15 Free Bubble Shooting Games 2024 (Android & iOS)

Are you tired of your daily boring routine? Do you want to do something fun while going back to your place from work on the subway? In this case, we suggest you play bubble shooting games – they are so fun to play!

In addition, we want to suggest you explore the best hyper-casual games.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter

A good-quality vertical game with liked characters from the well-known Angry Birds universe.

This time the gamers will have to manipulate Stella and her friends, who are nonetheless battle with disturbing inexperienced pigs.

No, now they do not steal the eggs, however, they nevertheless smash the lifestyles of feathery, strive to cease them, the use of unusual cannon, colored balls, and characters’ abilities.

The gameplay is a lot like a basic bubble shooter puzzle game, the place you use the cannon to shoot colorful balls, gathering from them a cluster of three portions or more.

Behind the balls, you will discover pigs hiding and laughing at their feathered friends, show to them that they’re doing it in vain. As quickly as you break all the balls on the location, the pigs will fall down and the stage will be regarded passed.

Facilitate passage will assist power-ups that can blow up adjoining elements, smash balls of the identical color, or even combine them up.

Of course, there are all sorts of obstacles, favorite ice, wood, and stone walls are waiting for you in later levels. The graphics in the game is amazing, and the gorgeous animation, effects, and great music are all these indicators that allow calling this shooter the leader among the representatives of this genre.


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Birdpapa is an addictive bubble shooter for Android, in which you will assist Daddy Bird to store his chicks! The sport is a traditional bubble shooter. It has precise first-rate pictures and works barring Wi-Fi.

The recreation describes the glad lifestyles of a hen daddy and lovable child birds hiding in the depths of a bubble jungle. The aim of the recreation is to slide your fingers and wreck the same colored bubbles.

Afterward, be certain to test to see if you’ve got observed the misplaced child bird. An extra quest is that you can collect a mosaic from the portions you get at some stage in the game. These can be used to enhance the residence of your birds.

How does the game work?

  • Set your aim and fire a bubble of the desired color at your target
  • Line up rows of 3 or more of the same bubbles. Shoot them to reveal the beautiful chicks.
  • Use props to take the game to the next level.

What’s remarkable in the game:

  • Over four hundred thrilling levels;
  • 3 recreation modes;
  • Ability to pump the sport (enhancements);
  • Colorful graphics;
  • Easy control.

Bubble Mania

Friends, this is one of the clones of the sweetest arcade recreation with a wealthy history! Back in 1983, someplace in Japan, under the watchful eye of Hudson Soft the sport Cannon Ball used to be born, one yr later it was once ported to Spectrum as Bubble Buster.

Like all the ingenious matters in the recreation world, this enjoyable had a very easy intention and no much less easy precept of control: the predominant persona had to run around the location, crushing and destroying the balls flying over him, amassing on the way special bonuses.

You already apprehend that Hudson Soft created something special, which grew to become an object of adoration for many gamers and a prototype for future generations of sports developers. Yes, I’m getting shut to the hero of the description – Super Bubble Mania!

If the unique sport is constructed nicely and combines all the factors of a profitable “shot” (difficulty, speed, controls – relying on the genre, of course), then the followers have nothing to do but create a clone and define it differently.

In general, the builders of Super Bubble Mania did precisely that: the characters grew to be exceptional genders, the balls introduced different figures (but with a comparable trajectory of flight), and the sport itself consists of three modes, even though the distinction between them is now not very big.

The first two have a time limit, however, the 2nd is extra complicated in phrases of the structure of levels. The 1/3 is a scoring floor – a take a look at your very own stamina if you want.

The object of the game remains the same as in the last part: get rid of all balls of the same color by shooting. Useful bonuses from the previous part remain in the game.

Many new things have also been added: the ability to upgrade weapons or get items that will help you pass the levels faster.  But the foremost characteristic that has survived and inherited from its Japanese ancestor is the catastrophic complexity of the procedure at the reputedly harmless.

The success is nearly pacman-like!

Special bubbles:

  • Rainbow: to blast bubbles of any color.
  • Bomb: to blow up the level.
  • Super-count: to right away double your score.
  • Bubble Lightning: to electrocute you.
  • Ice Bubble: cover nearby bubbles with ice.

Use your wits and get around these obstacles!


DreamWorks Trolls Pop

A fascinating bubble shooter for Android in which you have to pop colorful balloons collectively with your favored trolls!

In this game, you also need to break bubbles of the same color. The main characters in the game are trolls. On each level, your troll will change. They differ in their special abilities. While playing the game you need to get bugs that will give you extra points.


  • Many fascinating levels;
  • Charming trolls;
  • Fun costumes;
  • Powerful upgrades;
  • Colorful graphics;
  • Easy controls.

Bubble Blast 2

An entertaining puzzle game in which you have to blow bubbles to cause a chain reaction and destroy all the bubbles.

Two game modes are available:

  • Puzzle mode with 10,000 levels;
  • Arcade mode for free play.

The game Bubble Blast 2 relaxes like a film with bubbles, which many of us love to selflessly burst. But completely turning off the brain process here can not, because the toy is still logical. Its essence is that you have to click on the bubbles, causing them, as you guessed, to burst.

