and text size. The app has been downloaded over 400 million. Try it and shine God’s light on everything around you.


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Bible App by Olive Tree

Studying the Bible should be a simple and interesting experience. This app has a lot of easy-to-use Bible study tools. You don’t need Wi-Fi to read the Bible. This is a great opportunity to read the Bible when traveling or out of town.

The app has over 1,000 resources for Bible study. God communicated with different people. They described their communication in different sources. You will be able to dive deeper into God’s world.

The app has an audio Bible, God’s map, Bible study, Greek and Hebrew translations, and more. Studying the Holy Bible should never be hard. Use the Bible study plan. This way you can better understand God and become closer to Him.

Bible App by Olive Tree Bible App by Olive Tree

You can completely customize the design of the app. Change theme and style. Make the app cozy and comfortable for you. Don’t be afraid that you will lose the page where you stopped reading. The app remembers the last page read.

It automatically opens the Bible at the place where you left off. Change the font, text size, and background to create the perfect setting for Bible study. The app has several options for translating the Bible.

You can buy additional translations in the in-app purchase. Download this app and the gospels, psalms, and God’s words will always be with you.


NIV Bible App +

The Bible will open the way of truth. If you want to get a free portable Bible, then download this app. You can always have access to sacred verses. The app has audio recordings of the Bible. You will be able to hear God’s words.

The app is designed specifically for people who want to study the Bible and get acquainted with all God’s works. The app doesn’t require an Internet connection to work. You can read and listen to the Bible offline. You can be anywhere, be it in the jungle or high in the mountains.

The app has not only the Bible but also other scriptures. You will receive over 1,000 different scriptures and books. Bible study doesn’t have to be difficult. The app will make your Bible study as easy as possible.

Try study plans and choose the one that works best for you. Read the Bible in its original language. The app will teach you how to do this. Read the comments and explanations to better understand God’s will.

NIV Bible App + NIV Bible App +

The design of the app is great for using on the iPad. You can customize the interface. Change the font, text size, and select the background of the pages. The app has thousands of positive reviews. It has been downloaded over 1 million times. Install it and you can find the path to God’s heart.


ESV Bible

Would you like to have a multifunctional Bible reading and study app? Here it is. This is one of the most beautiful and intuitive Bible apps. Read the standard English version of the Bible. The e-book has an elegant interface. You will enjoy reading the sacred lines.

Bible has many interactive references. Click on them to read detailed information or an explanation without closing the Bible. You can split the screen reading for the greatest convenience. The app will help you understand God on a deep level.

You can develop a healthy habit of praying or reading the Bible every day. The app has over 60 plans for this. What’s more, these plans are free. Reading plans are designed by great thinkers. Their effectiveness has been proven for centuries.

The developers are adding new plans every month. The app has plan plans for Bible study. You can unlock more Bible study tools. Sacred writings will help your soul to find harmony with the body and also be in a mental connection with God.

ESV Bible ESV Bible

You can even listen to audio recordings of the Bible, but for this, you need an Internet connection. If you want to find a specific passage from the Bible, then use the search by word or phrase.

The app has a special section for recording your thoughts. Write down everything that comes to your mind as you read the Bible. Perhaps these are God’s words. Remember to spit out interesting information to discuss with someone later.

The app has interactive markers for highlighting text. Share verses or passages with your friends or family right from the app. Bible study with this app will become your favorite pastime.


NKJV Bible by Olive Tree

Would you like to connect with God through modern technology? You can do this with this app. It unites sacred texts and innovative technologies. The app has not only a free full version of the Bible but also over 100 different resources for studying and understanding the Bible.

You can get important information even offline. You won’t need to carry a heavy physical version of the Bible in your bag. Everything you need will always be on your iPad. If you are more receptive to audio information, then listen to the audio Bible.

The app has a variety of audio options. Choose the one you like the most. Try studying the Bible in the original language. The app will help you make this task easier.

