7 Best Natural Insemination Apps 2023

If you are thinking about IVF but there is simply too much information and options, we are offering you the best natural insemination apps which provide services going hand in hand with modern technologies.

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Just a Baby

This is a new trending app in the IVF world. Though its idea might be disputable the fact is it gained a huge hype all over the place. The main thing is that this app works like Tinder.

First, you need to choose whether you want to find a surrogate mother or a sperm donor. Then the app will show you the profiles, one by one of the people who offer those services. When you like the person you see you swipe right. Therefore, you can pick up several options and then make your choice.

After you make up your mind the app will organize the meeting for you and your donor. All the information is always kept private. By the way, when you are swiping, you can choose the “masquerade mode” so all the information about you is hidden.

Moreover, there is a feature that allows you to put people on the “maybe” list, so you can return later and explore more options. In total, here you can find an egg donor, sperm donor, womb donor, or embryo donor.

All the processes in the app are fully legalized and before making any deal you must sign a co-parenting agreement.

Just a Baby1

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This is another app where you can find a sperm donor or a surrogate mother. Here you are viewing the profiles of people and only then make a choice (no swiping).

In order to start, you need to create your account, then choose the location, the type of donor, the gender of the donor, and so on. An interesting feature is that you can even mark the preferable looks and occupations of the donor.

Then CoParents will show you the possible options in your area. All the profiles that you liked you can save to the “saved profiles” section. And you can start a chat with a potential option right in the app. All information is kept private.

CoParents 1

Zeta Fertility Network

The main advantage of this app is that it has been on the market a little longer than all other apps on our list. That’s why it sticks to the classic scheme where you can simply overview all profiles at once and like some of them before you make your decision.

Another advantage of Zeta is that it belongs to the fertility clinic so it will help you to analyze the possible genetic illnesses that a baby might have if you choose a certain donor. All the donor’s profiles are extremely detailed, they contain information about their habits, lifestyle, fertility and so on.

The interface of the app is well-design and it’s really easy to navigate here. Creating your profile, if you are looking for a donor is easy here and won’t take a lot of time.

Zeta Fertility Network1

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Basically, this is an analog of the two previous apps. Here you can also affect the search for the possible donor, choosing in advance which looks, location, age, etc. they would have. Then you swipe profiles. If you get a match you can message that person.

There is also a feature to see who liked your profile first and like them back. One of the advantages of BabyFever is that you can search for donors globally, not just in your area. Or, you can become a donor yourself. The only thing is that the user interface here doesn’t have as good a design as the two previous apps.

The app is free to download, all the information is protected and all the agreements are made in accordance with the law.



Another not-so-popular, but still nice app for finding a donor. Create your account, and fill in the form with your preferences – they are quite the same as in all the previous apps – you get to choose the color of hair, eyes, and even nationality.

After that, you can view the profiles of potential matches, like them, and even start a conversation with them in the app. Another interesting feature of LetsBeParents is that this app shows you the location of each donor on the map.

The app is LGBT friendly and it’s suitable for all people who want to have a child but don’t have that possibility for any reason.


ExSeed: Sperm & Fertility App

This is an app of another type – it is meant for donors only. As the description claims, it offers you help to increase your fertility. In other words, it is developed by a medical clinic, that helps its patients to help to raise their fertility level by examining the quality of the sperm.

All you have to do is to download the app, create an account and then find the program which is suitable for you. But keep in mind that even though ExSeed is a free app, all medical treatment here costs something.

ExSeed: Sperm & Fertility App1

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In case all the previous apps turned out to be not suitable for you or you have an older Android device, you can try this app. It is extremely simple, but there are also some profiles of real sperm donors. The design is quite disgusting, but it’s been there through the years, so why not.

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