In puzzle mode, you need a certain number of taps to clear the screen of these bubbles. The thing is that they burst not only when you tap them, but also because of the splashing that occurs when the bursting brothers.

But even this is not the difficulty, but that the bubbles differ in size. If you press or hit the biggest (red) bubbles, they burst immediately, and the smaller (green) ones only turn red. The yellow ones are even smaller, and they turn green accordingly.

The smallest ones, the blue ones, turn into yellow. So you have to calculate your allotted steps so that each bubble grows to red and eventually bursts.

I hope I didn’t confuse you with my long explanation, because it’s actually quite simple, although sometimes you really want to resort to the hint, which is given once every 24 hours. Whether this limitation is cured by translating the clock on the phone – has not been checked.


Underwater Bubble Breaker

In the sport Underwater Bubble you go cruising in the ocean. Your way is blocked by using bubbles and they want to be burst! The longer you play, the tougher it gets!


  • Colorful graphics;
  • Suitable for teens and adults;
  • Increasing difficulty;
  • Conveniently placed cancel and restart button;
  • Requires Internet connection.

You went swimming in the water, but when you made your way across the ocean, you found your way blocked. Now you need to burst all the bubbles to clear the path. You will have to apply your logic skills, but with a pinch of relaxation.

There are thousands of incredible levels available to you that are different and get harder with each level.


Farm Bubbles

In this game, you have to help a chicken family to save little chicks.

The shooter is quite simple in gameplay, but at the same time, it combines an arcade puzzle game. The mechanics are simple: you need to shoot the right color bubbles at the other bubbles. Also, in the course of the game, it is necessary to free the chickens (they are in transparent bubbles).

Distinctive features of the game Farm Bubbles:

  • About 1000 different levels (from simple to complex);
  • There is a function of aiming when shooting (to improve accuracy). It is free of charge;
  • Ability to choose a color from two bubbles. The function is free;
  • Unusual bonus balls (fire, multicolored, ball +5);
  • Choice of game mode (multiple missions to choose from);
  • Synchronization over the network to play with friends and save the result.

Bubble Freedom

A fascinating classic puzzle game. The mechanics are still the same: shoot bubbles and pass levels. Each such game, although it contains a simple principle, is distinguished by bonuses that are pleasantly surprising.

What we especially noted:

  • To create a combination of bubbles, you must match three or more bubbles that have the some color;
  • Lots of challenging and super challenging levels;
  • Fireball bonus for matching 7 bubbles of the same color;
  • You will get Bomba Bonus for matching 10 or more bubbles;
  • Synchronization of the game over the network and the ability to compete with friends;

No paid features.


Bubble Explode

Features Bubble Explode: A promising arcade recreation that says blowing up bubbles has by no means been extra fun.  The sport has lovely animations, power-ups, and online play.

Bubble Explode is the first-class balloon sport that should ever exist on an android smartphone. This recreation has quite a few modes: survival, cozy game, gravity, and hard mode.

All of these modes are thrilling in their very own way, and difficult in their very own way, so you will surely be comfortable with the downloaded game.

The story is accompanied by fine music, and contemporary graphics, as properly as real, as shut to truth physics, which will shock any participant who has beforehand performed different variations of the legendary balls.

  • Exploding Bubbles;
  • Several recreation modes;
  • Pleasant animations
  • Bonuses for blowing up corporations of bubbles of everyday shapes: squares, lines, corners;
  • Ability to undo up to 10 strikes backward;
  • Color and black and white skins.

Game Modes:

  • Classic,
  • Shooter,
  • Invasion,
  • Relaxation,
  • Gravity,
  • Critical,
  • Game vs. Computer,
  • Steady twos,
  • Swapper.

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Bubble Witch 2

A very interesting second part of the well-known game, where we expect a unique arcade genre. The game itself resembles very much the famous project “Zuma”, but also this game is not less interesting.

The game’s mechanics have not changed at all in comparison with the first part, so it will not be hard for you to remember your favorite ball shooter. The main task in the game is that you need to destroy balls of the same color, shooting with special guns.

It will be necessary to choose such a variant so that the balls of the same color were as much as possible and then you can get more points, and also change the structure.

Don’t forget that this is the second part of the game and without the innovations definitely did not do. This game will appeal not only to children but also to adults and will capture every player for a long time.

An arcade game in which the main characters are Stella and her friends. The user is invited to keep them company on the journey. Characters confront evil spirits, which are subject to the powerful Witch.

Over sixty levels the player will have to precisely burst balls and help friends in the confrontation with magical enemies. Adding to the addictive gameplay are cartoon-style graphics and amusing soundtrack. All this will bring pleasure to the gameplay and bring a lot of positive emotions.

Features Bubble Witch 2:

  • An interesting new installment in the Bubble Witch franchise,
  • New and accelerated recreation modes,
  • Enchanting pix that will go away you enchanted,
  • Hundreds of magical bubble-taking picture tiers – new ones delivered each two weeks!
  • Easy sport synchronization between gadgets when linked to the Internet,
  • Leaderboards to watch your buddies and competitors,
  • The capacity to accumulate stars,
  • to free up different gadgets that will assist you on your quest,
  • Availability of one-of-a-kind boosters and bubbles.