If you don’t understand any word and term, open the huge dictionary in the app and read the definition and meaning. The Bible app also has many references and explanations. Read the gospel, psalms, and sacred texts to find your way to God’s heart.

NKJV Bible by Olive Tree

We also want to add that you can completely personalize the design of the app. Choose an interface theme and customize the design of the text by changing the font and size.

Bookmark your favorite pages in the Bible and highlight verses. You will always have quick access to them. The app also has a driving mode. It will keep you safe while listening to the Bible while driving. Download this app and join a million users who, just like you, want to become closer to God.


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Bible Verses: Daily Devotional

Sometimes it seems to us that we have strayed from the path of God’s truth. Only sacred verses from the Bible can help us. This app is a great collection of inspirational verses. More than 1 thousand verses are waiting for you.

Get inspired and read the Bible. The app will show you the source of the verses. Learn verses by heart to always remember these sacred words. The app will give you the motivation to go to church every weekend.

You will gain hope and desire to study the Bible. This app is a great addition to the Bible. All quotes will definitely brighten your days. The app will show you new verses every day.

Bible Verses: Daily Devotional Bible Verses: Daily Devotional

You can customize the design of cards from verses. Choose a background and personalize your card. You will enjoy reading verses so much that you will lose track of time. You can also read the entire Bible.

The app works offline. You don’t need to carry a heavy Bible anymore. This scripture will always be on your smartphone. The app is 66.9MB. Install it and be inspired by the sacred verses from the Bible.


The Study Bible

The Bible is a complex scripture that not everyone can study. If you have a strong desire to study the Bible, then download this helper app. The learning process will be easier and more interesting for you. You will be able to understand God’s words and thoughts.

Education takes place according to a special plan that has proven its effectiveness. The app will allow you to read and listen to the Bible for free. You can hide verses for a better understanding of the material. Open the road map of the Bible and watch the travels of the holy people.

The app has many questions to develop your thinking. You can highlight important and interesting pieces of text to discuss later with friends. One of the advantages of the app is the synchronization with multiple devices.

You will be able to study the Bible on your Smartphone, iPad, MacBook, and other devices. The app has many useful guide articles to help you in studying the Bible.

The Study Bible

The app has a simple interface. Nothing will distract you. The developers periodically update the app and add new tools for studying the Bible. The app has tons of John MacArthur’s notes.

They are free and very helpful in understanding the Bible. Install this app to always find a way to the heart of God, even in the most difficult moments of your life.


The Bible Memory App

When you learn something it improves your brain function and develops memory. Try to start learning the Bible from the beginning. It may sound difficult, but this app will help you make it easier. Choose a study plan and memorize Bible.

You can also sync the app with your other devices. This way you will never lose your progress. The memorizing process involves 3 cognitive zones such as kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. The app will help you create a personal library with ecclesiastical and sacred scripts.

The Bible has been translated into over 10 languages. Read and memorize the sacred lines of the Bible. The app has a smart review system. Select the topic of verses. There are more than 55 types of them. If you find it easier to learn information with other people, then try group lessons. More than 9 thousand groups are waiting for you.

The Bible Memory App

The app has an intuitive design for Bible study. You will be able to repeat verses or psalms using flashcards or writing. This app will become your personal Bible teacher. Download it and join 1 million people who, just like you, want to understand God’s will and words.


The One Bible App

This app will be your excellent companions in studying and reading the Bible. You can completely personalize your Bible. Add comments, highlight information that is important to you, and bookmark. This e-version of the Bible is easy to read.

You can change the font, text size, and background. Choose a study or reading plan. The app will provide you with recommendations and remind you every day to study or read. The navigation of the app is fast and intuitive.

You can search by keyword, passage, or page. The app also has an audio version of the Bible. This is convenient when you are driving. Reading and studying the Bible is a sacred activity that will bring you closer to God.

The One Bible App The One Bible App

Create an account so as not to lose your data. You can sync the app with your family’s devices. The app is 97.5MB in size. Download it and you will be able to realize God’s power of the word.


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