Bubble Clash

An exciting sport with the same idea just like the previous games. Once again, shoot the bubbles and earn gems and points! The intention is to blow all the bubbles and earn points! You want to pick out three or greater bubbles of equal coloration and blow them up!

Strategize to blow all the bubbles with fewer pictures and earn greater points! Each stage has exclusive challenges! This sport can be performed besides a net connection!

Blow up 10 bubbles in one shot to get a bomb that blows up the surrounding bubbles. Blow up 7 bubbles as soon as to get a ball lightning bolt that will reduce via the passage. Try to earn three stars on every level!

In the recreation, you want to clear all the bubbles on the display to get three stars on every level! The sport has handy controls, over forty fascinating levels, two-sport modes: survival and adventure, and accurate portraits and physics.


Bubble Island 2

Millions of players choose the interesting shooter Bubble Island! The game is filled with new puzzles and packed with cool modern gameplay.

The plot of the game is to go on a journey around the world with the Coon. You will visit different countries and unlock new levels. While playing the game, you will meet new characters: poodle, panda, and pelican.

  • Take ideal photographs and set off exceptional chain reactions! Rock this city!
  • Join Rico Raccoon on this bubble journey around the world and watch well-known cities come to life!
  • Solve new puzzles, entire lots of missions, and take the coolest shots;
  • You’ll meet new buddies alongside your journey, together with a cute panda.

Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story

The game introduces the Smurfs story! It’s a really cool combination of Smurfs and a bubble shooter and the fans of the movie will probably appreciate it.

The storyline will be related to the cartoon. Remains the same characters. The good ones: The Smurfs and their friends. The Bad: Gargamel.

The arcade is engaging and will make you think logically. The game features many colorful locations that everyone is sure to enjoy while playing. The game offers thousands of different levels with great gameplay.

The story isn’t limited to the bubble bursting. In the game, there is an opportunity to build houses for Smurfs and get rewarded for it. Coins can be exchanged for special bonuses, which will help to destroy more balls during the game.

These bonuses can be purchased as follows: “rainbow” balls for breaking any color; “bomb” balls that can break several rows at once; balls for aiming as accurately as possible.

Embark on a colorful, bubbly journey with your friendly Smurfs! Travel through forbidding forests, mysterious meadows, and fast rivers to find the little lost Smurfs.

Features Smurfs Bubble Story:

  • Burst bubbles and acquire heaps of magical items,
  • Your favorite Smurfs: Smurfette, Strongman, Prudent, Rusty, and more
  • Hundreds of missions with difficult obstacles: Colorful world, Boss battles, Leaderboard
  • Tap balls of any color and all adjoining balls of the equal shade will disappear. The greater balls disappear in one turn, the greater factors you get. You can pick out the graph of the balls, the dimension of the taking part in the area, and the kind of game.

In total, the game contains the 8 modes: Gravity, Ball Shooter, Blitz, Critical Mass, Game Against the Computer, Classic, and Invasions.


Supreme Bubbles

The fun game Supreme Bubbles will be fun to play at any age. The task is easy – shoot and smash bubbles before they fall to the line, but it will bring you a lot of excitement and fun minutes.

In the game shoot the balls, demonstrate accuracy, and score points.

A funny little froggy somehow got a cannon that shoots colored balls, and he decided to try it out. And at the same time, to test their accuracy, accuracy, and calculation.

To break the balls at the top, find two or more balls of the same color, point the gun, which has already prepared to shoot a ball of the same color, and shoot. Hit just right, the balls will burst, and in their place will appear new ones.

Your main task is not to let the balls fall down to the line, if they reach the line, you lose the game. At the end of each round, you will know how many points you scored – so you can always try to improve your score.

Game Features Bubbles and Treasures:

  • Explore thousands of amazing levels;
  • Get amazing boosts and prizes;
  • Solve various puzzles;
  • Blow up 10 bubbles in one shot and get a bomb that destroys all the surrounding bubbles;
  • Blow up 7 bubbles at once to get a ball lightning bolt that cuts through the passage;
  • Earn coins and use them to get boosts.

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Power Pop Bubbles

And last but not least we want to introduce the Power Pop Bubbles game to your attention. This is a spectacular shooter with more than 1000 levels in it.

Moreover, we want to note that this is not a one-day game and you will have to really put your time and effort to make progress here.

The difficulty will increase level by level. For instance, when you get to the first one, you see a pitch with a bunch of colorful balls or bubbles at the top of the screen. You probably already know what to do!

When you reached the target (a bubble of the same color) it will disappear from the screen. When you connect 3 balls in a row they will disappear as well.

What is more, keep your attention on the blue and red indicators at the bottom of the screen. When they reach a higher level, it’s time to catch a bonus! Moreover, those indicators will grant you superpowers, for instance, you will be able to destroy all the construction of bubbles with only one shot.

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